REVIEW: W.Lab K-beauty brand is finally in Singapore!


If you haven’t already know, W.Lab is finally available in Singapore!! It was originally founded in 2013 in Korean, but Thank you Aresa Singapore for bringing it in! Honestly, W.Lab is a fairly new brand to me but I have heard beauty bloggers raving about it before! I saw their stores in myeongdong too!

What I love about the brand is that they emphasises the use of natural ingredients so lesser chemicals are introduced into their products. This benefits people who have sensitive skin a lot because they can’t use every single brand out there. I may not have sensitive skin but trust me, when I shop for my cosmetics and body care, I tend to go for products which contains lesser chemicals.

Even though we were sponsored with a whole range of their products, I am only going to share with you some of my favourites! What attracted me to Blossom White Cushion was the packaging. I thought the coverage was going to be light but BOOMS, when I spread it evenly over my face, my pores were gone instantly!

It is available in 3 shades, 13, 21 and 23. I am currently using 21 if you need to know! 🙂

It works like a skincare too as it has anti-aging and wrinkle improvements properties. So if you think that you are too old for it, NOPE! Give it a try! The cushion also contains 33% Damask Rose Water, yay! I hope that they will come out with some refill pack or something soon!

Another makeup product that I seriously need to rave about is their eyeshadow palettes – W.Lab Pocket Shadow Palettes. I knew I was in love when I first saw them because of the colours. Each palette contains both glittery and matte colours which means that you can use them for a day or night look.

Some people may find it hard to achieve a glittery look for the eyes because glittery eyeshadows are usually not so pigmented but you will be surprised to find the colours are actually fairly pigmented. The swatches below are done with a single swipe. I must say that the glitters didn’t fail me.

W.Lab has a lot of different blushers but we were given Bling Bling Cheek during the event. Just 1 swipe and you can get gradient cheeks! So effortlessly easy.

The Velvet Colour Stick sure lives up to its name. It has a creamy and velvety texture that glides onto the lips easily. How do my Chilly Red shade fare?

Even though it is quite pigmented, I am glad to share that it is easy to wash off as well.

A makeup look isn’t complete if you don’t have a contour palette or W.Lab Color Master Cover Kit.

This small palette here contains 6 shades to address your flaws (if any). The Flower Lip & Cheek Kit comes in a similar packaging and the colours are surprisingly highly pigmented. If you need you change your lip colour at least two times a day, simple slot this into your makeup pouch any day!

I tend to have oily face after spending half a day outdoor and I think I am not the only one having this issue. With the weather so crazily hot in Singapore, how can our make up not melt or look greasy after 5 hours?

This leads to my next product, Sebum Out Finish Pact. After I am done with my look, I tend to finish it off with Sebum Out Finish Powder, followed by the Finish Pact. If you have the same issue as me, you can pad on some Finish Pact powder every 4 hours to mattify your face. It can also reduce sedum secretion and brighten your overall complexion at the same time.

So love the texture!

Enough of make up. How about their skincare? Here’s my verdict! Do take note that they have more than just these. I am just sharing some of my favourites 🙂

I got people asking me questions like – What is a Cleansing Balm? What does it do?

Simply put, a Cleansing Balm is a make up remover. I personally feel that it is almost the same as an oil-based makeup remover.

The texture? It feels a little powdery and oily but that is what makes cleansing easier. A simple scoop of it can effectively clean away an entire face of make up. Remember to use a facial cleanser after that though. Like most make up remover, this is not a 2-in-1 thing. I am quite sure I will be buying the cleansing balm again after my first tub.

I love their pore series – Black Kill too!! Probably because I am very into pores products recently HEHE. I need to praise their Black Kill Pore Cleanser because of the rubber brush!

The brush is soft and gentle enough for my cheeks. Suitable for very very lazy people like me.

Don’t judge my pores but this is how I use it! I press the button to dispense some cleanser twice and rub them on my cheeks for a good 30 seconds on each side.

They have other products like Body Scrub, Cleansing Foam and even Quick Whitening Cream. I haven’t had the time to try them out but if I ever do, I will share the verdicts with you guys! 😀

W.Lab is available in the following places:

Sasa Singapore selected outlets – Tampines 1, Jurong Point, Westgate, Vivocity, Wisma Atria, ION Orchard
Aresa Beaute

New: Estée Lauder Genuine Glow Collection


Just as I was saying I love K-Beauty make up on my Instagram, I am glad to know that Estée Lauder has come out with a new collection inspired by K-Beauty – Genuine Glow Collection.

The collection is an effortless hybrid skincare and make up collection to help you get glowing started – from inside to outside.

Among all, my favourite are the Blushing Creme for lips and cheeks ($40), Eyelighting Creme for eyes and face ($33) and Reviving Oil Lip Tint ($33)!!

Estée Lauder has very good lip balms. So trust me when I say their Oil Lip Tint is as good! It has a sheer glow that can help enhance the natural shade of the lips.

The Priming Moisture Balm with SPF15 acts as the primer – the make up base to help start your look. It has a satin finish that makes the face SMOOTH! Well, anything to blur out the imperfections on the face is impressive. Right?! I love the pore-less look after applying it!

If you are interested, the collection is already available in Estée Lauder Sephora Counters EXCLUSIVELY!

Wedding Photographs #jamesnmaybel


Finally… I know how it feels like to be a bride in a gown.

A photoshoot can be very very exhausting because you have to change into the different gowns (especially those with cancan). Both the wet and dry weather doesn’t help much because dry = ultra sunny and hot, and that means melting makeup and feeling sticky all over. If it’s wet, you will get smudge makeup or dirty/wet gowns.

But but but…. a wedding shoot is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most of us. Clearly, it will be more than once for me because this is a collaboration haha.

My advise is… if you’re getting married and you are preparing for a shoot, bring along a pair of heels (wear flats inside your gown, because that was what I did. If I wore heels throughout, I might just die within the first 10 shots), bring at least 2x 1.5L of water, find a good makeup artist and a good photographer.

Even though I felt really really REALLY REALLY exhausted after the 5 hour of shoot on a wet day and I almost ALMOST gave up halfway, I am really grateful for this opportunity because all the pictures turned out really beautiful. I even have people asking me about my photographer the moment I uploaded one to my Instagram and Facebook.

Makeup: Christina Wong | Photographer: Hur Faye | Gowns: Swaggers Couture

Both Christina and Hur Faye are working free lance so if you’re looking for any make up artist or photographer for any functions, please approach them directly 🙂

As for Swaggers Couture, beside gowns, they do tailor-made suits if you ever need them as well! I saw how each crystal or bead is painstakingly sewn onto a plain gown. I can now finally understand why gowns cost so much. Every stitch is a blessing and every design are designed and sewn in-house.

For now.. please enjoy some of the pictures below… Do take note of the different designs for the 3 sets of gowns 🙂

Once again, Thank you Hur Faye for the awesome photos, Christina for the makeup and to the both of you, how can I ever thank you for your patience!! *some flying kisses over*

Thank you Swaggers Couture for all the little adjustments made to the dress and for styling us into the gowns which best fit us! 🙂

Japanese Cosmetics – SANA


Do you want long lashes like this? Okay, I cheated here. As you can see, fake eyelashes are sticked on.

But to have it so curvy, you need to curl it after you paste the eyelashes on. Remember to also apply some mascara after the curls.

The two items that I will be review are

– SANA EX-LASH Curl & Volume Mascara ($24.90)

– SANA Powerstyle Eyelash Curler ($17.90)

I like the mascara a lot because it is not as cloggy as the other mascara outside and neither is it hard to remove despite being waterproof.

I hate it when the entire eyelid becomes heavy and black due to the application of some mascara. But for EX-Lash, the fiber are ultra light weight, so you can keep applying them again and again but you can’t feel a single thing. It can lengthens and add volumes to your lashes. I love the lengthening part!

Look at the slim glamour brush. It makes application easier and smoother. Just one brush onto your lashes makes it look more volumized and longer.


After the application, remember to curl it up to give your eyes a more dolly look. Because EX-lash contains W-Peptides, the curls can last longer as it firmly keeps the lashes upwards. Just curl it with Powerstyle Eyelash Curler and the curls can last up to an entire day. The curler has a spring that helps the lashes to curl without the need of you applying strength and the silicon rubber is specially molded in a way where it will not hurt the eye.

No lumpy lashes, no heavy lashes, no hard-to-remove mascara!


Without application:


With application:

With a single stroke, I can see obvious lengthening effect already! Of course, with more strokes, come longer and thicker lashes!

The mascara also contains 2 types on serum – Biotin Tripeptide-1 and Olio Peptide-24 which has repairing and protection properties. By the way, they also provide the lashes moisture and keeps the lashes healthy. What we want last is unhealthy lashes from all the makeup, right?

It is already available in stores if you are interested. SANA EX-Lash Curl & Volume Mascara is exclusively available only at SASA stores but you can find the curler at Tokyu Hands, BHG and John Little as well 🙂

When you spend more than $37 on SANA’s products, you can get the curler at only $3.70!! While stock lasts!

For more information, find them on their Facebook Page!

New Selfie Camera by Casio

What is the first camera or brand that comes to your mind when someone talks about selfie camera?


For me, It’s Casio.


What brand has the make up mode feature and takes very beautiful selfie photos?




Not sucking up to the brand or praising it out of nowhere but seriously, I am very very much in love with the make up mode! So much that I made James buy my a Casio Camera for my birthday last year. Hehe.

But sometime after I got the camera, I realised that Casio came out with another selfie camera which is not only good-looking but perfect for taking selfie too!!

Casio Exilim EX-MR1!! It is very quirky looking but cuteeee! I was literally jumping for joy when I knew that Casio is giving me one colour of my choice for review.


As usual, I couldn’t make up my mind because my favourite colour is white and I am a sucker for white and pastel coloured gadgets. The camera James got me was also in white. But I was so tied between the pink and the white…..


I like the baby pink but I like the combination of white and gold.. It was just too hard. Why did Casio put us in such a difficult position by coming out with 3 awesome colours!!


Okay, I am really a sucker for white gadgets so I ended up with the white one!! Although my heart wanted both. Lol.


The camera is soooo featherlight. It only weighs 133g. It fits in so nicely to any of my tiny sling bag because it is palm-sized too! I don’t like carrying a bigger bag out just to put my heavy duty camera inside.


I bring my camera out almost everyday because I tend to take selfie anywhere, so this lightweight, palm-sized, cute camera is quite perfect for me!



What attracted me other than the design and colours, is the mirror face!!! Sometimes when I have to apply my lipstick on the go or touch up any make up, I will use the camera as a mirror. So convenient! It is a pocket mirror as well as a lightweight camera. This camera is specially created for vain pots like me!!



Also, do you also know that the camera lens is hidden behind the mirror? So what you see in the mirror is what you will get when you press on the snap button! We always like how we look in the selfie position right? 😀



You can adjust the settings of the make up mode from a total of 6 complexion shades and 12 different skin mode for different environment like when you are out in the sun or indoors.



I brought the camera out with me during CNY and snapped soooo many photos on my way to different places for visiting. I think by now you should have already realised that the photos posted in my previous entry was also taken using EX-MR1!! :DD



I absolutely love how it made my completion look flawless and dolly! I think the camera has the ability to make anyone look like a doll!!



Being satisfied with the pictures, all I wanted to do was to upload them to Instagram (@maybelinesim). I can transfer the pictures from the camera to the phone without the need of a computer because this tiny camera has in-built wifi!



Just download the app on your smartphone “EXILIM Link” and pair your camera to the phone by:


– Turn on the wireless on your phone and connect it to the camera (make sure your wifi is turned on on the camera as well by pressing the wifi button once).
– Input the password of the camera’s wifi.
– Tap “Connection Starting” on the app.
– Download any picture from the camera to your phone.


It was so easy. I need no further editing like adding filters or adjusting the lighting so I uploaded it straight to my Instagram. Surprisingly, one follower even asked if the picture was taken by EX-MR1. So smart!! Hehe. Must be the good complexion and dolly feel the picture gave.


In case you thought that you can only take selfie with it, you can OFF the make up mode and take any other photos of the scenery or food or anything else. It just help vain pots to make selfie taking easier!!


Girls, this camera is retailing at the recommended price of $429 and they are already out in stores since November 2014! One of the most affordable selfie camera around!


Go cute, go light, go Casio! Thank you for giving me one of the best gift ever!

Clio – Kill Black!

Few weeks ago, I reviewed on Clio’s Lipnicure ( and now, I am back with their latest Kill Black Eyelienrs!


Clio Waterproof Brush Liner Kill Black/Brown comes in a bigger box because it comes with a mini makeup remover. Each pair retails at $25.90 while the Kill Black Waterproof Pen and Pencil retails at $22.90 and $17.90 respectively.

The tips of the pen and the brush.

Black for comparison.

Top – Brush
Bottom – Pen

The pen is slightly higher to draw as the tip can be quite stiff when it is new. However, it gives off a more precise color – look at the deep black intensity. It is also easier to draw using the pen as it has a finer tip. The deep black color is very intense because of its greater carbon content. The previous version of Kill Black has only 6.8g of carbon while this version has 7g.

Although the brush may require a little more skill (which is pretty easy as well if you are used to drawing eyeliner), but I prefer the soft tip which glides on easily. Not to worry too much because the new ink containers provides better sanitation and delivers a smooth and controlled formula release.

Top to bottom:

– Clio Waterproof Pencil
– Clio Waterproof Brush Liner Kill Black
– Clio Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black
– Clio Waterproof Brush Liner Kill Brown
– Clio Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Brown

I did a test to see how lasting they were by not washing off the lines on my hand for an entire day…

Indeed, without soap or any rubbing, they can last up to 24 hours! This is due to the exclusive film formula that has better waterproofing ability, and stays longer on skin without smudging or disappearing. TRUE ENOUGH, no evidence of smudge was seen for all 5 strokes!! Do not worry about infection or whatever because Kill Black has a humectant which has antimicrobial properties.

Kill Black series is currently one of my most most most favourite eyeliner range!!

You can draw the tail of the eyeliner winged or downwards easily. I winged it up a little with Kill Black Waterproof Pen Liner!

You can find Clio at Selected Watsons store! Go go! I am pretty sure that I will still buy them after I run out of them!

You can follow them in Instagram for more updates at @ClioSingapore 🙂


I have a sufficient supply of makeup that is good enough to last me for years but I still go weak at them at departmental stores. I can’t resist lip colors especially!!

Then… I kept seeing LANEIGE make ups with prints on them.. I told myself that I have to get hold of them too!! I went WOW when I saw them because they had doggies inside the leopard prints!!

You know…. It’s LANEIGE Meets Fashion!! When K-beauty meets K-fashion!! What can be better than that?!

pushBUTTON has been catching attention of magazines and fashion editors for its unique and quirky style. Even big celebrity names like Rihanna, Gong Hyo Jin have been seen in pushBUTTON outfits as well and LANEIGE is definitely more than proud to be the official make-up partner!

4 new shades of Serum Intense Lipstick ($34 each) were created and they are limited editions. So when it’s gone, ITS GONE.

I like Serum Intense Lipstick for it’s smooth application and hydrating properties. I can save the trouble of applying a lip balm before applying a lipstick

Purple tone is something new for me because most of my lipsticks are either orange, pink or red tone.

On my lips – P40 Vintage Orchid.

Read my review on the lipsticks here:


Read about my LANEIGE BB Cushion review here:

Lastly, the cutest thing in the collaboration is the Eye Shadow ($40)!!!!

It has a doggy inside, featuring the pattern “Doggie’s playing Leopard”, the iconic design pattern of the collection. It features 3 highly pigmented shades – Pink-Brown, Beige and Hot Pink.

I used the Pink-Brown as a highlighter on the face as well.

MFP has an article about the collaboration too!!

Buy any 3 items and you can get a free clutch! I LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERY SINGLE ITEM IN THE COLLABORATION TO PIECES XOXO.

They are all available in stores already and on a WHILE STOCKS LAST BASIS.

Miss it and regret!!

Makeup Challenge for J!

This is my FIRST ever Vlog and I have no idea how to even do basic video editing so forgive me if you feel that it is not well done. The next one would definitely be better!

The first thing everyone told me when you see me is “Aiyoooo. James and you damn sweet can”. Okay, we are quite sweet. HAHAHAHA.

To make it even sweeter, J did my makeup for me in the video below!! It was his first time and gosh, he’s a natural! I did not allow him to practice before that but he don’t even need a take two for any step.

Either he’s too smart or Etude House Play 101 Pencil is really easy to use!! (I would pick the latter because Etude House Play 101 is REALLY easy) If a guy can do it so well, I am sure any girl can do it better!

Enjoy!! More Vlog ahead I hope!! 🙂

Etude House Cocktail Party

Woooo~ Who haven’t heard of Etude House? And which princess doesn’t like Etude House?

Despite partying at another event the night before, I told myself that I have to wake up for the Etude House Magic Any Cushion Cocktail Party which would take place at 10am!

Trust me! I was soooo glad to be there because I learnt quite a few stuffs from the demonstrations.

Of course, not forgetting my pretty lady XinYi!

So happy to see all of them!

I am a sucker for lip colours so I went to explore the lip products before the demonstrations. They sure have a HUGEEEEEEE range for lips!!

I swear I am going to get their lip tint when I visit their store the next time round.

Etude House and their princess packaging certainly win hands down.

This was the makeup box of the make up artist that morning. I love how the entire box is filled with Etude House products!

There were two demostrations that day. The skin care and the make up. Remember to cleanse and tone your face before anything!

Cleanse, Toner, Essence, Moisturizer, Sunblock, Concealer, and then your usual make up routine.

The base that was used on the model was the Magic Any Cushion. As the SPF is already high enough, you can skip the sunblock if you’re using the cushion too.

I can’t tell if they are gigantic macaroons or cushions! I like the all the colours. Of course, each colour serves a different purpose.

Green – For reddish skin
Pink – For pale skin
Orange – For dull skin

Etude House generously gave me all three of them to try! I can use the cushion and leave house without sunblock or foundation when I want a more natural look. Save me some time in the morning.

Look how happy we were! We were so delighted when we knew that we were going to be there together.

Showing some love for the Cushions again and again!

Left the store with all the goodies from Etude House. Thank you once again for the invitation!

Shine like a Kpop star with Laneige’s new makeups!

Attended Laneige all new pure radiant shadow, pure radiant blush and serum intense lipstick at Full House restaurant last week.

Below is a picture of me with my usual makeup.

This Spring 2014, get set to be spoilt for choice as Laneige launches its all new exciting comprehensive range of eye shadow palettes, blushers and lipsticks!

There are 7 highly-pigmented our radiant shadow palettes, 6 pure radiant blush colours and 20 vivid serum intense lipstick colors.

Available in 7 shades, Laneige Pure Radiant Shadow helps you create the look you want from nude to smoky or sweet to glamorous. Each palette retails at $40.

Each palette creates a different look and my final pick that night was No. 6 – Classy mood where all the colours are matte (right in the middle of the picture below).

Classy mood – Skin Beige, Sand Beige, Purple Grey, Choco Brown.

This is No. 1 Urban Beige – Pearl Ivory, Champaign Pink, Glossy Brown and Dark Brown.

Don’t you just love the exterior packaging too?

Pure Radiant Blush will be retailing at $38.

Give your cheeks a soft, natural and lively glow. Available in 6 attractive tones to shading use, the Pure Radiant Blush contains highly transparent mica that gives a smoother and more radiant finish upon application.

From left to right – No. 5 Pink Glow, No. 1 Chi Chi Pink, No.3 Angel Pink, No. 2 Baby Purple.

Left – No. 4 Coral Blossom and No. 6 Natural Shading.

The natural shading one was the highly raved colour that day because you can create the perfect face shape with it! You can use it to highlight the nose or create a sharper jaw line.

Lastly, the Serum Intense Lipstick. Let your lips pop with Laneige’s new Serum Intense Lipstick (nicknamed LED Lipstick) and create different looks from the choice of 20 vivid lipstick colours.

The lipstick also pampers your lips with intense LED colours and moisture-rich serum. It also contains 3 types of moisture-sealing formula for long-lasting hydration and 35% skincare ingredients that protects the lips – Glycerin, Physiogel lotion/ Laneige Original Essence and Natural botanical, Squalane.

Swatches of the top 4 favourites!

New cleansing oils will also be launched in Feb 2014. Remember, it is important to allow your skin to breathe properly first before applying any skincare.

Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil and Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil at $48 each.

The makeup artiste also create a look on me with the different colours that I had picked.

On my eyes was No.2 Shiny Gold.

Lips – YR24, Twinkle Coral – I was struggling between quite a few colours when we were asked to pick one 🙁

A demostration was also done by the makeup artiste from Korea and omg, her actions and words were really cute and entertaining that night!

The model had no makeup on her and she used the products and created a totally different look on the model!

TADAH! I wish I am that talented as well :/

The range will be available in stores from January 2014 onwards.

You can find Laneige Boutiques at ION Orchard, JCube, Jurong Point, Plaza Singapura and Suntec City 🙂