Movie Review: Kung Fu Jungle (一个人的武林)

Before I left for Taiwan, I brought J along for a movie review – Kung Fu Jungle because he likes action packed movies and which Chinese haven’t heard of Donnie Yen? Donnie Yen is one of the best Kung Fu movie star around!! Even my dad loves his movies.

This movie will blow you off because of Donnie Yen’s swift moves and twisted plots. At some point of the movie, I can’t tell if he is the bad guy or the good guy. You know a movie is good when you get all caught up with the suspense and thriller.

In the movie, Donnie Yen was serving his sentence in jail and in order to get the attention of the lead inspector of a case, he fought the prisoners on purpose. He was all along the role model inside so the inspector found it weird when he fought in jail.

Then… this movie isn’t solely about Kung Fu. A huge part of it goes to Love. She was the reason why he wanted to get out of jail – to protect her against a lunatic lover of Kung Fu who believed that Kung Fu is used to kill.

Wang Bao Qiang was the lunatic killer who loved his wife deeply. From the way he kills in the movie, I would even call him sadistic because he was ruthless and cold.

I shall not spoil you with too much details. This is definitely a must-watch! I would rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars!

October’s BellaBox

Yay to monthly sampling boxes. Yay to BellaBox! I like BellaBox because there are times whereby you can find full sized make up products inside and unboxing them can be a bundle of joy!!

October box consists of some stuffs which I love and some that I really want to try.

Some dying to try products:
– SKINBIOTICS Even+ Whiter,
– Sleek Shimmer Glaze Lip Gloss

Some products which I have tried and love even before I found them in this box:
– benefit – they’re Real! push-up liner
– SpectraBAN sunblock
– Physiogel hypoallergenic range

Some new items in my list:
– Crema Sapone Non Sapone
– GARNIER Sakura White Moisturizing Day Cream

It is my first exposure to cream sap one non sapone. This Made in Italy cream is actually a free cleansing cream  that deep cleans and refines all complexion types. Only a small amount is needed so this bottle of cleansing cream can actually last for more than 2 weeks for me. I love how it cleanse my face thoroughly by removing all the dirts, makeup and tightens the pores.

I am no stranger to SpectraBAN sunblock cause I was recommended by my skin doctor to give SpectraBAN a try. I also make J apply it on a daily basis (he doesn’t really apply anything on the face so it was hard to constantly remind him) and he loved the watery texture of the sunblock! So glad to find a small bottle of it in the box because I can carry it anywhere I go.

With October box being so awesome, I can’t wait to receive November box already!!

Crabtree & Evelyn Damask Rose

Yet another pretty collection from Crabtree & Evelyn.

Damask Rose Everyday Skincare Collection features sensorial products with botanical-based formulas that make everyday skincare an appealing ritual.

The products are formulated with natural ingredients and they are chosen because they can deeply moisturize and rejuvenate even dry and sensitive skin. Having said that, they have products for people who have combination/oily skin too.


French Damask Rose – Intensely moisturizing and improves texture and tone. Contains Vitamin C.

Rose of Jericho – Brings immediate and long lasting hydration. Have the ability to survive extreme dehydration.

Hollyhock – Draws moisture into the skin, helping to plump and lift the complexion. Has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties.

Aureobasidium Pullulans – Anti-microbial properties, tighten pores and firm the skin.

Brought J to the event with me so that he can know more about the products cause we always share skincare products. I think I treat his skin better than mine!

They have 3 products in the cleansing range.

– Comforting Cleansing Balm ($30)
– Softening Cleansing oil & makeup remover ($28)
– Freshening Cleansing Lotion ($28)

I find the comforting cleansing balm unique because how many brands have actually come up with a cleanser in the form of a balm?

All you need is a small amount and the balm will melt with the warmth of the skin, gently lifting away impurities while soothing, softening and deeply moisturizing. The only minus point is that it can’t remove eye makeup but it helps to repair and rejuvenate the skin as you cleanse.

For the moisture range, they have:

Hydrating Day Lotion ($50)
Daily SPF45 PA+++ Lotion ($45)
Nourishing Night Cream ($55)

The Daily SPF45 PA+++ is a two in one thing. The sunblock as well as the moisturizer. Wooot! How time saving!

Other products in Damask Rose Collection includes the Toner – Relaxing Micellar Water, Purifying Toning Lotion and Masks – Soothing moisture mask and Restoring Hydration Mask.

I was a little sold when the mask said soothing because too many brands only concentrate on either the oily or dehydrated skin. Sometimes all we ever need after a long day outside is just a soothing mask before sleep.

With such a pretty launch, comes a table of pretty food.

I am so going to start on this skincare regime as soon as I finish my current products.

Hold on for a review!!

Lost without you (maybe)

I think we are so crazily in love that either one of us feel lost when one is away. He’s going to Australia for a holiday next week and I am heading over to Taiwan in Oct. With a beauty blogger as his girlfriend, I’ll be packing a bag of facial products for him to bring over – to take care of his dehydrated skin for the cold weather. I don’t want a flaky boyfriend when he is back after 8 days….

True enough, I am thankful for having him in my life for the past few months. We had another huge quarrel last week but he kept reasoning even though I gave him all the shit and attitude. I can get really grumpy and say nasty stuffs non stop and I don’t think with my brain when I am mad.

We didn’t solve the issue that very night. A girl (not exactly a girl since she is in her 30s; his ex colleague, they had something going on in the past) bumped into us at VIVO and shouted his name (she probably wanted the entire patrons in VIVO to hear her, I don’t know but it was HELL embarrassing) and took the opportunity to ask him to party and hangout.

I know she isn’t faithful to her boyfriend, but to come in-between us when we were quarreling? I thought people who are religious would be even more aware of ‘sins’ and ‘faithful’ but all she know might only be ‘shame’ -.- Of course, James did not leave with her enough though I made the way home myself.

You guys might think that I am ranting over here, yup, I am, I am not overly possessive or what but I just felt not respected by that aunty -.-

I am also glad that he is quite into my blog now that there are sponsors for him too. A men fragrance was recently sent to me for review from Lacoste so I supposed it was for him! First the ColorRun, then the facial at Qi Mantra and next the fragrance, I hope for more to come! (Everything that comes along is a bonus and I thank god for that :D)

Lastly, here’s a BRO FIST for people who think we look alike!

Days with J

No matter long-lived or short-lived, no matter the history or the future. What matters most is now.

Only people who can’t move on or get over it will be affected by the history. But as you move on, one day, you will come to realize that harping on a failed relationship is nothing but childishness. We gain nothing by insulting the other party NON-stop or as and when we feel like it.

As far as I am concern, J is officially my Liam Ti Ti.

*Liam Ti Ti stands for sticky in Hokkien.

We meet so often, and by saying often, it means EVERDAY. Well…… almost. We meet 30 out of 31 days a month. I get sad when some events doesn’t allow me to bring a male plus one. LOLLL. Okay, it sounds stupid but yeah. I don’t even know how we ended up being so sticky. Maybe it’s the honeymoon period kind of thing.

We are still getting a lot of comments on how much we look alike. So here is more photos of us!

I really like him in this mint shirt so he wore it out that evening. We even had a minor tiff before that. We argue almost every 2-3 day. We are not really that sweet. But not that bad either…

He wanted to retrieve the childhood by doing stuffs that we would usually do during the primary/secondary school days. But neoprints only cost $4-$6 in the past? It cost $10-12 now. CRAZY.

If not for sweeter memories, I think I might just use my selfie camera for wefies. You only have to pay for the electricity used and you can angle your face better 😀

Finally, we settled our dinner at Mandarin Orchard. You know, we are so so so different that even the food choices are different. I love what he doesn’t and vice versa. The personality as well…. We are like the opposite ends of each pole. I guess I finally understood what it meant by “opposite pole attracts”.

Random, but if you got cheated once, that’s kind of sad. But if you got cheated a few times by different guys, that is probably your own issue already.

If one day, I have to swallow whatever I said down, I would be more than happy to do so for every obstacle is a learning process 🙂

Stubborn is probably the only word used to describe me, but yeah, I am still willing to give Love a try.


I have a sufficient supply of makeup that is good enough to last me for years but I still go weak at them at departmental stores. I can’t resist lip colors especially!!

Then… I kept seeing LANEIGE make ups with prints on them.. I told myself that I have to get hold of them too!! I went WOW when I saw them because they had doggies inside the leopard prints!!

You know…. It’s LANEIGE Meets Fashion!! When K-beauty meets K-fashion!! What can be better than that?!

pushBUTTON has been catching attention of magazines and fashion editors for its unique and quirky style. Even big celebrity names like Rihanna, Gong Hyo Jin have been seen in pushBUTTON outfits as well and LANEIGE is definitely more than proud to be the official make-up partner!

4 new shades of Serum Intense Lipstick ($34 each) were created and they are limited editions. So when it’s gone, ITS GONE.

I like Serum Intense Lipstick for it’s smooth application and hydrating properties. I can save the trouble of applying a lip balm before applying a lipstick

Purple tone is something new for me because most of my lipsticks are either orange, pink or red tone.

On my lips – P40 Vintage Orchid.

Read my review on the lipsticks here:


Read about my LANEIGE BB Cushion review here:

Lastly, the cutest thing in the collaboration is the Eye Shadow ($40)!!!!

It has a doggy inside, featuring the pattern “Doggie’s playing Leopard”, the iconic design pattern of the collection. It features 3 highly pigmented shades – Pink-Brown, Beige and Hot Pink.

I used the Pink-Brown as a highlighter on the face as well.

MFP has an article about the collaboration too!!

Buy any 3 items and you can get a free clutch! I LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERY SINGLE ITEM IN THE COLLABORATION TO PIECES XOXO.

They are all available in stores already and on a WHILE STOCKS LAST BASIS.

Miss it and regret!!

Go Hairless with DPL

Sometimes some shoot requires us to have fair skin or flawless limbs because no one wants to look ugly or flawed in photos.

I have an issue with hairs, especially underarm and uneven skin tone on the legs.

I used to shave/pluck or visit beauty parlours for underarm waxing but I realized that overtime, they only darken the armpit and I knew this can’t be the solution to it. Darken armpits also reduces my confidence of wearing sleeves clothes.

When I visited Dr. Tan at Halley Medical Aesthetics for my smile line fillers, I had the opportunity to chit chat with one of the therapists while waiting for my turn. As she is quite experienced in IPL and all, I asked her for a solution to leg and underarm whitening as well as hair removal.

Few years ago, I went to this particular parlour in town for an underarm waxing but the beautician bruised one of the underarms and the bruise only went away after half a year. I had to avoid all sleeveless clothing then. It was demoralizing so I told myself to NEVER TRUST any beautician unless they are from a clinic.

It didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted to do the whitening and hair removal at Halley Medical Aesthetics. I went back 3 weeks later after the smile line fillers.

My initial plan was to do hair removal and whitening for both underarms and legs but the therapist told me to save my money; theres no need for hair removal for the legs because I only had a few few few few few few strands of hair. You can count them with one hand. LOL.

Because of my low pain tolerance, she offered to apply some numbing cream on the more sensitive areas like the underarms.

Halley Medical Aesthetics’s DPL Smooth Hair Removal treatment for the underarm has two functions: hair removal and slight whitening effect only cost $90.

FYI, DPL stands for Dynamic Pulsed Light which is also the same technology used to rejuvenate the skin during treatments. You can also do DPL on the face in smoothening the skin and reducing pores. Reducing pores sound attractive!!

DPL is a fuss free procedure. Underarms took me 5-7 minutes while the legs took me another 10 minutes.


I could still chat and laugh with the therapist when she was focusing on the legs. It was just warm and fuzzy. After I was done with the legs, I realized that they were 2 shades fairer. Yup yup, the results were that instant!!!! So I went back and did arms whitening as well.

Zap zap zappppppp…

I had dry skin on the legs but they are much better already.

I thought I was shooting for Marvel, it was rays of light everywhere. But you can feel nothing except a slight tingling sensation when the probe touches the skin.

Pain score:
Underarm: 2/10
Legs: 0/10

Total time taken for both procedures: Less than 20 minutes.

I can go out immediately after the treatments without any downtime!! This is a bonus especially when it comes to face.

I was recommended to go back once every one to two months for maintenance. I can already see a lag growth of hair on the underarm areas. I used to shave every 2 days but now I only have to shave once every 5 days. Save me time every morning!

Remember, if you spend your money at the right places, you only have to spend it once every few months until it dies off. So it is worth the investment!

Confidence can be boosted with money. That is what I believe in now! 🙂

Yay when wearing slightly revealing clothes (I am quite conservative so you will not see me in too revealing clothes). And yay to higher confidence!

Below are some photos that were taken for a shoot.

Clothes were all c/o Love Bonito. My legs used to be even darker and the skin tone was uneven due to prolonged outdoor fishing. But I am quite happy with the end results now.

Thank you for the good services from Halley Medical Aesthetics and Love Bonito for the outfits!

Momiji Collagen Hotpot Buffet

Holy Holy ladies! Whoever is crazy over collagen have got to visit Momiji as…….

Momiji Shabu Shabu is now introducing Singapore’s first and ONLY collagen hotpot buffet!! I don’t think I need to elaborate on the benefits of collagen. Tell me, who doesn’t know that collagen is good for the skin?!

The soup base is made of collagen pudding – the culmination of 6 hours of simmering kampong chicken.

The taste was a little bland at first but this is due to different preferences. You can top it up with Himalayan Pink Salt yourself if you like it saltier. Ladies would generally prefer it to be bland while the guys would prefer the taste to be stronger.

Complementing the collagen soup are over 100 items including delicatessens such as Kurobta pork, half-shell scallops, deep red sea prawns, Asari clams and more!! From cooked food to non-cooked food. Well, you know me, I always spam all the chawanmushi!

Crunchy vegetables.

Golden fried ebi.

Chicken wings.

The pastes here are the guy’s favorites. They are handmade! There were 3-4 choices to choose from.

Bouncy balls.

And even fresh seafood!!

The red prawns were really so damn good. Even better than the tiger prawns. They even have timings that you have to observe.

For example, red prawns are best boiled for 4 minutes.

What is Shabu Shabu without meat. Sliced perfectly, the shabu shabu meat melts in your mouth. Best paired with a raw egg and drinks. Everyone was literally rushing for them but thankfully, the staffs there refills them fast.

I would suggest you to avoid the noodles and go for the meat! :X

The two pots and huge table sits 6 pax comfortably.

After a sinful yet hearty meal, end it with fruits, warm desserts or ice cream.

What you see in this post is only part of the food found there. There is really a huge variety but that is not the best part of it.

The best part is the price.

*For every two pax dining in, customers will get a complimentary premium item of either wagyu beef or snow crab.

Even though we stay in the west part of Singapore, we traveled all the way to Balestier for this!

Find them at Balestier Shaw Plaza #04-01 Singapore 329783.

For more information:

Sync – Korean Fushion Bistro

Everyone in Singapore, especially the Gen Y is soooooo crazy about the trends in Korea including its food. Hence, we visited Sync, a new korean fusion restaurant that synchronized Korean Western Fusion food, drinks, technology and lifestyle just for us.

The bistro is powered by Samsung so do not be shocked to expect seeing Samsung devices everywhere.

For example, placing your order via Samsung devices.. *does this remind you of Timbre’s ipad concept of ordering food*

They even have little corners for you to chillax while waiting for food.

And kid’s corner too!

Drinks: They have a hugh variety of drinks even for the alcoholic like J. So he can’t help but plunge in for the Sour Plum Soju even before the dinner started. It has a unique fusion of bitterness & sourness.

Some starters include:

Kimchi Cheese Fries at $8. My personal favorite even though I am not a hugh fan of kimchi. Could never imagine myself ever mixing this two together. But what I loved most bout this dish is the fact that both taste did not seek to overpower each other but blended well to give it a distinctively unique taste.

Korean Chicken Wings (8 pieces) at $12.

The chicken wings were nice however, I still prefer those I had in korea.

The people at Korea really love chicken! When I was in Korea, I saw Fried Chicken + Beer EVERYWHERE. Their Two Two Chicken outlets were quite good. Yums.


Toppoki with fried bacon and egg is one of the new item in the menu. The egg served along was a runny ramen egg. *the way I love it*

The K-pot stew ($16) reminded me of all the Korean instant noodles and army boys where they would just dump everything into the pot and cook.

Bibimbap ($15)

Jap Chae ($12): Even though the dish looks relatively simple, I like the texture of the noodles. It was one of the most Q i ever tasted!

Matcha Lava Cake ($10): A distinctly difference version of the usual lava cake (chocolate) i have tried. I enjoyed it as it wasn’t too sweet nor sinful!

White Chocolate Taro Lava Cake ($10)

Generally, i think it was a nice & relaxing dinner at Sync. We were more engaged with the fusion food than the IT gadgets there.

At the end of the dinner, we were informed that there is a very affordable lunch promo. Hence, personally I would return to this bistro to try their lunch promo. For only $7.90, you get to enjoy a starter and a main course. You still can top up $2 more for a decent dessert!

Sounds like a good deal for people working around the jurong area to have an super affordable yet nice fare!

Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive
#03-01 (S) 608532

For more information:

Olay CC Cream Hide Pores Well

Do you see any pores in the picture below?

* This picture is free from filter or any edits. It is basically a raw picture*

If your answer is no, I’ll tell you why!! I have visible pores on my face (who doesn’t?). Maybe not those huge enlarged pores but it is still visible.

When Olay CC Cream was introduced, I was quite skeptical because it was said to have pore minimizing effects that gives women a seemingly airbrushed finish. “How well can they hide the pores or pigmentations?” I thought.

So I put it on to a one day test. True enough, results achieved!

There are facts to the CC Cream.

1. Instant results with the Smart Colour + 3D Pore Coverage technology: It reduces glare and diffuses light, reflecting off the skin to immediately minimize the appearance of pores and reveal skin’s natural luminosity and radiance. Also proven to have long term improvement in skin appearance with continued use.

2. Oil-free formula: So it does not clog pores or magnify the appearance of pores and uneven texture which tends to happen in oily skin.

Review: Light weight and not greasy. It is SPF 15 too! But you will still have to apply sunblock before applying the CC Cream.

3. Usage: Apply liberally and blend evenly. Can be used alone or as a make up base.

4. Results: Reduce the look of pores and uneven pigmentation while improving skin radiance in women.

5. Availability: Available from Aug 2014 onwards in most leading department stores and pharmacies.

6. Price: A 50g would only cost you $32.50.

Olay CC Cream is available in 2 shades – Light and Medium.

I would recommend the Lighter shade as it will blend itself to suit your skin tone. Applying the lighter shade on your face would also make the face look fairer and glowy.

One application of it before applying my usual make up lasted me for an entire day.

“Pores are the new wrinkles!” says Olay, so hide them when you can!