Game for Yatagarasu Yakitori


Author: Alex Chua

Strong, juicy and meaty, just the thought of having yakitori never fails to bring up the joy in me. And Yatagarasu Yakitori is no exception in conjuring this gastronomic pleasure. If you’ve dined at this quaint-essential Japanese yakitori restaurant before, you would’ve noticed a common principle behind the skewers – the uncomplicated simplicity of ordering and food presentation with no shortage of flavour. As a lover of barbecued Japanese skewers, especially authentic ones with beer, I can’t wait to join in for a culinary adventure.


The 36-seat restaurant in Circular Road is helmed by Chef Kota Tanabe, who has over 12 years of experience, including working at a Japanese izakaya (gastropub where after-work professionals dine and drink sake) in Singapore. Chef Kota is friendly and knowledgeable, and he enjoys interacting with diners, surprising them with nuggets of information on the ingredients and preparation methods. The interior exudes the Japanese izakaya vibe, with its red paper lanterns inscribed in Japanese letters, wooden furnishing and lacquered bamboo tracing along the ceiling.


Yatagarasu has one of the widest pork wrap skewers selection in Singapore, with our 15 types of pork belly wraps to choose from, each skewer is unique in presentation and taste. The ‘lollipop’ Shiso Leaf Pork Wrap is among the many skewers I craved in this establishment. The light, mellow flavour of the shiso leaf complements the meaty, juicy wraps, barbequed to a perfect whitish pink with glistening grill marks. Chef Kota lets me try the shiso leaf itself and I am surprised how a bland ingredient commonly found in Japan can elevates the meat taste.


Next, the Enoki Mushroom Pork Wrap gives a texturized bite to the meat. The barbequing process also helps to enhance the enoki mushroom flavour, balancing the meat profile. This is a good skewer companion for a glass of cold, chilled beer.


Perhaps the most creative/ experimental pork wrap skwer of all, the Yakisoba Pork Wrap is also the most visually arresting. With the yakisoba sauce pouch placed on top of the meat, you have to slightly squeeze the pouch end to emit sweet delicious straight into the sauce.


Besides the unique pork belly wraps, Yakitori also doles out an array of barbecued skewers featuring chicken and vegetables. Try the popular chicken wings, soft bone and the fillet skewers ($2.50 each) with the restaurant home-made yakitori sauce to kick the indulgence up a notch.


For lunch, the restaurant has a special meu featuring Oyako-Don (chicken and egg rice bowl). Both chicken and egg are summered in a flavourful dashi sauce. Only 50 bowls will be served each afternoon and the lunch service starts from 11.30am.

Yatagarasu Yakitori
72 Circular Road
#01-01 Singapore 049426

Review of Scalp Treatment by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.55.52 PM

As some of you guys have already noticed, I have changed salon! As much as I do miss the last one, I certainly feel privileged working with this extremely underrated Luxury Hair Salon in Singapore : Chez Vous Hair Salon.

Located in the heart of Orchard Road (Ngee Ann City, #05-05), this at least 2 decade old salon does not look anywhere near ancient. In fact, it is looking ever more stunning as time flies which only reflect how well they fare through times.

Exterior of Salon

If not for this intriguing display wall of hair products & brightly coloured hands, I would have mistaken it for a chic-looking café?

You must be wondering why these hands & not hair instead?

This also brings me to the very first reason why they could do well despite the notoriously exorbitant rental cost in Orchard. As what the Brand Director for Chez Vous, Eugene, humbly shared,’ It is to remember the hands which have carved Chez Vous’ success, constantly reminding us that success was not built overnight nor alone!’

As a customer, I sure am touched by this notion. So much so, I want to not only give my hands but also my hair willingly to their hair stylists!

Interior of Salon

As said, I would have mistaken this salon for a café simply because of this inviting corner: the HYDRA BAR.

I was enticed not just by the simple yet pretty setup of this Bar but more importantly, the AROMA from a good selection of Laudaree Teas & organic nibbles! This corner is built for early customers like me on the first day of my appointment! How thoughtful of them!

However, sadly I did not stay there for long as I was simply too busy trying to get more of the salon. Hence, I chose to embark on a tour further into the salon!

Main Salon Area

The 30-seater interior is tastfully revamped with aesthethic elements comfortable to customers’ eyes under the good lightning within the salon. One of the most noticable of them all is the handsomely-pannelled wood sculpture artowrk that forms a man’s face that transforms with expression according to the viewers’ perspective !

Be sure to catch ‘him’ during your visits!

I love the way they conceptualized the salon into different clearly defined “zones” such that customers are well aware where they are dwelling into.

Apart from the HYRDRA BAR & the main hair cut area, they have these COCOON DOMES which houses customized treatments for those who seeks a more private pampering session!

This was also where I had my first hair cut. I couldn’t ask for a more conducive corner than this!

Hair Treatment – ‘Amplified Scalp Treats X Non-invasive Laser Therapy’

Apart from a ‘Hair Cut + Wash’ by one of their Hair Directors, the treatment I did was their Latest Top-notch hair treatment : ‘Amplified Scalp Treats X Non-invasive Laser Therapy’ targeted at reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth.

The session started off with a detailed ‘Scalp Analysis’ by their Hair care Expert before she recommended the most appropriate hair treatment for my scalp.

The privacy in the COCOON DOME did served me well as I felt I could air my hair concerns more openly without being overheard by other customers.

Before Photo of my Scalp (Notice the oily layer covering my scalp which threatened to block my hair follicle for good).

Also, the results from the Scalp Analysis are kept confidential behind blinds such that any bypassers will not be able to pry into our private space for discussion.

The COCOON DOMES are not the only private ‘zones’ in Chez Vous. They have somewhere even MORE private: the WOW Private Room. This provides sanctuary for the most discerning of customers while they get their hair pampered from root to tip!

There are more that goes beyond this special room apart from its colorfully-stylish interior!

Remember the hands at the front of the shops which pay tribute to their old time customers??

This room is also specially reserved to do complimentary hair cuts for those old time customers who stayed as long as this salon has been established. What a commitment & sincerity towards their loyal customers!

I was anything but bored in this salon as they even have in-seat Entertainment gadgets, magazines, tea& nibbles to help me pass that few hours easily!

Despite being occupied, I still have some time to spare for a selfie as the therapist do a thorough cleanse of my scalp.

If you feel I look refreshed in here, it is simply because of the therapist’s Indulgence Massage as she applied those scalp care products onto my head. Don’t underestimate this step because it all goes hand in hand to stimulate blood circulation & thus hair growth! It also helped to alleviate my whole week of work stress! KUDOS to the therapist’s strong fingers!

Next came the wash in the whimsical ‘SPLASH’ zone! This is simply their wash bay.

I was bedazzled by their wash bay. Apart from the infinity mirrors, the most bedazzling was the artistic ceiling of different coloured towels which seeks to mimic hanging leaves on a tree! It gives you that therapeutic feeling during the hair wash.

Furthermore, I must say one of the biggest highlight of this salon is their Wash bay Chairs; they have the MOST MOST comforatable seats I have ever sat on! It was said that these wash bay seats goes a long way back with the salon. That explains the plasters around some of the chairs! More importantly, they can no longer be found anywhere else in Singapore.

Following on, the therapist use electrical current & purifying oxygen molecules to exfoliate and eliminate harmful dandruff. Thus, further helping to promote blood circulation so as to stimulate scalp follicles.

Customers with oily scalp like me will be pleased to know that the micro-current aid in balancing sebum secretion as well!

Lastly, comes the Regenerative Laser Light Therapy.

This is a non-surgical, clinically-proven approach to renew and rejuvenate your scalp.

One of the common questions I was asked was if it felt hot or uncomfortable? I can only say don’t be deceived by the intimidating red lights. I felt almost nothing during the entire laser process.

In fact, studies have shown that out of 2 in 3 patients who received regular low light therapies as such, manage to successfully stop hair loss. Even more so, more than 1 in 2 experienced the benefit of hair growth!

After Photo of Scalp Analysis :

Notice the layer of oil is cleared, leaving my hair scalp clean. Even the previous ‘white dots’ which signifies the presence of blockage to my hair follicles were also cleared thus allowing the possibilities of hair growth again!!
It felt as though my head can ‘breathe’ better!

Even the layer of oil on my strands of hair was totally removed after this treatment!

Hair Cut By Oscar Lee

Hair treatment services isn’t the only forte in this Salon. Hair Cut by their Associate Salon Directors also share in that limelight! Let me proudly introduce to you the Magic Hands behind my new Hairdo: Oscar Lee! Oscar has years of experience in styling hair so much so he knows exactly what hair style suits you best!

Do keep a lookout for him in the salon !

Thank you Chez Vous Salon for keeping my hair in good shape & allowing me to present my best self in every social events I attend!


Amplified Scalp Treats X Non-Invasive Laser Treatment starts from $320 per session.

Good news for first timers, trial price is $220, 2-hours, Includes Complimentary Scalp Diagnosis (as shown above).

Chez Vous Salon

Location : 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, Podium #05-05 Singapore 238872

Contact : 6732 9388

Website :

IG Account: ChezVousHair