Carbon Laser at DRX Clinic. Let’s go Chao Tah!

I am finally back to the land of beautiful skin.

Due to the improvements of the skin conditions:

1. Recovery from ance/pimples outbreak due to haze
2. Constant dehyrated skin

Dr. Yani and Chester arranged a session of Carbon Laser for me. The benefits of this laser includes smoother and more radiant skin, and perhaps, a little effect on closing up the pores. To be honest, I feel that I have enlarged pores so I was really hoping that this would minimize my pore size.

As this laser requires your consent, you would need your parent or guardian to be with you to sign the consent form if you’re under the age of 21.

Make up removed. All that was left was my birthmark and eyeliner.

Next, Carbon was applied to my face. Before the laser, Nurse Zen and Chester explained the procedures to me again.

They told me that I would be able to hear fire crackers cracking throughout and MY!!!!! THAT SCARED ME A LOT. I am someone with extremely low pain tolerance but for the sake of beauty, I must endure!

They assured me by saying “You could only hear the sound and the pain is very minimal.” But of course, I was already biting my teeth and my heart was already pounding like mad.

Still, I still wanna camwhore a bit with this “burnt” black face. LOL. It is not everyday that I have such a black face.

My heart was already in my mouth when I laid on the bed.

My pretty Doctor, Dr. Yani did the laser for me personally. I was still waiting for the cracking of the fire cracker but even the sound was minimal.

Don’t even mention about the pain. It was almost nothing. I think I scared myself for nothing in fact.

The procedure was divided into 2 parts.

Part 1: Laser
Part 2: Laser with cold air

I was practically enjoying myself during Part 2 and I remembered asking Dr. Yani this “Is there even any pain?” Lol!

The cold air was damn relaxing. I don’t mind doing this over and over again!

You can watch it live because Chester has kindly recorded some of the scenes for me for both Part 1 and 2 🙂

These videos would do justice to my words. No frowning or jerking because of the pain as there was NONE at all.

The end result. No redness or burnt mark. As it was my first session, the voltage wasn’t that high yet.

It is recommended to do Carbon Laser once a month with slight increase in the voltage for better and more significant results. We can’t expect miracles with just one session can we?

Despite saying so, my skin was smoother and I could see a slight reduction in pore size 🙂

(I wish I could tear the birthmark on the lower lip away. Stop spoiling my pictures!)

If you’re interested in the Carbon Laser or are you facing any skin problems, feel free to head over to their facebook page at! 🙂