G-Factory Relocation at Plaza Singapura

Hi watch lovers, do take note that CASIO G-Factory located in Plaza Singapure has relocated to another unit (#B1-28) opposite HSBC bank. It is no longer at the new wing, so visit them at the old wing of PS.

The shop now has a new look and a very cool interface. I love how neat and spacious the entire shop is.



The first thing that caught my attention was Casio’s Red Bull Racing collaboration limited edition models. Why it caught my attention was simply because of the colours. I have a soft spot for Gun Metal and Rose Gold!!



As you can see, it comes with either a rubber strap or metallic chain.




I am a sucker for their G-Shock/Baby-G kind of watches so of course, my next stop would naturally be that few stations 😛




I am a huge huge fan of G-Shock. James just got 1 for his cousin 1 week prior to the re-opening and we were considering to get a pair of ourselves too. He loves the combination of Black & Gold but I already have a Black & Gold combination for Baby-G so I am looking at something more colourful.



Some of their G-Shock also comes with inbuilt GPS or Bluetooth where you can easily synchronize the time with a tap! I never never knew about this function so this event was an eye opener for me.



Totally totally TOTALLY loving how the watches are being displayed for Baby-G. It gives off such a happy feel doesn’t it? You can see what is available at one glance. I thought the first 2 watches on the top left was kind of cute because of it’s happy colours and metal guard which is very old school!!



I forgot to take the close up so make do with these pictures online. So cuteeeee! I heard they are limited editions as welll.



Now, they have classy ladies watches as well. I remembered working with Casio for their Sheen series 3 years ago. Just how quick time flies…

Don’t you just love how bling they look?



The biggest highlight that day was the MR-G timepieces. They are not ordinary G-SHOCK because it will “SHOCK” you like crazy!

They are very very exclusive and premium. MR-G is available in 2 colours – Gun Metal Grey ($3,999) and Silver ($3,699).

What surprises me is each household is only entitled to owning one unit if you’re interested. Pre-order can be made at The Shoppes at MBS for a deposit of $300 (cash only).



I like the Gun Metal Grey more because it gives off a very manly feel. The watch is produced at their Premium Production Line in Yamagata, Japan and is an addition to their ever popular Global Time Sync Range.

On top of the shock resistance and durability, MR-G is made of ultra light weight, highly durable titanium, superb Sallaz polishing and anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass on the watch face. Diamond-like Coating is also glazed onto the band and buckle to give extra durability. As it is very very exclusive and limited, do subscribe to their Facebook page for updates on the subsequent availability.



James is loving the new look of the shop and the watches they carry. How about you? 🙂



Follow them on their Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/CasioTimepieceSingapore

Momiji Collagen Hotpot Buffet

Holy Holy ladies! Whoever is crazy over collagen have got to visit Momiji as…….

Momiji Shabu Shabu is now introducing Singapore’s first and ONLY collagen hotpot buffet!! I don’t think I need to elaborate on the benefits of collagen. Tell me, who doesn’t know that collagen is good for the skin?!

The soup base is made of collagen pudding – the culmination of 6 hours of simmering kampong chicken.

The taste was a little bland at first but this is due to different preferences. You can top it up with Himalayan Pink Salt yourself if you like it saltier. Ladies would generally prefer it to be bland while the guys would prefer the taste to be stronger.

Complementing the collagen soup are over 100 items including delicatessens such as Kurobta pork, half-shell scallops, deep red sea prawns, Asari clams and more!! From cooked food to non-cooked food. Well, you know me, I always spam all the chawanmushi!

Crunchy vegetables.

Golden fried ebi.

Chicken wings.

The pastes here are the guy’s favorites. They are handmade! There were 3-4 choices to choose from.

Bouncy balls.

And even fresh seafood!!

The red prawns were really so damn good. Even better than the tiger prawns. They even have timings that you have to observe.

For example, red prawns are best boiled for 4 minutes.

What is Shabu Shabu without meat. Sliced perfectly, the shabu shabu meat melts in your mouth. Best paired with a raw egg and drinks. Everyone was literally rushing for them but thankfully, the staffs there refills them fast.

I would suggest you to avoid the noodles and go for the meat! :X

The two pots and huge table sits 6 pax comfortably.

After a sinful yet hearty meal, end it with fruits, warm desserts or ice cream.

What you see in this post is only part of the food found there. There is really a huge variety but that is not the best part of it.

The best part is the price.

*For every two pax dining in, customers will get a complimentary premium item of either wagyu beef or snow crab.

Even though we stay in the west part of Singapore, we traveled all the way to Balestier for this!

Find them at Balestier Shaw Plaza #04-01 Singapore 329783.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/Momiji.JapaneseBuffet

New weekend Changi Brunch Menu

Azur brings together the best of the East and West for a refreshed menu of the popular Weekend Changi Brunch featuring local and international cuisine.

The Weekend Changi Brunch also includes all time local favorites featuring Prawn Noodles from the Local Delights Noodle Bar with sweet and juicy prawns in a flavoursome broth, fluffy Ham Chim Peng with three delicious fillings – Sesame, Peanut or Loutus Paste and fragrant Roasted Chicken served with tangy homemade chilli sauce.

The prawn noodles has a little tinge of spiciness which I personally quite like it because I realized that most authentic prawn noodles has this little tinge too!

They are served in little portions in the white mug below so that you can keep your tummy for other food.

A burst of Asian and Western flavour

Asian dishes like Chicken Malai Kebab and Nasi Briyani from the Indian Cuisine Claypots, succulents Braised “Dong Po” Pork Belly and Kong Bak Pao, Wok Fried Golden Crabmeat Fried Frice and Steam Fish Fillet with Dried Shrimp Sambal and Caramelized onions.

Highlight highlight! So juicy!

This is not Har Gao, it’s scallop dumping :O

You can also make your own rojak! Yay. Lesser of pineapple and more of you tiao pleaseeee.

For a taste of west….. They have German Sausage with Juniper berry sauerkraut and Beef Jus from the Butcher’s Carving station, Maked Mussels with aioli Herbs, Oven Roasted Chicken with Green Pepper Jus and Pan Seared Australian Beef Steak with Black Pepper Cream Sauce.

My favourite was the egg section. You can choose sunny side up, scramble, omelette, or poached and pick any fillings of your choice.

I had 2 servings of Ham Scrambled. All Sims are egg lovers!! Carrie and David (Nadia’s husband), are Sim too and we are huge lovers of eggs. It’s proven! 😀

Mushroom Omelette.

And the seafood are quite fresh too! They had crayfish, prawns, crabs and etc as well. So seafood lovers, take note of this!

What’s best to end an indulgent meal?


They have Durian Profiteroles, Creme Brulee, Miniature Pastries, Dessert in Mini Shooter Glasses and Chocolate Walnut Brownies.

But I guess what caught my attention most was making my own Ice Kachange and pile on my favourite condiments, syrups and carnation milk.

Looking at this Mango Mousse Cake. *Slurps*

The Weekend Changi Brunch is available everyday Saturday and Sunday from 12.30pm to 3.30pm.

Adult: $45.00++

Children: $22.50++

For reservation, please call 6823 5354 or email azur@cpchangiairport.com

For more information, please visit www.crowneplazadining.com