Rumours Bar & Grill First Debut in Singapore’s F&B hotspot Holland Village

Author: Alex Chua

Great food, wonderful drinks with an amazing live band, Rumours is the bar to chill and lay the day’s trouble to rest.

The popular Bali casual bar & restaurant has recently made its debut at the competitive F&B hotspot Holland Village. Renowned for being a favourite spot among locals and tourists, Rumours serves not just wholesome good food created by award-winning Chef Noor Azman, the fun-loving bar also entertains and serenades the customers with its week-round live band performances and live DJ on weekends. If you’re down on mood or want a quality bite to satiate your stomach, just head over to Rumours and all shall be well again!


The fresh menu in Singapore boasts of delectable pasta dishes, sharing platters, grilled specialties and not forgetting Singapore’s favourite bar snacks. One of the must-try signature dishes is the 1.2kg Australian Black Angus Fiorentina Bistecca. Cooked sous vide style and lovingly grilled, the meat is moist, flavour-rich and tender to the bone. The meat is beautifully blush within and its surface and edges nicely charred. Coupled with Rumours’ specialty indulgent drinks, it would be the perfect sharing platter to warm the hearts of the chatterers.


Another carnivore’s favourite, the German Platter is, as the name goes, everything German! Featuring crispy whole pork knuckles combined with homemade Wiener schnitzel and Bratwurst Veal Pork Sausages and sides of German potato salad and sauerkraut. With all the strong, meaty flavours in one plate, can you say ‘Ich bin richtig satt’ (I am very satisfied)?


As a person generally unimpressed by crustaceans, it is a strange love at first sight when the Grilled Lobster Thermidor came to our table. One grilled whole Boston lobster topped with savoury cream cheese sauce and a toss of succulent pasta. The plump lobster is fresh and slight crunchy in texture, and the pasta – lovely!


Exclusive to the restaurant, the Rumours Grilled Cheese Burger is made up of homemade patty lightly grilled, topped with bacon, cheddar cheese and crispy Old Dutch cheese, served with loads of fat chips. The patty is rather soft yet thick and juicy, coupled with a rich circle of Dutch Cheese, making it a sumptuous joy to munch into it.


Putting a spin on the classic aglio olio, Rumours Aglio Olio Pasta is tossed in fragrant virgin olive oil, garlic, chili flakes, sliced mushroom and lightly doused in sake. The resulting taste is exquisite, rich and as all the Rumours dishes goes sinfully delightful.


Of course, nobody could get on to the mood without some alcoholic drinks, and Rumours are one of the few bars that serve potently good drinks in town. With their concoctions skewed more towards tropical flavours, expect fruity delicious and summer of sweetness in their drinks menu.


If you need an uplifting vibe, deliciously rich food and refreshing drinks with a group of party-loving friends, then Rumours is for you!

Rumours Bar & Grill
24A Lor Mambong, Singapore 277683 (Holland Viallage MRT Exit B)
Opening Hours: 5pm – 1am daily
Tel: 6463 5053

FOOD: eGrill & Piza: Japanese Skewers and Handmade Pizzas under S$10 bucks


Author: Alex Chua

eGrill & Piza: Japanese Skewers and Handmade Pizzas under S$10 bucks Smoked Salmon salad, truffles fries with truffle salsa, spicy teriyaki chicken pizza, salmon mentai pizza and assorted skewers.

If you’re someone who fancies skewers and pizzas then eGrill & Piza could well be your next favourite makan hangout destination without bursting your budget. Not only are the prices affordable – an intimate party of four can share two pizzas and two grilled mainstays at no more than S$10 per person, this restaurant with an art-deco vibe is also easily accessible as well. Conveniently located on B1 of hippy The Cathay, so you could get your dinner/ supper fixed after anight of movie with friends!

You wouldn’t missed the eye-catching store front with its use of neon lights and vibrant yellow and blue.

A new concept by Suki Group, the mega restaurant chain that brought us a delightful array of go-to Japanese eateries like Momiji, Nihon Mura Kaiten Sushi and Sakura. Sit inside the e-Grill & Piza makes one feels the cosiness of a pizzeria without compensating the inner insatiable appetite for some Japanese quick-bites. It’s a clever culinary juxtaposition of western/ Japanese popular cuisines. Who says that you can’t have the best of both worlds?

Smoked salmon salad

You can’t start a main course without an appetiser right? The smoked salmon salad serves in a decent portion with the salmon in a rose shape. The veggies has a mix variety and mix with the roasted sesame dressing adding a smooth and nutty flavour to the salad. Overall a neat salad.

Spicy Teriyaki Chicken Piza (S$15.90) and Salmon Mentai Piza ($15.90)

Spicy Teriyaki Chicken Piza
Looks can be deceiving – while it appears totally innocent like any other cheese pizzas, one bite and you would be down yourself a copious amount of ice-tea before you knew it coming. The Spicy Teriyaki Chicken pizza is a fiery combination of teriyaki no tare, chicken, green and red chilli, onion and basil leaves. The melted mozzarella and Grana Padano kick up the flavour by several notches.

Salmon Mentai Piza
You simply can’t go wrong with salmon and mentaiko sauce. This potently delicious omega-rich pizza is a crowd-pleaser for everyone who loves fish. Came with creamy topping of mentaiko and mayo sauce, the Salmon Mentai Piza features salmon chunks, button mushrooms, mozzarella and Grana Padano.

Grilled Mackerel Skewer, Salmon Belly Fin Skewer, Shrimp Paste Chicken Skewer and Beef Kottbullar Skewer ($3.90 each)

Feeling guilty conscious every time when your friends ask you out for a dinner date at grill bar? Fret not, the restaurant uses RoboQ – an innovative eGrill machine imported from Hong Kong that helps to retain meat moisture. This locks down the juiciness and flavour of the meat, plus its oil free so it’s a much healthier option!

eGrill & Piza @ The Cathay #b1-01/02/03, 2 Handy Road, Singapore 229233