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We all have that one optical shop that we’d always go back to. I used to go back to the same one until I started to doll myself up. That’s when I went around looking for cute frames and in-trend sunglasses.

After a sponsorship with JAMCO Optical Co 2 years ago, he is the only optical shop that I have been going back to for both shades and glasses. They are located at Katong Shopping Centre – a lot may feel that the shopping centre is an old place. But old means gold.

You will be very surprised by the variety of brands JAMCO carries from Dior, Rayban, Oliver Peoples, USH and SO MUCH more.

Don’t be surprised when you find bigger brands like Thom Browne there too. Like I said, old is gold. Most of the brands can be found in Orchard Road as well but at 30-40% higher than what JAMCO is retailing at.

Just request for the brand and who knows, the bosses in there might be able to bring out an entire box of them for you to choose from!

James rely a lot on shades, especially when he is driving so looking for the right pair is important. This boy has almost 10 pairs from different brands with some bought from JAMCO as well. I used to spend my yearly optical allowance here too. HAHA.

I seriously don’t mind a pair of DIOR technologic sunglasses as well! This is the most IN style right now. I know one day, when it is out of season, the price will drop… But if I buy mine from JAMCO, I don’t even have to worry about the price dropping because I got it at a more affordable than outside.

I am very keen in Oliver Peoples as I am quite into vintage looking spectacles now so I went down to find look at them after comparing the prices in Orchard. I walked into one of the store and was quoted $790 for the frame but JAMCO quoted me $600+ for the same pair.

Sometimes they have in-house promotions as well so I may even end up getting it at $500+!!

My boy was quite into vintage-looking yet high quality frames after going through all the designs at JAMCO. He ended up falling for USH.

This is something so different from his usual look! We are going to create more looks with our selection in Instagram. I will also consolidate the looks and post them in another post soon. So do follow us on our Instagram handle at @maybelinesim and @james_awyong!

Jamco Optical & Trading Co. is located at #B1-15 Katong Shopping Centre Singapore 437844.

For more information, you can call them at 63459519 or find them on their Facebook page at

Jamco Optical at Katong

Yeap, William and me were part of Rocco’s campaign. So after picking our favourite pair of Rocco eyewear, we went to Jamco Optical for the lenses!

Bryan from Jamco generously sponsored us LotuTec lenses – the ultimate surface coating for ZEISS lenses.

LotuTec is the AR coating that you can find in ZEISS plastic lenses.

LotuTec passed the heat exposure and salt water test. Not only that, a razor blade was used to make incisions in the base lens but there was no signs of coating detachment and displayed excellent resistance.

Now, here we are, outside Katong Shopping Center!

The exact address is 865 Mountbatten Road #B1-15, Katong Shopping Centre Singapore 437844.

Please expect to find cheaper frames here! The frames are 20 – 30% cheaper than the prices retailing outside. They have all the popular brands like Rayban, Kate Spade, Porsche and etc.

However, the one brand that caught my attention was Oliver Peoples. OOOMMMGGGGG!!

I love all the vintage spectacles and I have SO MANY PAIRS OF THEM.

Obviously, I couldn’t maintain when I saw Oliver Peoples. This is one popular brand that is not easily available in Singapore due to the steep prices. Like I said, the prices in Jamco are generally 20 – 30% cheaper than outside, so Jamco literally made Oliver Peoples affordable to people like me!!

William tried on a pair.

And then me. SO CUTE RIGHT? (I was refering to the spects)

I wanted to pay for a pair (for my dad’s Father’s day gift) but he generously sponsored me the lenses for both pairs!

So my dad and I can now have lenses that are water, dirt and oil resistant! We can totally stop worrying about throwing them everywhere because the lenses were also strengthened by nano-particles.

PSST, you can also dance in the rain with LotuTec now!!

Note: Both frames were handpicked by me from Rocco.

Just when I thought they were already one of the cheapest…. Jamco is now having some GSS promotions as well!

If you’re a fan of their Facebook page, you can get a pair of Rayban frame for $100 or Kate Spade for $120!!


For more information:

Thank you Bryan and Jamco for the lovely lenses once again!