Filling up the loss of volume at Halley Medical Aesthetics

I was all along very concerned about the loss of volume at the cheeks and under eye areas because I always look tired and old despite having enough sleep.

Even though I mask everyday, it doesn’t really help, as the masks can never recover the volume loss. Take a look at the picture below to see what I meant.


When I finally decided to do something about it, I went to Dr. Terence Tan from Halley Medical Aesthetics as I used to visit him regularly.

I was very surprised when he recommended me to do fillers for an area that I had not thought about, which is the area towards the back of my jaw and between my cheekbone and jawline. I thought I already have a square face to begin with and adding more volume to that area will make me look fat. I also told Dr. Terence Tan that I don’t want to look as though something was done to my face.

Dr. Terence Tan explained that I have a concave or crescent moon face shape, which would require a filler augmentation technique different from people with a convex face shape. He also highlighted that I have a prominent, high sloping jawline. That feature, combined with some superficial fat near my jawline, made the hollowness between my cheekbone and jawline even more obvious. And this issue, together with the loss of volume at my cheeks, was making me look tired. The nasolabial fold (line coming down from the side of my nose) and the marionette or smile lines (from the side of my mouth) are also making matters worse.

In answer to my concern, Dr. Terence Tan assured me that he won’t be adding a lot of filler to the side of my face but “just a tiny bit to smoothen out the hollow”. He also explained that the filler in that area will help to lower the angle of jaw, making it less harsh and angled but feminine and gentle sloping.

After his professional advice, I went ahead with his recommendations. He recommended doing dermal fillers on four different areas – my cheeks, marionette lines, nasolabial line, and the hollow cheek area between my cheekbone and jawline.

6. Consultation_Marionette Lines Left

He prescribed a combination of soft and firm fillers from Algeness. It is my first time hearing about the US brand and trying out Algeness fillers but Dr. Terence Tan told me that the fillers are natural and organic as it is made from purified agarose gel. The plus point is that agarose gel is biodegradable and biocompatible with our human body and their website says that the fillers are 100% natural and safe.

Dr. Terence Tan also told me that he chose the Algeness brand as it will address my other concern about fillers: that it will spread and make me look unnatural. He explained that Algeness is a cohesive filler, which reduces the chance of filler migration/spreading.

As I have pretty low pain tolerance, he also recommended injecting the fillers with his “Magic Needle” technique to reduce discomfort and bruising.

13. Consultation_Algeness Fillers and magic needles

This is me before fillers. Excited and scared at the same time. Just take a close look at the hollow areas under my eyes 🙁

24. Maybeline excited for treatment

Prior to the treatment, Dr. Terence Tan mixed lidocaine, an anaesthesia, with the Algeness fillers so I did not really feel anything during the treatment.

31. Treatment_Left Jawline

28. Treatment_Left Marionette Lines

Fillers were injected via a Magic Needle. Although he calls it a needle, the Magic Needle is actually a cannula which helps to distribute the filler more evenly as it is blunt and extremely pliable. You can read more about his method for the micro-cannula here:

I think I scared myself too much because there was almost no discomfort and Dr. Terence Tan was very assuring throughout which made me feel really comfortable.
I left the clinic within 50 minutes (including consultation, numbing and treatment). I can safely say that this can be a quick lunchtime procedure! There weren’t marks or bruises on my face so I could resume work after that.

I really love the results because I don’t look tired anymore! The results are so natural and I think I just went back in time.

Take a look at the before & after photos below for comparison.

halley medical aesthetics

From the front, the depression on my mid cheeks are instantly lifted and the face does not look that bony anymore.

fillers singapore

And for the side profiles, I look like I have a better jawline and my chin no longer protrudes out anymore. Even the smile lines are visibly reduced!

fillers in singapore

If you are keen to consult Dr. Terence Tan on facial enhancements, you can find out more below:

Halley Medical Aesthetics
Address: 277 Orchard Road, #03-15 Orchard Gateway, 238858
Telephone: (+65) 6737-8233

Here are some quick links for you to check out the details for yourself:

Halley Medical Aesthetics Price List | Website | Blog | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Facial @ Halley Medical Aesthetics

Facial is not about removing black/white heads nor removing dead cells only. Yes, they are important because they can lead to enlarged pores. I am even more afraid of wrinkles and fine lines than the “heads” though. We can’t really reverse wrinkles without going through expensive treatments (unless you go for the fillers/botox options).

Having said that, we can prevent or reduce wrinkles. Wrinkles make one look tired and old and Dr. Tan knows that I have issues with wrinkles so he recommended me to go for a Halley’s Signature Rejuvenation Facial 2 weeks after my chemical peel with James.

Why this facial? I asked.

He told me that the treatment facial can encourage the growth of new skin and rejuvenates the skin by improving the skin overall appearance by removing fine lines, closing up enlarged pores and aids in the brightening of the face.

Dynamic pulsed light (DPL) was used during the treatment. Although it looks scary, it is totally painless. It is actually quite comfortable because it feels warm. It was raining when I was there so it was very comfortable for me!

Along with the “beauty weapons” comes nutrients!

– DMAE (mini botox lift)
– Carnosine
– Hyaluronic acid and panthenol
– Vitamins (B and C)
– Alpha lipoic acid

The nutrients are important as they help to address the different skin concerns and have different properties like anti-oxidant properties, skin whitening, increasing the production of collagen and hydration. Basically, you get so many benefits in just 1 facial session.

The DPL will also help to penetrate the nutrients deeply into the skin and allows easy absorption as well.

Then I proceeded with a relaxing and rejuvenating neck treatment using radio frequency (RF). It is not just for loosening tight knots in the neck but also for lifting because our neck can sometimes reveal our actual age! Wrinkles on the neck is EWWW looking!! Never never forget about your neck or chest area. It is always good to apply your skincare products to your neck area as well.

Teng teng!! This is the end result! No filter. No make up! The skin is so so much brighter now!!

Halley Medical Aesthetics always make me a happy girl :)))))

The facial is $220 for 90 minutes and the RF neck treatment (for front and back) is $95 for 20 minutes.. Just take a nap and rest, the girls at Halley will make sure that you wake up to a face with way better skin that it was before you sleep! This is my honest opinion!

Relaxing Monday – Facial Peel & Massage

Planned a relaxing Monday for J since he took leave to accompany me for the entire day as he was clearing his leave.

We went down to Halley again for another NO-DOWNTIME Chemical Peel and a 60 minutes full body massage at Masego Spa in the evening after the shopping in-between both appointments. Heh.

As usual, the ladies and Doctor at Halley never fail to leave me impressed and satisfied with their services! This guy actually “check-in” to places in Facebook for the first time too. LOL. Cute boy is cute.

I also realized that we are gaining weight because our faces got rounder and rounder ~.~ Other than the tea detox mentioned previously, I asked Dr. Tan for more tips on staying slim (the healthy way).

I asked a few questions which I thought might be suitable for you people as well, so here you go (thank me for sharing! Heh):

– Why do people still put on weight when they don’t eat much?
Weight gain or weight loss is purely a function of the amount of energy consumed versus the amount of energy used.

There are therefore 4 reasons why people put on weight although they say they do not eat much:

1st: Related to the type of food that they consume. Weight for weight, fat (which has 9 calories per gram) has more than twice the calories as protein and carbohydrate (which has 4 calories per gram). Therefore, we should choose foods that have high lean protein content with a moderate amount of carbohydrate.

2nd: Some people are more active than others. They will therefore utilise more energy

3rd: some people just have lower metabolic rates. This is especially so for people who had recent weight loss. The body goes into “starvation mode”, thinking that famine is coming. The body tries to conserve energy by reducing the metabolic rate, leading to weight gain. Luckily, a genetically low metabolic rate is not that common. This is good as it means we can lose weight if we try hard enough.

Lastly, some people just say they don’t eat much…. (I CAN’T HELP BUT TO AGREE WITH THIS. THIS IS SO TRUE – I have friends who kept going yada yada about how much they don’t eat and still gain weight so damn easily. In my heart, I was like, “WHAT?! You eat macaroons at 12mn, eat 3 portions of my dinner and you still complain that you don’t eat much and can still gain weight. You’re just not fat by nature!!!”)

– What time should we stop eating everyday? Why? How will it affect our
body if we eat after that timing?

Energy consumed is the same irrespective of the time we eat. However, late night snacking is generally unhealthy because late night foods tend to be high in fat and sugar content. We also tend to eat at night for reasons other than hunger, like catching up with friends and munching during movies. Lastly, we tend to be less distracted and have more free time at night, giving us more time to think of indulging ourselves with food.

I think most of us are guilty of eating at night while catching up with friends, especially with all the cafes in Singapore :/

– Tips to eat healthily and maintaining a good figure

Never skip meals. Eat slowly and in moderation. Have adequate exercise and most importantly, find time to go for cryotherapy.

I am considering cryotherapy for my love handles. I think J has love handles too. Maybe I can put some ice cubes on them, hoping that the fats can be freeze that way. Hahahaha.

Found an article on Halley and their diet related programme. Read if you’re interested! 🙂

Ultherapy for my face lift!

With almost every beauty blogger raving about the effects of Ultherapy, I know I can’t give the treatment a miss! Not when I have to be a bridesmaid twice in Dec! I got to “protect” and “pamper” the face more!

As mentioned in my previous post with Halley, I bumped into my friend who was there for Ultherapy for the eyes so I asked Dr. Tan for more information about Ultherapy on the same visit for my chemical peel and he suggested that I do it for my cheeks as it would help me to achieve a more defined jaw and reduce the appearance of the smile lines (that I am extremely concerned with).

So what is Ultherapy? You must be wondering about that after hearing me going gah gah about it on my social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Ultherapy is actually a nonsurgical way to lift, tighten and tone skin. I think I am more focused on the part where they can firm the skin and reduce wrinkles.

We all know how strict FDA is right? If Ultherapy is FDA approved, it is definitely safe for your precious skin!!

Just to side track a little, I was reading some articles when I came across an article which was talking about fillers. One lady actually had her nose fillers done at a beauty parlor and the skin on her nose ROT! Yes, ROT! It was black and burnt! Please please please, no matter how cheap it can get, please think about your safety! Always visit a place which is licensed to do that treatment/procedure. For me, I will ONLY visit a clinic to get these procedures done.

Why save the money to get it done elsewhere and then spend another 3x to get it treated when you can just spend it once and do it right at the right place?

Back to Ultherapy, it uses safe, time-tested ultrasound energy to lift and tighten the skin naturally. Mmmm.. Ultrasound is also used to look at the little fetus inside your tummy. Does it sound safe enough to you already? 🙂

I heard that Ultherapy can be very painful though… I had second thoughts when I heard that. But for the price of beauty, I guess I should put up with the pain.

I told Dr. Tan about my concerns with the pain so he suggested applying numbing cream on the cheek areas first. I felt relieved after the application of numbing cream because numbing cream is a magical cream for me! It made all the treatments like DPL, fillers or botox painless.

Sammie, who did my DPL and chemical peel is an extremely experienced therapist. I like how patient she is towards all the patients (especially when I am a troublesome one hahahaha). The vain pot me went to the clinic with makeup on and she had to cleanse away the base for me.

Dr. Tan then stepped in to do the treatment on me. I felt so guilty because I spammed him with a whole truck of questions like the differences between botox, fillers and Ultherapy or the pain score and whatsnot. He had to assure me again and again that the pain can be controlled because he can manipulate the energy level for the treatment.

In his opinion, he felt that Ultherapy would work well with my botox for me as botox sharpens the back of the jaw muscles for a more defined jaw while Ultherapy focus more on the front part by lifting and firming the skin.

I gotta admit that I was very very stiff at first. Things got a whole lot better after 5 minutes of “zappingggg”. I could feel the vibration within the deeper layers of skin but the surface of the skin could feel nothing except for the presence of heat. It was fuss-free!

Like other ultrasound procedures, a smooth applicator will be placed upon the skin and it projects an ultrasound image of the skin. The applicator also, at the same time, delivers tiny deposits of focused ultrasound energy below the skin.

After zapping for some time, there will be very minimal discomfort but Dr. Tan reduced the strength and made it comfortable for me. The skin’s response to energy is to stimulate the growth of new collagen. With the new collagen, a gradual tightening and firming occurs, resulting in a natural lift of the skin.

It was pretty bearable so I did slightly more “zaps” than the recommended one. Too greedy for better results!

True enough, it wasn’t as painful as imagined. It was ALL good! Only a tinge of redness was seen (due to the heat) but it disappeared within the next 5 to 10 minutes and I went to apply full makeup after the treatment. No one would even know that I just did something to the face because there was no evidence or downtime!

The face felt a little puffy (I promise, just a little) after the treatment for the next 1-2 days and a little little little sore for the next week (like mild muscle cramps). Other than that all is well. I like the treatment because there are no special measures that you have to take. Do nothing at all and experience younger and firmer skin within the next 2 months. Just in time for all the wedding bells! Speaking of that, another benefit of this treatment is that the regenerative process will be initiated in just one treatment.

Good machine + Good doctor = Better skin.

Better skin = Happy me.

Happy me = A more beautiful me.


Dr. Tan will give you nothing less than the best for your skin 🙂

Couple Day Out #jamesnmaybel

As mentioned, J and me meet 30 out of 31 days a month so we are quite “bored” of the usual dates in Singapore. Other than catching a movie, shopping, cafe hopping, I arranged a special date for us over one of the weekends!

His first ever facial was done last month for a review so I arranged a Glycolic Chemical Peel for us…

Now, why chemical peel instead of another facial?

To me… A facial can “cleanse” the skin and remove unwanted debris and dirt. But a chemical peel can improve the skin’s appearance by peeling off the first layer of the skin. New skin will grow out smoother and less wrinkled.

As J had some minimal scars which facial will not be able to remove, I was hoping for Chemical Peel to help as they can improve the appearance of the very mild scars by evening them out.


Chemical Peels are non-invasive and THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DOWNTIME for the peel which we did Halley Medical Aesthetics (yes yes, my skin clinic!). The NO DOWNTIME part is very important because J can’t take anything with downtime for more than 3-5 days due to his work.

Watch our Vlog below to find out more. (I had no base make up. Only sunblock and eye make up in the video)

The after-effect was amazing. We had very very very very radiant skin after the peel. We could see the difference instantly!

His skin started to peel a day later while mine only started 3 days later (I think I have retarded skin -.-). Although Dr. Tan told me that it is normal to peel a little, I was still worried so I went to google for more information. Everywhere said that it is common for the skin to peel so that the new skin will resurface. PHEWWW~

Say HI to pig nose.

After our session, I bumped into my friend who went for the consultation for fillers and ultherapy!!!! SMALL WORLD INDEED!! I had no idea what ultherapy was until I googled it. Sounds amazing! I am considering if I should do it for the smile lines…. I have 2 wedding dinners in Dec and I am going to be a bridesmaids twice….. Anything to make me look good till then (forever)…

Well, whatever it is, when in love, LOOK GOOD TOGETHER!

Love you and your pig nose James! :X

Go Hairless with DPL

Sometimes some shoot requires us to have fair skin or flawless limbs because no one wants to look ugly or flawed in photos.

I have an issue with hairs, especially underarm and uneven skin tone on the legs.

I used to shave/pluck or visit beauty parlours for underarm waxing but I realized that overtime, they only darken the armpit and I knew this can’t be the solution to it. Darken armpits also reduces my confidence of wearing sleeves clothes.

When I visited Dr. Tan at Halley Medical Aesthetics for my smile line fillers, I had the opportunity to chit chat with one of the therapists while waiting for my turn. As she is quite experienced in IPL and all, I asked her for a solution to leg and underarm whitening as well as hair removal.

Few years ago, I went to this particular parlour in town for an underarm waxing but the beautician bruised one of the underarms and the bruise only went away after half a year. I had to avoid all sleeveless clothing then. It was demoralizing so I told myself to NEVER TRUST any beautician unless they are from a clinic.

It didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted to do the whitening and hair removal at Halley Medical Aesthetics. I went back 3 weeks later after the smile line fillers.

My initial plan was to do hair removal and whitening for both underarms and legs but the therapist told me to save my money; theres no need for hair removal for the legs because I only had a few few few few few few strands of hair. You can count them with one hand. LOL.

Because of my low pain tolerance, she offered to apply some numbing cream on the more sensitive areas like the underarms.

Halley Medical Aesthetics’s DPL Smooth Hair Removal treatment for the underarm has two functions: hair removal and slight whitening effect only cost $90.

FYI, DPL stands for Dynamic Pulsed Light which is also the same technology used to rejuvenate the skin during treatments. You can also do DPL on the face in smoothening the skin and reducing pores. Reducing pores sound attractive!!

DPL is a fuss free procedure. Underarms took me 5-7 minutes while the legs took me another 10 minutes.


I could still chat and laugh with the therapist when she was focusing on the legs. It was just warm and fuzzy. After I was done with the legs, I realized that they were 2 shades fairer. Yup yup, the results were that instant!!!! So I went back and did arms whitening as well.

Zap zap zappppppp…

I had dry skin on the legs but they are much better already.

I thought I was shooting for Marvel, it was rays of light everywhere. But you can feel nothing except a slight tingling sensation when the probe touches the skin.

Pain score:
Underarm: 2/10
Legs: 0/10

Total time taken for both procedures: Less than 20 minutes.

I can go out immediately after the treatments without any downtime!! This is a bonus especially when it comes to face.

I was recommended to go back once every one to two months for maintenance. I can already see a lag growth of hair on the underarm areas. I used to shave every 2 days but now I only have to shave once every 5 days. Save me time every morning!

Remember, if you spend your money at the right places, you only have to spend it once every few months until it dies off. So it is worth the investment!

Confidence can be boosted with money. That is what I believe in now! 🙂

Yay when wearing slightly revealing clothes (I am quite conservative so you will not see me in too revealing clothes). And yay to higher confidence!

Below are some photos that were taken for a shoot.

Clothes were all c/o Love Bonito. My legs used to be even darker and the skin tone was uneven due to prolonged outdoor fishing. But I am quite happy with the end results now.

Thank you for the good services from Halley Medical Aesthetics and Love Bonito for the outfits!

Halley Medical Aesthetics – Smile Lines

It is good to be happy, it is nice to laugh crazily or smile 24 hours a day. I am the kind who would laugh like mad and smile widely to stupid stuffs. But due to the prolonged smiling and laughing, wrinkles have comfortably form themselves at my smile line!! Wrinkles are the last thing we want because they are extremely hard to get rid of!!!

Smile lines seriously make me look much older than my actual age and make up will cake after a few hours at that area. I went to google for more information on concealing the smile lines but they always lead to fillers. Having done fillers before, I know how instant the results can be. I thought of Halley Medical Aesthetics again since my nose filler was done there. There is a price to pay for when it comes to vanity 🙁

Below is a picture that I came across while google..


Since I had to top up the nose fillers, I went ahead for smile line fillers! Dr. Tan recommended me to use Juvederm Volift for smile line fillers.

My face looked a little oily because the pictures were taken 15 minutes after the application of numbing cream.

Any leftovers would be used to inject on the areas under the eye. Let’s not waste the money and put it to good use at other places. Sadly, there was none left for me. 99% were used on the smile lines.

I am really comfortable with Dr. Tan so it is natural for me to visit him for future aesthetic concerns. Who on earth still smile happily when they are facing injections?

It may look scary but it is totally painless. For a person with such low tolerance for pain to say this…. you know you can really trust her that it is painless.

It all ended within 5 minutes…….

Let me show you why I wanted smile line fillers…

The crease or wrinkles or whatever you call it MADE ME LOOK SO OLDDDDD. WHY SO MANY UGLY LINES ON THE FACE WHY WHY WHY.

I need to hide my actual age away. The after-effect is very obvious!! Look at my smile lines now. I smile like a little girl now. No obvious wrinkles seen (unless I smile) and the face looked firmer and tighter no?

So I just transformed from an old woman to a girl with her youth again! Yay~~~

We can never be too happy with how we look can we? No one complains about being too young or too pretty!

Oil seeds removal at Halley

I don’t have flawless nor good skin. My The side of my face are filled with oil seeds and I must say that I am very troubled by it. I thought that it has something to do with the genes because my mom has tones of them on her face. I went to search for more information on them and I found out that they are indicators of poor skin health.

The oil seeds (also called Milia seeds) are often found around the eyes and cheeks areas and they are small and hard. I have approached beauticians from beauty parlors about the oil seeds on my face 2 years back but never had the guts to remove them because I don’t quite trust them. If I want them gone, I would visit a doctor.

MFP told Halley Medical about my concern and Dr. Terence from Halley Medical promised to have them removed for me.

Last Monday, I went to Halley Medical for a consultation.

They have a very cosy corner for their patients to put on sunblock/make up after their procedure.


Dr. Tan is extremely nice and very happy-go-lucky! He has this aura that makes his patients feel at ease when they see him. I feel very very comfortable with him and his team.  This aura of his will make you want to go back to him again and again.

The above picture was taken right after the consultation and my appointment for the oil seeds removal was set a week later…..

On the day itself, I was excited but scared at the same time. It is laser that we are talking about. Hence, it is normal for me to associate laser with pain.

I went to the clinic with makeup on as I had 2 errands to do before heading over. So the first step was cleansing.

After cleansing was the application of numbing cream. Dr. Tan applied it on the entire areas that are INFESTED oil seeds. I had some pimples on the forehead due to the monthly period. He told me that the laser could remove them so he applied numbing cream on them as well. Such a generous doctor!

Now you see the irritating pimples from the hormonal changes?!

With only eye/brow make up and numbing cream gone…

The machine that he is going to use on me is a Korean baby. Dr. Tan said that it would not cause any bleeding and this is the most suitable machine for my oil seeds removal. Suitable for removing acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles as well. Proven to have faster recovery time. The faster recovery time assured me somehow. Who doesn’t want clearer and cleaner face faster?

I put aside 1 hour but it all ended in less than half an hour (excluding the 10 mins taken for the numbing cream effect to surface).

Pain? What’s pain? NOT EVEN AN ANT BITE!! The wonders of numbing cream. The magic the doctor worked on.

I knew I have quite a bit of oil seeds but I never knew that I had SO SO much. They could be really tiny or are still growing.

I had a shocked after the entire laser. But was very happy at the same time because I am one step closer to a more even and smooth face.

The entire process was SO COOL.

There were tiny swollen bumps after the treatment but they were just the after-reaction to the laser. The bumps disappeared 2 hours after the laser. Only black spots were left. I was told that I needed 3-5 days to recover and was advise to not apply anything after the laser for 2 days (including sunblock).

I can’t wait to see the healed skin. This is just another addition to my journey to good skin.

Thumbs up!!

Thank you~ The marketing lady from Halley Medical Aesthetics is also another wonderful lady who helped with all the arrangements.

Before I end this post, let me share with you a piece of news.

Do you know that the consultation fee at Halley on a weekday (10am to 4pm) is only $10 for the first visit! Subsequent visit is at $5!! OMGGGGG. What is this? This is even cheaper than visiting a GP when you have fever or cold.

After 4pm, it’s $25 for the first consult and $12.50 for subsequent consult.

Visit their Facebook page for more information! 🙂



Hold on while I do a post treatment post! You can monitor the entire healing process as well! 🙂