Satisfy your Korean BBQ Craving with Kko Chi Bar

Author: Alex Chua

There’s nothing more involved, more satisfying in gastronomic experience than barbecuing your own meat. Conveniently located at Tanjong Pagar, Kko Chi Bar is a Korean BBQ joint where you’ll be able to enjoy the moment with you friends and loved ones in a comforting, casual environment. Fresh vegetables, marinated meat and seafood on sticks are brought to the table for your cooking pleasure. And its automatic rotation mechanism makes the process much easier, the meat more evenly-grilled and the experience almost zen-like. Who knows grilling can be so meditative?


We ordered the Skewer Special (set A for 2 pax at $45) and it is more than enough for both of us. Using only specialty grade ingredients, the skewers ranges from chicken, beef, shisamo, pork belly and lamb to mushrooms and garlic moss. Considering the wide variety of assorted meat and vegetables here, the spread is absolutely value-for-money.


Of course, nothing matters if the food doesn’t taste right. The meat here is on point, evenly grilled and sinfully delicious. Just look at the succulent pork belly – tender, oozing with juice and not charred on any ends thanks to the fool-proof rotating belt. This is my favourite skewer among the many delectable skewers and easily one of the best BBQ pork belly I’ve tried. It is a pity that my buddy-in-crime don’t drink beer, if not this would be a perfect combo. The friendly staff would constantly walk along aisle to casually check if the meat is ready to be served. Good tasty food? Checked. Good customer service? Double checked!


After consuming all the proteins, we decided to throw in some carbs and ordered the ala carte buns skewer. Yes, you can order just one skewer alone. After setting it over the charcoal, the resulting bun is really crispy on the outside and fluffily soft inside. It is piping hot so do restrain yourself from munching it directly.


Overall, I would give two thumbs up to this BBQ bar. The food is delicious, the staff and the vibes are casual and friendly. Convenient location with a reasonably-priced menu, so do bring your friends along and eat to your heart’s content!

Kko Chi Bar
10 Craig Road, Singapore 089670
Opening Hours: 6pm – 3am daily

Where to shop in Seoul, Korea?


Shopping can be really enjoyable in Seoul when they have all the latest fashion trends there!

Here are some places to share and I am ranking these places based on my favorite. I am price (I like cheap stuffs! Haha) and quality conscious.

1. Express Bus Terminal (Goto Mall)

(Credit: Eastasy)

If I only have a day to spend in Seoul, the first place that comes to my mind will be Express Bus Terminal. It is like Singapore’s Bugis Street but with better and faster fashion trend.

Even the clothes quality here are so much better! Best of all, the prices are even cheaper. You can get a very trendy pair of jeans for $20 or a jacket for $10!

2. Hongdae (Hongik University Street) and 3. EHWA Woman’s University

(Credit: VisitKorea)

I enjoy spending time roaming around the university streets because of the atmosphere there. The people are younger, happier and chattier! It may not carry as much stuffs as Express Bus Terminal but you will be able to spot some men’s apparels here. James got himself a few outerwear at Hondae.

Be sure to try the street food here too! It is half the price of other shopping districts.

4. Myeong Dong shopping Street

(Credit: VisitKorea)

Even though Myeong Dong is one of the most famous shopping street in Seoul, I find their items OVERLY priced. Yes, including those pushcarts. They sell almost the same stuffs that you can find in Express Bus Terminal and university streets but at double to triple the price.

However, if you are looking for beauty related products, Myeong Dong has one of the most varieties to offer. I also love shopping around their ABC Marts (which you can also find in Taiwan). Sneaker lovers anyone? Catch some good deals there! You can also find designs that are not available in Singapore.

Street food? EXPENSIVE.

5. Dongdaemun: Good Morning City, hello APM

(Credit: VisitKorea)

Mmmm.. Even though this is a wholesale place, I personally do not enjoy shopping there unless I have some spare time to waste. Otherwise, it will just be another late night shopping option for me since they open till late.

However, there are a lot of food places around the area. Quite a good place to chill actually! Oh, Common Ground is another hipster place that you should visit too (not for shopping though)!

I have of course, been to more than just these 5 places but I am only sharing what I love most. Hope this post will be useful for you 🙂

Travel: Practical Tips when you visit Lotte World in Seoul


It has been quite some time since we came back from Korea but yes, we are finally here to talk about part of our trip! Here are some practical tips for you when you visit Lotte World in Seoul.

Dispeling the Myth 

If you try to google Lotte World, you are bound to see a lot of feedbacks saying it is one of the best theme parks for kids! However, I beg to differ as these individuals totally undermined the fun factor in there and I do feel it is no less fun for fully grown adult! Hence, young or old, if you are in Seoul, this is the first theme park you should check out!

How do you get to Lotte World?

I would say it is super convenient due to the fact that it is within 5-10 minutes walking distance from a Subway Station located near the City Centre- Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2,8). After you alight at Jamsil Station, just keep a lookout for Exit 4. If you are walking towards the correct direction, you should see a mock-up version of Trevi Fountain along the way.

Practical Discount Deals

Next, I going to share with you a piece of very practical information that is going to save you a lot of money! This is legit because we have tried and tested it. Just to set a quick disclaimer that we are not sponsored by them. Just in the good names of sharing with other first-timers to Lotte World like us.

So what is this deal all about?

So, we actually bought our tickets online from this website called ‘Funko Funtastic Korea’ after I spent some time trying to google for a good deals just 2 days before the day we went Lotte World.  It was hard to believe when I saw this deal selling tickets for 45% off the original price. That would mean an adult (Full Day) Ticket which cost approximately $60 is going for only $35! We paid for the tickets and next thing we are equipped with our email voucher on my mobile standing in front of “South Gate Ticket Office” all ready to start our fun! Best part, you do not even have to wait in the long queue outside the ticketing booth to buy your ticket. *Feeling like VIP*

Preparation Work

Firstly, let me pre-warn you that if you plan to make the most out of your day in Lotte world! Pls make sure you reach there as early as it opens. We are fortunate enough to clear most of the key popular rides before the theme park closed.

One of the reason is because of the long, crazy queues that snake around every of these popular rides. It can be as bad as at least 1 – 1.5 hour of waiting time per ride. Surely, there are some rides that you just have to wait for only 30 mins. But these are just the normal rides which do not give you the rush of adrenaline.

So I taught you how to save cost. Now, some practical tips on how you can save some waiting time. Goes back to saving money again because like they say ‘Time is Money!’ lol!

So what do you have to do? Very simple! Just download an App called ‘Lotte World Adventure’!


After registering your ticket in the App, click ‘Magic’ on top right hand corner and you will be brought to a page that has all the rides. Do note that the rides will refresh every 15 minutes. That means if you miss reserving the slot, you can try again after 15 minutes.

So how does this work? This essentially works like those typical express queue which makes you feel like a VIP while others are queueing restlessly. This is also very useful because it helps you schedule your ride for the rest of the day!

However, one of the drawbacks is you might not necessarily get the ride you wanted. I remember not being able to get this ride called ‘Atlantis’ no matter how hard I tried for the WHOLE day! Because everyone is trying to click in to reserve that ride also! Ultimately, you need very swift fingers! Secondly, you can only use this function for only 3 times! So plan your rides wisely & ‘spend’ it on a worthy popular ride like Gyro 2, Atlantis, Gyro Spin, The Adventures of Sinbad, French Revolution VR etc.

Which Rides to go for if you do not have the luxury of Time?

So let’s establish the fact that this place do need more than a day to cover both the indoor and outdoor theme rides.

So, let me point you to some of the more popular rides that you should try not to miss!

Look at how gigantic the indoor theme park is!

(Credit: myyellowsuitcase)

Let’s start with the indoor ones: The Adventure of Sinbad, Giant Loop, Camelot Carousel, Flume Ride & French Revolution VR!

I like the French Revolution the best because it takes you on a rollercoaster ride while you are wearing a VR which simulate a scene of you flying around fighting against a giant cyclops!


This one is not as fun but well.. you know we still got to do some ‘couply’ stuff right! Lol!


Now, let’s to the outdoor theme park located on the second floor next to the escalator. The outdoor theme park is called ‘Magic Island’!

So what’s the must try in Magic Island?

Gyro Swing. Bungee, Gyro 2 VR, Atlantis, Gyro Swing, The COMET Express! In short, anything with a Gyro, just go for it!!!


End of the day, look at our blissful face! Tired but pure blissful!


You can thank me for this tips later. Meanwhile, go enjoy that fun day out with your love ones!

Food: Tastes of Korea at Marriott Cafe


K-Pop, K-Beauty or Korean food isn’t going to exit Singapore any time soon because people are generally crazy over anything Korean!

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s Marriott Cafe is pulling the heartstrings of Korean food aficionados with a sumptuous kaleidoscope of Korean delicacies.

The dishes are specially prepared by guests chefs Choi Dae-hwan and Lee Jae-Bin from JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul. With authentic chefs from Korea, you can only expect authentic Korean food!

Diners will be spoilt for choice with hearty stews, ever-popular bibimbab, delightfully savoury kimchi pancake, fried chicken, succulent roasts and many more.

Soup lovers will enjoy the Beef Turnip Soup; Kimchi Stew Dry, Pollack Soup as well as a Soup of the Day.

P/S: The Beef Bulgogi is damn gooooood!

If you prefer to have a mixture of International delicacies, their Sushi, Sashimi, Herbal Soup, Indian food and more are still available.

They have the freshest selection of seafood such as Snow Crab Legs; Live Prawns; Seasonal Oysters; Crayfish; Mussels and Gong Gong for the seafood lvoers too.

I am a fan of their Nonya Kuehs so if you love kuehs as well, I would suggest you to save some space in your stomach for them too!

Marriott Cafe – Taste of Korea Buffet

16 to 31 August 2016

Korean Lunch Buffet

Monday to Saturday / Sunday
Adult: $59++ / $75++* and $98++** per person
Child: $35++ / $46++ per child

Korean Dinner Buffet

Sunday to Thursday / Friday and Saturday
Adult: $70++ / $80++ per person
Child: $38++ / $40++ per child

* Inclusive of free flow of juices and soft drinks
** Inclusive of free flow of sparkling wine, beer and soft drinks

320 Orchard Road, Singapore 238865
Tel: (65) 6735 5800 Fax (65) 6735 9800

CNP – From Korea to SG!

When I was in Korea last summer, I came across CNP Laboratory as it was one of the hottest brands there. CNP was founded in 2000 and the 50 dermatologists from CNP Aesthetic clinic understood the importance and need for good after-treatment home care for various skin issues, so they came out with different ranges for different types of skin type.

CNP Cosmetics is currently South Korea’s leading cosmeceutial brand and has no less than 120 skin-care products. I am really happy to try some of their star products out.

There are 20 products available in Singapore ranging from $14 to $68. You can find them in ION, Paragon, Takashimaya, Vivo City, Causeway Point, Jurong Point, North Point and Parkway Parade’s Guardian.

They have different ranges like Special Care, Basic Skin Care, A-Clean and Dual Balance. More products will come in in the future.

A-Clean products are suitable for people with oily to normal skin while Dual Balance are good for combination to normal skin.

There are currently two kinds of mask. They are the 2-step mask as each mask comes with an ampule. Single piece is retailing at $6.80 while a box of 5 pieces at $30.10.

Step 1: Apply the ampule on the entire face after thorough cleansing of the face
Step 2: Gently press the mask on the face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes

I usually go beyond 20 minutes but lesser than 30 minutes though!

Blue: Quick Soothing S.O.S Mask
Pink: Power Brightening D-Day Mask

There are currently three ampules and all of them are suitable for all skin types.

Vita-Solution Whitening Ampule (brown bottle) at $47.39
Mugener Ampule (white bottle on the left)  at $40.90
Propolis Energy Ampule (white bottle on the right) at $40.90

Propolis Energy Ample is one of their star products. It contains concentrated Propolis extract (also known as Honey Essence).

All the 3 ampules have light watery texture. It may appear sticky for the first 30 seconds, but once it gets absorbed it, there is no greasy or sticky feel at all.

Black Head Clear Kit ($14.10/3 sets). Each set comes with a hypoallergenic black head clear mask and a pore tightening mask which is used after the black head removal. Quite thoughtful eh?

Sleeping packs and sunblock are also available. I was so tempted to try their Propolis sleeping pack (gold tube, $48.90) for deep moisture. The white tube ($58.00) is for soothing. Seems like a good choice to rotate the two masks around.

Their sunblock – Tone-Up Protection Sun is tinted! So BB or CC cream is needed after this. It acts as a makeup base as well.

I was very amaze with their Daily Peeling Foam ($48.90).

The peeling effect is very gentle so it is suitable for everyday use. It foams by itself. You don’t even have to rub it. It is so gently that even people with dry skin can use it. So don’t even worry about flaking skin. The patented Anti-Irritant complex also made it suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Skin feels smoother after exfoliation when dead skin cells are washed away together with the foam.

Doesn’t some of the products sound amazing already? As mentioned, find them at the various Guardian Pharmacy outlets 🙂

Find them at:

World’s largest Etude House Opening

I feel pampered around my family because they always give in to me and provide me with whatever I want (literally). Even J thought that I am really spoilt because I have no bills to pay even though I am already at THIS age and working for 1.5 year already.

But no one has ever treated me like a princess in the disney stories. No one until that night…. I stepped into a land of K-Beauty with a little fusion of Disney Princesses collection make up.

It was very pink and I thought I was in some fairytale or Korea. Yes, that is the world’s largest Etude House Flagship Store in Singapore!! Thank you Etude House for bringing Korea over!! The flagship store is located in Wisma Atria #B1-20/21/22.

The store is lavishly decorated with exquisite and delicate interior design to fascinate and inspire. You will also notice that the entire store is in a pink and white theme.

When you are there, be sure to snap a photo with the iconic life-sized regal Pumpkin Carriage found in the store!

Other than that, with every $30 spent, you will be given a token. You can use the token for their capsule machines and win intricate trinkets such as charm bracelet or bag charms. Alternatively, you can also use the pink token (2 tokens/pic) on the photo booth.

Meanwhile at the event…. We had cute cupcakes for the party as well.

The very very famous Pony Youtuber was also there to do a makeup demo using Etude House products.

Even the local celebrity Xu Bin was there to grace the opening!

You know what I like about the store?

They have very informative tips for you ladies as well! A wall of them!!

Also, they had cute korean guys who flew in just for the event!

J was in front of me so I had to pretend to be not-so-happy. BAHAHAHA.

Xinyi and me went gahgah at all the products they carry as they have the most extensive and updated collection of products, including exclusive items such as all 50 shades of the Play 101 Pencil and Disney Princess Collection.

The Disney Princess Collection is really really cute!! They are mostly make up products from the face to your nails.

There are 4 different lines – Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and Jasmine which include an assortment of BB cream, mascara, blushers, lipsticks and nail polishes.

Even the packaging of the product comes in a storybook packaging which is really irresistible. More information will be up when the review is up (I hope soon).

In short, you should really visit the store and who knows, you may be spending more than me there! Like in Korea, there are freebies on top of your purchases with min spending! So see you there!!


I have a sufficient supply of makeup that is good enough to last me for years but I still go weak at them at departmental stores. I can’t resist lip colors especially!!

Then… I kept seeing LANEIGE make ups with prints on them.. I told myself that I have to get hold of them too!! I went WOW when I saw them because they had doggies inside the leopard prints!!

You know…. It’s LANEIGE Meets Fashion!! When K-beauty meets K-fashion!! What can be better than that?!

pushBUTTON has been catching attention of magazines and fashion editors for its unique and quirky style. Even big celebrity names like Rihanna, Gong Hyo Jin have been seen in pushBUTTON outfits as well and LANEIGE is definitely more than proud to be the official make-up partner!

4 new shades of Serum Intense Lipstick ($34 each) were created and they are limited editions. So when it’s gone, ITS GONE.

I like Serum Intense Lipstick for it’s smooth application and hydrating properties. I can save the trouble of applying a lip balm before applying a lipstick

Purple tone is something new for me because most of my lipsticks are either orange, pink or red tone.

On my lips – P40 Vintage Orchid.

Read my review on the lipsticks here:


Read about my LANEIGE BB Cushion review here:

Lastly, the cutest thing in the collaboration is the Eye Shadow ($40)!!!!

It has a doggy inside, featuring the pattern “Doggie’s playing Leopard”, the iconic design pattern of the collection. It features 3 highly pigmented shades – Pink-Brown, Beige and Hot Pink.

I used the Pink-Brown as a highlighter on the face as well.

MFP has an article about the collaboration too!!

Buy any 3 items and you can get a free clutch! I LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERY SINGLE ITEM IN THE COLLABORATION TO PIECES XOXO.

They are all available in stores already and on a WHILE STOCKS LAST BASIS.

Miss it and regret!!

Seoul Trip Part 1

You would also probably know that I just came back from Seoul last month!! Would love to thank My Fat Pocket and Herman for giving me this opportunity and Xinyi for being such a wonderful partner (including Herman, who took very good care of us)!!

We attended the opening of Atria Flagship Store in Seoul!! Yes, this also meant that we met one of the girls from Girls Generation and BtoB boy band.

Some of the outfits were sponsored by Shop Lila Mila for the trip. Quote “Maybeline10” when you check out to get 10% off per cart.

Pink lips for that night because Pink is the NEW Red in Korea.

It was shopping and eating after the first day of event. We went back on the second day for some shoot and shopping after that! If I were to visit Korea again, it would be for the food instead of the shopping as the streets there sell stuffs similar to Singapore but pricier. The food there was really nice though!

Atria Day 2.

Starlash eyelashes, 3CE Glass Pink, and curls for a Kpop look. My first attempt to look like a Korean. I know I failed quite a bit because I still look Singaporean. Hahahaha. But at least it is quite different from my usual style.

When you’re overseas, you will tempt to dress up like the people there no?

We were told by many that we looked like sisters and most of the people there spoke to us in Korean. I guess we succeed a little? Hahaha.

Our tops were bought there. Mine was from Dongdaemun. There was a loooooot of stuffs to see but they are really overpriced. Literally out to cheat tourist’s money. There was a store selling a top for 58,000 won which is retailing for nearly $70, but another store, at $30. The aunty at the $70 store was SERIOUSLY pushy!!

Tip: If you really want to shop there, be smart, finish window-shopping at the entire building first and haggle the price after that.

It was really fun to travel with her and Herman with both of them being so considerate and thoughtful. They made me feel like I am a little girl (cause I was the youngest) and they had to take care of me. Actually this Xinyi made me feel that she is much younger than me because of her size and looks! I wish I can look like her too.

My top (jacket) cost $17 and the lacy shorts was sponsored by Shop Lila Mila again. Comfy and sweet looking on?

My favourite shopping street was at Hongdae. No nasty price tags, no pushy aunties there. You can get a nice top at an average of $15-30. Although the beauty junkie street is at Myeongdong, you can also find them in Hongdae! Etude house and other brands were really really cheap. Remember to stock up on the makeup and skincare!

I bought colour-ed cosmetic contact lenses there as well. The average price was between $15-$20 per pair. Well, you know GEO lenses and all are from Korea right?

This shop caught my attention right in the middle of Hongdae.

The churros were made and deep fried on the spot. It was very crispy and fluffy. I can’t get enough!!! I wish they have an outlet in Singapore too.

It was finger-lickin’ good to the last bit.

And I shall end this post with my first meal in Korea. Check back for part 2! 🙂

Shine like a Kpop star with Laneige’s new makeups!

Attended Laneige all new pure radiant shadow, pure radiant blush and serum intense lipstick at Full House restaurant last week.

Below is a picture of me with my usual makeup.

This Spring 2014, get set to be spoilt for choice as Laneige launches its all new exciting comprehensive range of eye shadow palettes, blushers and lipsticks!

There are 7 highly-pigmented our radiant shadow palettes, 6 pure radiant blush colours and 20 vivid serum intense lipstick colors.

Available in 7 shades, Laneige Pure Radiant Shadow helps you create the look you want from nude to smoky or sweet to glamorous. Each palette retails at $40.

Each palette creates a different look and my final pick that night was No. 6 – Classy mood where all the colours are matte (right in the middle of the picture below).

Classy mood – Skin Beige, Sand Beige, Purple Grey, Choco Brown.

This is No. 1 Urban Beige – Pearl Ivory, Champaign Pink, Glossy Brown and Dark Brown.

Don’t you just love the exterior packaging too?

Pure Radiant Blush will be retailing at $38.

Give your cheeks a soft, natural and lively glow. Available in 6 attractive tones to shading use, the Pure Radiant Blush contains highly transparent mica that gives a smoother and more radiant finish upon application.

From left to right – No. 5 Pink Glow, No. 1 Chi Chi Pink, No.3 Angel Pink, No. 2 Baby Purple.

Left – No. 4 Coral Blossom and No. 6 Natural Shading.

The natural shading one was the highly raved colour that day because you can create the perfect face shape with it! You can use it to highlight the nose or create a sharper jaw line.

Lastly, the Serum Intense Lipstick. Let your lips pop with Laneige’s new Serum Intense Lipstick (nicknamed LED Lipstick) and create different looks from the choice of 20 vivid lipstick colours.

The lipstick also pampers your lips with intense LED colours and moisture-rich serum. It also contains 3 types of moisture-sealing formula for long-lasting hydration and 35% skincare ingredients that protects the lips – Glycerin, Physiogel lotion/ Laneige Original Essence and Natural botanical, Squalane.

Swatches of the top 4 favourites!

New cleansing oils will also be launched in Feb 2014. Remember, it is important to allow your skin to breathe properly first before applying any skincare.

Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil and Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil at $48 each.

The makeup artiste also create a look on me with the different colours that I had picked.

On my eyes was No.2 Shiny Gold.

Lips – YR24, Twinkle Coral – I was struggling between quite a few colours when we were asked to pick one 🙁

A demostration was also done by the makeup artiste from Korea and omg, her actions and words were really cute and entertaining that night!

The model had no makeup on her and she used the products and created a totally different look on the model!

TADAH! I wish I am that talented as well :/

The range will be available in stores from January 2014 onwards.

You can find Laneige Boutiques at ION Orchard, JCube, Jurong Point, Plaza Singapura and Suntec City 🙂

Change of hair color and am satisfied!

Went back to SalonB for a change of hair color because I can no longer stand my ugly hair.

I was very confident that SalonB would give me exactly what I want. C from DRx advised me not to colour my hair unless they leave the scalp untouched. I told Oscar that and he assured me that the scalp would be safe.

Here are some photos of my old and gone hair colour.

Black on top and brown streaks at the bottom. Too untidy.

I was deciding on an ashy shade of brown but not the too extreme kind because I don’t want to end up with very dry hair as I already have coarse and dry hair in nature.

He recommended me the latest Illumina Colour by Wella.

Would really like 9/60 but I went for 8/1 instead because your hair always look healthier when it is in a darker shade. And the latest Illumina Color range gives your hair a greater shine after coloring.

The whole coloring process only took me less than 1 hour but Oscar suggested me to do a hair treatment on top of my scalp treatment.

Nioxin products were used for effects for thicker, fuller and denser looking hair by reducing hair loss due to breakage, delivery of denser looking hair, amplification of hair texture, strengthening resilience of hair against damage and removal of follicle-clogging sebum from scalp.

It is essential for your scalp to be clean and healthy so that new hair can grow healthily. Hence, I would recommend scalp treatment at least once a month.

The entire process was a very cooling treatment on the upper part of the head.

While on the lower part, of the hair, Privy was applied for the hair treatment to leave your hair silky smooth with healthy shine.

An additional 30 minutes for both treatments….

After washing and blow drying.

I was totally SOLD! I could see my hair looking shiny instead of the dullness which I brought in with when I stepped into the salon.

Also really loving the colour. Neither too loud nor too dark. The colour gave me a more feminine look.

I can totally apply a dark brown shade of eyeliner instead of black now.

I only have one stylist and one big salon to thank for making me look like a doll.

Oscar was really gentle with me and extremely skillful as he was able to give me what I wanted with his magic hands! And SalonB for always, always, making me leave the place with a smile.

Salon B is located at 1 Nassim Road #02-03 Singapore 258458.

To avoid disappointments, call them at 6836 5855 to make an appointment 🙂