Iconic Korean Pizza Brand, Pizza Maru Launches 2nd Outlet at Bugis+

Author: Alex Chua

Even if you’re not into Kpop or caught up with any Korea trend (yes that rare breed), you would be hard not to love Pizza Maru. One of the iconic pizza brands in Korea with more than 620 stores in its home country, Pizza Maru’s recent launch of the 2nd Singapore outlet meant 2 things – more pizzas and more fried chickens choices! I’ve tried the food myself and it’s that good.

And yes, Muslims can savour the taste of Pizza Maru too as they are Halal certified!


The cosy restaurant sits on the fourth floor of Bugis+, offering succulent dishes in its sleek and modern space. Amidst the pop-art deco and wordcloud wall, like-minded friends can chill or have a quick bite before spiriting away for a movie upstairs or continue their shopping. The service is fast, the location great and the food is meant for sharing.


What makes this pizza gem Pizza Maru is their dough. Yes, their secret sauce is in their dough. Pizza Maru’s Premium Pizza range is made with their patented, Green Tea Wellbeing Dough and their Chicago Pizza range, which is made with Black Rice Dough. As the doughs are patented, they import their flour from Korea to keep up with the consistency and the quality.

I admit it – I love sweets. Few things made me happier than a good pizza that would warm the stomach, and this place has good pizzas. I highly recommend the Real BBQ Chicago ($26.80 for regular 9-inch pizza). Made with Black Rice Dough, the crust was stuffed generously with Double Mozzarella and String Cheese, topped with Chicken hunk, Cream Cheese Mousse, Honey, Almond Flake, Icing Sugar and BBQ Sauce. It is a juxtaposition of sweet and savoury, a pizza to indulge into.


For some spicy fun with a punch, try the Mango Ocean Pizza ($19.80 for regular 9 inch pizza, $23.80 for large 12 inch pizza). Made with Green Tea Wellbeing Dough, the pizza is topped with Shrimp, Scallop, Squid, Onion, Mushroom, Mango, Black Olive, Broccoli, Pilaf Sauce, Spicy Buldak Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese. Caution: the sauce is really spicy!


With the flavours and crunchiness at the core of Korean-style Fried Chicken, their classic Original Fry ($15.80 for 6 pieces, $26.80 for 12 pieces) is something not to be missed. Crispy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside, I can crunch on that any single day! For those who has an inclination towards hot and spicy chicken, go for the Supa Hot Dak Gangjeong ($16.80 for 6 pieces, $29.80 for 12 pieces). Similar to the Mango Ocean Pizza, the spicy level is quite substantial, while the chicken tender to the bone.


Pizza Maru is the go-to spot for hearty, comfort Korean food without bursting your budget. A little tip: don’t just let your gluttonous gut do the ordering. Be mindful to balance the richness of the pizzas and chicken with a smoot, creamy yet light Taro Latte ($6.90) and the Nok Cha Latte ($6.90).

201 Victoria Street, #04-03/04
Tel: 6634 0930

Northpoint City
1 Northpoint Drive, #B1-192/193 (South Wing)
Tel: 6264 4307

Satisfy your Korean BBQ Craving with Kko Chi Bar

Author: Alex Chua

There’s nothing more involved, more satisfying in gastronomic experience than barbecuing your own meat. Conveniently located at Tanjong Pagar, Kko Chi Bar is a Korean BBQ joint where you’ll be able to enjoy the moment with you friends and loved ones in a comforting, casual environment. Fresh vegetables, marinated meat and seafood on sticks are brought to the table for your cooking pleasure. And its automatic rotation mechanism makes the process much easier, the meat more evenly-grilled and the experience almost zen-like. Who knows grilling can be so meditative?


We ordered the Skewer Special (set A for 2 pax at $45) and it is more than enough for both of us. Using only specialty grade ingredients, the skewers ranges from chicken, beef, shisamo, pork belly and lamb to mushrooms and garlic moss. Considering the wide variety of assorted meat and vegetables here, the spread is absolutely value-for-money.


Of course, nothing matters if the food doesn’t taste right. The meat here is on point, evenly grilled and sinfully delicious. Just look at the succulent pork belly – tender, oozing with juice and not charred on any ends thanks to the fool-proof rotating belt. This is my favourite skewer among the many delectable skewers and easily one of the best BBQ pork belly I’ve tried. It is a pity that my buddy-in-crime don’t drink beer, if not this would be a perfect combo. The friendly staff would constantly walk along aisle to casually check if the meat is ready to be served. Good tasty food? Checked. Good customer service? Double checked!


After consuming all the proteins, we decided to throw in some carbs and ordered the ala carte buns skewer. Yes, you can order just one skewer alone. After setting it over the charcoal, the resulting bun is really crispy on the outside and fluffily soft inside. It is piping hot so do restrain yourself from munching it directly.


Overall, I would give two thumbs up to this BBQ bar. The food is delicious, the staff and the vibes are casual and friendly. Convenient location with a reasonably-priced menu, so do bring your friends along and eat to your heart’s content!

Kko Chi Bar
10 Craig Road, Singapore 089670
Opening Hours: 6pm – 3am daily

REVIEW: W.Lab K-beauty brand is finally in Singapore!


If you haven’t already know, W.Lab is finally available in Singapore!! It was originally founded in 2013 in Korean, but Thank you Aresa Singapore for bringing it in! Honestly, W.Lab is a fairly new brand to me but I have heard beauty bloggers raving about it before! I saw their stores in myeongdong too!

What I love about the brand is that they emphasises the use of natural ingredients so lesser chemicals are introduced into their products. This benefits people who have sensitive skin a lot because they can’t use every single brand out there. I may not have sensitive skin but trust me, when I shop for my cosmetics and body care, I tend to go for products which contains lesser chemicals.

Even though we were sponsored with a whole range of their products, I am only going to share with you some of my favourites! What attracted me to Blossom White Cushion was the packaging. I thought the coverage was going to be light but BOOMS, when I spread it evenly over my face, my pores were gone instantly!

It is available in 3 shades, 13, 21 and 23. I am currently using 21 if you need to know! 🙂

It works like a skincare too as it has anti-aging and wrinkle improvements properties. So if you think that you are too old for it, NOPE! Give it a try! The cushion also contains 33% Damask Rose Water, yay! I hope that they will come out with some refill pack or something soon!

Another makeup product that I seriously need to rave about is their eyeshadow palettes – W.Lab Pocket Shadow Palettes. I knew I was in love when I first saw them because of the colours. Each palette contains both glittery and matte colours which means that you can use them for a day or night look.

Some people may find it hard to achieve a glittery look for the eyes because glittery eyeshadows are usually not so pigmented but you will be surprised to find the colours are actually fairly pigmented. The swatches below are done with a single swipe. I must say that the glitters didn’t fail me.

W.Lab has a lot of different blushers but we were given Bling Bling Cheek during the event. Just 1 swipe and you can get gradient cheeks! So effortlessly easy.

The Velvet Colour Stick sure lives up to its name. It has a creamy and velvety texture that glides onto the lips easily. How do my Chilly Red shade fare?

Even though it is quite pigmented, I am glad to share that it is easy to wash off as well.

A makeup look isn’t complete if you don’t have a contour palette or W.Lab Color Master Cover Kit.

This small palette here contains 6 shades to address your flaws (if any). The Flower Lip & Cheek Kit comes in a similar packaging and the colours are surprisingly highly pigmented. If you need you change your lip colour at least two times a day, simple slot this into your makeup pouch any day!

I tend to have oily face after spending half a day outdoor and I think I am not the only one having this issue. With the weather so crazily hot in Singapore, how can our make up not melt or look greasy after 5 hours?

This leads to my next product, Sebum Out Finish Pact. After I am done with my look, I tend to finish it off with Sebum Out Finish Powder, followed by the Finish Pact. If you have the same issue as me, you can pad on some Finish Pact powder every 4 hours to mattify your face. It can also reduce sedum secretion and brighten your overall complexion at the same time.

So love the texture!

Enough of make up. How about their skincare? Here’s my verdict! Do take note that they have more than just these. I am just sharing some of my favourites 🙂

I got people asking me questions like – What is a Cleansing Balm? What does it do?

Simply put, a Cleansing Balm is a make up remover. I personally feel that it is almost the same as an oil-based makeup remover.

The texture? It feels a little powdery and oily but that is what makes cleansing easier. A simple scoop of it can effectively clean away an entire face of make up. Remember to use a facial cleanser after that though. Like most make up remover, this is not a 2-in-1 thing. I am quite sure I will be buying the cleansing balm again after my first tub.

I love their pore series – Black Kill too!! Probably because I am very into pores products recently HEHE. I need to praise their Black Kill Pore Cleanser because of the rubber brush!

The brush is soft and gentle enough for my cheeks. Suitable for very very lazy people like me.

Don’t judge my pores but this is how I use it! I press the button to dispense some cleanser twice and rub them on my cheeks for a good 30 seconds on each side.

They have other products like Body Scrub, Cleansing Foam and even Quick Whitening Cream. I haven’t had the time to try them out but if I ever do, I will share the verdicts with you guys! 😀

W.Lab is available in the following places:

Sasa Singapore selected outlets – Tampines 1, Jurong Point, Westgate, Vivocity, Wisma Atria, ION Orchard
Aresa Beaute

ETUDE HOUSE VivoCity Opening

(credits: feveravenue.com)

I have been traveling to VivoCity quite often because there are so many stores opening recently! Guess what is the most recent one?

It is none other than my most most most most favourite place to shop for cute k-beauty cosmetics!! Whenever people talk about k-beauty, the first brand that comes to my mind is ETUDE HOUSE!!

only are the packaging to-die-for, but the prices are extremely pocket friendly and good.

Like their outlet is Wisma, the outlet in VivoCity is as huge! I am not only referring to the amount of stuff they carry but also….

The manicure and pedicure stations!! If this is not WOW, tell me what is! As you can see from the pictures above, there are a whole lot of colors for you to choose from, from one tone, to shimmery and to glittery. What a pampering heaven!

Look at those cushions there. Do you recognize them? They can be found in their blushers! I am currently using the Lovely Cookie Blusher which has this cushion too. Super super CUTE!

Not only is the shop spacious for you to shop freely, the lighting is also pretty good for selfie. So when you’re doing your pedicure, snap some lovely selfies too! Especially when the background looks so clean and princess-y.

Also, be sure to check out their unique Sweet Catcher Machine. It’s a sure win and prizes include ETUDE HOUSE products, movie passes and dining vouchers. Though it’s easy to catch, but guess luck was not really on my side… I only managed to get 2 sets of travel-sized Moistfull SUPER Collagen kit after many tries! Sharing is Caring – I gave 1 of the set to another fellow blogger who didn’t manage to catch any – I feel so good about it!

Other than the Sweet Catcher Machine, what kept all the princesses really really busy was the new ETUDE HOUSE Dreaming Swan Collection.

ETUDE HOUSE collaborated with international fashion illustrator, Kerrie Hess, to design and curate the packaging that gave the Dreaming Swan Collection its playful yet demure ballet girl identity.

This specially curated series of make-up and accessories will bring forth the inner ballerina in all of us!

I felt like buying everything. And right now, as I am typing this post, some of the products are already sold out when they were launched just few days back!!

The collection is available in VivoCity from 22 May onwards.

I love the cushion’s casing – the purple one especially. I really

The collection is available in VicoCity from 22 May onwards, Wisma Atra from 5 June onwards and Islandwide from 3 July onwards.

I love the cushion’s casing – the purple one especially. I really really love the color and the feel it gives.

I have always loved ETUDE HOUSE lipsticks and I get a lot of you asking me which lipstick I use, and what color code it is whenever I upload a selfie in my Instagram.

Now, I am loving the Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk even more because there are five new vibrant colors that are semi-matte in the Dreaming Swan Collection. Despite being semi-matte, the application is still smooth and glides smoothly like cream chiffon. Best of all? Only $18.90 each!!

The moment I look at it, I’ll gooooo “Omg I wantttttttttttt. Too cute not to buy”.

Now, this is what I am dying to own….. The Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek ($22.90). It acts as an eye shadow and blusher at the same time for kissable cheeks and eyes that sparkle. Look at the tin and the curt puff. Aren’t they gorgeous? The tutu puff comes only with limited edition products.

The brush is super lovely too. It looks like a flower waiting to bloom. The Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact Brush ($17.90) features a tapered end that allows you to reach the corners of your face and it feels soft and smooth to touch!

Last but not least….. The Dreaming  Swan Mini Pouch ($16). It has a mini tray for small items like your ear studs, bracelets or even your make ups like the Eye and Cheek powder or a lipstick from the Dear My Blooming Lip-Talk range!

Awwwww… I want a princess desk that holds all the ETUDE HOUSE princess-y products.

Find their new outlet at VivoCity #B1-03 (just above Candy Empire)!

And I hope all of you will have as much fun as I did, doing up my makeup, pampering my nails, and taking pictures with these princesses at this magical Dollhouse!

Also follow them on their Instagram @etudehousesingapore for more updates! X



We were greeted by authentic Korean Cuisine in Amara Hotel all thanks to DCS and you are reading this in 2 point of views.

The female and the male. It is easy to find female’s take on beauty/skincare products.

What about the guys? Here, I got it solved for you!

DCS is a new Korean skincare brand that is recently available in Watsons. The current range that is available is the AQUADERM. We are very much looking forward to the release of the two future range, especially POREDERM.

DCS harnesses the the volcanic power of Jeju (the core base of all DCS products)to help us achieve dewy and radiant skin. Rare mineral content like selenium, zinc and iron which plays a vital role to our skin health can all be found in the volcanic seawater.

Selenium: anti-oxidant mineral, responsible for skin elasticity and cell damage prevention

Zinc: alleviates damages caused by acne and reduces excessive sebum production

Iron: improves skin’s ability to repair and regenerate = reduces wrinkle.

From Left to Right:

Super Aqua Foam Cleanser $30.50

Super Aqua Cleansing Water $30.50

Super Aqua Toner $33.50

Super Aqua Ampoule $53

Super Aqua Day Cream $41

Super Aqua Night Cream $41

Maybeline’s take on the toner: The texture is a little soapy at first, which is a little different from other toners that I have tried but it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling. The toner also comes with whitening and anti-wrinkling benefits.

James’s favourite among all was the ampoule: I needed instant effect so I tend to focus more on essence and ampoules. It feels a little sticky when I apply too much but ampoules are usually a little more dewy. Super Aqua Ampoule is said to have moisturizing content 6000x its own weight so I am hoping it can help me with my dry skin after a few months. I also like it because it’s a dropper – fuss free.

Our view for the Foam Cleanser: We don’t like cleansers that makes the skin feel tight and this cleanser fits right.

Now… for the Day (left) and Night Cream (right). We like the fact that the Day cream comes with additional UV blocking function (SPF20/PA+). Texture for the Day cream is lighter than the Night cream even though both keeps the skin moisturized.

The Day cream protects the skin from external elements and has rich moisture and nutrition from lavender and pansy extracts while the Night cream has thews vegetable extracts (lavender, cornflower and pansy) to help restores the skin to the healthy state after an entire day outside.

Texture of Day Cream – smooth and absorbs fast into the skin.

The POREDERM – Pore Tightening Serum is something both of us are very much looking forward to because we wanna kiss goodbye to pores.

And here’s Maybeline, in her DIY work. Check out the Super Aqua Ampoule glowing inside. Let’s glow from within 🙂

For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/dcs.sg.

A Cheesy Affair @ Yoogane – Introducing their New Dishes!


Looking for a Cheesy Korean fare, then look nowhere further than the place behind us! Yes, Yoogane (the famous Chicken Galbi restaurant hailing from Busan)!

Why so?

Something to get extremely excited over as shown all over our face is the their new addition – Cheese Chicken Galbi which is why we were all gathered here today at the Bugis Junction branch!

With our grumbling stomach, we were warmly welcomed in to our seats by Shanice’s friend who is also the manager of the restaurant. Didn’t take long before we tuck into the signature red aprons offered at every table so as to prevent the splattering of galbi sauce onto our clothes! How thoughtful!

While waiting for the main dish to arrive, we were invited to try a new addition to their drink menu. It is their Yakult Soju!

I must say this was my personal favourite for the night! I like the fact that the Yakult sweetened up the Soju hence subduing the soju’s bitter taste. This made it suitable even for non-alcoholic drinkers and ladies. I like it so much so that I quitely down almost 1/4 jug of the Yakult soju while the others were busy snapping selfie and wefies!

Now you guys know the truth behind the Yakult Soju’s disappearing act! Below, Me in my guilty little act ><

Another thing which made me adore Yoogane is the fact that they leave no empty stomach unattended even during your waiting time. This is because there is a free-flow salad bar to get your unlimited kimchi! Furthermore, there are other salad options available which you can explore different taste with their variety of sauces eg Strawberry sauce!

Well, this is not all! We were also strongly introduced to their new sauce: Kiwi dressing! Apparently, that was pretty rare to find & we just simply had no reason not to try even for those non-kiwi fans among us. How does it taste if you ask me? I shall keep it a suspence for you guys to try it out on your own. Trust me, you won’t regret trying it 🙂

It was not long before the Cheese Chicken Galbi came in its raw uncooked form! Nonetheless, already looking pretty delicious, doesn’t it?

If uncooked already look that good, what about cooked ?

Here, you have it…

Yumz~~ All ready to dig into it!

This galbi differs slightly from the other usual ones served in Yoogane. Yes we know there will be cheese as the name of the dish implied. But…. we just didn’t expect this MUCHHH Cheese! Really generous portion of cheese enough to satisfy your craving of cheese for a few weeks after this meal!

*Just to share a fun fact: Myth has it that it contains ENOUGH cheese for one to pull it up (Like what William is doing now) from the pot to the ceiling!

Don’t believe? Ask the Cheese Ambassador to show you this incredible proof next time you visit the Bugis branch!

Anyway, for first-timers, you do not have to worry about cooking the galbi as the staff will personally help to cook them. Usually, the galbi, vegetables and dokboki are mixed and cooked together with their palatable in-house marinates, followed by the ramyeon. If you are going in a group of 4-6 pax, i would recommend you to order at least two portion of the ramyeon as seen below.

If that is NOT ENOUGH cheese for you guys, then try this out too: Egg with Melted Cheese within!

Don’t fancy egg or prefer to have some carbs instead? Alternatively, go for their famous Cheese Fried Rice then!

We also ordered another popular menu item – Korean Style Seafood Pancake to go with our main dish. Remember to dip the pancake into the sauce accompanying it!

Personally, I have yet to visit the great land of Korea. Hence, I cannot benchmark if their standard is on par with that in Korea. Nonetheless, I do have friends that had been there before saying that it felt like they are savouring that familiar taste of authentic Korean dakgalbi in Yoogane.

I am already planning on the next visit to Yoogane – this time around without the manager’s help to slot us right in front of the looooong queue! But then again, good things are worth the wait, isn’t it? 😉

The Shilla Duty Free

James always complain about me overspending on clothes and cosmetics. Cosmetics are generally way more expensive than clothes.

Now, I know where to stock up for the cheapest and branders cosmetics and perfumes! The ultimate shopping experience with 182 Cosmetics and Perfume brands can be found in our Changi Airport!!! It has the largest collection of beauty brands among airport duty free shops in Asia Pacific.

The prices are up to 40% cheaper than what is retailing in the city from Marc Jacobs to SK-II to Revlon to Laneige to Chanel to Jo Malone to NARS and more. Some sets are travel-exclusive so you can only get it inside. Terminal 1 was also the first place to launch the world’s first new SK-II AurActivator Complete Correction Cream!

You will be able to find The Shilla Duty Free at all 3 terminals but the iconic one will be at Terminal 3, which is expected to be completed in June 2015. It will house a Dior Makeup Flagship store, a beauty cafe and an SK-II Pitera spaaaaaa!

Korean pop stars, TVXQ and Chinese actress & Model Angelababy were there during the ribbon cutting session as they are the stores’ official ambassadors.

Why them? You must be thinking. Singapore is also hit by the Korean wave so you can find a lot of K-beauty brands there as they are highly sought after. Be prepared to be welcomed and look forward to a range of over 34 K-beauty brands!

Everyone was screaming for the k-pop boy band and Angelababy. And that goes to show that The Shilla has got the right ambassadors! Haha.

Apart from the departure hall, if you are only visiting Changi Airpot and not for traveling, be sure to check out the famous Korean brand which is finally now in Singapore – Whoo. You can visit them at its new flagship store at Terminal 1 Departure Check-in Hall area.

I must comment that the products looked like they are made for royalty.

I was totally sold by the lipstick!!! I bet you would be too!

For your information, you can also find The Shilla Duty Free at Seoul (Flagship Retail Store), Incheon International Airport, Jeju Island, Gimpo International Airport, Daegu International Airport and Macau Airport.

Visit http://sg.shilladutyfree.com/en for more information 🙂

Yorijori by DSS Food Tasting @ Kovan

Author: James

Kick starting one of the first few food tasting experience in 2015 is that of YoriJori. As much as i had quite a few korean food tasting, i do not seem to get sick of it as every of them seem to offer their own unique flavour and invention!

Likewise for this one!

Initially, i started the event feeling lost (even more lost that attending the “LOST” event couple of weeks ago with M). Why so? This is because my partner in crime could not make it for this one due to her company’s D&D. In case some of you wondered why her familiar face isn’t around!

Anyway, Yorijori is nestled within the bustling neighbourhood of Kovan at Paya Lebar Kovan CC. A very decent looking & noticeable shop front which isn’t hard to locate within the CC.

Apart from that, Korean BBQ lovers will be thrilled to know that this shop has some relation to the famous DSS Korean BBQ Buffet restaurant @ Orchard Gateway! *So bonus to those DSS lovers staying in the northeast districts, you guys can now save the trip down to town*

We started dinner with the highly recommended Spicy chicken ribs “Dak Galbi”.

If you thought that saving a trip down to town is already a WOW, what about saving a trip to Korea! This is because all the ingredients in this dish are imported from Korea!

Personally, i felt the marinate was close to the authentic Korea flavours and best part was the portion was more than enough for four hungry guys! We even had enough to share the ‘love’ over to the table next to ours.

Don’t let the reddish-ness of the dish scare you off if you cant take hot food as the dish is more tasty than it is hot! Definitely a must try if you are there!

Next, came the seafood pancake. I feel that it was one of the more tasty ones i have tried from any korean restaurants as the flour portion wasn’t bland and in fact, it was pretty crispy with a good spread of prawns and squids peppering it!

As asians, we just cant go without our usual staple food: Rice!

So following on, we had the Korean Fried Rice! The manager personally cooked this for our table. So just in case you aren’t a great Korean cook like me, Don’t Worry!

You can be rest assured they have very professional waiters to help you do the cooking so that you can better enjoy the food. If you are as lucky as us, you will get the boss who is a korean to roll up his sleeves while he deliver his hometown style of cooking!

Following on, we were invited to a platform where we crowded around the korean chef who showed us how to prepare their traditional Rice Ball and Army Stew.

Here, i don’t know if we photo-bombed the mascot when its posing for a pic or it photo-bombed us as we started getting busy in action! Lol!

Tah Dah! There you have it.. Pipping hot and mouth-watering Army stew after 5-10 minutes of boiling! Good for at least 3-4 pax as they gave quite a generous portion of the ingredients e.g sausages, tofu, luncheon meat etc.

The event was drawing near to a close and we had the best for last: Korean BBQ!

I been waiting all night long for this one! As chinese, we usually just BBQ the meat and just stuff it into our mouth right? That night we did it differently!

We were given a plate of lettuce, garlic and sauces! Hence, after the meat was cooked, we wrapped it within the lettuce after applying some of the marinate sauces on it! Also added in were some slices of cooked garlic to enhance the taste further! All i can say is.. once i pop, i cant stop!

We had a interesting ‘dessert’ which was also one of the main highlight for that night: The Watermelon Soju!!

The presentation was pretty innovative as it is served in an emptied watermelon shell with a scoop.

The marriage with watermelon juice gave a different perspective to drinking the traditional soju. It gave a very refreshing taste and a tinge of sweetness to the soju making it extremely easy to swallow!

I would say they made the soju a very female-friendly drink!

As much as it is female-friendly, it is even more male-friendly as you can see!

This is just one of the many many *toast* of the watermelon soju we had that night!

In my opnion, what we had that night was simply quality Korean crusine at reasonable prices. To make it even more reasonable & afforable, 10% discount will be given to customers who order 3 items and above and also for customers who dare to brave the slight drizzle at their alfresco area during rainy days!

Opening Hours:                                                                                                            Mon-Fri: 3.30pm – 11.00pm        Sat- Sun: 11.30am -11.00pm                                          Address: 207 Hougang Street 21, Paya Lebar Kovan CC, Singapore 530207              Contact: +65 6288 6651                                                                                         Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YorijoriSG                                                             IG: http://instagram.com/YorijoriSG

So don’t wait further! Be the first few to enjoy at this new buzz in the heartland ! 😉

Yoogane brought Korea to Sg!

WOOO. The first time I tried Yoogane was with James and the big boys at Bugis Junction half a year ago. They were quite new and it was their first outlet then.

Yoogane is one of the many Korean restaurant in Singapore but this restaurant is highly raved among k-cuisine lovers!

Few days ago, I visit Yoogane again, but this time, it was at their second outlet – West Gate.

Yoogane is pretty generous as they have free flow of kimchi and vega for its customers when they are waiting for their food.

I would recommend you not to eat too much because the servings of their mains are quite big too.

They serve Korean alcoholic drinks like soju and Makoli too. Makoli is James’s favorite. I remember bringing 2 big bottles back from Korea for him and 1 of it burst in my luggage 🙁

We ordered Seafood and Chicken Galbi and the portion serves up to 3-4 pax. It comes in a smaller size of 2-3 pax as well.

You can expect to find chicken, squid, prawns, clams, assorted vegetables, octopus and more in your pan.

We ordered extra topokki for our pan.

The friendly staff will be there to cook and ensure that all the ingredients are cooked to perfection for every table.

You can also add rice or noodles to the pan if you want but we went for ramen!

YUMMMMS. The ingredients looked yummy enough already. The last thing to be added in is the ramen!

Cooked! The seafood is unbelievably fresh and chewy. The prawns were really sweet too! I would say all the ingredients goes well with the glabi sauce!

My favorite dish from the restaurant is the Egg Roll with Cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so good that we had to order another plate to share around :X

The cheese and egg were not stuck together so you can still get to taste them separately. Eat it while it’s hot so that the cheese will melt in your mouth.

The Korean Seafood Pancake ($16.90) is crispy and one portion serves up to 3 pax.

Find generous serving of seafood like scallops and squid inside. Deep it in the sauce for a more enhanced taste.

When it comes to Korean restaurant, I will order Japchae to end my meal, instead of desserts because the glass noodles is quite chewy and bouncy! Something very different from our usual Chinese or Japanese cuisine.

Marinated Chicken Bulgogi Fried Rice ($14.90) was good but I would go for noodles than rice anytime! Hehe. Cheese can be seen between the rice and meat. The girls and James loved it!!

Finally some group photos.

This is us after a hearty meal. Happy faces all around yo!!

Find Yoogane at:

200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction #02-47/48


3 Gateway Drive, West Gate #03-08

Be sure to give Yoogane a try if you enjoy eating Korean Cuisine 🙂

Change of hair color and am satisfied!

Went back to SalonB for a change of hair color because I can no longer stand my ugly hair.

I was very confident that SalonB would give me exactly what I want. C from DRx advised me not to colour my hair unless they leave the scalp untouched. I told Oscar that and he assured me that the scalp would be safe.

Here are some photos of my old and gone hair colour.

Black on top and brown streaks at the bottom. Too untidy.

I was deciding on an ashy shade of brown but not the too extreme kind because I don’t want to end up with very dry hair as I already have coarse and dry hair in nature.

He recommended me the latest Illumina Colour by Wella.

Would really like 9/60 but I went for 8/1 instead because your hair always look healthier when it is in a darker shade. And the latest Illumina Color range gives your hair a greater shine after coloring.

The whole coloring process only took me less than 1 hour but Oscar suggested me to do a hair treatment on top of my scalp treatment.

Nioxin products were used for effects for thicker, fuller and denser looking hair by reducing hair loss due to breakage, delivery of denser looking hair, amplification of hair texture, strengthening resilience of hair against damage and removal of follicle-clogging sebum from scalp.

It is essential for your scalp to be clean and healthy so that new hair can grow healthily. Hence, I would recommend scalp treatment at least once a month.

The entire process was a very cooling treatment on the upper part of the head.

While on the lower part, of the hair, Privy was applied for the hair treatment to leave your hair silky smooth with healthy shine.

An additional 30 minutes for both treatments….

After washing and blow drying.

I was totally SOLD! I could see my hair looking shiny instead of the dullness which I brought in with when I stepped into the salon.

Also really loving the colour. Neither too loud nor too dark. The colour gave me a more feminine look.

I can totally apply a dark brown shade of eyeliner instead of black now.

I only have one stylist and one big salon to thank for making me look like a doll.

Oscar was really gentle with me and extremely skillful as he was able to give me what I wanted with his magic hands! And SalonB for always, always, making me leave the place with a smile.

Salon B is located at 1 Nassim Road #02-03 Singapore 258458.

To avoid disappointments, call them at 6836 5855 to make an appointment 🙂