What went behind James & Maybeline’s Proposal


I know I should have started working on this post for the longest time but I just can’t find the time to sit infront of my desktop every night.

How it all began:

We had a staycation at The Quincy Hotel and everything felt normal because we have staycation reviews very frequently. The only different thing was I had an event to attend that evening and will be away for 3 hours.

Obviously, I felt guilty because it was a staycation but I had to leave him alone so a very good brother, TJ, accompanied him throughout. Little did I know that they were just putting on an act.

He sent me to Casio Headquarters to gather with the other influencers as the meeting point was quite near our hotel. We then left the place, dressed in bridesmaid dresses. He kept joking about us looking like Jie Meis for someone’s wedding. I guess he was kind of dropping hints already? Me being me, was oblivious of the words and more concern about my shoes. I had wanted to wear heels but I picked comfort over beauty.



We left in a Limousine Party as it was Casio TR80 Limousine Party! I heard that it was a great hit in Japan and Casio is a Japan brand soooooo… the lucky us were quite privilege to try it! There were a few “stations” where we had to alight and take photos from Chijmes, National Gallery to this and that. They told me they will drop me off at my hotel after the event so obviously I didn’t suspect anything.

When we alighted back at the hotel lobby, I was busy looking for medication for Xinyi because of her headache so I did not even notice anything. It was also pretty normal for her to hold my hand because we are girly like that.

Who knows, as we started to walk down, I began seeing 1 or 2 familiar faces. Still nothing much yet until I saw James. The spotlight was turned on and there…. you can continue watching the story below:

Still…. don’t judge me. I know the shoes are pretty ugly…… 🙁

After everything, I realized the day itself was a beautiful lie. He had been planning for this months back. I don’t even have a single clue about it because he was with me almost every day – except for one when he had a conference to attend. The conference was fake too. He went out for a final meeting with his team.

There are a lot of people I want to thank here but I am most most grateful to TJ and William. William brought his lights from the office for him and he even held the light throughout for our photo taking session. TJ, for being a good liar, making me angry, happy, angry and happy again. He was so stressed throughout the planning and even after the proposal because I gave him quite a hard time on the video LOL.

You can also find Behind The Scene videos here: https://www.facebook.com/simmaybeline/media_set?set=a.835989136419115.1073741833.100000241080390&type=3&pnref=story

I grabbed them from the influencers’ Insta Stories so pardon me for the quality.

All in all, I feel truly blessed and I am not sure what have I done to deserved all these. Thank you love, for getting our family members and friends down. (He forgot to ask my BFF along because he felt it was quite packed already 🙁 aahhhh). Nonetheless, thank you each and every one of you for the blessings. Not forgetting, The Quincy Hotel for the drinks and location, Casio Singapore for the surprise! 🙂

We are off to the next stage – Planning of Wedding Dinner, taking Bridal Photos etc…..

My Valentine’s Day

Okay, with the lovey dovey day gone, it is time to prepare ourself for the next holiday! But first, let me blog about my first Valentine’s day with James. We spent the week before Valentine’s quarreling almost every night due to different characters but similarly, stubborn minded, hence, we always see our own thinking as right ~.~

Even so, we had a good pre-valentines and on the actual day itself. He wanted to accompany me for lunch because I was working full shift (9am – 6pm) but I told him I did not want to rush so we can make do with dinner.

That boy…

This bear with it’s bouquet of flowers appeared when I was about to start work. A colleague told me there’s a delivery guy outside… I remembered telling him NOT to waste money on flowers because you can give flowers ANY TIME, but NEVER on Valentine’s day. He said there was a bear so they are not just flowers. Lol. The flowers and bear are from Love Chapter by Noel.

“Since I can’t accompany you for lunch, my representative will be there to accompany you” he said.

I am the ultimate NUA or lazy kind of person so I would rather stay home for Vday than to head out. But when you’re stuck with a hopelessly romantic guy, I think you have to make do with at least a dinner. Lol.

He told me we would be going to Hyatt for dinner but we ended up at Long Beach Restaurant because of my love for crabs. I think Long Beach crabs are kinda rip off! Over $100 for a crab ~.~ I would pick Mellben Seafood any time.

To be fair, their Man Tou are really DAMN good but the crabs were just so-so.

I avoided lenses so I wore my spects everywhere. It was kinda hard for me to take selfie or wefie because I can’t see where the camera lens is when I remove my spects. This is a good excuse for looking like crap in the picture!

He even specially warned me to keep the bear in a safe place because bears are Roro’s best friend. He would bite them and bring them everywhere he go for weeks and then tear them apart and flood the living room with cottons. LOL.

Right after we are done with the dinner, we went for a little shopping. Visited our good friend, William, who was at Bugis selling flowers.

He has a lot of ideas when it comes to business.

Did a little shopping but I still opted for the option to head home because it was SO crowded everywhere. I prefer to do my shopping or anything on Monday where people are suffering from Monday blues.

Seems like a simple Valentine’s Day celebration but it is already good enough for me.

For the presents, HE GOT ME A RING A RING A RING!!!





















A ring light la! HAHAHA. Very practical hor? Actually I wanted nothing but he insisted on something so I picked this since most beauty bloggers and pretty girls have this!

He set up the light for me, snapped a photo and went “See my eyes? Pretty anot?” VAIN POT!

I got him a pair of cufflinks for his work because watches, cufflinks and shades are his favorite accessories.

Looking forward to future Valentine’s with you my love!! 🙂

Valentine’s Photoshoot with J

Because of blogging, I was given more opportunities and ways to spend my pre-Valentine’s with James.

We did a couple shoot with Lee Cooper apparels. They apparels are really comfy and stylish. I was quite amazed by how stretchable the jeans were. We could even roller blade and stretch in it! Airy and lightweight – What a bonus!

The pictures you see here are the more serious ones.

We had more pictures of us laughing like mad (the smiles were so huge that my mouth looked really big LOLOL), fooling around and all. The photos looked really natural. Love how Chee BP Photography managed to capture all the silly moments we had.

Lovely couple (HAHA), comfy apparels (Lee Cooper), talented photographer and the cute Phoebe made all these come true!

Fine stitches, quality clothes at good prices. We got ours at Orchard Gateway Shopping Centre #02-17A 🙂

I love this pair of mint green shoes so much that I got another color in coral.

I remember whining about not being different like coral on the left and mint on the right few months ago. Lol!

Still loving this denim jacket which is now finally mine 🙂

To everyone who made it possible, thank you. Valentine’s Day 2015, I love you!!

Valentines’ at Fish & Co.

– Valentine’s Special –

Officially, today marks the first day of the 2 weeks to Valentine Day! However, a different case for us; Valentine’s came early for us this year as we already had quite a few sessions of Valentine’s food tasting.But cooking wise….

….Fish & Co. hooked us first !

So what do food are we cooking this time around?

A FULL course meal ! It comprises of a starter, a main course and a cocktail.

See how happy we are in our strippy aprons and cooking tools! All ready to learn from the true fish cuisine master! Also, met couple of friends there and in fact they are seated next to us here. Can you all guess who they are?

Spare you guys the guessing game la! Here they are! William and Shaun.

In any case, we were more than happy to share this happy day with them. In fact, they are the cupids that got us together! Since this post is kinda related to Valentine’s Day & we have never really shared with readers how we got together, i shall briefly share it in this special post then!

Even though both of us are in the medical line and many have guessed that that’s where we might have potentially met. But the true fact is we met during an EVENT with them all and it wasn’t long before the feeling of LOVE blossom between both of us!

Started crafting our first dish after the chef taught us the procedures to prepare a decent Garden Salad. The only thing prepared for us was the dressing, hence pretty much we started from scratch.

After some slicing…squeezing…mixing…*poof*

…our Love @ First Sight Garden Salad accomplished!

You must be wondering does it taste as good as it look or not?! Well, all i can say is It better be cos end of the day, we are the one eating our own creations! Lol!

With that done, next comes the main dish! We were given a choice to pick fish or prawn for this one. I did the decision making for ours knowing one of my picky M’s favourite food is the Prawn!

We were given two TIGER PRAWNS of which were sliced in the middle for us to spread the mentai sauce upon. While I am doing this, M helped with preparing the COLESLAW as the side dish. I say we both did our part well and make an extremely good team when it come to food preparation!

Don’t they look yummy after the baking? Cheese and Roe on the prawns!

Our final product! Look at the rice! We moulded it into a heart shape!! Sweet not?

Extremely satisfied with our final product for the main course 🙂

The last item on the menu would be the Mocktail – Deep Love. Look at how serious M is.

Now, for the main highlight, Come and spend your Valentine’s at Fish & Co.!

Seafood lovers would totally love the Love Bounty Set ($59.95) as it is specially created for Valentine’s. Enjoy most of the seafood at one go!

It is available from 9 – 15 February at all Fish & Co. restaurants in Singapore.

Look at all the goodness in a pan! The Love Bounty Set includes two soups of the day and two soft drinks as well. Guys, this set will keep your wallet safe! Heh.

If you are a Fish & Co. member, you are still allowed to enjoy your usual perks and boy, now our wallets are safe. They don’t have to go on a diet when we are busy celebrating Valentine’s!


[James] My Surprise-ful 2014 Birthday !

Author: James

The December baby Me was supposed to be due in Jan but I decided to pop out earlier to see the world on the 30th Dec.

So yup! That pretty much summarized the reason why i always have to wait so longggg for my bday to come ! But this year’s wait was all worth it for all the fun & surprises that my girl planned for me!

M took leave from work for my big day, even to the extend of utilizing “saved up” leave! Was touched knowing this till we started my birthday eating Cai Png under my block (-,-”)

But soon enough she make it up as we head out shortly!

Our outfit of the day:

Her clothes was kinda crumpled because we spent almost 3 hours in the cinema & I guess she was busy tossing around in the chair after complaining the Hobbit was just too draggy (but nice)!!

*ok fine fine! Brownie points for companying me to complete the triology. In 3D somemore!*

Mine was alright & the rayban made me look way cooler than the 3D specs we had!

..& how can we missed out the Bday Wefie of the day!

After movies, we head down to the highly-raved Mezza9 restaurant at Hyatt Hotel for dinner! Got my biggest surprise of the day due to our first time being there! Spot any difference in my outfit ? (*hint*: Look waist down!)

The restaurant is so atas till the restaurant wouldn’t let me in without a proper long pants! So they handed me one & there you have it: Me in my SUPER DUPER oversized pants! LOL!

But the experience at Mezza9 was far from bad! At least the food & services make up for the initial “surprise”!

Had a hearty Mezza Meat platter (above) while M sticked to her favourite carbo regime (below).

How can bday go without pressie right?

M bought me something very practical & I use it every single day since that day! Shall keep the present a secret but you can check out my IG to spot what it is! 😉

Next, came the cake which I also got a surprise! Simply because i had TWO unexpected cakes !

Cake #1:

My sweet friend, Dil whom also helped me booked the restaurant, actually secretly got the staff to prepare this for me (together with an embarrasing Bday song singing by the waiters & waitresses)!

Cake #2:

This one came from M whom secretly planned with my godsis to bring it over during our dinner! Hence, the presence of my godsis was also a surprise itself! So now, you know how sneaky M can be!

PS: Thank you Brand Cellar for the lovely famous rainbow cake from MEDZS!!

And not forgetting the Miam Miam surprise as well!

Was having our food tasting event at Miam Miam, enjoying some of my favourite food that night..

..& the not to be missed Spagetti..

..& just when i thought i was just having our regular food tasting experience at Miam Miam!

This happened..

Conclusion: I must say M is a pretty good surprise planner! She keep bombarding me with surprises after surprises! Making my 2014 Bday a ‘Surprise-ful’ & memorable one! ><

As much as i had lots of wonderful presents this year from all my lovely friends, i thought my bday wishlist 2014 would not be completed without this. Something to reward my ownself after that whole year of hard work: The Panerai 112!

Also part of my new hobby! Collecting luxury watches which also serve as a good investment tool! Furthermore, I always believe you must learn to reward yourself before you will be motivated to work even harder to attain more successes!

Thoughts for 2014 Hatchday: Simply there is nothing more i could have asked for!

In case you were wondering what wish i made this year? That is to have every year’s bday like this! Simple yet fulfilling & most importantly, in the company of my loved one!

Lastly, taking this opportunity to also thank Dr Toh, Zi Yuan, Kun Xiang, William & Kiehl gang, Joanna & Hubby, Dil, Lippy & my colleagues in Allergy & Oncology team for your lovely gifts & cakes (which gained me a few kg)!

Christmas & Valentine Gift Ideas for Him & Her

Painting People Since 1987
Personalised High Quality Hand Painted Oil Canvas Painting Portraits

After a long tiring day at work, I was surprised by the arrival of this oil painting from PaintMeReal.com. It brought a smile to my face cause this is how I look in cartoon! Cute yo?!

FYI, this is hand painted and not printed from any printer. I opted for an A3 sized self portrait which cost USD$99.

This is the original picture of me that was sent to them. Quite similar but the oil painting is cuter no?!

Instead of getting expensive perfumes, watches, bags or flowers for your partner, why not try something different this year?  It is unique, interesting and more importantly, meaningful. Picture speaks a thousand words, moreover, a hand painted one.

Look closely and you will realized that it is not drawn on any paper but a canvas. It doesn’t tear nor get dirty easily.

HINT HINT: Christmas is here soon!!!

Let me share with you some examples I saw from their website:

Paint Me Real is an international brand that paints high quality oil canvas portraits that is trusted by Global Standards. We paint individual portraits, family portraits, wedding portraits, sibling portraits, best friends portraits, couple portraits, graduation portraits, etc.

We do Worldwide International Shipping. It takes around 2 – 4 weeks for the painting(s) to arrive at your doorstep. It is the most creative and romantic personalized gift for your loved ones.

Follow these 3 Simple Steps
International Shipping – PAYPAL & CREDIT CARD System


Upload Picture & Choose No. of Persons

I uploaded a selfie of myself. Please upload close up and clear picture of your face(s).
I selected (1) Personal Portrait. CHOOSE No. of Persons in your photo to be painted
* You are currently able to paint up to 4 faces, directly from the website. If you would like to paint more faces, you are able to request for a customized painting by email – sales@paintmereal.com

Choose Canvas Size and Add-ons

I choose to paint an A3 size. CHOOSE FROM VARIOUS CANVAS SIZE A0, A1, A2, A3, A4
* Apparently, the prices on the screen changes according to how many person faces are in the photo, hence please, select the [No. of Person] carefully in Step 1.

Shipping and Billing Information

Fill in your Shipping / Billing Address.
Chose “Registered Shipping” so that you can track your painting.

I keyed in the Special PROMO CODE (10% Discount): xmas2014 (Valid till 25 Dec 2014) OR vday2014 (Valid till 14 Feb 2015)

Click Check Out.

* You may also choose to select “Send as a Gift“, whereby you would need to fill in your recipient’s information. I think it is a great gift, for your friends and loved ones. Surprise them now!

I was very amazed by how good their customer service was, they sent me 3 emails in total.

1st Email
– Thank you for purchasing from www.PaintMeReal.com

2nd Email
– Your order has been Painted.

3rd Email
– Your Painting has been Shipped Out, with your Registered Shipping “TRACKING NUMBER”.

If you would like to have your hand painted portrait, just in time for CHRISTMAS, Don’t waste any more time, this is precisely the right time. Order it now, via Paypal, select “Send as a GIFT” to write a “Love Note/Message” to your special someone.

Use this PROMO CODE to enjoy
10% discount all Paintings: xmas2014 OR vday2014

* Please read the Terms and Conditions / Shipping Details.

How I keep my relationship going

I have learnt a lot from this relationship, or rather, this boyfriend.
We haven’t been together for exactly VERY long (only a year plus).

I had my high and low in this relationship. I went from 48kg to 42kg and back to 44kg (now)

HAHAHAHA. I don’t mean the fluctuation of my weight actually.

We had huge quarrels and our fair share of difficult times although we are not exactly together for a decade yet.

Through these downs, we have both learnt to be more understanding and forgiving.
But the most important thing that I had learnt was to be less “sticky”.

I am not kidding, I was VERY sticky. I like to stick to my boyfriend during my free time.
And very often, he will find it annoying because he has his work to do as well.
(Including DOTA and his hobby, fishing :x)

Right now, we don’t really “control” each other much like we seldom ask each other where we are going, who we are with and etc. We would, however, respect each other by filling each other up when needed.

That boils down to “Trust”.

Trust me, this is the most important factor that keeps a relationship going 🙂

Love dies when trust dies.