EYEWEAR: Hirocon Eyewear @ One Raffles Place with James



Author: James Aw Yong

If the name ‘Hirocon’ rings a bell, it is indeed the same Contact Lens experts shop located at B2 Orchard Gateway!

Many would know Hirocon for its endless variety of contact lens of different brands and prescriptions. However, this is not the reason I am back here for. This time around, I will be making my first pair of spectacles.

So, what attracted me here? Bet you must be guessing it is the the 2 big word “FREE Spectacle” in the below image right! Well, that was at best the second thing that attracted my attention.

The first & most key feature that struck me about this shop was how neat and brightly-litted this shop is!

Very much reflecting the true blue Japanese culture of being neat & tidy to the tiniest detail, don’t you agree?

Even though the shop isn’t as spacious as the one in Orchard Gateway, it houses ample spectacles & contact lens for you to pick from.

What is more important is they have very welcoming optometrist who greeted me the moment I was nearing the shop! I was already half impressed by their right proactive attitude. In addition, the optometrists might look young but they certainly are knowledgeable. I am known to post tough technical questions not to make any shop attendant embarrassed but more of satiating my interminable curiosity. Despite this, she was able to answer all my technical questions patiently!

Unlike other optical shops where the vision testing is a long drawn process, my optometrist went through a very systemtic process. First, I was asked to fill up a card with personal details before showed into the refraction room for my vision testing.

Within the vision testing room, there was an sink and soap for customers to extract & put on their contact lenses. After extracting my contact lens, she led me through a thorough eye test to check the degree of my myopia.

This process of sorting my prescription took approximately 10-15 minutes with absolutely no discomfort. Furthermore, they are technologically-savvy; they uses a electronic screen to project the letters & numbers of varied sizes to test my eyesight instead of a paper chart.

With my prescription degree sorted out, I proceed on to pick the frame of my choice.

The Hirocon frames are stylish and I find them very fitting for Asian face shape.

Every frame has its own unique advantage but all of them has one advantage in common ; all of them are sturdy & light-weighted.

With the Hirocon spectacles, you can look smart, stylish and be relieved of any form of weights around your nose bridge.

So, what do you think? I aren’t wrong to say it fits Asian face shape stylishly right! 🙂

Best of it all, this set of prescription lenses wears a very affordable tag.

One set like mine cost approximately SGD110 (Premium frame + Lenses). The less premium ones cost around SGD70+ and are of good sturdy quality too (Less Premium frame + Lenses).

If you are the kind who wish to enjoy the whole favorable experience of making a pair of affordable & stylish-looking spectacle, look no where further than Hirocon @ One Raffles Place. (More images can be seen on my IG handle: @James_Awyong)!

Address: 1 Raffles Place #03-26. Singapore 048616

NEW: Maybeline’s visit to Hirocon at One Raffles Place



Author: Maybeline Sim

I just made a pair of spectacles two months ago and it was so cute that I got quite a few people asking me where I made it.

This month, I just made another 2 pairs! Thank you Hirocon for sponsoring me another two pairs! Hehe.

The rounder pair is my first pair of transition lenses sponsored by crizal.

I love round spectacles so here’s another pair to add on to my current collection! It is super lightweight so I don’t really feel anything when I put them on.

You can hardly see me in rectangle frames and there are days where I just wanna look professional at work so…… here’s my pick for a serious look!

I am not new to Hirocon because I was first introduced to them when SEED contact lenses were launched. I remembered I was suffering from some eye allergy back then and stopped wearing contact lenses for nearly 3-4 months. Hirocon allowed me to try on the lenses before purchasing them to see how they feel and look on me. I think most optical shops should practice this so that we can see how certain colours look on us. Hehe.

Anyway, I was glad when I received a call from them with regards to a sponsorship.

“Maybeline don’t say no to new spectacles because people who know her will know that she HAS a whole drawer of prescription glasses.”

I went down to their outlet at One Raffles Place because they had their house brand – Hirocon spectacles there.

Since Hirocon is a Japanese brand, you don’t have to worry about the quality. We tend to associate quality with price. The better the quality, the higher the price. This doesn’t apply at Hirocon! Each pair of frame is only priced between $68 – $118!

The staffs there are also friendly and helpful. As there were too many choices, I took my own sweet time to pick out my favourite two. Joanne even recommended me what was suitable for my face shape.

There were so many funky spectacles there and gosh! I love funky designs~

I was really considering this but I figured out that I had too many pairs of funky designs and I only ended up wearing them for a while before I throw them back into the drawer so I went for something safer…

After picking out two desired designs, we went on for an eye check and eye test. Like I said, their staffs are really friendly, so don’t worry and share your eye concerns and questions with them. They are more than happy to assist you with them.

After all the eye checks, know that I wear contact lenses most of the time, Joanne introduced me to new Acuvue Define colours and gave me a pair of dailies to try. Such good services, how do you not love Hirocon?

Collection of spectacles was done two days later and they were prompt in their replies. I strongly recommend you to check them out if you are around the vicinity.

Hirocon is located at Orchard Gateway (nearest MRT: Somerset) #B2-28 and One Raffles Place #03-26 (nearest MRT: Raffles Place).