ETUDE HOUSE VivoCity Opening


I have been traveling to VivoCity quite often because there are so many stores opening recently! Guess what is the most recent one?

It is none other than my most most most most favourite place to shop for cute k-beauty cosmetics!! Whenever people talk about k-beauty, the first brand that comes to my mind is ETUDE HOUSE!!

only are the packaging to-die-for, but the prices are extremely pocket friendly and good.

Like their outlet is Wisma, the outlet in VivoCity is as huge! I am not only referring to the amount of stuff they carry but also….

The manicure and pedicure stations!! If this is not WOW, tell me what is! As you can see from the pictures above, there are a whole lot of colors for you to choose from, from one tone, to shimmery and to glittery. What a pampering heaven!

Look at those cushions there. Do you recognize them? They can be found in their blushers! I am currently using the Lovely Cookie Blusher which has this cushion too. Super super CUTE!

Not only is the shop spacious for you to shop freely, the lighting is also pretty good for selfie. So when you’re doing your pedicure, snap some lovely selfies too! Especially when the background looks so clean and princess-y.

Also, be sure to check out their unique Sweet Catcher Machine. It’s a sure win and prizes include ETUDE HOUSE products, movie passes and dining vouchers. Though it’s easy to catch, but guess luck was not really on my side… I only managed to get 2 sets of travel-sized Moistfull SUPER Collagen kit after many tries! Sharing is Caring – I gave 1 of the set to another fellow blogger who didn’t manage to catch any – I feel so good about it!

Other than the Sweet Catcher Machine, what kept all the princesses really really busy was the new ETUDE HOUSE Dreaming Swan Collection.

ETUDE HOUSE collaborated with international fashion illustrator, Kerrie Hess, to design and curate the packaging that gave the Dreaming Swan Collection its playful yet demure ballet girl identity.

This specially curated series of make-up and accessories will bring forth the inner ballerina in all of us!

I felt like buying everything. And right now, as I am typing this post, some of the products are already sold out when they were launched just few days back!!

The collection is available in VivoCity from 22 May onwards.

I love the cushion’s casing – the purple one especially. I really

The collection is available in VicoCity from 22 May onwards, Wisma Atra from 5 June onwards and Islandwide from 3 July onwards.

I love the cushion’s casing – the purple one especially. I really really love the color and the feel it gives.

I have always loved ETUDE HOUSE lipsticks and I get a lot of you asking me which lipstick I use, and what color code it is whenever I upload a selfie in my Instagram.

Now, I am loving the Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk even more because there are five new vibrant colors that are semi-matte in the Dreaming Swan Collection. Despite being semi-matte, the application is still smooth and glides smoothly like cream chiffon. Best of all? Only $18.90 each!!

The moment I look at it, I’ll gooooo “Omg I wantttttttttttt. Too cute not to buy”.

Now, this is what I am dying to own….. The Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek ($22.90). It acts as an eye shadow and blusher at the same time for kissable cheeks and eyes that sparkle. Look at the tin and the curt puff. Aren’t they gorgeous? The tutu puff comes only with limited edition products.

The brush is super lovely too. It looks like a flower waiting to bloom. The Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact Brush ($17.90) features a tapered end that allows you to reach the corners of your face and it feels soft and smooth to touch!

Last but not least….. The Dreaming  Swan Mini Pouch ($16). It has a mini tray for small items like your ear studs, bracelets or even your make ups like the Eye and Cheek powder or a lipstick from the Dear My Blooming Lip-Talk range!

Awwwww… I want a princess desk that holds all the ETUDE HOUSE princess-y products.

Find their new outlet at VivoCity #B1-03 (just above Candy Empire)!

And I hope all of you will have as much fun as I did, doing up my makeup, pampering my nails, and taking pictures with these princesses at this magical Dollhouse!

Also follow them on their Instagram @etudehousesingapore for more updates! X

The Lady Look Makeover by COLLECTION

Guess what? I did a makeover in the picture below! Something more lady and subtle. COLLECTION calls it The Lady Look.

The lip color was actually a mixture of the 2 latest lip crayons by them – Coral Pink and Sweet Pink. Each lip crayon is retailing at $14.90 each. Other than the soft, glossy finish, the Urbanista Lip Crayon is infused with Vitamin E to keep your lips moisturized and has a long lasting coverage.

Available in 8 colors!

I like how she did my eyes and the natural lashes. The eyeshadow pencil comes in the form of a crayon too! I can’t help but love the sweet baby pink that was applied on my lids, followed by their Luscious Lashes. I picked the Natural Length Lashes to try than the Glam Volume Lashes. Only $8.90/ pair can you can use them to death!!

Review of the lashes: They have very very soft backbone so it is really easy to use.

I am so going to stock up on them. Sometimes they a;sp have the Buy 2 get 1 free kind of promotion in Watsons!! SO PRETTY~~ (The lashes I mean).

I think the price of their nail polishes is also pretty amazing. Only $3.90/bottle. Seriously????? yes yes yes!! Available in 8 shades!!

2 products which are also new in COLLECTION are the Eyebrow Kit and 5 in 1 Mascara!

Ladies like us love to change our hair color every now and then, so 3 different shades of brown are here for the rescue! (Don’t tell me that you have no idea that your brows should be of the same tone as your hair color!! The Eyebrow Kit is retailing at $16.90 – comes with an angled brush inside too!

The Does It All Mascara ($17.90) has a 5 in 1 function (curled, volumised, lengthened, conditioned and long-lasting) and is available in 2 colors – Black and Ultra Black Waterproof.

Some other products that COLLECTION carries…

Their famous glitter eyeliner!!

I bought Xinyi with me and we couldn’t stop camwhoring after the makeover. The lighting at the place we took a break at has good lightings too!!

Why are you so pretttttttyyyy…

One last picture with the all the Collection Cosmetics on my face!

Just so you know, COLLECTION Cosmetics is available in selected Watsons stores, BHG Bugis, Pop-up store in Cineleisure Level 2 and Robinsons Orchard!

Power of Love by RMK

RMK is organising a makeup workshop using their Autumn Winter Collection ‘Power of Love’ and the workshop will be conducted by their makeup artist Akinobu Nishimura from Japan.

Here are the details:

Date: 5 September to 7 September 2014
Venue: Isetan Scotts Event Hall, Level 4
Time: 11am to 1pm or 3.30pm to 5.30pm
Registration fee: $100/pax or $180 for 2pax (fully redeemable for RMK products)

The attendees will also be able to bring home a 3pc door gift worth $70!

To register, visit or call Isetan Scotts at 6687 5308.

Payments will be made on the same day of the workshop.

K-Palette – Sweet as Chocolate

Look of the day for K-Palette – Sweet as Chocolate Event.

The event was held at Bliss House and I guess nowhere else would fit the theme as much as the venue it self! The whole decorations was so cute and there was this tea party kind of feel.

Could resist and had to pose with some balloons.

 I have never tried K-Palette Kuma Concealer despite hearing raves about it.

This event has broaden my views about K-Palette and given me opportunities to try out all their Sweet as Chocolate products.

Had always wanted to try brown eyeliner to see how it would look on me. 
Note: Contrast from the black eyeliner that we normally use, apply brown eyeliner can give a soft look appeal.

 You have got to give it to them for their way of presenting their products! Too cute!!

The brown Real Lasting Eyeliner wasn’t as light as I had thought (thankfully). 

I don’t want light brown eye liner on my lids.

Totally dig every little detail of the accessories.

 As usual, a group picture with the fellow beauty bloggers.

Jacelyn, Jamie, Joyce and me. With Chantana, the cat behind.


Desserts to keep us filled while the K-Palette competition was taking place. 
The final 3 from Cosmoprof Academy were vying for the first position.

 Ms. Aya Umehara, who specially flew over from Japan was also present and gave us a demonstration on doing our eye makeup with Sweet as Chocolate products. 
The emcee of the day was also quite funny and joyful.


 Products that I bought home to try. Thank you K-Palette, Thank you Japalang!


Still digging this concealer they gave me. I applied it every morning to hide the panda eyes.
12 hours later, you still can’t really see my dark circles, can you? 😀

To keep yourself updated with their products, you can follow them on their Facebook page.

Etude House Lash Perm All Shockcara

Another pretty product from Korea for review.

And it’s non other than the highly raved brand – Etude House!

Bling bling Packaging.

This mascara has 4 different unique selling points as compared to other mascaras.

1. Highly elastic pink spiral brush

Most mascara brushes are literally bushy brushes but Lash Perm All Shockcara has 4 way pink spiral brush with highly elastic bumps that makes surreal eyelashes.

This little thin brush can give you both volume and curls.

2. Super Fitting Technology

Autoagglutination powder can volumes, lengthens and curls the eyelashes by increasing the adhesiveness between lashes and mascara.

3. Zero-smudging, Waterproof

Back to point 2, despite the increase in adhesiveness, you don’t have to worry about it smudging onto your eyelids at all. The all proof wrapping system strongly protects swear, water and oil by preventing them to get inside the mascara which can last up to 12 hours.

However, it can be easily removed by cleansing with warm water. I tired removing it with my milk cleanser and it works well for me even with normal tap water.

4. Lash Perm All Shockcara has Black Hole Pigment

This can help to express clearer and deeper eye.

Take a look at the Carbon Black Pigment below and compare it with the Black Hole Pigment on the right, clearly, which pigment gives a brighter and darker eye?

The answer is clear. Yes, the Black Hole Pigment.

Nuff said. Let’s give it a go and put it to test!

With a gentle application of Lash Perm All Shockcara VS No Mascara.

The length and volume was visibly increased even with a gentle application. I don’t like too dramatic eyes so I would pretty a natural look.

As for the curls, I didn’t curl it up with any eyelash curler but you can clearly see that it is curling upwards in the picture.

Alright, Lash Perm All Shockcara has passed the test!

All in one perfect mascara for volumizing, curling, lengthening and waterproof. YAY!

KATE Spring Summer 2013 Collection

I love love love love to try out new make ups or colors!

And have you already seen KATE Spring Summer 2013 Collection in stores yet? I have!!The launch was held few weeks ago and yes, a picture with my favorite bloggers again 🙂

KATE, when we talk about KATE, the first colour that comes to my mind is black. Yes, and so were their flowers. Black and Gold, what a bold and classy combination.

The eyeshadow – Goldish Eyes is retailing at $27 per palette.

As you can see, it comes in 4 shades. I was given the one with blue eye shadow. Each set comes with Soft beige and Deep Brown.

Soft beige – A highlighter for the whole eyelid
Deep brown – Emphasizes the contours of the eyes.

The shimmers creates a look suitable for dinner or date. And do not worry about the colour as it is not as intense as you see in the picture. It was probably due to the lightings that made the gold look darker.

Other than the eye shadows, they have also Shiny Eyelid Liner ($20.50), Mat Black Gel Eyeliner ($25.50), Lash Extension Mascara ($25.50) and Brightening Makeup Base ($20.50).

As the name says, the mascara gave a lengthening effect on your lashes. If you are looking at volumizing, this is definitely not the choice for you. The mascara gives a more natural look than a dramatic look.

KATE Concealing Cover Powder Foundation is available at $34 and its casing at $14.50.

KATE Brightening Makeup Base can hide all the flaws that are easily visible on your face (like your pores and wrinkles *that is if you have any*).

When it comes to eyeliner, pencil eyeliner is DEFINITELY out for me because it smudge way too easily on my face, and I am a regular liquid eyeliner user. Hence, applying gel eyeliner would be a little hard for me but gel eyeliner is famous for staying in place (SMUDGE-FREE) even after a whole day.

Eyeliner need not necessary be applied to the upper eyelid but the bottom eyelid as well.

I am not sure if you can see it in this picture but focus on the left face, bottom eyelid. The liner was only applied halfway instead of the whole stretch because I didn’t want it to be too loud.

Very useful for people who are into the Korean/Japanese look!

The collection is available in BHG, Guardian Pharmacy, Watsons, SASA and other leading departmental stores from May 2013 onwards.

ZA 15th Anniversary and Limited Ed Case

Make a Guess. Whose’s 15th birthday party is this?!

It’sssssssss ZA!!!!!

ZA has been a well-loved brand among women who love fuss free, simple yet fun beauty products.

My first foundation was ZA and to date, it’s still ZA 🙂

Through these years, they are awarded with numerous awards and accolates and this year, they will be celebrating their 15th anniversary!

And on this very special occasion, they will be bringing us a limited edition foundation case as a special tank you to their users for spending 15 awesome years with them.

The case is designed by a freelance illustrator born in Tokyo. She has worked with Anna Sui for T-shirt designs and her work has also appeared with magazines such as Vogue Italia and Vogue Girl Korea.

The inspiration for the case drew from the ZA girl who is always brimming with energy and love to be seen in all the hottest parties in town. And on this special day, she gathers all her girl friends, dress up and indulge to celebrate with cakes and not forgetting a class of bubbly for her favorite brand’s 15th birthday.

Look flawless, poreless and perfect in all party pictures with perfect fit two way foundation. Formulated with water holding collagen and hyaluronic acid, it pumps your skin with moisture keeping it well hydrated all day long. The SPF 20PA++ shields you from harmful sunrays in the day while pore less power and oil control powder keeps you looking fresh and matte.

Cute props were provided for us to camwhore. Look at the little hat, specs and tie!

I thought the sponge with suit looks like a potato. LOL.

Like a sir Mascara. So cute!

The party was held at Window Sill Pies so we had a quite a few yummy pies that night.

Pretty casing comes in a package. Cute cafe and sweet layout with sweet treats.

Yummmehhh pies with eye feasting babes/ products in the cafe. #EyeFeastForMyEyes

The limited foundation case will hit Watsons on the 4th July 2013 for only $9.90 while the foundation cake with sponge retails at $18.50.

For more information, Please visit: