Food Hunt @ Pomo


Recently, James and I went to Pomo for some food tasting. Of course, we were very curious about the Famous Nookie Yogurt. This has been trending in Instagram among the bloggers for quite sometime already. I had wanted to try it long ago but I was too busy, hence the delay.

It was gooooood! James hate fruits so this is really one good way to make him eat his fruits. Some people complained the yogurt for being too sour but seriously, I am the sort who can’t even take the sourness from strawberries but I can take this. If I were to rate the sourness, it would be 1 out of 5.

A lot of people prefers Apple Berry Pie (that’s James’s favourite as well) but I personally liked Strawberry Watermelon Rose more because the crunchiness of the watermelon blends in with the yogurt well. Something special about the yogurt is that some of the flavors come with gastronomy spheres! Just chew them and it will burst in your mouth!! I am truly amazed!




Can you see the sphere, fruits, and goodness?



I also love their new flavors like Mango Sticky Rice and Matcha Black Sesame Crumble. Find little mochi inside, they act like the rice from Sticky Mango Rice!




Each cup cost about $6.90. I would say it is worth every penny!

They are located at 1 Selegie Road #01-04. Right outside Pomo.


For the inside…..


We were treated to Montana Brew Bar. They have very nice waffles. Of course, you don’t only find waffles there but also burgers, sandwiches, salads and good coffee. It was already dinner time so we had our fruit juices instead of coffee or tea.



We tried Southern Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich with wasabi slaw ($9.50). Yup, pocket friendly prices there. Even though it is pocket friendly, but look at the amount of meat they gave. It is not compromised! The chicken literally melted in my mouth or was I too hungry I don’t know.



My favourite was the Truffle Mac & Cheese with Bacon Power ($9.50). Initially I thought that I would be expecting mac & cheese in the middle of the waffle (LOL) but when the waffles came, I couldn’t even  see the mac & cheese. I forgot to take a picture of the waffles because it went straight down into my stomach.  The mac & cheese were found INSIDE the waffle itself so at some bites of it, you would be able to see cheese.


Now.. take a look at the spheres on my waffle!! The mango passionfruit spheres made this Green Tea Waffles ($9.50) less bitter (although I quite like the bitterness of the matcha). For desserts, I would suggest you to go for the fluffy soufflé waffles because it would go well with the sinful vanilla ice-cream. The taste of matcha “bread” and ice cream…. How do you even….?



Thank you for having us Nookie Yogurt & Montana Brew Bar! We hope to be back to try out the different flavors that we missed out during the tasting!


Le Spa Weekend Indulgence


Statistics have recently shown that Singapore topped the chart for being world’s most emotionless society and a survey even went ahead to reveal that nearly 9 in 10 Singaporeans are working beyond their official hours. Because of that, i have always been thankful for this very thing called: SPA.


This time around we were invited to one called Le Spa. Couldn’t be more thankful to be able to loosen ourselves at this new spa place. Le Spa is a 24 hour spa that is open daily (even on Public holidays). They have a few branches around Singapore. The one we visited nestles within the neighbourhood of Bukit Timah (16A Chun Tin Road). For those staying within that vicinity now can have a new R&R option 🙂


So glad to be able to relax myself fully over the weekends.



This is one of the many accreditations they have on the ir nicely decorated walls. So are they able to live up to their name?



We were greeted by their friendly staff who took no time to show us into our couple massage room. As we walked to our room, we also take some time to explore the place. Personally, i think the interior is nicely designed and clean. The massage room is simple and cosy.




The masseurs who worked on us were very professional. They were able to coordinate with the strength of our massage as we requested for.

Hence, the end result of me:


See the halo behind me? That explains how rejuvenated i am after the whole session! >< This massage really perk me up for the upcoming busy week!

How about M?

She has always been a light sleeper and it isn’t easy for someone like her to enjoy massage.

Guess who slept through nonetheless! Lol!



Both of us enjoyed that whole experience at Le Spa. So much so, time seems to pass by with a blink of an eye. Time passed fast also partially becuase there is no delay in their services. We did not have to wait long for the massuer to come nor held up by their selling activities (at the end of many typical Spa). Fast in, Fast out but what last is the good impression for this new spa 🙂


Hop over for a 90minutes relaxing massage for $90 🙂 We will definitely be back again!

Beloved One Skincare

It has always been Korea Korea and Korea when it comes to Skincare. What about Taiwan? Taiwanese have great skin too! One of their top selling brands in Taiwan is For Beloved One. I can see it almost everywhere when I was there last November. *How I want to be back in Taiwan again!!*

To be honest, I have never bought any products from For Beloved One before until I went for a lunch with them in October last year when they gave me some Bio-Cellulose Masks to try! They are the world’s first bio-cellulose masks – not any cotton or paper mask so it would stick to the skin better.

Unlike other masks in the market, each piece of mask is at least 2x heavier than normal masks (which also means that the mask is soaked with an entire bag of goodness!! After using the mask, I use whatever that is leftover on my legs lol.

I was of course sold by then. Only one mask a week and the skin would be well taken care of. Some masks requires you to mask every 3 days. Soooo troublesome!

Now, they have new products that are already out in the market!! It is their Vitamin C Plus range!

Ting ting!! Of course of course, yay to more products for whitening!!!!

The differences between the old (2013) and the new range (2014) are the ingredients:

Melaclear2, Technowhite, DermaRXSRC and more. The ingredients can brighten up your skin tone and restore crystal clear skin! I have tried two out of their 5 products on my face and some of it on my hands during the event. They smell a little like citrus and they are so gentle that people for sensitive skin can also use them.

From left to right:

– Vitamin C Plus Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Surge Cream ($85)
– Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Essence ($95)
– Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Lotion ($57)
– Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Toner ($58)

Not forgetting, their famous Bio-Cellulose Mask is also available in this range! – Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Bio-Cellulose Mask (Retailing at a box of 3 for $63).

First review: Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Surge Cream ($85)

Although we know that it smells like citrus, I was still surprised to find out that the cream is in a pale yellow color instead of white. I must be too used with white cream products already. Heh.

Apply it twice a day, morning and night after cleansing, toning and essence (if you have this step). It is said to keep the skin hydrated and lighten the skin. I HATE creamy or oily stuffs on my face. So if I dare to use it, it means that it is almost grease-free. The texture is quite watery so sometimes I would skip my makeup base and skip to sunblock after applying this. I have yet to experience lighter skin tone but my skin is definitely brighter and more radiant!

Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Lotion

The lotion is able to slow down pigment formation as it contains gentle whitening agent and MELASLOW which can help lighten skin by reducing melanin production. Apply it 2 times a day to strength your skin’s defense and boost skin health!

Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Essence

I am a very very essence person. I can skip the moisturizer if I have my essence with me because essence are usually watery and cooling for my face. This serum contains higher stable Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, which reverse melanin formation and lighten dark spots. And with the new ingredients in the improved range, skin will become more and more radiant!

Watery texture. Results are best seen on dull skin tone.

You can find For Beloved One exclusively at Sephora Singapore. They are so worth every penny so be sure to give them a try!! 🙂

My Valentine’s Day

Okay, with the lovey dovey day gone, it is time to prepare ourself for the next holiday! But first, let me blog about my first Valentine’s day with James. We spent the week before Valentine’s quarreling almost every night due to different characters but similarly, stubborn minded, hence, we always see our own thinking as right ~.~

Even so, we had a good pre-valentines and on the actual day itself. He wanted to accompany me for lunch because I was working full shift (9am – 6pm) but I told him I did not want to rush so we can make do with dinner.

That boy…

This bear with it’s bouquet of flowers appeared when I was about to start work. A colleague told me there’s a delivery guy outside… I remembered telling him NOT to waste money on flowers because you can give flowers ANY TIME, but NEVER on Valentine’s day. He said there was a bear so they are not just flowers. Lol. The flowers and bear are from Love Chapter by Noel.

“Since I can’t accompany you for lunch, my representative will be there to accompany you” he said.

I am the ultimate NUA or lazy kind of person so I would rather stay home for Vday than to head out. But when you’re stuck with a hopelessly romantic guy, I think you have to make do with at least a dinner. Lol.

He told me we would be going to Hyatt for dinner but we ended up at Long Beach Restaurant because of my love for crabs. I think Long Beach crabs are kinda rip off! Over $100 for a crab ~.~ I would pick Mellben Seafood any time.

To be fair, their Man Tou are really DAMN good but the crabs were just so-so.

I avoided lenses so I wore my spects everywhere. It was kinda hard for me to take selfie or wefie because I can’t see where the camera lens is when I remove my spects. This is a good excuse for looking like crap in the picture!

He even specially warned me to keep the bear in a safe place because bears are Roro’s best friend. He would bite them and bring them everywhere he go for weeks and then tear them apart and flood the living room with cottons. LOL.

Right after we are done with the dinner, we went for a little shopping. Visited our good friend, William, who was at Bugis selling flowers.

He has a lot of ideas when it comes to business.

Did a little shopping but I still opted for the option to head home because it was SO crowded everywhere. I prefer to do my shopping or anything on Monday where people are suffering from Monday blues.

Seems like a simple Valentine’s Day celebration but it is already good enough for me.

For the presents, HE GOT ME A RING A RING A RING!!!





















A ring light la! HAHAHA. Very practical hor? Actually I wanted nothing but he insisted on something so I picked this since most beauty bloggers and pretty girls have this!

He set up the light for me, snapped a photo and went “See my eyes? Pretty anot?” VAIN POT!

I got him a pair of cufflinks for his work because watches, cufflinks and shades are his favorite accessories.

Looking forward to future Valentine’s with you my love!! 🙂

Valentine’s Photoshoot with J

Because of blogging, I was given more opportunities and ways to spend my pre-Valentine’s with James.

We did a couple shoot with Lee Cooper apparels. They apparels are really comfy and stylish. I was quite amazed by how stretchable the jeans were. We could even roller blade and stretch in it! Airy and lightweight – What a bonus!

The pictures you see here are the more serious ones.

We had more pictures of us laughing like mad (the smiles were so huge that my mouth looked really big LOLOL), fooling around and all. The photos looked really natural. Love how Chee BP Photography managed to capture all the silly moments we had.

Lovely couple (HAHA), comfy apparels (Lee Cooper), talented photographer and the cute Phoebe made all these come true!

Fine stitches, quality clothes at good prices. We got ours at Orchard Gateway Shopping Centre #02-17A 🙂

I love this pair of mint green shoes so much that I got another color in coral.

I remember whining about not being different like coral on the left and mint on the right few months ago. Lol!

Still loving this denim jacket which is now finally mine 🙂

To everyone who made it possible, thank you. Valentine’s Day 2015, I love you!!

A Taste of Italy @ Oliva

Author: James

M and I have been exploring the Arab Street region this week! Why this area? Because we both firmly believe that there are many hidden gems there!

Good news if you are huge fan of Italian cuisine because one of that not to be missed is the Oliva Italian Restaurant lining the Arab street !

This is truly a hidden jem. You may have walked past it a lot of times but not step foot in. That was what happened for us as well until the food tasting.

It has a very cosy exterior. We sat outside because we wanted to chill, eat and chat while doing some people watching at the same time. Who knows! We sat there from 6pm to 10pm. Gosh. It was such a relaxing day.

So much for the exterior! What about the interior you might ask. We felt the interior is even more amazing! (unfortunately we were too eager to try the delicacy that we forgot to take a pic of the interior. Ops! ><).

But a shoutout to the Dudes out there for a nice Valentine Day venue! For the ladies, hint your guys! The restaurant interior ambience is surprisingly nice, with candles and warm lighting, absolutely PERFECT for a romantic dinner. Shall save it for you lovebirds to explore the mystery!

Anw, M was down with eye infection so she had to go lenses-free. But no lessen my affection for her cos we are already in the Vday mood! Lol!

The lady boss, Diane is a very dedicated person and sat with us throughout our dinner to share the highlights of her menu.

One of her pride and joy is their Brushette (below): $7.50

I would say this is definitely one of the MUST TRY if you visit the restaurant. Even for a not-so-bread-eater like me, i find the texture of the bread very palatable as it wasn’t too hard but yet able to maintain its crunchy feel.

Next came the mains! *stomach growls*

I was pretty happy with the mains even at the first sight of it!

Why? Cos personally i have seen too much of restaurants trying to cut their operating cost at the expense of their customer’s growling appetite. Worst, they charge a premium for it! Booooo!  But here, it was totally different story! The restaurant was very generous with their serving, enough to satisfy BIG eaters like me! So first tick checked!

M, being an avid carbo lover kickstarted her meal with her usual pasta choice!

Ocean Lovers $24.90

Don’t be deceived by the pale complexion of the noodle (in this pic)! The savoury & peppery taste is gonna set you going for the glass of water if you cant take even a bit of spice!

But for M, who doesn’t really take much spices enjoyed it nonetheless!

What about me, the avid Protein-eater!

Lamb shank $25

I fell in love with this tomato-based dish with the generous portion of Lamb shanks (Definitely enough for a normal guy! Ladies, be ready to share!) that is served with a more herb-ish version of bolognaise sauce.

There you have it! Our meal for the evening..

‘You mean that’s all & you dare call yourself a big eater, J?!’ So Yes, that cant be all if J is in the house!

The pasta was the restaurant’s specialty. So how can i let go of such good opporunity to try more right? Next, we ordered another portion of their Crabmeat pasta. *with real crabmeat (not those crabstick kind!)

So much for savoury. What about some sweet? Especially that kind of Sugar Sweet in Adam Levine latest song: Sugar. Here we have it!

Oreo Cookie smoothie $5.90

Upclose with the thick and creamy Avocado Smoothie. Good for the skin, ladies!

By the time we reached the dessert, M’s stomach was already putting up the white flag! But upon hearing her favourite Panna cotta, the white flag become green flag! For me with the sweet tooth, it’s a no-brainer! Bring it on, sugar!

Overall, this restaurant is my new favorite in Arab Street. Unfortunately, they have a few wine selection and desserts which I have not tried as we were busy having an equally  hearty conversation with the nice and humble boss of the restaurant. Will definitely return to try it.

Tips for readers:

*Try to go down during the evening to experience the nice and zen ambience within the restaurant as i have mentioned. You can make reservations as well.

**For us Singaporeans, we love promotions right?

Oliva Italian restaurant offers promotions for dinner!

Set Dinner – Only $12.90 (Sunday – Thursday)


Find them at: 34 Arab Street, Singapore 199733
Ring them at: 6291 2297

NOX – Dine in the Dark

We were very excited about dining in NOX – Dine in the dark because we have heard about this awesome place for the longesttttt time! In fact, M wanted to plan my surprise Birthday dinner here.

The anticipation is not just because of the novelty of it being the only dine in the dark restaurant in Singapore, but also because its for a good cause. This is because we heard that they work with the visually-impaired. Furthermore, you get to experience the feeling of dining in the position of a blind. So guess what! Picky eaters like M don’t get to pick this time around! Whatever is served, you just have to eat!

Enjoying our final bit of sunlight before heading into the ultimate darkness (you can’t see your hands even if it is 1cm in front of your face!).

That dark? YES, that dark!

M all dressed up to camoflauge with the darkness! ><

So here we are at NOX – Dine in the dark!

For those who are wondering why they call it NOX – Dine in the dark, it is partially due to it’s relevance to the Goddess of the Night!

Here is the first floor to the two-leveled restaurant! A simple, dimly-litted bar which already give preview of the mysterious feel..

By the side of the bar, there are some lockers which you are expected to keep your belongings e.g. phone, watches, bags. Basically, you just get ready to go really light to the second floor where the dinner is being hosted!

Below are some of the snapshots we took at the bar before surrendering our camera & phones.

Firstly, we are given a nice appetizer called “amuse bouche” to assure us of the quality of the 3-course meal which we will enjoy in darkness in a moments time. After trying this visually-appealing appetizer, all i can say is we were more than happy to be ambush by it and it got us more anticipative of the dinner ahead!

Attention to ALL Cocktail lovers! You all will be thrilled to know that NOX has a hugh array of cocktails!

Here is our pick to pair with the amuse bouche! We were surprised to see how exquisite the drinks looked.

The cool dude just gotta choose the cool blue one!

Don’t want to get too drunk for the scumptious meal ahead? Don’t worry! You are allowed to bring your drinks along for the meal! Just try not to make a mess when you are feeling for your drink in the dark!

Red for the hottie apparently!

A quick question to you all readers: So who is prettier? M or the drink?

Well, for me the option was pretty straight-forward. Of course, its my girl since I am also blinded… Blinded in love! <3

After sharing so much on the first level, guess you guys can’t wait to hear what’s installed for us at the second level right?

Here goes NOTHING! The interior of level two…….







Like i said above, it was NOTHING! ><

Anw, just be ready to rely on the rest of your other 4 senses for the delicacies ahead! In summary for the 3 course meal, it consists of 12 different dishes crafted from the finest ingredients by the head chef and his team. And by finest, i also mean to say they are pretty expensive ingredients in there!

That’s all folks!

We shall keep you all in the DARK for the rest of the details! *No point revealing the dishes we had as well because we were told that they switches their menus every 2 months. In fact, the next switch will be after Valentine Day!*

After the meal we returned back to lounge to find out what amazing dishes we enjoyed in the dining room.

Exterior of NOX:

Don’t you agree that the exterior look kinda mysterious and cold as well? Ironically, we left the place feeling warmer than ever internally.

Why so?

Thank to one of the blind waiter, Halimi who served us during the 2 hour meal! His warm hospitality and his touching story of how he lost his sight make us empathise the visually-impaired like him. Despite his current plight, he is one of the most inspiring and optimistic figure i have ever met.  In fact, his enthusiastic sharing at the end of our meal passed off as the best dessert for our evening!

That pretty much sums up our mysteriously memorable date with the goddess of the night!

Address: 269, Beach RoadSingapore199546

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 6PM to late
Saturday: 5PM to late
Sunday: 5PM to 11PM (last reservation 9PM)
LUNCH: Open for group bookings.

Contact number: +65 6298 0708


For this special night they only accept reservations at 5-5.30pm, 7-7.30pm or after 9.30pm.

Personally, I would like to say it is a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed. If the dark doesn’t frighten you, then take a bold step into the shoe of a visually-impaired for that two hours of food tasting!

Oceans of Seafood

You know what we like about dining at PasarBella?


Okay, that is only one out of the many reasons. Another reason is that you can find a lot of nice restaurants here! We were invited to Oceans of Seafood, located inside PasarBelle @ The Grandstand Bukit Timah Singapore for a CNY tasting session. Yup, Lou Hei started already!

Freshness is doubly or triply important when it comes to seafood because they spoils easily and seafood which are SLIGHTLY not fresh taste…. urgh..

However, do rest assure that the seafood from Oceans of Seafood is fresh, or EVEN FRESHER. Those that I had that night was not only fresh, but super sweet as well! The thought of it makes me drool already.

They are also proud to present their very own and unique yusheng – Vibrancy of Life. All the main ingredients are seafood flown in from Tsukiji Fish Market, which is touted by TIME as the world’s largest and busiest fish market. Therefore, be very honored that we can get to eat the one of the best seafood presented in yusheng style just for our Chinese Near Year!

Premium ingredients such as Rock Lobster, Salmon Sashimi and Amberjack sashimi can be found on the plate along with crunchy vegetables that are imported from Japan. Other unique ingredients include braised smelt fish, turnip pickles, tobiko and more.

FYI, for every set of yusheng ordered, you will get a bottle of Sake too! Each set is retailing at $128++ (Dine in), $128+ (Takeaway).

You can also preorder them from 21 Jan 15 onwards but the set will only be available from 31 Jan to 5 March 15.

Look at all the juicy ad sweet flesh from the lobster!!!

Other than the yusheng, you can also find new items in their menu.

For the whole of 2015, they will be launching Lunch Specials:

– Negitoro Chirashi at $18++ only
– New Pasta offerings from $12.80++ onwards.

There are 7 pastas to choose from! 5 of it are tantalizing seafood flavors, and the other 2 are Carbonara spaghetti and Vegetarian pasta with Pesto sauce.

Again, the seafood were very very very fresh and the noodles blended well with them.

Other than Lunch specials, they have All-day specials too!

– Perfect-two Seafood Platter $66++ (suitable for 2 pax)
– Seafood Hotpot at $38++ (suitable for 2 pax)

But in my opinion, the hotpot can feed up to 3-4 pax!! All the goodness in a pot. We finished everything including the soup *slurps*

This is only part of the seafood platter as it would be served with the freshest oysters as well.

Remember, fresh seafood and free parking just sounds too good to be true, but THIS IS THE TRUTH!

Find them at:

Address: PasarBella @ The Grandstand Bukit Timah Singapore
200 Turf Club Road #02-06 (#02-K2 to #02-K11)
Singapore 287994

Opening hours: 11:30am – 9:30pm daily

Telephone: +65 64661005

Bad Hair Day Rescue!

Do you ever feel like staying home because of bad hair days? Frizzy hair, thin hair, messy hair, or whatsoever causes me to want to stay home and hibernate till the hair get back in shape. But nothing will work if I am not willing to work hard for it.

– Use suitable shampoo and conditioner
– Blow dry the hair
– Apply hair cream

Marc Anthony has solutions for all your problems. For me, I face frizzy and thin hair problems on my bad hair days so I went out for their bye bye Frizz and Instant Thick Volume range.

bye bye Frizz contains 3 key products with one Blow Dry Cream.

The 3 key products are:

– 30 Day No Fizz Keratin Smoothing Treatment
– Keratin Smoothing Shampoo
– Keratin Smoothing Conditioner

With one use of the No Frizz Treatment, the frizziness can be taken away for up to 30 days! I can do it at home and if I don’t have the time to visit the salon. It helps to repel humidity so that the frizz can be kept under control no matter the weather.

The key ingredient in this range ins KERATIN! Keratin can smoothen the cuticle and retain moisture. *psst, I like hair products with keratin because it keeps my hair smooth and manageable.

The shampoo and conditioner smells nice tooooo! The shampoo cleanse to create softer, shinier and smoother hair as it contains K-Silk Complex and an Amino Acid Belnd which helps to correct frizz and protect the hair from damage. Keratin Smoothing Conditioner prevents the hair from tangling and adds shine to the hair. It has color protection too so don’t worry if your hair is colored.

YAY! So loving these magic tubes!!

The Instantly Thick range keeps my hair volumized!! The range was formulated to add volume to fine and/or limp hair. It helps to keep hair full and voluminous all day long.

Below are the 4 key products:

– Hair Thickening Shampoo
– Weightless Volumizing Conditioner
– Hair Thickening Cream
– Full Blow Out Lotion

The range contains their secret blend of Hydrolyzed Corn, Soy and Wheat Proteins. The proteins penetrates the hair to strengthen and expand each strand. The unique formula allows hair to be at its fullest and most vibrant all day long.

I kept all the products for myself except for the cream (I gave James the Hair Thickening Cream) and he told me he’s lovvvvvvinggg it!

He applied the cream before any hair wax.

Apply Cream on wet hair > Blow dry > Wax and style the hair.

The Lotion works the same way too. When you blow dry the hair, the heat activated formula adds body, movement and life to the very fine and lifeless hair. (Yeah, I have pretty lifeless hair :/ ) The Vitamin B gives you extra shine and body that lasts all day long.

Yay to Marc Anthony! Thank you for saving me and my boyfriend on our bad hair days!! 😀

Visit their Facebook page for more information on their products!: :) or find them in Watsons!

[James] My Surprise-ful 2014 Birthday !

Author: James

The December baby Me was supposed to be due in Jan but I decided to pop out earlier to see the world on the 30th Dec.

So yup! That pretty much summarized the reason why i always have to wait so longggg for my bday to come ! But this year’s wait was all worth it for all the fun & surprises that my girl planned for me!

M took leave from work for my big day, even to the extend of utilizing “saved up” leave! Was touched knowing this till we started my birthday eating Cai Png under my block (-,-”)

But soon enough she make it up as we head out shortly!

Our outfit of the day:

Her clothes was kinda crumpled because we spent almost 3 hours in the cinema & I guess she was busy tossing around in the chair after complaining the Hobbit was just too draggy (but nice)!!

*ok fine fine! Brownie points for companying me to complete the triology. In 3D somemore!*

Mine was alright & the rayban made me look way cooler than the 3D specs we had!

..& how can we missed out the Bday Wefie of the day!

After movies, we head down to the highly-raved Mezza9 restaurant at Hyatt Hotel for dinner! Got my biggest surprise of the day due to our first time being there! Spot any difference in my outfit ? (*hint*: Look waist down!)

The restaurant is so atas till the restaurant wouldn’t let me in without a proper long pants! So they handed me one & there you have it: Me in my SUPER DUPER oversized pants! LOL!

But the experience at Mezza9 was far from bad! At least the food & services make up for the initial “surprise”!

Had a hearty Mezza Meat platter (above) while M sticked to her favourite carbo regime (below).

How can bday go without pressie right?

M bought me something very practical & I use it every single day since that day! Shall keep the present a secret but you can check out my IG to spot what it is! 😉

Next, came the cake which I also got a surprise! Simply because i had TWO unexpected cakes !

Cake #1:

My sweet friend, Dil whom also helped me booked the restaurant, actually secretly got the staff to prepare this for me (together with an embarrasing Bday song singing by the waiters & waitresses)!

Cake #2:

This one came from M whom secretly planned with my godsis to bring it over during our dinner! Hence, the presence of my godsis was also a surprise itself! So now, you know how sneaky M can be!

PS: Thank you Brand Cellar for the lovely famous rainbow cake from MEDZS!!

And not forgetting the Miam Miam surprise as well!

Was having our food tasting event at Miam Miam, enjoying some of my favourite food that night..

..& the not to be missed Spagetti..

..& just when i thought i was just having our regular food tasting experience at Miam Miam!

This happened..

Conclusion: I must say M is a pretty good surprise planner! She keep bombarding me with surprises after surprises! Making my 2014 Bday a ‘Surprise-ful’ & memorable one! ><

As much as i had lots of wonderful presents this year from all my lovely friends, i thought my bday wishlist 2014 would not be completed without this. Something to reward my ownself after that whole year of hard work: The Panerai 112!

Also part of my new hobby! Collecting luxury watches which also serve as a good investment tool! Furthermore, I always believe you must learn to reward yourself before you will be motivated to work even harder to attain more successes!

Thoughts for 2014 Hatchday: Simply there is nothing more i could have asked for!

In case you were wondering what wish i made this year? That is to have every year’s bday like this! Simple yet fulfilling & most importantly, in the company of my loved one!

Lastly, taking this opportunity to also thank Dr Toh, Zi Yuan, Kun Xiang, William & Kiehl gang, Joanna & Hubby, Dil, Lippy & my colleagues in Allergy & Oncology team for your lovely gifts & cakes (which gained me a few kg)!