Things to Do at Genting Highlands – Resorts World Getting

I just came back from a media trip to Getting Highlands recently and to my surprise, there were a lot of changes from my last trip 2-3 years ago.

So here are some stuffs which you should keep a lookout for!

1) Good Food

There are so many good food at Getting Highlands, so much so that we were so well fed.

Here are my top 2 picks from the entire trip – Wanhoi Yamcha and High Line Roof Top Market.

Just when I thought cute food doesn’t really taste very good, Wanhoi Yamcha proved me wrong! The cute baos taste as good as they look!

what to eat at genting highlands

Other than dim sum, their main courses and side dishes were delectable too! I don’t mind eating all the food in this restaurant everyday. This restaurant has just become my top favourite in the entire Genting Highlands!

genting highlands food

My second favourite would be the Prawn Noodles from High Land. Instead of the usual prawns, the dish is served with a lobster. The soup was also nicely cooked and you can taste prawn in every sip. Even though the portion is big enough for 2 person to share, I finished the entire bowl myself!

Food at Genting Highlands

The seafood in a bucket is also one that shouldn’t miss! Good for 2 pax to share too.

food at genting highlands

2) The VOID

While you are at getting, be sure to visit The VOID at Resorts World Genting. We were separated into groups of 4 and played 2 rounds of games. One of which, the Star Wars experience. James is a Star Wars fan so he was very excited about the game. We were gunned down as Stormtroopers in the VR game and it was quite realistic!

It was so realistic that I could not bring myself to finish the Haunted VR Game (I can’t remember the exact name). Some of the buddies on the trip stopped the game halfway because it was too scary. Think you got the guts to try them out? Go on!

the void resorts world genting

the void genting highlands

3) Skytropolis Funland and Adventureland

Just enjoy yourself thoroughly when you are there – from their indoor theme parks to the different adventure lands. I felt as though I went back in time and all I had to do for that day was PLAY.

The indoor theme park did not disappoint me. I was expecting kiddy rides but there were some really thrilling rides. I did not have the balls to ride on some of the rides too. Can’t wait for their outdoor theme park to open!

genting indoor theme park

genting highlands theme park

I even went up the zipline and flew from one end of the mall to the other! That feeling was super shiok! I could smell the scent of freedom as I fly~

genting theme park

Also, how blessed was I to have met my favourite Lee Kwang Soo at their 4D Tricked Eye Museum too?!

4d tricked eye museum

4) Empire by Zouk

I was never a party or late night person but I must say that it is quite nice to hangout at RedTail for games & Karaoke. Friends who enjoys partying or drinking would pick Zouk Getting any time ūüėõ

However, I realized that the crowd seemed to disperse by 1am, which was quite a rare sight as the Zouk in Singapore is only empty after 3-4am.

zouk genting highlands

5) Plenty of choices for your stay.

There are a few hotels there – Awana Hotel, First World Hotel, Resort Hotel and many more. We stayed in the Theme Park Hotel, which was designed to be fun and quirky. I was expecting the rooms to be small but they were spacious enough for me to lay my luggages around!

theme park hotel genting highlands

theme park hotel

We did more than just these activities but I will leave it for you guys to experience it for yourself when you are there.

Thank you Resorts World Genting for the hospitality. We certainly had a good getaway from the hustle and bustle of Singapore!

What to do in Resorts World Genting Highlands


I must say that we are pretty lucky because this is our third media trip this year ūüôā Of course, we are thankful for every opportunity given and we look forward to the next!

The last time we visited Genting (separately) was more than 10 years ago so we were glad that this chance came by. Anything to get out of the humid Singapore right now!

We left Golden Mile at 10.30pm and arrive in Genting the next day at 5am with some stops in-between.

After we checked in to the hotel, we had a short¬†nap before making our way to the first activity:¬†“Ice Age Collision Course”.

I can dare say this is the spot in the whole of GENTING with the MOST kids!  This is simply because it is an interesting & good learning stop for the kids especially if they are BIG fans of Ice Age characters!

If you are going in a big group, do note that you will be divided into team of fours to solve the 3 challenges within 10 minutes! I shall just reveal one of the easier challenges:  You are suppose to relate the constellation sign to each Ice Age character! Not that easy huh!

I shall leave you to discover the other two challenges & not spoil the fun for you! If you manage to complete the tasks within the allocated time of 10 mins, you are entitled to take part in their on-going Instagram contest where you are suppose to do the most interesting yoga pose with that signature hazelnut in the movie!

Our best attempt since we aren’t the most flexible couple! Lol!

Another must visit is the “Power Rangers” Show – It’s Morphing Time! That was the highlight of our entire trip! James couldn’t control himself and¬†immediately revealed the child in¬†him¬†as we waited for the show to start! Seems like his childhood¬†was pretty¬†much¬†made up of Power Rangers!

The general plot revolves around pink ranger being kidnapped by the baddies & how the other rangers saved her in the end! No problem getting the kids to go crazy over this play! Next question then is how about the adults especially one who did not have a power rangers forming a big bulk of her life like ME?

Ok my truthful take is even though I may not be able to relate as much as J did! It was still worth my time catching it! Firstly, I like the fact that there isn’t¬†a boring moment. The action began right from start to the end with well choreographed fighting moves! I can just imagine how much the power rangers panted under their masks!

Secondly, both the power rangers & the baddies were very engaging with the crowd!¬†The excitement on every kids’ face is a testament to that! For instance, the baddies¬†would jump off the stage to¬†tease the crowd & the power rangers calling out to¬†the crowd for aid. In their response to save the ‘world’, the ‘world’ also responded!

Beautiful graphics with vivid colours litted up every corner of the stage as the power rangers danced into action!

Adult fans of Power rangers like J & parents who are bringing their children to GENTING, are strongly recommended to catch this show! There is even a photo opportunity with the power rangers right after the show at an affordable fee!

Shedding some light on the shopping scene in GENTING, there is a Nike Factory Outlet and they are really way cheaper than the outside retail price. I went to ask around and everyone told me that the shop is authentic. Nike lovers, rejoice!

Trendy and pocket friendly clothes/shoes can also be easily found at Padini, Cotton On and many more retail shops.

Whereas for food, there were SO SO many restaurants to choose from! We were simply spoilt for choices! But my favourite is still THE FOOD FACTORY HI-TEA BUFFET!!

The selection was relatively wide (see below). Not to mention, the price of the buffet was super affordable for us (after the conversion from RM to SGD).

Their Hi-Tea Buffet starts from 12pm to 5pm at RM38 nett/adult & RM10 nett/child. Whereas for dinner, it cost more at RM68 nett/adult & RM28 nett/child.

We had dinner elsewhere that night. So sadly I did not had a chance to try out their dinner as much as I would like to after trying their lunch! I am guessing that the variety will be even larger for dinner!!!

Enjoy delicacy from East to West, from Dim Sum to Indian Food to Western Food. Everything was served piping hot (excluding desserts of course).

There were a lot of stations to choose from but I was too busy filling my tummy, hence, the lack of photos.

At night, we tried Rajawali. Rajawali is located at Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Resort. If you were to visit this place from First World hotel, you will have to take a coach down. The traveling time via coach is about 15 minutes.

Like The Food Factory, it also also a buffet-styled dining experience for us. As expected, you can find another round of East meets West experience.

We had the privilege to seat at the balcony area which overlooked a picturesque view of greenland and mountains! It was really breath-taking! SO much so we almost forgot about eating all together! lol!

The Vegetable Fishball soup was the bomb. We couldn’t help but fill up our bowls again and again.

Stir fried Clams

Curry Fish

The dessert table was so instagram worthy because it was super colourful!

Even though the spread is as good as the one at the FOOD Factory, I still prefer the latter ! I find that the food in Rajawali has a tinge of traditional local Malay flavor which I am not used to. Nonetheless, there are some influencers who enjoyed the food here! So I can only say taste is really subjective in this aspect! However, this place is worth a visit for the dining experience and the view if you are a countryside person!

I would say that the most memorable part of this trip was the Power Rangers show! This goes without saying for my dear boy, J! Even though, it was a relatively short trip, we both enjoyed it very much. We will always be ready & happy to come back to this wonderland, Genting, which has continually MORPH to suit crowd of all ages!

Thank you Resorts World Genting!