Neon X Knitted Nails X Houndstooth Nails

I think I look a little too young with my new hairstyle. Lol.

and maybe a little too pale…

To keep up with the young look, I went for something bolder this time round so that I can brighten up the entire look (other than applying makeup alone).

Neon colour for the nails.

Neon X Knitted Nails X Houndstooth

Neons were quite in for last season and now, Knitted Nails are the most in things.

I love knit wears but it is not everyday that we can wear such thick pullovers in Singapore. So what can I do? I can wear it on my nails! Knitted Nails are probably the latest trend you can find right now!

You can go with pastel colours for a softer look that would look more korean-ish.

And one can never go wrong with houndstooth.

I love every detail of the houndstooth and I saw how painfully each one was drawn onto my nail because I had small nails.

Sophia was really patience with them :’)

The knitted design on the nails were actually finished with a Matt topcoat and I couldn’t stop touching it because they are quite smooth.

Each set of nails always last me for 4-5 weeks before my nails start to chip (due to work), otherwise, the design would be able to last even longer.

Just to let you know, Sophia has received a lot of certificate in this industry so you can only expect top-notch quality from her.

She wouldn’t allow her customers to leave the shop without ugly nails *promise*.

You can find her at Beauty World Center!

Address: Upp Bukit Timah Road, Singapore, Singapore 588177
Ring up for appointment to avoid disappointment: 6468 0979

Preparing yourself for CNY

I am almost done with the preparations for CNY except getting new clothes.

Firstly, I got my black roots touched up at SalonB by Oscar. He always leave me a happy girl after every session. It seems like he could do magic to my dry hair. I always leave him to decide my length/colour and he always know what I want, or what would suit me better.

Salon B is located at 1 Nassim Road #02-03 Singapore 258458
Tel: 6836 5855/9819 0183

Please call them to make an appointment cause they are always busy and packed. Quote “Blogger Maybeline” to get 20% off all chemical services.

Next, I had my New Year nails done at Beau Essentials by Sophia.

I click with her extremely well! She was also awarded with quite a number of awards for her nail designs and skills! You have to visit her!

All I have to do is to show her what I want by googling for pictures on the internet and she could make them appear on my nails.

Beau Essentials is located at Beauty World –
Upp Bukit Timah Road, Singapore, Singapore 588177
Tel: 6468 0979

I just can’t decide on my CNY design yet~


Now, I am done with these. But what about the skin?

As usual, HADA LABO SHA Hydrating Lotion! This is one of my essential skincare in my entire routine. I seriously do not know what to do without it.

My 3 in 1 doink doink!

On top of the outer application, I take Collagen powder from Fancl as well. I like how conveniently the HTC Collagen comes in sachets because I would not overtake or undertake it and I consume it on a daily basis so it actually saves me a lot of time!

I tend to drink it with iced coffee before I start my day. Remember, Collagen is extremely important for the skin. It can reverse aging and keeps the skin supple and firm! Exactly what you need before staying awake all night during Lunar New Year for all the gambling or gathering sessions.

The fastest way to get rid of tired and dull looking eyes to prepare the face for the upcoming Chinese New Year is probably by pampering myself at Astique Clinic – Vitamin C Eye RejuvenationΒ or for some botox/fillers to enhance the features!

With all the love from the sponsors and brand, I can look even prettier for the upcoming Lunar New Year!

Trust me, you can too! πŸ˜‰

PrettifyMe – The Nail Therapy

Last week, I went to PrettifyMe – The Nail Therapy for a gelish Manicure/Pedicure session. Not embarrassed to say but this was my first time doing Gelish Pedicure.

Classic/normal colours do not last on my toe nails because they tend to chip easily so a session would usually on last me 5-10 days for pedicure. Therefore, I would like to thank PrettifyMe – The Nail Therapy and My Fat Pocket for this opportunity to try out gelish on my toe nails!

I like the concept of the shop!

And the manicurists told me that the background is out of the most popular place where the bloggers would shoot usually.

We are all stars, and we deserve to twinkle – I like this quote. Good choice of quote to fit the shop!

I love this girl who was really patience with me because I had totally no idea what I wanted. I did search Facebook and Instagram for designs but I couldn’t find one that could suit my mood.

I have this weird habit. I like a lot of designs but I won’t do them unless the mood is right. So my mood for this period of time was some daisies and girly kind of thing.

She tried googling for daisies designs for me but I liked none so I told her it’s entirely up to her~ She can design any design for me that she feels suitable for me. All I did was to give her my colour choices: Baby Pink, White and Gold.

The girl on the left did my pedicure for me. As my toe nails were short and ugly, I went for a one tone colour with no designs. Sometimes, simplicity is beautiful as well πŸ™‚

Love their services as they are really friendly people. I don’t feel weird or awkward there because I had a nice time chatting with them while they were doing my nails.

Service Rating: 5 stars!

And here I am, very satisfied with my nail design and clean/neat nails. My last pedicure session was probably 8 months ago.

5 days later…..

Gelish still intact, still pretty, still lovely.


PrettifyMe – The Nail Therapy is celebrating their Anniversary!!

Bring along a friend, and the 2 of you will enjoy a gelish classic manicure + a classic pedicure for just $95!

Call 6735 7728 quote β€œMFPMaybeline” and get pampered by PrettifyMe – The Nail Therapy today!

PrettifyMe – The Nail Therapy is located at :

100 Orchard Road #02-64
Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall, Singapore 238840
Tel: 6735 7728, Mobile: 8309 2040

Like them on Facebook for promotions: PrettifyMe-the-nail-therapy

Instagram: @prettify_me and hashtag prettifyme

You will love the design for sure!

Nails. We all love pretty nails don’t we?
How about pretty, cute and lasting but cheaper than the market rate?

Play Nails by Sophia is a home based salon located in Bukit Timah. Basically, it is quite accessible from Town and various parts of Singapore since it is quite centralized (or just slightly to the western side). Psst: It’s free parking as well. So drive up there and don’t worry about paying extra for the parking fees.

I told Sophia that I wanted some cupcakes and pastels and this was what she did for me.

MAGIC! MAGIC! MAGIC!! So cuteeeee!

Trust me, this set would have cost you at least $75 for the nail art itself at other boutiques. Say if $75 for the design and $40-50 for the classic gel session? Total cost would be more than $100 or so!

But look at her prices below. She’s only charging $80 for the full set, inclusive of the classic session. If you think it’s too fanciful for you, you can go for the design on the left. There were shimmering details at the top and it only cost you $40 if you’re a reader of mine!

If you really want something really simple, just like a single colour, it’s only $30!

Yes, only $30 and it can last you for months.

The French Manicure is perhaps the most attractive one here. A classic French Mani outside would cost you between $25-30. But her Gelish French is only at $40.

Are you willing to pay for a $25 Classic which can only last you a week or a set of Gelish French to last you for at least 2 months? I would pick the latter. And I like french.

Just so if you think it’s cheap enough already, look at her mother’s day promotion.

2 Sets of Single color = 2 Sets of Mani and Pedi for only $130. What a steal! Take this opportunity to pamper your mom perhaps? πŸ™‚

Do note that this promotion is only available until 15 May, so book your appointments fast πŸ™‚

Do not worry about anything else, just enjoy the whole session with Sophia.

She’s a really nice and friendly girl.

For more information, please visit:Β