Jamco Optical at Katong

Yeap, William and me were part of Rocco’s campaign. So after picking our favourite pair of Rocco eyewear, we went to Jamco Optical for the lenses!

Bryan from Jamco generously sponsored us LotuTec lenses – the ultimate surface coating for ZEISS lenses.

LotuTec is the AR coating that you can find in ZEISS plastic lenses.

LotuTec passed the heat exposure and salt water test. Not only that, a razor blade was used to make incisions in the base lens but there was no signs of coating detachment and displayed excellent resistance.

Now, here we are, outside Katong Shopping Center!

The exact address is 865 Mountbatten Road #B1-15, Katong Shopping Centre Singapore 437844.

Please expect to find cheaper frames here! The frames are 20 – 30% cheaper than the prices retailing outside. They have all the popular brands like Rayban, Kate Spade, Porsche and etc.

However, the one brand that caught my attention was Oliver Peoples. OOOMMMGGGGG!!

I love all the vintage spectacles and I have SO MANY PAIRS OF THEM.

Obviously, I couldn’t maintain when I saw Oliver Peoples. This is one popular brand that is not easily available in Singapore due to the steep prices. Like I said, the prices in Jamco are generally 20 – 30% cheaper than outside, so Jamco literally made Oliver Peoples affordable to people like me!!

William tried on a pair.

And then me. SO CUTE RIGHT? (I was refering to the spects)

I wanted to pay for a pair (for my dad’s Father’s day gift) but he generously sponsored me the lenses for both pairs!

So my dad and I can now have lenses that are water, dirt and oil resistant! We can totally stop worrying about throwing them everywhere because the lenses were also strengthened by nano-particles.

PSST, you can also dance in the rain with LotuTec now!!

Note: Both frames were handpicked by me from Rocco.

Just when I thought they were already one of the cheapest…. Jamco is now having some GSS promotions as well!

If you’re a fan of their Facebook page, you can get a pair of Rayban frame for $100 or Kate Spade for $120!!


For more information: https://www.facebook.com/Jamcooptical

Thank you Bryan and Jamco for the lovely lenses once again!

Contest: Rocco Eyewear & Zouk Tickets

Do you remember my Rocco?

You can now win a pair of eye wear for yourself!

On top of winning an eyewear, you will also win some Rocco Premiums and an exclusive Rocco X Ziggy Party at Zouk!

Find me and another 5 bloggers there and we can party together maybe?!

Here’s the hint:
(If may not be that easy afterall!)

Guess the place that Rocco is hiding in the picture below.

What do you have to do?

Take a picture of the shop where Rocco was found,
email the picture to eyetrendycmp@gmail.com.

Please include your contact number and name as the selected winner will receive a text that will entitles him/her to join us at the party! You will also be able to collect your prize at the party venue as well.

For more information, you can either visit Eye Trendy or follow them on their Facebook page. Prizes and free entries. Too good a deal to be missed!

Good luck! 🙂

Rocco is back!

Have you heard about it yet?

Rocco had been away for years…… but now….




Who is Rocco? Read on.




Rocco, is your next IN thing for eyewear.

You know me. I am a sucker for eyewear.

I owe about 6 pairs of prescription glasses of my current eye power.

I like the mix and match them to my outfit.

However, majority of my prescription glasses are in black or white. I have a current pair in Orange now though. Used to wear pink but that was only when I was still in my teens LOL.

However, I am quite bold when it comes to sunglasses. I dare to wear all sort of colours and designs so I have seriously more than a hundred pairs? Of course, most of them are cheap fashion shades.

Rocco however, brought fashion to another level.

Fashion + Quality = Rocco

My pick from Rocco is this vintage looking pair.

Well, I love all things geeky or vintage.

I would go for style than the classic look when it comes to eyewear.

I can’t wait to create different looks and styles with this pair of glasses!

Rocco will be available on Eye Trendy soon! And they are already available at some stores. A campaign is coming up soon… Follow me and Eye Trendy Facebook page as well.