Ariston Water Heater GSS Promotion 2017

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Following to our Ariston Water Heater Review –

You will be happy to know that they are running their GSS Promotion from now to 13 August 2017!! Receive up to $50 worth of free grocery voucher with any purchase of Ariston Constant Temperature instant water heaters.

The round one is the one both James and I have in our own house now and I must say that we are VERY happy with it. So are his parents. I have my own private toilet in my room so my parents have yet to try out my water heater 😛

I don’t have to worry about the water temperature going too hot or cold with the Constant Temperature technology when I am showering.

To recap (incase you didn’t read my previous post), the 2 main advantages are Energy Saving – the water is heated up and maintained at a constant temperature and Water Saving – no water will be wasted as you can shower comfortably with no temperature fluctuations!

Now, redeem $30 NTUC Voucher with Aures Smart SMC33 and $50 NTUC Voucher with Aures Luxury ST33, Aures Smart Round RMC33 and Aures Luxury Round RT33!

You can buy them from authorized dealers at and redeem your vouchers at Mojito Redemption Centre located at Plaza Singapore Extension #04-60/61 :

Do note that even though the promotion is only valid till 13th August 2017, you have till 31st August 2017 to redeem your vouchers! 🙂

Happy Shopping with Ariston this GSS!

2 for 2 Slices of Pezzo Pizza

Valid only at Esplanade, Marine Parade, Star Vista, Thomsn, Bukit Panjang, Junction 8.

Quote “PezzoPizza25” to get additional 2 slices of Pizza when you purchase 2 slices!


Fancy a slice of pizza for lunch or dinner? You can now get them over the counter from Pezzo, making the whole experience convenient and affordable.

Now with this promotion…………

Let me do the Maths for you. 1 slice cost $4.50. 4 slices would cost you only $9!!

A usual 6 piece whole pizza already cost $24.90!

So remember to quote “PezzoPizza25”! Great for sharing them with your colleagues/classmates after work/school. Good for tea time as well!

The promotion is applicable to all the pizza flavors, including the newly launched GODZILLA pizza!! My all time favorite flavour is still the Hawaiian one though. 1 slice is enough to keep me full for lunch/dinner because they are very generous with their ingredients!!

My guy friends could eat 2-3 slices at a go!

This promotion is valid starting from 25 April 2014 to 31 May 2014!!

Remember, only at Esplanade, Marine Parade, Star Vista, Thomsn, Bukit Panjang, Junction 8.


Quote “PezzoPizza25” for 4 slices for pizza only at $9!!