What went behind James & Maybeline’s Proposal


I know I should have started working on this post for the longest time but I just can’t find the time to sit infront of my desktop every night.

How it all began:

We had a staycation at The Quincy Hotel and everything felt normal because we have staycation reviews very frequently. The only different thing was I had an event to attend that evening and will be away for 3 hours.

Obviously, I felt guilty because it was a staycation but I had to leave him alone so a very good brother, TJ, accompanied him throughout. Little did I know that they were just putting on an act.

He sent me to Casio Headquarters to gather with the other influencers as the meeting point was quite near our hotel. We then left the place, dressed in bridesmaid dresses. He kept joking about us looking like Jie Meis for someone’s wedding. I guess he was kind of dropping hints already? Me being me, was oblivious of the words and more concern about my shoes. I had wanted to wear heels but I picked comfort over beauty.



We left in a Limousine Party as it was Casio TR80 Limousine Party! I heard that it was a great hit in Japan and Casio is a Japan brand soooooo… the lucky us were quite privilege to try it! There were a few “stations” where we had to alight and take photos from Chijmes, National Gallery to this and that. They told me they will drop me off at my hotel after the event so obviously I didn’t suspect anything.

When we alighted back at the hotel lobby, I was busy looking for medication for Xinyi because of her headache so I did not even notice anything. It was also pretty normal for her to hold my hand because we are girly like that.

Who knows, as we started to walk down, I began seeing 1 or 2 familiar faces. Still nothing much yet until I saw James. The spotlight was turned on and there…. you can continue watching the story below:

Still…. don’t judge me. I know the shoes are pretty ugly…… 🙁

After everything, I realized the day itself was a beautiful lie. He had been planning for this months back. I don’t even have a single clue about it because he was with me almost every day – except for one when he had a conference to attend. The conference was fake too. He went out for a final meeting with his team.

There are a lot of people I want to thank here but I am most most grateful to TJ and William. William brought his lights from the office for him and he even held the light throughout for our photo taking session. TJ, for being a good liar, making me angry, happy, angry and happy again. He was so stressed throughout the planning and even after the proposal because I gave him quite a hard time on the video LOL.

You can also find Behind The Scene videos here: https://www.facebook.com/simmaybeline/media_set?set=a.835989136419115.1073741833.100000241080390&type=3&pnref=story

I grabbed them from the influencers’ Insta Stories so pardon me for the quality.

All in all, I feel truly blessed and I am not sure what have I done to deserved all these. Thank you love, for getting our family members and friends down. (He forgot to ask my BFF along because he felt it was quite packed already 🙁 aahhhh). Nonetheless, thank you each and every one of you for the blessings. Not forgetting, The Quincy Hotel for the drinks and location, Casio Singapore for the surprise! 🙂

We are off to the next stage – Planning of Wedding Dinner, taking Bridal Photos etc…..

Couple Day Out 3 with #jamesnmaybel

He brought me to a new cafe in my list which is located at Dempsey. Food and drinks are reasonably priced and there’s free parking which was a bonus!

We brought our laptops to work because there is free plug and wifi. I could stay there all day long!

I love the ambience here. It was a weekend but the crowd wasn’t that packed or noisy, unlike other cafes where you have to queue and queue and queue.

They sell other stuffs here where you can buy them back. From wine, to water, to other food.

I ordered a huge size of rainbow cake at $9 🙂 (The smarties were mine. I brought a huge tube of them out to chew that day hehe)

He likes his fringe down while I prefer it to be up 🙁

Flat White at $4.50 ONLY.

Love the cream cheese. I don’t get sick of it at all.

I hope your weekend was as fabulous as mine! 🙂

Lost without you (maybe)

I think we are so crazily in love that either one of us feel lost when one is away. He’s going to Australia for a holiday next week and I am heading over to Taiwan in Oct. With a beauty blogger as his girlfriend, I’ll be packing a bag of facial products for him to bring over – to take care of his dehydrated skin for the cold weather. I don’t want a flaky boyfriend when he is back after 8 days….

True enough, I am thankful for having him in my life for the past few months. We had another huge quarrel last week but he kept reasoning even though I gave him all the shit and attitude. I can get really grumpy and say nasty stuffs non stop and I don’t think with my brain when I am mad.

We didn’t solve the issue that very night. A girl (not exactly a girl since she is in her 30s; his ex colleague, they had something going on in the past) bumped into us at VIVO and shouted his name (she probably wanted the entire patrons in VIVO to hear her, I don’t know but it was HELL embarrassing) and took the opportunity to ask him to party and hangout.

I know she isn’t faithful to her boyfriend, but to come in-between us when we were quarreling? I thought people who are religious would be even more aware of ‘sins’ and ‘faithful’ but all she know might only be ‘shame’ -.- Of course, James did not leave with her enough though I made the way home myself.

You guys might think that I am ranting over here, yup, I am, I am not overly possessive or what but I just felt not respected by that aunty -.-

I am also glad that he is quite into my blog now that there are sponsors for him too. A men fragrance was recently sent to me for review from Lacoste so I supposed it was for him! First the ColorRun, then the facial at Qi Mantra and next the fragrance, I hope for more to come! (Everything that comes along is a bonus and I thank god for that :D)

Lastly, here’s a BRO FIST for people who think we look alike!

Go Hairless with DPL

Sometimes some shoot requires us to have fair skin or flawless limbs because no one wants to look ugly or flawed in photos.

I have an issue with hairs, especially underarm and uneven skin tone on the legs.

I used to shave/pluck or visit beauty parlours for underarm waxing but I realized that overtime, they only darken the armpit and I knew this can’t be the solution to it. Darken armpits also reduces my confidence of wearing sleeves clothes.

When I visited Dr. Tan at Halley Medical Aesthetics for my smile line fillers, I had the opportunity to chit chat with one of the therapists while waiting for my turn. As she is quite experienced in IPL and all, I asked her for a solution to leg and underarm whitening as well as hair removal.

Few years ago, I went to this particular parlour in town for an underarm waxing but the beautician bruised one of the underarms and the bruise only went away after half a year. I had to avoid all sleeveless clothing then. It was demoralizing so I told myself to NEVER TRUST any beautician unless they are from a clinic.

It didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted to do the whitening and hair removal at Halley Medical Aesthetics. I went back 3 weeks later after the smile line fillers.

My initial plan was to do hair removal and whitening for both underarms and legs but the therapist told me to save my money; theres no need for hair removal for the legs because I only had a few few few few few few strands of hair. You can count them with one hand. LOL.

Because of my low pain tolerance, she offered to apply some numbing cream on the more sensitive areas like the underarms.

Halley Medical Aesthetics’s DPL Smooth Hair Removal treatment for the underarm has two functions: hair removal and slight whitening effect only cost $90.

FYI, DPL stands for Dynamic Pulsed Light which is also the same technology used to rejuvenate the skin during treatments. You can also do DPL on the face in smoothening the skin and reducing pores. Reducing pores sound attractive!!

DPL is a fuss free procedure. Underarms took me 5-7 minutes while the legs took me another 10 minutes.


I could still chat and laugh with the therapist when she was focusing on the legs. It was just warm and fuzzy. After I was done with the legs, I realized that they were 2 shades fairer. Yup yup, the results were that instant!!!! So I went back and did arms whitening as well.

Zap zap zappppppp…

I had dry skin on the legs but they are much better already.

I thought I was shooting for Marvel, it was rays of light everywhere. But you can feel nothing except a slight tingling sensation when the probe touches the skin.

Pain score:
Underarm: 2/10
Legs: 0/10

Total time taken for both procedures: Less than 20 minutes.

I can go out immediately after the treatments without any downtime!! This is a bonus especially when it comes to face.

I was recommended to go back once every one to two months for maintenance. I can already see a lag growth of hair on the underarm areas. I used to shave every 2 days but now I only have to shave once every 5 days. Save me time every morning!

Remember, if you spend your money at the right places, you only have to spend it once every few months until it dies off. So it is worth the investment!

Confidence can be boosted with money. That is what I believe in now! 🙂

Yay when wearing slightly revealing clothes (I am quite conservative so you will not see me in too revealing clothes). And yay to higher confidence!

Below are some photos that were taken for a shoot.

Clothes were all c/o Love Bonito. My legs used to be even darker and the skin tone was uneven due to prolonged outdoor fishing. But I am quite happy with the end results now.

Thank you for the good services from Halley Medical Aesthetics and Love Bonito for the outfits!

Olay CC Cream Hide Pores Well

Do you see any pores in the picture below?

* This picture is free from filter or any edits. It is basically a raw picture*

If your answer is no, I’ll tell you why!! I have visible pores on my face (who doesn’t?). Maybe not those huge enlarged pores but it is still visible.

When Olay CC Cream was introduced, I was quite skeptical because it was said to have pore minimizing effects that gives women a seemingly airbrushed finish. “How well can they hide the pores or pigmentations?” I thought.

So I put it on to a one day test. True enough, results achieved!

There are facts to the CC Cream.

1. Instant results with the Smart Colour + 3D Pore Coverage technology: It reduces glare and diffuses light, reflecting off the skin to immediately minimize the appearance of pores and reveal skin’s natural luminosity and radiance. Also proven to have long term improvement in skin appearance with continued use.

2. Oil-free formula: So it does not clog pores or magnify the appearance of pores and uneven texture which tends to happen in oily skin.

Review: Light weight and not greasy. It is SPF 15 too! But you will still have to apply sunblock before applying the CC Cream.

3. Usage: Apply liberally and blend evenly. Can be used alone or as a make up base.

4. Results: Reduce the look of pores and uneven pigmentation while improving skin radiance in women.

5. Availability: Available from Aug 2014 onwards in most leading department stores and pharmacies.

6. Price: A 50g would only cost you $32.50.

Olay CC Cream is available in 2 shades – Light and Medium.

I would recommend the Lighter shade as it will blend itself to suit your skin tone. Applying the lighter shade on your face would also make the face look fairer and glowy.

One application of it before applying my usual make up lasted me for an entire day.

“Pores are the new wrinkles!” says Olay, so hide them when you can!

Trick Eye Museum with James

*As this is not a review/event, I will get more personal in this post*

It was quite random but we went to Trick Eye Museum c/o Joyce. She kindly helped us with most of the photos too!

It is very much similar to Alive Museum but with different props, drops and smaller. Though lesser pictures to play with, but you get more space for photo taking.

My overly attached boyfriend. HAHAHAHA.

No idea why, but I think my legs looked a little skinny in most of the pictures. Ever since I got into a new relationship, my weight has been rising like nobody’s business. From 42kg to 46kg ~.~ The same for J. He looked fatter now. LOL.


I posted that in Instagram and within 3 minutes, J replied me with this picture with the caption that caught me off guard.


Speaking of which, he doesn’t even have the time for 小3 cause we meet everyday. I guess we are just at the overly attached-honeymoon period lol. But there were also times where the girl who doesn’t give a fuck whether he’s attached or not like his ex colleague.

They had this clubbing session where J brought me along and the girl went “Why did you bring your girlfriend?” and gave one stupid fuck face. Oh pleasee…. She was much older and is attached herself but she seems to enjoy crying out to J, texting J and all. Why-hello-aunty…. -.-

If I can’t be bothered with his past, neither can I be bothered with an overage lady. What is the society becoming toooooo. 30s yet behaving like 18.

Moving on, we thought this picture looked kinda sweet.

And the famous wings…

He is always more posey than me. LOL. Too hiao already.

Whoever rides on a Merlion????

Babies up for sale. I am an ah lian baby because I have green streaks!

This picture was look because it looked quite real.

Hiao Po J strikes again.

Ending the trip with my favourite picture of us.

CreerBeaute Makeup Event

The much raved and most awaited Japanese Anime makeup line CreerBeauty, who is famous for it’s Versailles and Sailor Moon series of makeup products are now easily available in Singapore!! Find them at selected Watsons stores! Watsons is almost everywhere, right?

Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner (and EX series), The Rose of Versailles Oscar & Rosalie Face Mask had all won the Japan Beauty award @ cosme.

Versailles is based on a manga called The Rose of Versailles.

Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner Black, Royal Brown & Dark Brown are retailing at $20.50. I have a thing for brown eyeliners as they can create a softer look. So I would go for the Dark Brown than the black liner.

They are the champions for the Japan Beauty award for 2 consecutively years.

Review: Fast drying and has a very fine tip.

The line also carry Eyebrow pencils – Dark Brown and Light Brown, which are retailing at $12.30 each.

Review: It has a very crayon feel so you might need to draw it a few times to get the colour to show on your skin.

For the Sailor Moon series……….. Even the packaging of the products are so cuteeeeesy.

Their Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Liquidliner Black and Brown are retailing at $24.90.

Although it was said to have fine Lips like Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner, I thought that the brusher lines looked slightly thicker. I tried rubbing it to get the liners off but it was hard and the lines did not even smudge. I was totally sold by then.

They also come in Orange Gold, Green, Blue and Red – Lameliner.

The Orange Gold and Green are sold in a set with another product while the Red and Blue Lameliner are sold individually at $24.70 each.

As seen in the swatches below, they contain particles which make them shiny so you can glam up the night with coloured eyes!

With my usual girlfriends at event, Jacelyn and Elaine.

And and Cheryl!

The lucky me also won a prize at their lucky draw. Yay~~~

To side track a little, I wore my new hair of Shayna Sandles in Cream courtesy of Love Bonito to there event.

Just search for the Japanese corner in Watsons and you will be able to find the brands there! 🙂

Get stuffed with Pezzo!

We felt like tourists that evening.. Why? Because we boarded the river cruise boat and emerged ourselves among the night scenery of Singapore River.

Of course, we were not there to pretend that we were some tourist….

It was for the launch of the latest delicacy creations from Pezzo!

This is probably my third event with Pezzo and they never fail to create that anticipation for us. First was driving the Lambo and now the river cruise.

This time round, two new flavours were created – Chicken Rendang Pizza and Singa Laksa Pizza. This is specially created in conjunction with Singapore 49th birthday.

Pezzo pizza is value for money because they are very generous with their ingredients. Every slice of pizza was topped and finished off with chunks and chunks ingredients, covering the entire piece of bread at the bottom.

I liked cheese in my pizza but I wasn’t expecting to find any cheese in either of the flavour. I was right. Not much cheeseeeee. But I’ll make do with the chicken and prawns!

The Chicken Rendang pizza consists of oregano chicken chunks and it is leaning slightly to the salty side. People who prefers savory pizza might go for this.

My tastebuds prefered the Laksa pizza over the Rendang one because of it’s spiciness and prawns. You can also see crab meat and squid in the picture.

Remember, each slice of Pezzo pizza only cost $4+. So judge it yourself, isn’t it value for money?!?!

The price of a full pan pizza is only $24.90.

Enough of food, time for humans. LOL.

J complained about being fat because we had been attending at least 2 food tastings a week. I told him I liked him being fat so there was no chance of me stuffing food into his mouth and stomach.

Pssst: We even brought him 2 slices of Laksa pizza!!

And this is one of the rare moments where he actually get to stuff my mouth with food.

It was a good night. Good food, good companies, good view.

Pezzo Pizza is easily available at a lot of locations! For the full list, click here.

Also, follow them on their Facebook for the latest updates and promotions!

Juicy Couture Hollywood Ingenue

Sometime ago, J and I witnessed Juicy Couture Fall and Holiday 2014 Collection.

Both collections were very related to Hollywood.

Thats us at the entrance.

The first thing that caught me when I stepped into the showroom was the latest perfume – VIVA LA JUICY Gold Couture. It is already available in US at prestige retailers in July 2014, but will only be available in Singapore from Sept 2014 onwards.

Ever since the launch of of VIVA LA JUICY 4 years ago, it has even rise to many other sister scent with this being the newest addition to the family. VIVA LA JUICY Gold Couture gives the girl who lusts for luxury the couture indulgence she craves.

Even the packaging is in gold colour itself.

Other than perfumes and clothes, Juicy Couture also carry accessories like bracelets, bangles and watches!

Fall 2014 Collection features clothes where the Juicy girl returns home from her summer travels to embrace the new season with a sense of intrigue and adventure, hence, the collection features the rebellious punk rock days of the Viper Room to the fresh natural beauty of the hills and the irresistible glamour o celebrity style.

Holiday 2014 Collection on the other hand, celebrates the sun-drenched holidays in true Juicy style where the girl transits her wardrobe from the romantic tones of fall to a hyper-luxe and edgy feel for the holiday season with Couture Clash.

A lot of pieces from the Fall and Holiday 2014 Collection caught my eyes but there is one particular set which I prefer most! Read on first….

The models really carried out the feel of the Juicy girl. Every piece of clothing or accessory were carried out well.

The sunken cheeks and jawlines…. to die for!!

This bag caught my attention too! Small enough to carry out for lighter days yet retaining that little tinge of classiness. Available in different colours as well.

Now… What caught me most was the sports attire!!!!

If I have this suit, I’ll gladly work out every night to show them off!!!!!

Tell me, is it CUTE or CUTE?!?!

We were almost blinded by the huge collections.

Thank you Bless and Juicy Couture for the generosity. We had a good time viewing the clothes (as well as trying our luck at the lucky draw booth).

I can’t wait for the next collection already. X

When two becomes one

You may have already noticed…. that I just got into a new relationship.

It is all over my instagram and Facebook.

I really want to thank all friends who genuinely care about me. We have our past and it would be unfair to judge someone based on his or her past. So if one were to have a bad record, do you condemn them for the rest of their lives?

But the thing about me is, I am stubborn so if my ears don’t like your words, you can save the effort on talking. I don’t really care what he did in the past. Yes, I may feel scared and so? I can’t change the past can I? So why let the past affect the present or the future?

One thing for now… What I am certain of is I am definitely happy right now.

This guy here is ultraaaaaa sticky. Not that I am complaining. I am sticky as well. But other than work, he takes up the rest of my 6-7 days a week.

He accompanies me for ALL my events for the last month. The pictures below were taken before the event for Juicy Couture last week. I think we look cute together LOL.

RelationSHIP or RelationSHIT, that is up to me to judge.

Unless this is your relationship (or I care for your opinion), keep your nose to yourself.