V.TIVATE – Defies gravity and time!

I’d always thought that you would need fillers/botox or surgeries to achieve a V-shaped jaw from a round face or reduce the appearance of lines on your face. When I was told that Mary Chia has come up with a mist spray that can achieve the same effect, I was very very very skeptical. Same for the boyfriend.

Out of curiosity, I told him we should really go and have a look since Mary Chia has over 30 years of experience and expertise in providing premium and quality beauty.

The entire bottle is in rose gold! I have a soft spot for rose gold! Hehe. It is very handy too. you can carry it around everyday.

Do not belittle this little bottle because it has 4 benefits in a spray – Lifting, UV Defense, Hydrating and Regeneration. Out of 100%, 70% of the participants who used MU V.TIVATE reported experiencing instant lifting results, 95% felt their skin was well-hydrated and 82% of them appeared to be rejuvenated and it glowed with radiance.

The ingredients are derived from plants’ stem cells, which boost the mist spray’s anti-aging properties.

I gave it a try but I think J experienced more benefits than me!

I experienced a tightening effect because I was told that my skin was dry.

This is him after a spray. Yup, just a spray! Are you able to guess which part of his face was sprayed?

SEE!! Look at his smile lines!! The result is SOOOOO VISIBLE!! He loved this beauty so much that I had to give it to him 🙁 Hahaha.

It comes in two sizes – 5ml ($68) and 50ml ($388). There is also a special launch price of $338 for a 50ml bottle from now till 30 Nov 14.

You can find MU V.TIVATE at all Mary Chia and Urban Homme Outlets!

Fernanda X Beauty Direct

*** There is a giveaway at the end of this post! ***

A lot of beauty products are easily available in Korea and Japan but not easily available in Singapore. This is why online shopping is the IN-thing now.

I browsed through beautydirect.com.sg and selected a few items for review. One of the brands which caught my attention was Fernanda!

Fernanda is a Japanese brand that has body mist, hair fragrance, body scrub, hair oil and so much so much all!

Check out all the beautiful packaging and they are all in floral scent! My choice was obviously the Pink Euphoria – Bergamot, Raspberry, Apple.

Only the hair fragrance oil is in Maria Regale.

Everything smells really good. I tried the body scrub ($26.90) for a few nights and slept very well after that because I smelled really good. However, my favorite product in the loot is not this. This is my second favorite as it has silk component and moisturizing ingredients.

It can remove old skin keratin with silk powder. Makes the entire bathroom smells good as well!

My favorite is the Hair Fragrance ($20.90)!! I was expecting it to be overpowering but much to my pleasure, it was very sweet smelling. My hair can still smell good after a good long day of work and events. I would totally bring this out everyday to get rid of tobacco (no, I don’t smoke) and sweat odors.

Other than having a long lasting scent, it also treats and moisturizes the hair giving it shine and moisture. The UV-cut ingredients also protects the hair from UV rays.

Now for the giveaway…..




I have two sets to give away! The winners would be picked by me and Beauty Direct would send it over to your mailing address within 2 weeks! 🙂

Set A – Body
Fernanda Fragrance Body Scrub in Pink Euphoria ($26.90)
Fernanda Fragrance Body Mist in Enchant Scotia ($18.90)

Set B – Hair
Fernanda Hair Fragrance Oil in Maria Regale ($25.90)
Fernanda Hair Fragrance in Pink Euphoria ($20.90)

How to join?

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Remember, to make your accounts public otherwise I wouldn’t be able to select you as one of the two winners!

My lashes were also BOUGHT from Beauty Direct!

Yes, you heard me right, bought, not sponsored!

Now you know where to go for all these goodies!

Etude House – I’m Blooming Skincare

What kind of skincare products are you attracted to most?

Price? Packaging? 
Country of origin?

For me it is definitely effectiveness and packaging!

And do you know that Etude house have very nice smelling and pretty packaging products?!

I went “Omg they are so pretty!” when I saw them. I bet you are going to say the same too.

I’ll let the pictures do justice for the brand/products.

First up, they have facial mist of Pure Green Tea, Essential Flower and Canola Honey.

Each mist serves a different function to cater to the different skin type.

Pure Green Tea: Sebum Control Mist
– Hydrates thirsty skin while controling oil and shine, providing soft powdery skin.
– Contains 95.5% of early summer green tea extract that balances out skin’s moisture level for a moist inside with a soft, powdery outside.

Canola Honey: Deep Moisture Mist
– Provides instant hydrating relief to skin, locking in long-lasting vital moisture.
– Contains 81.9% of Honey extract that delivers deep, rich moisture and nourishment to skin.

Essential Flower: Brightening Mist
– Brightens up dull and exhausted skin and smoothes out rough texture, providing a clear, milky-white complexion.
– Contains 93.9% of flower extracts that add brightness to the skin.

All of them smells really really nice and I can’t really decide on which one is my favorite.
If I would have to, I would probably pick Canola Honey which helps in hydrating my dry skin.

Next is the cleansing series which consist of Moisture Cleansing foam, Clear cleansing water and Brightening water gel.

The clear cleansing water contains plant origin surfactant. It is mild (so do not worry about it being harsh or if your skin can’t take it). Though mild, it is effective in removing thick makeup.

And know what? You do not need to rinse it off with additional water. Very convenient right?!

Imagine wiping and washing your whole face with just clear cleansing water and cotton pads.

Time saving. Very convenient for people who always reach home late and is lazy to remove full make up.

Brightening Wash-off Gel contains flower and plant-origin powder. Suitable for daily wash and gently removes dead skin cells, providing smooth, supple skin. As you wash your face, it strengthens the skin’s natural vitability.

Lastly, the Moisture Cleansing Foam gently removes impurities with its fine bubbles, providing full hydration to skin right after cleansing without any signs of dryness and helps maintain fresh, blooming, healthy skin.

Skincare is not the end. It is also important to use fine and soft pads during cleansing.

Thee cotton pads have 5 layers each and made of 100% pure and soft cotton!

I like this I’m Blooming Bubble Peeling Dual Pad because it was two different textured sides that each have its own function.

One side with foam mesh for moist bubble cleansing and other side with microfiber texture for effective exfoliation and peeling.

Shall we embark on this blooming journey together?

Let’s BLOOM away~