SCS Butter Blind Taste Test – Pineapple Tarts


Honestly, I have been eating pineapple tarts from SCS for the fourth consecutive year and I even handmade a few bottles at their event 3 years ago and last year! Look how much we have grown with the brand..


This year, instead of making pineapple tarts with the brand, I was invited for a blind taste test. The results confirmed my choice of butter – SCS Butter.

My favourite pineapple tarts from the blind test were made with SCS Butter instead of the other 2. In all honesty, I had no idea the one I like was made with SCS Butter. When asked to describe the taste and texture, I thought Choice A was more buttery and tastier just like how pineapple tarts should taste. It even brings back joyful memories of CNY for the last 3 years from the bite. Afterall, I really did have their pineapple tarts for so many years! Haha.

Choice B and C weren’t that bad either, but if we were to concentrate on the buttery and flavourful taste, Choice A was clearly the winner.

If I did successfully tempt you to stock up on some SCS Butter block, there is an on-going promotion right now..


Get a free container with ever 3 blocks of butter purchased! You can use the container to keep your CNY snacks 😛

And lastly, conclusion From The Blind Taste Test:
SCS has proven to be the No. 1 butter again! With its distinctive taste like no other, this video is the best proof that you can never go wrong baking pineapple tarts with SCS Butter!

Watch the video below:

Thank you SCS Dairy Singapore for allowing me to be part of your campaign again!

For more information, please visit SCS Dairy Singapore Facebook page at:

Baking Pineapple Tarts with SCS

I love interesting events. Last Sunday, J and I went for a baking session with SCS and we baked Matcha Pineapple Tarts which turned out surprisingly good!!

Believe us, we were really paying almost full attention to the “teacher”. If only we studied together… Lol.

Of all the different ingredients, we picked the matcha power.

And SCS butter! I literally grew up eating SCS butter!

After all the “lectures”, it is time for some hands-on. First, we cooked at Lee Kum Kee event, and now, we are going to bake!!

Adding spices of our pineapple jam.

Flour + Salt + Butter + 2 yolks!

After the kneading and whatsnot, it is time to leave the dough to set for 30 minutes…

I gave up on the duck in the end because it was kinda hard to shape.

The holes in the middle are where the pineapple lies..

End product!! Yayyyy. J even brought them to share with his colleagues. I don’t really dare to eat stuffs that are cooked/baked by myself but I actually gave this a try!! It was a little soft (but not doughy kind of soft) and yummy!!

There is also an on-going competition on SCS Facebook page right now!

You will be featured in their Chinese New Year Pineapple Tart Recipe Booklet if chosen!

I am going to try and bake some cuter ones to submit. You too! Try and have fun!