Post Botox/Fillers – 3 months later

Attended my cousin’s wedding dinner in Dec and my relatives thought I slimmed down a lot because my face looked so much smaller/sharper!

I told them “No way! I put on 2kg since the last time you guys saw me. The fats are now well hidden and my face look smaller because of botox!”

Yes yes, I was referring to the session which I did at Astique Clinic 3 months ago.

And I can have a prominent chin at the same time thanks to the chin fillers done as well!

Dr. Matthew told me that botox and fillers can last between 6 months to a year and I am hoping that mine can last up to a year because I don’t even have to worry about my face getting fat even though I put on weight. My face always look bloated when I put on weight, and yes, that is even if it is only a kg.

What can I say? Nothing! I am extremely satisfied with the results!

So what can botox/fillers do?

Basically nothing else, except making you happier because you can look so much prettier!

However, do remember to avoid rubbing the areas where you had fillers injection just incase the fillers go out of place! 🙂