Marathorn: New Balance Run On 2016


Woohooo. We just completed our New Balance Run On 2016 7km a 2 hours ago. Although we do visit the gym to work out a little on weekends, I was never trained for long distance. The last few runs were all 5km.

Hence, this is our first 7km run together! I was telling him I might give up halfway and U-turn back and he can continue the run himself but we ended up completing the run together! He was my pacer! We went all the way for 5km before “walking” back for 1km and splinting at the last km.

It is so good to have a partner who does things together with you.

Showing off our new running shoes courtesy of New Balance Singapore – Vazee Rush v2.

Tested and proven  – Comfy and legs were not tired even after 7km! The cushion is soft so every step was comfortable and I was able to run at my own pace well.

Just like last year, the run was a blast! There were 5200 runners and we were all treated to free beers at the carnival too! Truffle fries, fish balls, hotdog buns, ice cream and more! Just keep you wallet at home. All you need is your car/ ezlink and your phone. No additional $ required for this carnival!

Ending off my Saturday with a picture of my pacer with his new running shoes. I think New Balance just made his day too!

Can’t wait for New Balance Run On 2017!!

New Balance Run On 2016, Shoes, Sports wear and more!


Both James and I will be taking part in New Balance Run On again this year! Registration is already open. For more details on the run, please visit

You will be happy to know that there will be free craft beer from award-winning premium draft beer – Wunderbar, truffle fries, ice-cream and a lot more. No less fun than last year! See you there shall we?

Since we will be taking part in the run, we have to do some shopping at New Balance first. The run is just an excuse. We just needed more sportswear and shoes to our collection!

They have also extended their GSS Promotion. Please buy at least 3 items!!

You know what? New Balance shoes always make me go “I want this, oh and I want that too!”. You make my knees go weak and my wallet empty because I seems to want a pair of everything.

I was actually deciding on 996 (top row) white and gold or black and grey but I ended up with 999. I hope the model numbers don’t confuse you that much. I am a NB fan so I prefer to call them by their numbers. LOL.

I also like 574 in Navy and White!

What caught our eyes MOST was their brand new 009 silhouette. Both colors looked great but James went for the pair in blue because he got a red pair of 580 recently. How I wish they come in my size too!

Speaking of apparels, James picked out a set of lifestyle apparels too. His favourite loot must be the jacket that he is holding. They come in girl’s version as well but in Grey as seen right on top of this post.

I went for sportswear straight because I needed some running tops and sports bra. I am stocking up on sports bra recently because I want that athleisure look.

Kids will look cute with New Balance! Look at how cute and tiny are they!!

The outlet at Suntec also football gear. For me, LIVERPOOL anytime!

Let me end this post with the GSS and NB Run On reminder. Do join us there!

New Balance 580 Sneakers Pop Up Store


To celebrate New Balance 580’s 20th Anniversary, the outlet at *Scape is currently converted into a one-of-a-kind pop up gallery.

The pop up store will be there from now to 17 July and you will be able to see the evolution of 580.

The gallery will also house a special exhibition of past limited edition collaborations with global sneaker stores, retailers and fashion labels. These include Mita Sneakers, Stussy, HECTIC, Undefeated, Colette, Wings + Horns, Bait, Packer Shoes, and New Era. The pop-up gallery will see exclusive launches of limited edition 580’s, as well as special 580 merchandise.

Fans will also receive a special edition pair 3D printed lace locks with every purchase of the 580 at the pop-up gallery on 11th June.

It was truly an eye opener for the both of us because we are fans of sneakers. Even though we have more than ten pairs of new balance at home, you won’t be able to find a pair of 580 in our shoe cabinet. Hence, this is a great opportunity for us to test the comfort and design of the model.

You will be surprised to know that even though the shoes are of the same model, the design can varies from lifestyle to light training and price varies from $149 to $229.

After New Balance collaborated with Mita Sneakers, a Japanese brand, it became a favourite among sneaker lovers. This year, the brands are collaborating again on New Balance MRT580. Only 24 pairs will be available in Singapore at the price of $229. Do visit the store at *Scape, #02-15 from 11am to 9.30pm daily from now till 17 July.


New Balance Media Preview S/S’15

Sometimes the perks of being a blogger is that you get to work with your favourite brands and get first hand news. For me, I was totally overwhelmed to receive New Balance’s invitation to the Media Preview of their Spring/Summer 2015 collection!



Of course, my trustworthy partner, writer, best friend and boyfriend attended the vent with me!



The shoes will be launch slowly until June. We caught ourselves eyeing on a few pairs of shoes already. My favourite pair morel 996 in pastel purple will be launched in May and the chances of me getting it is almost 99%!!! Hehehe. I hope they still have my size when I go back for it!



The model comes in pastel pink, pastel mint and pastel purple. The three of them are equally pretty!



574 in Pink (Bottom Left) caught my attention too. 574 as compared to 996 has a wider width.



More and more colors! This is why I love New Balance. They have all the interesting designs and colors. Seems like it will always keep you in style!




Here is our pick from the 574 model. I like the olive green he picked too.



Look at the pastel purple again!!



Other than lifestyle shoes, their performance shoes are as stylish and comfortable as well.



Fresh Foam Zante (picture below) are already available in stores at $169. I have a pair of Fresh Foam and I must really praise how comfortable it is to wear it for jogging sessions. It accompanied me to Color Run 2014 too!


Fresh Foam Zante is a great pair of running shoe for your everyday performance for a smooth underfoot feel and a fast feeling transition through their stride.


It has a unique underfoot feel and at the same time, lightweight.



Fresh Foam Boracay is the ultimate for J because he like the combination of silver, black and lime green. The entire pair of shoe is extremely eye catching and stylish! You can already find it in stores at $169.


Fresh Foam has ultra soft ride, but Fresh Foam Boracay can increase the cushy feel to make the ride smoother.



I think New Balance 890v5 is as pretty! I like the combination of pink, white and silver. Purple/blue/lime green is also available. This model will be in stores from April 2015 at $179.


Fans of 890 series would be happy to this is an improved version of the award-winning 890v4. It remains an ideal choice for people who wants to run fast or feel fast in an extremely lightweight package, without sacrificing durability, cushioning, or support.




Do you also know that they have shoes made in UK and USA? They are more premium than the other models but trust me, you can’t go wrong with them!


The stitches are hand sew and I am really really in love with some of the designs but sadly, female sizes are not available yet 🙁


I love this pair of 997 the most!!



Look at all the leathers…





His favourite pair from the ENTIRE collection 🙂



I hope you are as excited as me for the shoes to be launch in stores.


Visit New Balance Experience Stores at *SCAPE, Bugis Junction, Suntec City Mall, Tampines Mall, Velocity at Novena Square and Kallang Wave Mall 🙂


Be sure to check them out again and again as different models have different launch dates!

A change of style

Some people feel that I look too soft, feminine or wear clothes that make me look old so I have decided to dress younger and feel fresher by change my style a little! I don’t often follow the trend but mmmm.. Why not now?

Same place, different day.

From the usual me to…..

Center parting and sporty looking!

Tadahhhhh! Added 2 new pairs of sneakers to my shoe collection.

Had a hard time looking for wedge sneakers because it is out of stock EVERYWHERE. Wanted the Adidas one but settled for the Nike one instead because it is out of stock everywhere :((((

And everyone’s hot favourite – New Balance!

So how? Do I look more bubbly and young now? 😀