D’Skin Lab Facial – For Him/Her


As part of my daily work to conduct business discussion with clients, I get to frequent Novena Square quite a fair bit. Having a beauty blogger girlfriend does keep my eyes more open to Beauty products and skin treatment centres within the mall.  One of the stores that stood out in the higher storeys of the building is the Su Beau Derma Clinik. They are one of the leading skin treatment centres in Singapore which focus on the use of high tech medical grade equipments to achieve desirable facial results for their clients which are proven safe and effective.

Su Beau Derma Clinik is also known as d’skin lab. They also carry their own line of skincare. To find out more, visit their website for more information.

This time around, I am very thankful we not only get to try out their treatments but also their latest addition, the Soft Plus (A standalone PC-powered skin assessment system. With this all-in-one machine, the dedicated therapists are able to track our skin’s pH, hydration, sebum, elasticity and melanin level within minutes!

It is a painless, fast and simple procedure. Basically, the therapist attaches a probe onto our faces. End of it all, the reports for each components are revealed! Here, you get to know whether your skin is aging faster than your true age!

M went ahead first.  I like the fact that the therapists were very detailed in their analysis of our skin so as to ensure that they are able to recommend us very effective treatment thereafter.

A glimpse of what appears on the Soft Plus screen during the analysis.

Finally my turn after a short wait of 10 minutes!

With the analysis completed, the therapists are aware of our skin condition and proceed to recommend us our respective treatments.

We needed different facials.

For me: Hydration & Lifting

For M: Hydration

We changed into our respective robes and…..

slept… well not really…

If you are wondering why I did not contribute to the photos, it is simply because the treatment was so soothing that I fell asleep during the course of it! Lol! Got a good scolding from M! But well, it was all worth it! I love visiting them after work because they would drain my entire day of exhaustion away.

I would say truthfully that even the extraction portion of my treatment was of minimum irritation. There is a reason for this! Later did I realise that the extraction process was not simply done by any Tom, Dick & Harry. Also, certainly not my therapist herself. For this task, they have an extraction specialist! They take on a long, ardous training before being certified as an extraction expert.

After the extraction, our face felt SO SO much cleaner. M had an extra mask to help in the extraction due to the application of make up on a daily basis. She did the hydration facial which she enjoyed thoroughly.

Her feedback was ” It was one of the best facial so far! The face felt so smooth and clean because all the black/white heads were removed in just one session. The foundation felt easier to apply because the face was smooth and the fine lines were not as visible as before as the skin is deeply hydrated”.

For me, It was my virgin experience in eyebrow shaping! I think my face look neater now and the skin looked more radiant. That is also why you see quite a fair bit of selfie in my Instagram (@james_awyong) recently 😛

Another feature of the treatment that impressed me was the fact that their therapists were well-versed with good massage techniques. After the facial treatment portion, my therapist went on to give me a rejuvenating shoulder, neck and head massage. See! That’s why i couldn’t escape the slumber!

Thumbs up for their services and skills. I personally hate pushy people, the staffs were neither pushy nor arrogant. Good job!

We are planning to head back once a month. Join us too?

– 205 Hougang Street 21 #02-133/135, Singapore

– 238 Thomson Rd, Novena Square Shopping Mall, Singapore 307683


Reflections on 2014

ZZOOOOOOM. 2014 is over and here comes 2015.

To be honest, I haven’t really achieve much in 2014 and I am pretty ashamed of it.

Graduated, got a job, still in the job, has a blog, still blogging, and still working, still blogging, and still working. Making no progress, no significant changes, no results shown. I am the pretty Kiasu kind of person so I would want to strive and make some positive changes in my life. I don’t know what exactly happened to me in 2014. I need to find myself back.

The only difference in 2014 and 2013 is I am finally attached again. Life was pretty boring till I got together with J where I was more active in attending events after that. He seems to enjoy the events and it also made the relationship more interesting because we ran for The Color Run and Zombie Run, baked together, tried out new skincare products together as well.

Have you also noticed? This guy is starting to write reviews too! So cute. I called him the Male Writer (Homme) for my blog with me being the Female Writer (Femme). Since I have been receiving some male products and we did collaborations together for Wisma Atria, so why not? Someone is finally sharing my workload!! Hehehe. It is not easy to find male beauty blogger in Singapore okay. So guys, other than reading reviews on beauty products done by girls, you can finally read from the male perspective here now!

Expect nicer photos on our Instagram (@maybelinesim and @james_awyong) because this guy here is seriously good at taking OOTD photos now (after constantly naggings of how lousy his skills were in the past :X)

We just celebrated his birthday last week. Think you guys would be interested in his birthday celebration right?

Stay tuned for it! :DDDD


Resolutions for 2015? Nothing much.

– Be a better person
– Stop procrastinating and continue with my motto “Never stop climbing in life”


Signing off,

Qi Matra Facial by J

Note: James wrote this post because he did the facial. And thank you for offering to help out! You guys will probably see more posts (reviews) that are written by him from now onwards! 🙂


I have never done facial in my whole life, so I know nuts about facial. Upon knowing this, my loving girlfriend decided to give me my virgin facial treatment at Qi Mantra.

She told me that I would be doing the Miracle Facial ($350) and she wouldn’t stop raving about it because they will be using Miracle (stem) cells for the facial.

The cells are derived from Soy photo placenta extract which is rich in protein and amino acids. They aid in the repairing process of the skin and restores the youthful collagen while reducing my signs of aging.

The outlet we went to is located at Wheelock Place #03-19.

All ready and anticipative for the Miracle Facial treatment incorporating the latest VPL technology and the Miracle Cell product which seeks to awake every of my facial skin cells!

My before face: Couldn’t be dulled any further after weathering the harsh Singapore environment for 27 years! Look closer and you would be able to see some blackheads too.

Haiyo, Buay Tahan this vainpot! Still wanna selfie even in my treatment room! Tsk!

Finally the treatment started with double cleansing, toning and exfoliation of my skin with scrub and steamer. The beautician was very friendly and patient in explaining each individual steps during the whole process. The whole process was nothing but comfortable even for the VPL application process!

VPL stands for Variable Pulse Light which allows the intensity to be customized to suit the individual’s preference.

Before the VPL application, the beautician kindly seeked my opinion on the treatment options and I selected the firming and pore reducing one. Personally, I tried fractional CO2 laser before and it was a pretty painful experience. On the contrary, this was almost painless! Just felt that my face was at most undergoing ‘photocopying’ with every flash on my skin under the VPL treatment.

The extraction part was kinda “shiok” because my face felt cleaner and the fresher. I had always thought extraction to be painful but nah, I could barely feel anything. A layer of black head softener cream as also applied before the extraction to facilitate the process.

I also enjoyed the application of Stem Cell Ampoules and Stem Cell Lifting mask! I kept falling asleep because it was too comfy.

Felt thoroughly rejuvenated after the session ended. I was also further pampered with a shoulder and scalp massage! I felt that my whole week of stress just disintegrated within that 1.5 hours treatment!

Just look at the serenity from my face *totally unaware the girlfriend sneaked on me*

The girlfriend asked for feedback from me end of the session & I just gave her this face! Lol! Needless to say, this time the kiss wasn’t for her but for the treatment! just simply love it! My skin felt firmer and definitely more radiating with energy and vigour.

Results that you can observe from the facial would be:
– Increase of elasticityy and collagen
– Amazing firming and lifting result
– Immediate glow from within

No redness was observed and the skin felt smoother.

Personally, I would return for the treatment again 2-3 months later as the customer service was good and more importantly, I could feel the drastic difference immediately from the treatment!

All confident, rejuvenated and ready to tank any challenges that comes along! Heh!