Journey to smoother skin

Sometimes I get very confused with oil seeds and warts. But in any case, we just gotta know that they are irritating and ugly! They make the skin look rough when all we want is smooth skin ๐Ÿ™

When I visited The Face Aesthetic Clinic, I was like “WAH, Dr. Zhang is DAMN good looking!!!” I couldn’t stop telling James this. LOL. Of course, I was not there to admire him, I was there to tell him the concerns I had with my face. I told him that I wanted the newly developed oil seeds to be removed but he told me the tiny spots were warts and not oil seeds. Then I went “WARTS? I HAVE WARTS ON MY FACE?”



The tiny dots on my face are warts and warts are EXTREMELY common. How do you tell the differences between a wart and an oil seed? The easiest way is to differentiate the color as warts look slightly brown in color.


I even have them on my eyelids. They can spread (omg like cancer cells!) throughout the body but they are harmless although they are caused by viral infection. Go and take a look at your face in the mirror right now. I am pretty certain that 50% of you have warts as well but have never look at them carefully.



When I thought of the 5 days downtime – no makeup, no skincare, just a mask and some eyeliner – I was quite turned off by the idea. Actually you can makeup when the wounds are dry enough but I would prefer to keep everything clean and neat.

Then I thought, if I can sacrifice the 5 days for a smoother and flatter skin, why not?! I did not take me much time to convince myself. Lol. And so tadahhhh!! I went for the treatment – Electrocautery. It uses heat on the living tissue to achieve hemostasis or varying degrees of tissue destruction. Mine was quite mild so it was done pretty fast.

Numbing cream was applied prior the treatment and then put to rest for 15-20 minutes before the laser. Laser sounds painful but it did not hurt a single bit for me because it was a very very mild laser.



IT DIDN’T HURT A SINGLE BIT. Numbing cream work wonders yo! The entire “burning” process only took me 10 minutes. You can’t even feel it when Dr. Zhang is done.



I left the clinic with a facial mask on (as usual) because I had no sunblock on and I wouldn’t step out of anywhere without sunblock. I had facial mask with me for the next 3 days as well.

Although the downtime requires a minimum of 5 days, my skin recovered within 4 days! I don’t know how or why but they started to peel on the 3rd and recovered on the 4th.

Again, I have to repeat this, DO NOT ever visit any beauty parlor to get your mole, oil seeds or warts removed. Not only they are not safe, you DO NOT want scars on your face too.

Once again, confidence boost greatly with the clear skin! More selfies coming your way on my Instagram! :X




I was thinking of removing the annoying mole on my right cheek but everyone already me gave me a firm no when I asked for their opinion ๐Ÿ™


Maybe I’ll go back to Dr. Zhang for some facial enhancement soon! ๐Ÿ˜€


Anyway, for people who are interested, they are located at 20 Malacca Street 048979. Nearest MRT station: Raffles Place. Call them at 6223 6788 for appointments!

Oil seeds removal at Halley

I don’t have flawless nor good skin. My The side of my face are filled with oil seeds and I must say that I am very troubled by it. I thought that it has something to do with the genes because my mom has tones of them on her face. I went to search for more information on them and I found out that they are indicators of poor skin health.

The oil seeds (also called Milia seeds) are often found around the eyes and cheeks areas and they are small and hard. I have approached beauticians from beauty parlors about the oil seeds on my face 2 years back but never had the guts to remove them because I donโ€™t quite trust them. If I want them gone, I would visit a doctor.

MFP told Halley Medical about my concern and Dr. Terence from Halley Medical promised to have them removed for me.

Last Monday, I went to Halley Medical for a consultation.

They have a very cosy corner for their patients to put on sunblock/make up after their procedure.


Dr. Tan is extremely nice and very happy-go-lucky! He has this aura that makes his patients feel at ease when they see him. I feel very very comfortable with him and his team. ย This aura of his will make you want to go back to him again and again.

The above picture was taken right after the consultation and my appointment for the oil seeds removal was set a week later…..

On the day itself, I was excited but scared at the same time. It is laser that we are talking about. Hence, it is normal for me to associate laser with pain.

I went to the clinic with makeup on as I had 2 errands to do before heading over. So the first step was cleansing.

After cleansing was the application of numbing cream. Dr. Tan applied it on the entire areas that are INFESTED oil seeds. I had some pimples on the forehead due to the monthly period. He told me that the laser could remove them so he applied numbing cream on them as well. Such a generous doctor!

Now you see the irritating pimples from the hormonal changes?!

With only eye/brow make up and numbing cream gone…

The machine that he is going to use on me is a Korean baby. Dr. Tan said that it would not cause any bleeding and this is the most suitable machine for my oil seeds removal. Suitable for removing acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles as well. Proven to have faster recovery time. The faster recovery time assured me somehow. Who doesn’t want clearer and cleaner face faster?

I put aside 1 hour but it all ended in less than half an hour (excluding the 10 mins taken for the numbing cream effect to surface).

Pain? What’s pain? NOT EVEN AN ANT BITE!! The wonders of numbing cream. The magic the doctor worked on.

I knew I have quite a bit of oil seeds but I never knew that I had SO SO much. They could be really tiny or are still growing.

I had a shocked after the entire laser. But was very happy at the same time because I am one step closer to a more even and smooth face.

The entire process was SO COOL.

There were tiny swollen bumps after the treatment but they were just the after-reaction to the laser.ย The bumps disappeared 2 hours after the laser. Only black spots were left. I was told that I needed 3-5 days to recover and was advise to not apply anything after the laser for 2 days (including sunblock).

I can’t wait to see the healed skin. This is just another addition to my journey to good skin.

Thumbs up!!

Thank you~ The marketing lady from Halley Medical Aesthetics is also another wonderful lady who helped with all the arrangements.

Before I end this post, let me share with you a piece of news.

Do you know that the consultation fee at Halley on a weekdayย (10am to 4pm) is only $10 for the first visit! Subsequent visit is at $5!! OMGGGGG. What is this? This is even cheaper than visiting a GP when you have fever or cold.

After 4pm, it’s $25 for the first consult and $12.50 for subsequent consult.

Visit their Facebook page for more information! ๐Ÿ™‚



Hold on while I do a post treatment post! You can monitor the entire healing process as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

Kiss goodbye to pigmentations! Try OPT!

Do you guys remember about one of my post in November last year?

The one on Lumenis greatest 2 new machines for OPT and LightSheer Duet for hair removal?

Refresh your memory here: Changing the face of Aesthetic solutions.

I went for the OPT Trial in December to get my birthmark removed.

BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW! I had a birth mark on my face, below my right lower lips.

(You can tell from the pictures later)

The whole procedure was super fast. It took like less than 15minutes to finish the whole OPT facial.







1. Removed all make up with a little bit of eyeliner left.

2. As you can see, the gel was spread across all the face except the eyes area.

3. After application, The doctor used the OPT machine -LightSheer HS to zaaaaaaaap it.

I could feel some burnt smell but this is perfectly normal because of the ultra fine facial hair.
Because I am new to IPL and stuffs like that, there was a bit of pain for me so I kept jerking at every zap. Hahaha. The thought of it made me laugh at myself.

Probably 4 out of 10 pain score.

People who have done IPL before would think that OPT zaps are just some ants bite.

The whole zapping took about 7-8 minutes.

I wasย told by the Dr that the any freckles or pigmentation marks would get darker and darker each day.

And by the 4-5th day, they will start to peel off.

So I stayed home for the first 4 days otherwise people will mistake my birthmark for some milo stain.

Day 3. Are you able to tell where my birthmark is now? (on the bottom left lips)

True enough, it got darker on Day 4. Actually it was started to peel after the 4th night.

Everything was gone by Day 6.

Not just for pigmentation, the pores were also minimized and it feels smoother during make up application.

Look at the pores on my nose? Almost almooooooost hidden right?! ๐Ÿ˜€

For post OPT photos, Please refer to other entries which were taken at least 1 week after the peeling.

Example 1: Bio-essence

Example 2: Xmas @ Icing Room

Now? I can go out without concealer (which I usually had to, just to conceal the birthmark).

Foundation + eyeliner + eyebrow pencil = All ready to head out ๐Ÿ™‚

I feel more confident now! All thanks to Faith & OPT!









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