[James] My Surprise-ful 2014 Birthday !

Author: James

The December baby Me was supposed to be due in Jan but I decided to pop out earlier to see the world on the 30th Dec.

So yup! That pretty much summarized the reason why i always have to wait so longggg for my bday to come ! But this year’s wait was all worth it for all the fun & surprises that my girl planned for me!

M took leave from work for my big day, even to the extend of utilizing “saved up” leave! Was touched knowing this till we started my birthday eating Cai Png under my block (-,-”)

But soon enough she make it up as we head out shortly!

Our outfit of the day:

Her clothes was kinda crumpled because we spent almost 3 hours in the cinema & I guess she was busy tossing around in the chair after complaining the Hobbit was just too draggy (but nice)!!

*ok fine fine! Brownie points for companying me to complete the triology. In 3D somemore!*

Mine was alright & the rayban made me look way cooler than the 3D specs we had!

..& how can we missed out the Bday Wefie of the day!

After movies, we head down to the highly-raved Mezza9 restaurant at Hyatt Hotel for dinner! Got my biggest surprise of the day due to our first time being there! Spot any difference in my outfit ? (*hint*: Look waist down!)

The restaurant is so atas till the restaurant wouldn’t let me in without a proper long pants! So they handed me one & there you have it: Me in my SUPER DUPER oversized pants! LOL!

But the experience at Mezza9 was far from bad! At least the food & services make up for the initial “surprise”!

Had a hearty Mezza Meat platter (above) while M sticked to her favourite carbo regime (below).

How can bday go without pressie right?

M bought me something very practical & I use it every single day since that day! Shall keep the present a secret but you can check out my IG to spot what it is! 😉

Next, came the cake which I also got a surprise! Simply because i had TWO unexpected cakes !

Cake #1:

My sweet friend, Dil whom also helped me booked the restaurant, actually secretly got the staff to prepare this for me (together with an embarrasing Bday song singing by the waiters & waitresses)!

Cake #2:

This one came from M whom secretly planned with my godsis to bring it over during our dinner! Hence, the presence of my godsis was also a surprise itself! So now, you know how sneaky M can be!

PS: Thank you Brand Cellar for the lovely famous rainbow cake from MEDZS!!

And not forgetting the Miam Miam surprise as well!

Was having our food tasting event at Miam Miam, enjoying some of my favourite food that night..

..& the not to be missed Spagetti..

..& just when i thought i was just having our regular food tasting experience at Miam Miam!

This happened..

Conclusion: I must say M is a pretty good surprise planner! She keep bombarding me with surprises after surprises! Making my 2014 Bday a ‘Surprise-ful’ & memorable one! ><

As much as i had lots of wonderful presents this year from all my lovely friends, i thought my bday wishlist 2014 would not be completed without this. Something to reward my ownself after that whole year of hard work: The Panerai 112!

Also part of my new hobby! Collecting luxury watches which also serve as a good investment tool! Furthermore, I always believe you must learn to reward yourself before you will be motivated to work even harder to attain more successes!

Thoughts for 2014 Hatchday: Simply there is nothing more i could have asked for!

In case you were wondering what wish i made this year? That is to have every year’s bday like this! Simple yet fulfilling & most importantly, in the company of my loved one!

Lastly, taking this opportunity to also thank Dr Toh, Zi Yuan, Kun Xiang, William & Kiehl gang, Joanna & Hubby, Dil, Lippy & my colleagues in Allergy & Oncology team for your lovely gifts & cakes (which gained me a few kg)!

My Countdown 2014 @ Sentosa

Where did you countdown last Dec 2014? How was it?

For me and James, it was pretty quiet until 9pm as we had dinner with his family for his birthday dinner prior to partyinggggg!

We wanted to party with the rest of the 15,000 party goers who were there to welcome the new year at Asia’s largest beach party. There were more than 20 international and local DJs (Zurich-raised DJ Mike Candys, DJ Shy, DJ Tinc and more) who took the decks across five party zones for 12 hours straight. It was a 6pm to 6am party.

OUR FAVOURITE AREA WAS THE FOAM PARTY where everyone had to just get DIRTY!! There were a lot of people from different countries and races partying and throwing foam at each other!! Everyone looked so happy that night.

Because James drove, so we were pretty restricted. No foam on me!!

The boy couldn’t resist. He just had to get into the “pool” of foam.

I also liked the big stage and love VDJ Funky T!!! His music made all of us grooved like crazy! People couldn’t stop dancing or singing to the songs. I got a little high too (even though I did not drink) LOL.

The same for James. He was dancing away happily……

Cheeky boy is happy.

Happy boy is cheeky.

We moved from the stage to the foam party and back to the stage again. To and fro and to and fro.

We waited till 12mn for the countdown and fireworks! WOOHOOOO. It was spectacular!! I wished I had it recorded.

Siloso Beach Party closed the colorful chapter of 2014 and began a new journey into 2015 with the best company and party setting that its participants could ask for.

I am so going back on 31 Dec 2015 with a big group of friends this time round!!

Reflections on 2014

ZZOOOOOOM. 2014 is over and here comes 2015.

To be honest, I haven’t really achieve much in 2014 and I am pretty ashamed of it.

Graduated, got a job, still in the job, has a blog, still blogging, and still working, still blogging, and still working. Making no progress, no significant changes, no results shown. I am the pretty Kiasu kind of person so I would want to strive and make some positive changes in my life. I don’t know what exactly happened to me in 2014. I need to find myself back.

The only difference in 2014 and 2013 is I am finally attached again. Life was pretty boring till I got together with J where I was more active in attending events after that. He seems to enjoy the events and it also made the relationship more interesting because we ran for The Color Run and Zombie Run, baked together, tried out new skincare products together as well.

Have you also noticed? This guy is starting to write reviews too! So cute. I called him the Male Writer (Homme) for my blog with me being the Female Writer (Femme). Since I have been receiving some male products and we did collaborations together for Wisma Atria, so why not? Someone is finally sharing my workload!! Hehehe. It is not easy to find male beauty blogger in Singapore okay. So guys, other than reading reviews on beauty products done by girls, you can finally read from the male perspective here now!

Expect nicer photos on our Instagram (@maybelinesim and @james_awyong) because this guy here is seriously good at taking OOTD photos now (after constantly naggings of how lousy his skills were in the past :X)

We just celebrated his birthday last week. Think you guys would be interested in his birthday celebration right?

Stay tuned for it! :DDDD


Resolutions for 2015? Nothing much.

– Be a better person
– Stop procrastinating and continue with my motto “Never stop climbing in life”


Signing off,

Shopping at Wisma Atria

Every year, be it Chinese New Year or Christmas, I would visit Orchard Road even more frequently than the normal days to soak myself into the festival mood as the entire stretch or road would be decorated with beautiful decorations and all. People also looked happier and chattier there.

This year, James and me decided to buy ourselves a similar backpack because I had enough of him and his ugly bags :X

My first thought was Porter International!!! Wisma Atria has one outlet there!! As you know, I just came back from Taiwan, and after seeing all the bags there, I got myself 4 items from the shop so I knew it was the right place to get us the backpacks.

On top of that, Wisma Atria is also having some contest right now where we will get a chance to fly to  a destination of our choice. So why not shop there for some presents with the hopes of flying to Paris – our dream country?!?!?!

When we entered the mall, we were greeted by the lovely scents of the candles from Yankee Candle as there was a little cottage at the atrium 🙂

We stopped by a little for a sniff before heading up to Porter International at Level 3 (for me) and James to Plinio Visona at Level 1!

The little accessories from Porter Internation like coin pouches, wallets and bracelets caught my attention too (even before checking out the bags)!

I got myself this from the MORI series Backpack. It was a love at first sight because I fell in love with the combination of Maroon and Gold. As for James…. I picked the Black and gold one for him!

I am pretty sure that he would love this bag because it has a contrast of colors and he love contrast. With that said, this bag is very spacious and looks versatile for almost any outfit.

There were really other designs that were pretty nice as well..

James did consider this but it wasn’t big enough to fit in a laptop. We thought that it would be very useful for trips though!

Hehehehe. I couldn’t resist. I got this as well 🙂

I liked shoulder bags so this tempted me a little too…

When I was shopping, James sneaked off to another shop to pick me a gift as well. He went to Plinio Visona located on Level 1 where they sell real leather bags. They have really good quality and trendy bags.

You guys know how much we love to cafe hop right? I love Paris Baguette because of their desserts! I heard that Omakase Burger is pretty yummy too. Shall give that a try when we are in town again!

This is only part of the story. If you wanna read the entire story, read it here: http://www.wismaonline.com/?ch=english_happening&pg=english_happenings_hot&ac=AC_81RBUSqI_20141219170946

PSSST: Wisma Atria is quite a nice place for you to do some christmas shopping! 🙂

Alive Museum

It is good when the fun activities are constantly changing according to themes.

One example of it is Alive Museum!! My first visit was in Aug this year (http://blog.myfatpocket.com/maybelinesim/2014/07/30/alive-museum-experience) and I took a truckload of photos inside.

But I am back again 4 months later as they have additional stuffs inside! Come Alive this Christmas with the Penguins of Madagascar! DreamWorks Animation and Alive Museum bring the quirky characters of the animated action comedy film to life, right here in Singapore!

Enter the bubbling lab of Dr. Brine and his tentacled henchmen, skydive or sneak off in a crate with the penguins!

To create a more immersive experience, some of the areas are green screen where characters from the film come alive and pose for photos with visitors. First time in Singapore where you can experience a 4D visual illusionary museum.

– Select the background you want,
– Strike a pose,
– Snap and print.

Buy them at $15 each or $20 for 2 copies (4R-sized with a magnetic frame). Soft copy are also available at $5.

The picture below…….. IS WAY TOO FUNNY. I thought he looked like the monkey on the right. HHAHAHAHA.

Alive Museum is located at Suntec City #03-372 (between Towers 3 and 4) and it will be there until May 2015.

Tickets are priced at $25 for adults and $20 for children age between 3 to 12 year old.

Hop over there for some family fun or something before it is gone!

See you there!

Cutest pie found @ Pie Face!

Do you know where to find all these cute pies? They finally flew in from Australia to Singapore!! I was so freaking sick that day but I still went for the food tasting because I wanna take cute photos with ALL the little faces! And they have more than 80 stores around the world already!

Even the wall looked so cuteeeee.

The first outlet in Singapore is located at 313@somerset #B3-10 Singapore 238895. The second outlet should be opened by today and it is located at Bugis Village – 249 Victoria Street Singapore 188034.

Different face represents a different filling. They have Chunky Steak Pie ($5.20), Chicken & Mushroom Pie ($4.90), Thai Chicken Curry Pie ($4.90), Tandoori Vegetable Pie ($4.90) and moreeeee!

For me, the Chicken & Mushroom Pie is my favorite.

Look at my ruldoph red nose~

And my fat boy with his pies..

The coffee here is seriously underrated!! Trust a coffee lover, when she says it’s good, it’s good!! The coffee start from $4.00 and they are the perfect accompaniment to the pies and a great perk-me-up to start the mornings right.

There is an ongoing special Pie-fect deal right now. Buy any of their coffee and get any mini or sweet pie for free!

Other than the pies, J’s favorite was this cheese sausage roll which was served hot and yummmm… Each bite will lead to another portion of oozing cheese…

I love the chunky chicken bites inside the pie! (This pic was taken after J stole a mouthful of the fillings). The “gravy” is rather thick and cream so it felt like I was drinking some soup from the pie.

Beautifully baked crossiants. It is not that easy to achieve such beautiful layers.

They also have sweet pies at $3.30 each ranging from Butterscotch to Apple Crumble. I like the butterscotch one because the fillings are rather “smooth”!

Other than the pies, Pie Face also carries crumbly cookies, moist cakes and piping hot soups!

I must still emphasize on how good the coffee is. Please try them when you are there!!

Find them on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/piefacesingapore

Instagram: @pieface_sg #piefacesg


High tea with Mariette

Other than baking pineapple tarts during the previous weekend, J and I went for a high tea session with Mariette 2 weeks prior to the baking session.

It was held at MEDZS and we had cakes and tea that afternoon. The cakes are actually frozen cakes. Frozen cake can taste as good as fresh cakes and some can taste even better.

You can decorate the cakes with any toppings with the cakes. Decorate them and serve them prettily to your guest at home!

YES, the cakes in this picture are all the cakes Mariette is currently carrying.

They have 4 different cakes currentl – Molten lava cake, Double chocolate cake, Salted caramel cake and Orange tea cake.

J’s favourite is the double chocolate while mine is the lava cake. Actually, I quite like the orange tea cake too cause it has a very pleasant fragrance.

Keep a box of any of the cake at home and eat it as and when you want it. I want a dozen of molten lava cakes in my freezer because in the past, I can only have it in cafe or restaurants. But now, they make things so much easier! Do you also know that it is the first microwaveable molten lava cake in Singapore?

They are also very easy to prepare. Just microwave on high heat for 15 seconds and TADAHHHH.

As for the rest of the flavours, you do not even have to heat it. Just thaw it and eat it chilled. Yummy yum yum.

The cakes give busy Singaporeans a convenient and affordable teatime indulgence. Eat them at your own time and own pace.

You can find them at selected Cold Storage, FairPrice stores and Giant supermarkets at only $7.90 each! SO AFFORDABLE!!

Have a yummy yummy weekend!!

Cafe Hunting with J

Here in this post is Food For Thought. J brought me there for lunch with his sister. This guy took half day off just to accompany me before I fly off to Taiwan for 8 days and because I don’t work on Monday.

We went to Food For Thought. The service was good but the air-con was faulty that day so it was kinda humid even though we had the outdoor seat. It was still quite empty during lunch hours, I guess not much people working in the central can fork out 2 hours for a slow lunch at a cafe.

Food wise….

The serving of the breakfast was huge, making it value for money. This big plate of full breakfast cost less than $20 (I can’t remember the price). I feel that the scramble eggs were cooked just right. The hash brown balls on the other hand tasted “hollow” and soggy. It wasn’t crispy at all. But I guess, for that amount that you are paying for, we should expect too high a standard.

The pork burger was good although the serving wasn’t as huge as the full breakfast. The pork tasted like duck to me though. J told me that they are famous for their pork burger too.

As for my pasta… Mmmmm, the linguine was too soft. You can’t really taste the chewiness of the linguine and in my opinion, they were too salty. Portion size was reasonable and prawns were rather juicy though. I would not order this again when I dine there the next time.

After the lunch, we went over to my cousin’s place to visit the baby boy! This cutie is already 6 months old but it was only my second time seeing him. He has little “muscles” all over him!! So cute!! He is so round and cuddly! It’s like, if you leave him on the sofa, he might risk rolling around and fall or something. So chubby so cuteeee!

And James couldn’t stop laughing when he saw this photo. 被宝宝翻白眼!!

Till the next entry! 🙂

Run For Your Lives Singapore 2014

Wooohooo. We had another unusual Sunday last week. No movie dates, no shopping, no lazying. We joined in the (media) Run For Your Lives 2014 at West Coast Park although the sun was really killing us. We spammed all sorts of sun block because I wan burnt within 10 minutes. My arms were already red then! We had Sun Play, Innisfree and Spectraban. Very kiasu I know, but I don’t wanna be too dark.

We were already at the starting line in the picture below. There were people from different countries in our group. The more obvious were the Thais who ran with their school uniform! I was really amazed by how much people are willing to travel for a run because there were people from Switzerland as well. How a run like this can bond people from different countries together is truly such an amazing thing.

All ready to dash!!

There were also a lot of obstacles to overcome. J even described them as SOC (army) training. It was kinda fun for me because I really want to try some army training.

The most exciting part was the zombies! I fell flat onto the ground twice because I was busy running away from the zombies who were chasing after us to grab our “lives”. (We were given 3 lives at the start of the game. If we survived the game with at least one live, we will be the survivors!) I even met my uni mate there. He registered himself as the zombie while I registered the run as the survivior. Isn’t it cute? You can choose to be the villian or the human! Haha.

He escorted me to the safe zone. Yeap! The zombie “saved” me. Lol.

Credits: cdn.runsociety.com

Despite falling down twice, bruised the shoulders and knee caps, we survived the race! We got the survivors medal instead of the infected medal. YAYYYY. And guess what? We changed into the survivors tee after the run and drove down to Town for dinner!

I can’t help but feel thankful for the different activities that I was invited to recently. It made our dates more colourful and fun!!

I can’t wait for another one to come along!!

Prawning Date w #jamesnmaybel

We became addicted to prawning after getting together. It is like the mahjong addiction where the hands would itch when the mahjong-addicts do not get to gamble.

Our usual prawning location is Hai Bin at Jurong Bird Park where 3 hours of prawning would cost about $33 and we would prawn there on alternate weekends.

We got very very lucky that night because we only prawned for 2 hours but we had almost 60 prawns in total!!! This was 1/3 of the loot.

Okay, to be honest, we just got lucky. We caught almost 20 in 2 hours and an old uncle gave us all his catch because he was only there for leisure and James kinda hit it off with him. BAHAHAHA.

I think we need a body check up after this feast ~.~

James and I posted a picture of us up and we were told be different people that we look alike AGAIN!!! (with his coloured lenses) LOL.

Now, stop bombing us with where where where, it is at Bird Park!!! 😀

Hope you guys get lucky too!!