Qi Matra Facial by J

Note: James wrote this post because he did the facial. And thank you for offering to help out! You guys will probably see more posts (reviews) that are written by him from now onwards! 🙂


I have never done facial in my whole life, so I know nuts about facial. Upon knowing this, my loving girlfriend decided to give me my virgin facial treatment at Qi Mantra.

She told me that I would be doing the Miracle Facial ($350) and she wouldn’t stop raving about it because they will be using Miracle (stem) cells for the facial.

The cells are derived from Soy photo placenta extract which is rich in protein and amino acids. They aid in the repairing process of the skin and restores the youthful collagen while reducing my signs of aging.

The outlet we went to is located at Wheelock Place #03-19.

All ready and anticipative for the Miracle Facial treatment incorporating the latest VPL technology and the Miracle Cell product which seeks to awake every of my facial skin cells!

My before face: Couldn’t be dulled any further after weathering the harsh Singapore environment for 27 years! Look closer and you would be able to see some blackheads too.

Haiyo, Buay Tahan this vainpot! Still wanna selfie even in my treatment room! Tsk!

Finally the treatment started with double cleansing, toning and exfoliation of my skin with scrub and steamer. The beautician was very friendly and patient in explaining each individual steps during the whole process. The whole process was nothing but comfortable even for the VPL application process!

VPL stands for Variable Pulse Light which allows the intensity to be customized to suit the individual’s preference.

Before the VPL application, the beautician kindly seeked my opinion on the treatment options and I selected the firming and pore reducing one. Personally, I tried fractional CO2 laser before and it was a pretty painful experience. On the contrary, this was almost painless! Just felt that my face was at most undergoing ‘photocopying’ with every flash on my skin under the VPL treatment.

The extraction part was kinda “shiok” because my face felt cleaner and the fresher. I had always thought extraction to be painful but nah, I could barely feel anything. A layer of black head softener cream as also applied before the extraction to facilitate the process.

I also enjoyed the application of Stem Cell Ampoules and Stem Cell Lifting mask! I kept falling asleep because it was too comfy.

Felt thoroughly rejuvenated after the session ended. I was also further pampered with a shoulder and scalp massage! I felt that my whole week of stress just disintegrated within that 1.5 hours treatment!

Just look at the serenity from my face *totally unaware the girlfriend sneaked on me*

The girlfriend asked for feedback from me end of the session & I just gave her this face! Lol! Needless to say, this time the kiss wasn’t for her but for the treatment! just simply love it! My skin felt firmer and definitely more radiating with energy and vigour.

Results that you can observe from the facial would be:
– Increase of elasticityy and collagen
– Amazing firming and lifting result
– Immediate glow from within

No redness was observed and the skin felt smoother.

Personally, I would return for the treatment again 2-3 months later as the customer service was good and more importantly, I could feel the drastic difference immediately from the treatment!

All confident, rejuvenated and ready to tank any challenges that comes along! Heh!