Review: OPPO N3 Selfie Phone


If you don’t have a digital camera and you are a camwhore, you should totally go for OPPO N3 because it has a flippable (206 degree of rotation) camera and it is 16MP!


What is OPPO?

“OPPO Electronics Corp. is a Chinese electronics manufacturer based in Dongguan, Guangdong province, China. Its major product lines include MP3 players, portable media players, LCD-TVs, eBooks, DVD/Blu-ray Disc players and smartphones.”


I never knew the existence of OPPO until  recently months where bloggers started switching their phones to OPPO just for the camera. They were founded back in 2001 and only had music players till 2008. Although it is from China, but don’t compare OPPO to other china phones where you can find them on the streets or at our marketplace because I can assure you the quality of OPPO after having reviewing one myself.





Well, you know I love white so the white OPPO definitely caught my attention. It has textured leather on the area where the camera is found which makes it look expensive and classy.

OPPO uses “Industrial quality steel in your hand” as the caption of this phone because the phone is made of Aluminium (which explains the weight).

The phone charges pretty fast too. I thought the battery was faulty until I went to googled for answers. I found out the phone can charge up to 75% in just 30 minutes! It is very user-friendly. Even my parents have no problem with the phone.



I also love it’s large screen. My dad thought I bought it for him when he first saw it LOL. He love phones with huge screen. The screen is also 1920×1080 Full-HD!



By the way, if you think the benefit is only how rotatable the camera is, you are wrong because you can also take photos remotely as it comes with an O-Click 2.0. It works like a remote control. Filters are also installed inside to beautify your pictures instantly. Try taking selfies using your current phone’s front camera, I can assure you N3 win hands-down!



For some, they might find it expensive, but as compared to the other smartphones out there, the price is quite reasonable. It is currently retailing at $849 in Singapore. However however however…. they are having a student promotion where selected tertiary education institutions can look forward to discounrs of $50 off the N3.

They also have another model – R5 at $30 off for students as well! R5 is currently retailing at $669 before discount.



I think the downside is that you might have difficulty finding cheap phone casing for this phone and it is a little too heavy for me (192g). But trust me, I don’t want a light or plastic phone too.


Find OPPO Concept Store in Suntec City Tower 3 #01-627 🙂


For more information:

Crazier about Crabs @ Brizo


Last year, I went crazy at Brizo because it was a party with the crabs!! We were not even together back then. This year, we are back at Brizo as a couple. Time flies. A bit more and we are at our first anniversary!

My entire family loves crab. My mom loves Chilli crabs, while my dad loves Butter crabs. Me? I prefer to have it with Salted Egg.

So what is the best place to have all 3 without burning a hole in the pocket? Buffet.

But where can you find Crab Buffet?

Right here in Park Hotel! The Crazier about Crabs buffet is finally back with a friendly pricing.

Wednesday to Thursday: Adult $68++, Child $34++

Friday to Sunday: Adult $80++, Child $40++

This buffet will be available from 1 April to 28 June 2015, from 6.30pm to 10.30pm.



Do you know why we were so fascinated about this pan here? It was because we were trying to win a staycation for ourselves! As for you, head over to our Instagram (@maybelinesim or @james_awyong) to look for this pan, guess the weight and win yourself some dining vouchers for 2 for the crab buffet 🙂

*Update: Contest closed



This pan is a brand new STAR dish – Crab in a Pan. Each pan contains a whole crab, prawns, clams, black mussels, potatoes, corn and sausages and you can choose a choice between Mariniere, Bouillabaisse and Cioppino.

Below is a picture showing a pan that serves 4.



By the way…. do you know that they have 26 kinds of seafood and 22 types of crab dishes?!?!

I thought I would love the salted egg crab the most but I love how the black pepper crabs were cooked that night!! It was so yummy!! James was also filling his stomach with crabs and I was secretly smiling inside because he look like a greedy boy when he was handling the crabs. All 10 of his fingers were dirty. So cute! Haha. It was partly because he was enjoying himself thoroughly throughout. The food was good and so was the ambience as we were seated with a table of friendly people and our good friend, William.

Brizo’s array of all-time favourite crab dishes sare the sweet-piquant Brizo Signature Chilli Crab, the aromatic Heavenly Fragrance Crab and the dim sum styled X.O. Steamed Crab in Egg White.







If you are a cargo lover, they have Premium Crabmeat Fried Rice with XO Sauce and Laksa too! I was too busy with the crabs that I forgot to take a picture of my laksa. It was a DIY station so you can cook the laksa yourself. I prefer it that way because I can skip the bean sprouts and add more eggs! Hehe. The broth of the laksa was quite good too! It was flavorful enough to want a second serving.



Crabmeat Kueh Pie Tee sounds cute too!



Of course, if you prefer to have some fried snacks, they have crispy soft shell crab and baked crab in shell as well.



And for the cold dishes, be sure to expect cold and fresh sashimi. salad, Alaskan Crab Claw, Australian Spanner Crab and Chilled Flower Crab!




Not forgetting sushi too!



The range of dessert they have is 5x of what you see here. From Conetto’s mini cone, to mini Magnum to durian mousse to kuehs to macaroons to many many many more!



Yup, with such a HUGE range of variety, the prices of the buffet still remains pocket friendly. It is always good to pamper yourself to such good food once in a while!


During this period from 1 April to 28 June 2015, diners can also stand a chance to win a weekend staycation at Park Hotel Clarke Quay by sharing the most delicious-looking plates! Do remember to #crabbuffetatpark so that they can see your entries!


Psst psst readers!! From 1st April to 12th April, quote “My Fat Pocket_earlybird20%off” to enjoy 20% off the buffet prices! Isn’t it super super pocket friendly already?!?!


For reservations, you can call 6593 8855 or email 🙂

Black Hair Salon

Let me post more selfie because I can’t take it when Black Hair Salon gives me such good hair days and with lightings like those in the salon, HOW TO NOT TAKE MORE SELFIE?!?!

And suddenly, I have very clear skin and healthy looking hair in ALL the pictures!!

I feel like keeping Anthony (my hairstylist) in my pocket and take him out of my pocket when I need him to style/take care of my hair.

As usual, I was there with my good buddy William again~ We can spend hours and hours in the salon so it is always good to have a company. Heh. Coincidentally, we met Hellven there and we had the best 3-4hours in the salon chatting and laughing away while getting the hair pampered.

And because I wanted to avoid the crowd, I went to get myself prepared for the upcoming CNY and Valentine’s (I know I am quite kiasu LOL).

For this visit, I wanted to do a Scalp Treatment and Hair Cut but Anthony suggested more because the hair was dry. He know what’s best for me. So all in all, I did:

– Darken the hair
– Scalp Treatment
– Hair Treatment

Although I dye my hair almost every 1-2 months to refresh the color or touch up on the roots, my hair was never once as dry as I thought it would be.

The same for this my buddy!! He colors his hair every month but their hair still looks so healthy. WHY?! What magic did Black Hair Salon use?!

Happpppppy us! Thank you for giving us good hair days!

Couldn’t resist but to pose a little since the hair looks good and we had a little extra time before meeting James for dinner.

PSSSST: Black Hair Salon has NO surcharge for CNY!!! Hurry up! Book your appointment with them sooon!

Quote “Maybeline” to get 10% off!

You should start preparing yourself already! Don’t wait till you have only 2 weeks left and it’s fully booked everywhere!!

They are located at:
The Bencoolen 180 Bencoolen street, #01-28
Singapore 189646
(Nearest MRT station: Bugis)

Contact them at 6835 9976 for appointments!

Alive Museum Experience

PH on a Monday. So where where where?

I had a media invitation to Alive Museum so I had it fixed on the public holiday! Yes yes yes, plans checked!

Alive Museum is Korea’s original and biggest chain of illusionary entertainment museum, and it is now live in Singapore! Each ticket is priced at $25 for Adults 13 years and above. There is also an ongoing promotion of 2 Adults + 1 Child at $60.

Remember to bring your camera there because that is the MAIN PURPOSE there right? TAKE ALL THE PICTURES!

For my visit, you will see more photos of James than me because he has better posing and acting skills. LOL.

We took a lot of pictures that day and I thought he looked really dumb in this baby suit. HAHAHAHAHAHAA. *pinch pinch*

There are directions beside each illusion to guide you on the position to pose and where should the cameraman stand to capture the best illusion.

I don’t know to call him sexy or dirty LOL.

Thank you for hosting us on a PH, and thank you for the laughters.

Venue: Alive Museum, Suntec City #03-372 (between Towers 3 and 4)

Don’t miss this attraction! Add it to your must-visit list!

For more information:

Clinique – Dramatically different again

Clinique event with my lovely babes!! Always filled with joy and laughters with them around 😀

If you are familiar with Clinique, you would know that they are allergy tested and 100% fragrance free.

If one allergy case is found, the would start everything all over again.

The dramatically different moisturizing lotion is now reformulated to deliver even more dramatically different results.

50% improvement in moisture for all day hydration without an extra drop of oil,
54% improvement in skin’s barrier strength in 8 weeks without changing the famously silky texture.

These two improvements help skin keep in the healthy essentials and better resist environmental influences.

The new moisturizing ingredients:
Hyaluronic Acid – proven effective in helping skin hold onto moisture for improved hydration.
Glycerin – attracts moisture to the skin and absorbs water from surrounding air.
Urea – produce skin’s own natural moisturizing factor to mimic the function of healthy skin.

1600 people across 5 countries participated in the clinical testing and the results showed more than double moisture levels, so skin is consistently moisturized throughout the day.

If you ever find Clinique skincare range expensive, then you are so wrong.

With the addition of new active ingredients added into the current formula, you must be expecting an increase in price yea? But no.

Old price for DDML was $42 (50ml) and $70 (125ml).
New price for DDML+ is $28 (50ml) and $60 (125ml).


I would recommend this DDML+ to people with very dry or dry skin. People would have oily skin might want to try out other lotions as there is a tendency for an outbreak to happen. However, if you skin is dry, this might just be the solution for you! Normal skin may find this product useful as well.

The not-so-important but cute dessert that day.

Even the media gift was nicely wrapped in a box and the box could be recycled to put more stuffs inside. Useful and handy!

My DDML+, how about you?

We have tried them. Have you?

For more information, please visit: