Lacoste Men’s Fragrance

Lascote has a new men fragrance – LACOSTE L!VE! This came at the right time because the boyfriend just finished his bottle of fragrance. This just made the perfect gift for him! (Actually not, because I made him pen down some of the thoughts on the scent)

The design of the bottle is rather playful because it comes in a cube shape which is pretty handy. The six sides of the cube give the LACOSTE L!VE generation the opportunity to see things differently and pushes people to see go and see beyond the obvious, to be surprised and energised exactly as the perfume does.

In my opinion, every scent is carried off differently by different individuals. The same scent may not smell the same on different people. I came across a scientific article while doing some research during my school days and it was said that everyone has a very different body scent and it is the body scent that attracts the other party in the long run. Actually… I like J with or without perfume. Sometimes I sniff his skin for his smell (LOL) because it gives me a sense of familiarity.

But being in the sales line, it is always important to smell pleasant. I opened the LACOSTE L!VE and told him that it has a little musky smell and I kind of like it because it also emits the scent of freshness. I guess it could be due to the dynamic burst of lime, green leaves and aquatic notes. The green leaves and aquatic notes accentuate the lime to bring freshness and vibrancy.

The musky scent could be due to the smoky warmth of Guaiac wood and dark liquorice where they build the base notes of the fragrance while adding depth at the same time.

When he received the scent later in the afternoon, he told me he love the scent too. The scent is very versatile as it is suitable for both work and after work activities. It doesn’t give off a scent too manly or too strong.

Big guy with his new scent!

Thank you LACOSTE for this new fragrance. It is currently part of his daily life!

The fragrance is available at 2 different sizes:



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Time to get bold and fresh with LACOSTE L!VE!

Drove Intense Repair Range

Just some time back, Dove introduced us to the new Dove Intense Repair Range!

The event was held in a cosy cafe with very cute Dove themed food served.

Even their cupcakes were all related to dove! In case you’re wonder what does the 10 represents, the new dove range can boosts hair strength by 10 fold!!!!!

Yes, you heard me right. Their lab tests showed that hair breakages are reduced significantly by 10 times when dove shampoo and conditioner are used as compared to using a non conditioning shampoo.

The range includes:

– Dove Intense Repair All Day Repair Cream ($7.05 for 120ml)
– Dove Intense Repair Conditioner ($7.70 for 350ml, $11.90 for 700ml)
– Dove Intense Repair Shampoo ($7.70 for 375ml, $11.90 for 700ml)
– Dove Intense Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner ($8.90 for 180ml)
– Dove Intense Repair Overnight Treatment ($12.90 for 120ml)
– Dove Intense Repair Treatment mask ($10.90 for 200ml)

“Dove’s deep understanding of hair has given us the insight to develop our best ever hair care range, which goes to the cellular level, meaning you get great results from deep down, not just a superficial quick fix on the surface.”

– Dr Katya Ivanova, Technical Brand Manager for Dover hair.

I love the colour combinations, really. You?

On a side note, they smell really really good too.

Hair damage can be caused by heat, chemicals, harsh weather conditions as well as friction.

And Dove to the rescuseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

The star product strengthens and smoothens hair along with a new microsheets technology. All you have to do is to massage the cream through your wet hair after shampoo and leave it on for ONLY a minute.

A test was also conducted on the spot.

And true enough, we saw it with our own eyes. The conditioner indeed made your hair smoother as compared to a Brand X conditioner used for comparison.

Using good hair care products is vital, but products like this new range from Dove not only repair the damage in your hair, they also protect your hair throughout the day and make your hair feel and look smoother.

Thank you Dove for spoiling me like crazy! I am pampering myself with Dove until the very last drop!

New product from NIVEA!

NIVEA has a new product!

And this is none other than NIVEA Aqua Effect Refreshing Cleansing Mousse.

Proper cleansing is important, and it is exceptionally important for girls who put on make up on a frequent basis. Without proper cleansing, the make up residues would reside on our face or inside our pores. YUCKS.

Having said that, hydration and moisture is also as important. No one wants dry, wrinkled or rough skin.

When the skin is dehydrated, it can impair the skin’s resilience and enzyme function, hence, loses volume and resulting in rough skin.

Aqua Effect Refreshing Cleansing Mousse with Vitamin E and Hydra IQ was formulated for people with normal skin and it can be used by all age groups.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant while Hydra IQ keeps the skin hydrated.

Now, NIVEA Cleansing Mousse is only a bottle of clear liquid. BUT! Don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t judge the mousse by it’s look!

2 pumps is sufficient for me.

The texture of the mousse provides you with a brand new experience with the combination of different surfactants when the pump dispenser is used.

As you can see, it ensures a very fine and creamy foam.

It feels really smooth and soft during application.

Best of all, IT SMELLS GOOD!

The foam can deeply cleanse the skin and remove all the dirt particles but yet does not dry out the skin and maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance.

*rub rub rub*

After cleansing the face, remember to end it off with a toner, to clarify the skin and a moisturizer to provide your skin with moisture.

Cleansing both in the morning and night is a must for everyone, no matter how clean your face might be (in your opinion), as dirt particles may not be visible to the naked eye.

Morning cleansing removes sebum and grease deposits that form on the skin overnight while evening cleansing removes the make up, sebum and general daily grime.

Why not add something mild, light, yet effective to your skincare regime?

The unique NIVEA Aqua Effect Cleansing Mousse provides a refreshing start to your morning, while at night also gently cleansing you of the stress and negative influences you’ve gathered throughout your day – leaving your skin feeling pampered and ready for a good and well-deserved beauty sleep.

Tried it, and loved it!

NIVEA Aqua Effect Refreshing Cleansing Mousse is only retailing at $14.50 for 150ml only at Guardian.

Bershka new outlet at VIVO City

Bershka, the spanish brand is definitely no stranger to us and Bershka opens a new retail store at Vivocity!

Thew new retail store at Vivocity mall will feature 3 main collections from their Spring/Summer campaign, YOLO – You only live once. The collections include “Fresh Season” and “Urban Innocence” for ladies as well as a completely new ranger under Bershka men.

The Bershka brand attracts the younger male and female demographic and flaunts ready to wear apparel enthused by folk inspiration and geometric cuts.

I love the men’s section more than the girls! I always feel that I am a man in my previous life.

I wanted to get that mint bag because the colour is tooo damn sweet!

This jacket is also from their latest collection and is available in 4 different colours.

If I didn’t remember wrongly, these skinnies were only at $39.90 each. Too cheap!!

A deal not to be missed.

This comics shorts is kinda cute too. POW**
So chic!!

My all time favourite. Floral prints.

Love at first sight was this outwear on the mannequin.

Take a closer look at the prints. It’s summery and colourful with not-so-bold-colours used.

This outer wear is extremely lightweight. I think it weighs about the same as a basic tee.

The new Bershka store is located at Level 1, #0158/60/63 and is open daily from 10am till 10pm.

For more information, please visit:

Crabtree and Evelyn; Somerset Meadow

This light green, fruity-floral scent of Somerset Meadow is an aromatic impression of a beautiful English landscape in bloom.

The products are really as pretty as they look in reality.

Likewise for the scent, sparkling bergamot and dew-kissed blackberry buds are refreshing and tart. Its juicy sweetness perfectly balanced with the bitter greens of ivy and fern. A heart of white blossoms, water lily and earth geranium flourishes as if warmed by the morning sun. The scent of leaf, grass and fragrant petals are suffused by creamy clouds of musk, whilst willow and moss tether.

How pretty do they sound?

We were welcomed by white and greens that night and my, the decorations were so so pretty.

Take note of that little silver bottle at the bottom left.

It’s actually Perfume Gel – Convenient and easy to use, it provides an exceptionally long-lasting fragrance and has a wonderfully luxurious texture. Although it’s gel based, it is not sticky at all after application.

12ml at $25.

The Somerset Meadow Collection also features an Eau De Toilette, Bath and Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Hand Therapy. Not surprised, they are also stowed within beautiful packaging, illustrated with the pretty fruits and flowers of the meadow.

Bath & Shower Gel 200ml at $35 and Scented Body Lotion 200ml at $40.

Hand Therapy 100g at $33.

Look at this packaging for the Bath and Shower Gel and Scented Body Lotion. How sweet.

With all the pretty yet a little noisy and get excited easily babes! 😀

2 promotions are also held in conjunction with this launch.

From 19 April to 19 May, shoppers enjoy specials Gifts with Purchases with minimum nett spending:

With every $120 nett spent in a single receipt, receive a Limited Edition Somerset Meadow Umbrella.

With every $150 nett spent in a single receipt, receive a 1-for-1 lunch buffet offer at Marriott Café, Singapore Marriott Hotel.

* Offer is limited to one per customer, while stocks last. The 1-for-1 lunch buffet voucher is valid for Mondays through Saturdays.

* Terms and conditions apply.