REVIEW: OSIM uJolly Back Massager


The SIM family loves nothing but enjoying life. From traveling to massaging, we will leave none out. My parents, especially my dad is a huge fan of massage. I grew up with a massage chair at home because of him. He will also travel out of Singapore to Batam, Bintan or Malaysia just for massage!

Just last year, I bought him a uPhoria for his birthday so that he can shift the leg massager every where – his bed room, living room and even his own private karaoke room.

This year, we have a new addition to our collection! It’s uJolly! I have to admit that my dad got kind of addicted to it because of its flexibility to move it everywhere. If not for the love of my parents, I would have shifted it to the office to enjoy it myself. LOL!

My parents do not move about or workout as much as me so I am worried about the tension in their muscles. Given the amount of stress in our daily work life, some massage will help relieve the tension. I don’t want their lymph nodes to swell so anything that can make them happy and pink of health, 1 for my family please!!

It can be fitted to almost any chair you can find at home – this is why I say you can move them around anywhere! It is like an instant relief to your back, neck and shoulders at your own comfort.

You never have to miss your favourite show in the living room or pause your work for a massage now! Work + Massage together sounds like a good idea!

Take a look at how relaxed my parents are below! One of the functions they love most is the warm air! I am personally good with or without warm air but if I am suffering from menstrual cramps, it will make me feel aloooooot better. It is very similar to the Hot Stone Massage you can find outside. Instead of paying for a massage session outside, how about buying OSIM uJolly and use it for the next new years?!

The all new V-Grip Technology make you feel as though it was a human massaging you. It can effectively get rid of swells and knots on your aching shoulders or tired back. For people who suffers from constant backache like me, you will only benefit from uJolly!

My little dog is such a sticky boy. He wouldn’t even let my mom enjoy her massage in peace! Lol!

What about me? I still prefer enjoying the massage in my own room. That’s the benefit of a portable back massager! We don’t have to fight over where to keep it. Whoever is next in line, just bring it anywhere you desire!

Take a look at the control and you will be able to spot 4 different auto specialized massage programs. My top 2 favourites are the Neck & Shoulders and Limbar while my parents prefer the customized personalized massages instead. Just adjust the settings before you start your massage!

How does it sound so far? I hope you’re mumbling VERY GOOD! Haha.

Mothers’ Day is coming soon so instead of buying her fancy gifts, how about pampering her with uJolly? You can bring her to any OSIM outlets and try it out before you buy.

However, if you already know that you ARE going to get it, head over to to cart it out! It is currently retailing for $449 instead of $499! YAY!!

New Prince Charming – OSIM uLove Massage Chair 白马王子


My dad threw away his spoilt massage chair and I bought him a leg massage from OSIM for his birthday in May this year. I believe from this, you can tell that our family is a fan of OSIM!

I was very excited to know that OSIM was coming up with another product but I had no idea that it would be a new massage chair. If you know me personally or follow me on my Instagram, you will know that my family enjoy massages.

My parents will visit JB for them while I visit the spas in Singapore with James to drain all the stress away. I only knew it that uLove is a massage chair when I was there for the event. OSIM uLOVE is said to be a cut above other massage chairs because of it’s ultra-luxurious design, features and sound system.

The event was quite grand with two zones – Lifestyle Zone and Experience Zone.

We were introduced to the four different colours of uLOVE at the lifestyle zone. They paired each colour to a different room setting and all the colours seem to fit ever setting well. No wonder they say – Design and colors to delight you. The main body of uLove is quilted and modern weave inspired leatherette.

Notice the Foot Massager? It can be extended for different height users too. How personalized can a massage chair get?!

However, my favourite is Dashing Copper even though a lot of them preferred Teal. I thought White and Black seems easy to match too. Actually, all the four colours available are equally dashing!

At the Experience Zone, we were given the opportunity to try out two different types of massage. Every bit of pressure was so on point and I even fell asleep halfway through. If I have uLOVE at home, my parents can save on the monthly massage expenses!

We were led into a dim room with only fairy lights and uLove. The host could even make announcements and give instructions via the speaker on the sides of the massage chair. When he was done with the instructions, soothing music was played to relax our mind and we were left to enjoy the massage for a good half an hour. I was quite surprised to know that the hip, lower back and even the butt were targeted areas too. We only have the new features to thank – Long Track Massage that is able to reach quite a distance from your neck to your butt! The V-Hand 3D Massage also made me felt like it was a masseur massaging me because it is able to produce a realistic massage grip that is able to extract deep seated knots.

There are different massage techniques and you can pick one that you are comfortable with. Every individual has different preferences so the variety will help to cater to the different needs in the family!

I think the Sweet Dreams Head-to-toe pampering suits me best because it can prepare my body and mind for a restful good night’s sleep.

If you need New Massage Programs, you can connect the massage chair to a smartphone and uLove can download more of the latest Lifestyle Massage Programs.

Other than just focusing on uLove alone, OSIM spoilt us totally. What can girls do when they have pretty backdrops and props? CAMWHOREEEE.

For a limited time only, the OSIM uLove retails at Special Preview Price of S$4,999 (UP S$5,999) & will be exclusively available from 20 June 2016:

-OSIM uLove Preview Shops at Tampines Mall #B1-05, Causeway Point #B1-37, Nex #03-05, Jurong Point (B1-34A/35/36) & Takashimaya B1 OSIM Counter

-OSIM uLove Preview Roadshows at Parkway Parade L3 & Suntec City L1 (20 Jun-3 Jul), Causeway Point L1 (27 Jun-3 Jul), VivoCity L1 (28 Jun-4 Jul) -Online at

Find out more about the OSIM uLove at

If you need to try them on to feel how comfortable uLove is, just head down and give them a try 🙂