What went behind James & Maybeline’s Proposal


I know I should have started working on this post for the longest time but I just can’t find the time to sit infront of my desktop every night.

How it all began:

We had a staycation at The Quincy Hotel and everything felt normal because we have staycation reviews very frequently. The only different thing was I had an event to attend that evening and will be away for 3 hours.

Obviously, I felt guilty because it was a staycation but I had to leave him alone so a very good brother, TJ, accompanied him throughout. Little did I know that they were just putting on an act.

He sent me to Casio Headquarters to gather with the other influencers as the meeting point was quite near our hotel. We then left the place, dressed in bridesmaid dresses. He kept joking about us looking like Jie Meis for someone’s wedding. I guess he was kind of dropping hints already? Me being me, was oblivious of the words and more concern about my shoes. I had wanted to wear heels but I picked comfort over beauty.



We left in a Limousine Party as it was Casio TR80 Limousine Party! I heard that it was a great hit in Japan and Casio is a Japan brand soooooo… the lucky us were quite privilege to try it! There were a few “stations” where we had to alight and take photos from Chijmes, National Gallery to this and that. They told me they will drop me off at my hotel after the event so obviously I didn’t suspect anything.

When we alighted back at the hotel lobby, I was busy looking for medication for Xinyi because of her headache so I did not even notice anything. It was also pretty normal for her to hold my hand because we are girly like that.

Who knows, as we started to walk down, I began seeing 1 or 2 familiar faces. Still nothing much yet until I saw James. The spotlight was turned on and there…. you can continue watching the story below:

Still…. don’t judge me. I know the shoes are pretty ugly…… 🙁

After everything, I realized the day itself was a beautiful lie. He had been planning for this months back. I don’t even have a single clue about it because he was with me almost every day – except for one when he had a conference to attend. The conference was fake too. He went out for a final meeting with his team.

There are a lot of people I want to thank here but I am most most grateful to TJ and William. William brought his lights from the office for him and he even held the light throughout for our photo taking session. TJ, for being a good liar, making me angry, happy, angry and happy again. He was so stressed throughout the planning and even after the proposal because I gave him quite a hard time on the video LOL.

You can also find Behind The Scene videos here: https://www.facebook.com/simmaybeline/media_set?set=a.835989136419115.1073741833.100000241080390&type=3&pnref=story

I grabbed them from the influencers’ Insta Stories so pardon me for the quality.

All in all, I feel truly blessed and I am not sure what have I done to deserved all these. Thank you love, for getting our family members and friends down. (He forgot to ask my BFF along because he felt it was quite packed already 🙁 aahhhh). Nonetheless, thank you each and every one of you for the blessings. Not forgetting, The Quincy Hotel for the drinks and location, Casio Singapore for the surprise! 🙂

We are off to the next stage – Planning of Wedding Dinner, taking Bridal Photos etc…..

My Valentine’s Day

Okay, with the lovey dovey day gone, it is time to prepare ourself for the next holiday! But first, let me blog about my first Valentine’s day with James. We spent the week before Valentine’s quarreling almost every night due to different characters but similarly, stubborn minded, hence, we always see our own thinking as right ~.~

Even so, we had a good pre-valentines and on the actual day itself. He wanted to accompany me for lunch because I was working full shift (9am – 6pm) but I told him I did not want to rush so we can make do with dinner.

That boy…

This bear with it’s bouquet of flowers appeared when I was about to start work. A colleague told me there’s a delivery guy outside… I remembered telling him NOT to waste money on flowers because you can give flowers ANY TIME, but NEVER on Valentine’s day. He said there was a bear so they are not just flowers. Lol. The flowers and bear are from Love Chapter by Noel.

“Since I can’t accompany you for lunch, my representative will be there to accompany you” he said.

I am the ultimate NUA or lazy kind of person so I would rather stay home for Vday than to head out. But when you’re stuck with a hopelessly romantic guy, I think you have to make do with at least a dinner. Lol.

He told me we would be going to Hyatt for dinner but we ended up at Long Beach Restaurant because of my love for crabs. I think Long Beach crabs are kinda rip off! Over $100 for a crab ~.~ I would pick Mellben Seafood any time.

To be fair, their Man Tou are really DAMN good but the crabs were just so-so.

I avoided lenses so I wore my spects everywhere. It was kinda hard for me to take selfie or wefie because I can’t see where the camera lens is when I remove my spects. This is a good excuse for looking like crap in the picture!

He even specially warned me to keep the bear in a safe place because bears are Roro’s best friend. He would bite them and bring them everywhere he go for weeks and then tear them apart and flood the living room with cottons. LOL.

Right after we are done with the dinner, we went for a little shopping. Visited our good friend, William, who was at Bugis selling flowers.

He has a lot of ideas when it comes to business.

Did a little shopping but I still opted for the option to head home because it was SO crowded everywhere. I prefer to do my shopping or anything on Monday where people are suffering from Monday blues.

Seems like a simple Valentine’s Day celebration but it is already good enough for me.

For the presents, HE GOT ME A RING A RING A RING!!!





















A ring light la! HAHAHA. Very practical hor? Actually I wanted nothing but he insisted on something so I picked this since most beauty bloggers and pretty girls have this!

He set up the light for me, snapped a photo and went “See my eyes? Pretty anot?” VAIN POT!

I got him a pair of cufflinks for his work because watches, cufflinks and shades are his favorite accessories.

Looking forward to future Valentine’s with you my love!! 🙂

Malacca Trip With J Part 2

Well, $1 is now equivalent to RM2.54 so it made everything so much cheaper when you are there!

Our first purchase there was a pair of Adidas sneakers each. It was a love at first sight for J. I had double thoughts for mine because I have way way way too many pairs of shoes at home. I bet you guys know about me and my love for New Balance right? I don’t even wanna count!

It seems like Adidas is the new brand for me cause I bought a pair of Adidas when I was in Taiwan too! Hehehe.

We wore our Adidas out on our second day. Heh, yup yup, another pair of couple shoe. We bought a pair of New Balance couple shoe last month (if you follow us on Instagram, you would know).

We passed by some old places and couldn’t help but to stop for a few pictures.

Totally loving this Vintage looking Prada logo tee too! Although it was too big for me but I just had to get it anyway.

This lorry is super vintage and cute!! His uncle has a few of them. I wish I could drive one of them.

Stupid boy and his love for Superdry. His friend helped him with a Superdry tee from London which I thought was overpriced ~.~

I had good hair day that day so more pictures of us/me!

The glossiness from Laneige Intense Serum lipstick made my lips look shiny and sweet. So damn love!!

I know I am only halfway through with my post on my Taiwan trip but hey, make do with my Malacca trip first k. Heh.

Happy almost-mid week people!!

Birthday Surprises from J

I must comment that this guy is pretty sweet when it comes to surprises. He actually did not want to reveal where we would be going but because I had to bring some stuffs along, he had no choice but to reveal one of the destinations – Adventure Cove.

He has got very ugly handwriting :X but cute terms.

Before adventure cove, he brought me to Marina Mandarin Aqua Marine of breakfast. As there was a buffet ongoing, we had our breakfast at the Atrium Lounge where we were served by a manager of excellent services and a waitress whose standard was a far cry from the manager. She spoilt my morning by giving us an extremely black face when we were ordering our food and ended with no smile or “thanks”.

Then, our food came. I ordered scramble eggs for my eggs but sunny-side up came and she told me that they are scramble eggs!! Like hellllooo? If you, China Lady, are working in the tourism industry, I would expect you to understand a fair bit of English?!?! She even argued that the orders were right until J demanded her to change. She probably looked down on us because we weren’t in suits and ties as we were going for a swim later (I can’t help feeling this way).

Food on the other hand was good. Golden crispy hash browns, fresh greens and fresh farm eggs cooked in different ways.

J’s favorite Seafood pizza where we brought half of them to the cove with us because we were WAY WAY too full~

A little cake for the birthday me.

My surprise number 2 (which I knew a day earlier as I had to pack all the clothes and bikini).

I thought it was pretty similar to Jurong East Swimming Complex where they have the same Wave Pool, Lazy River and slides (although the slides at JE were smaller).

Until we went to Rainbow Reef where we were allowed to snorkel with all the fishes!! I thought the pool was only going to be 1m-ish deep and were wondering why the need for life jackets until I stepped in.

I couldn’t swim and the pool was very very deep. More than 2m for sure. So I struggle like mad during my first try because I couldn’t maintain myself. LOL. I find it hard to move forward or breath. I drank quite a fair bit of the water and it was super salty!!!!!

When I finally got used to breathing through the mouth, I went for another 2 more rounds with J leading me to move forward (because again, I couldn’t swim). I tired to take pictures but it was either too blur or failed. I think I might consider getting a go pro soon.

We got so tired so we went to try out all the other slides and then back to the “lazy river” again.

A good 4 hour+ was spent at Adventure Cove. Would definitely be back again next time (hopefully with more friends!).

My 3rd present was the sweetest.

Other than the note he wrote, he also printed out our picture and made me look for the missing piece (after answering 3 questions of his). The missing piece comes together with my 4th present (will be revealed later).

The fifth present was a surprise dinner with my friends!

He kept telling me it was a one-to-one dinner only because he wanted some time alone on the special day and no one would be free on a Monday evening either.

My fourth present is still a mystery. It is something I wanted from damn long ago and I am still waiting for it’s arrival (should be arriving few days from now).

2014 is currently one of the best birthdays EVER! Thank you B!