Lost SG

I think I am kind of behind because I just know that Real Escape Game is already available in Singapore 2 weeks ago!!

If you haven’t already know, Real Escape Game is a real-life room escape where the players have to put the clues together and race against time to escape from the locked room. You have only 1 hour to get yourself up and damn, some clues are really tricky!! No brain, no game!

I was invited to play the game at Lost.SG, located at Peace Center (beside Pomo) and I brought a few smarty pants along to aid me in the game.

There are currently 5 games available (from the hardest to the easiest):

– Isometrick
– Aokigahara
– Exodus
– Castiglione
– Alcatraz

The few of us decided to challenge Aokigahara and Alcatraz.

We a bit “bu zhi liang li” (overestimated our capability) and started our LOST journey with the second hardest challenge there: The Aokigahara!

Benefit of the doubt, we weren’t informed that it was the second hardest *weep*. As we entered the dimly-lited room, we were immediately greeted with this powersupply-looking box. I am not going to feed you with hints because you have to solve the game yourselves!

I felt that it was pretty challenging and to be honest, we didn’t make it out in time 🙁 Thankfully, we had an extension of 30 minutes and we managed to get out by then! If you love tricky challenges like us, be sure to try this!

Psst: I got scared a few times because the room for this game was quite creeeeeepy :/ I call it the creepy forest…. because it’s Japan’s Suicide Forest and it is historically linked with demons and supernatural beings…..

Our second game was the Alcatraz. This game requires A LOT of teamwork and make sure you go in with even numbers (or at least 6 pax in my opinion) because you guys will be locked up. Again, no more hints, SOLVE IT YOURSELVES!! 😀

Let me show you what you will see in the games (without naming which image to which game):

James had a tiny surprise after the first game which we managed to get out of with the time extension. The first thing he saw when he got out was the small slice of birthday cake with us singing his birthday song. All these wouldn’t be possible if Jerome and the boss didn’t help me with it. *Feeling thankful*

We had A LOOOOOOOOT of fun in there and we would definitely be back again for more games/ with different group of friends.

I was told the Lost.SG games are more technical and requires thinking while some other real escape games only requires hands-on. Good exercise for the brain yo!

You can book the game on their website in advance if you are planning to head down with a group of friends (maximum of 12 pax per game) at:

Off peak –  Weekdays 11am – 5.45pm @ $20.90/pax
Peak – Weekdays after 6pm, Weekends, Eve & PH @ $26.90/pax

Contact them at 6717 1688 or reach them at hello@lost.sg

Stay tuned for an instagram giveaway happening tomorrow!