Tied as one on our fourth finger with Goldheart Jewelry Celestial

They say the most taxing part of the wedding is the banquet itself. That, I have to agree. However, I disagree when people says that it takes a year to plan for a wedding banquet. I booked my hotel (Hilton Singapore) 8 months prior to my wedding date and my wedding date was an auspicious day itself.

I got all my 4 gowns and 2 suits settled within the last 2 months of my wedding thanks to Bridal Veil and The Mens Club. Even better, I got my jewelries and wedding bands fixed within the last month.

Who would believe that I spent only 2-3 months to prepare for something so important in my life?

Goldheart Jewelry played a very important role in dressing me up for my big day. I did not have to worry about what and how to match the jewelries to my gowns as we do not have much time to play with.

wedding jewelries

This was my morning outfit and I could match it with my MODE Gold 916 Si Dian Jin Set from Goldheart Jewelry and….

goldheart jewelry

the K-Style jewellery set. I received many questions on this set when I wore in the morning on my Instagram Direct Messages. Bet you guys love this set as much as I do! One flower motif, many styles to play with. If I were to pick a favourite set out of all the jewelry sets that I wore, this is definitely the one!

wedding singapore

I also matched this dainty floral K-Style jewelry set to my kimono cheongsam. The gentle flowing lines that resembles the flowers’ stems just makes it so elegant and easy to style with.

wedding singapore

The accessories got a little more glamorous at night where I had more blings on me. The design of the white gold diamond jewellry set that I wore was so versatile that I wore them for my first and second march in. Lucky for me, I do not have to worry about the accessories, only change my hairstyles and make up for the respective gowns due to the little preparation time I had. Do you know how busy a bride can get during the banquet? I only had a bite of the food for the entire evening!

First look:

bridal veil

Second look:

hilton singapore wedding

Apart from dressing up the bride (me), the groom (James) needs some grooming too because it is also his big day after all! My dad bought a gold ring for James from Goldheart Jewelry. Trust us when we say that we have been doing gold shopping for a few months but we couldn’t find any that is suitable for James until we walked into a Goldheart Jewelry outlet at NEX. Not all outlets carry the same designs but we were glad that we ended up with one who walked the entire journey with us 🙂 *This came from the bottom of my heart!*

At Goldheart, Celestial is also known as the star diamond due to its 73-facet starburst pattern, which is a world’s first. Hence like the eternal stars in the heavens, our Celestial Orion Wedding Bands represents our eternal love and a lifelong commitment we have for each other!

Wedding bands

Bespoke Wedding Gowns at Bridal Veil by MichelleHuiMin (Part 1)

This is going to be a lengthly post as I would like to pen down our gowns and suits journey for #AwMayzingJourney.

Some couples fly overseas to get their suits and gowns down and some fly over specially for Bridal Veil. Lucky for us, both Bridal Veil and The Mens Club are located in Singapore, and conveniently, right in Orchard – Delfi Orchard – 402 Orchard Road.

When James first proposed, we were lost and since I was totally caught off guard, we had no idea where or what the next step was. Other than booking of the hotel, people often tells us to book my gowns early as the design that I want may be booked by other brides-to-be already. However, I wasn’t sure if I want my gowns to be rented or bespoke then. I also dislike the idea of wearing the same gowns as other brides so I was surely leaning towards bespoke more.

It didn’t take me long to make a decision. I made an appointment with Michelle from Bridal Veil and my mind and heart already knew what I wanted when I stood outside Bridal Veil for the first time – even before I entered the shop. The gowns and suits that were showcased behind the glass panels caught my attention. All of them look edgy yet elegant and classy.

I remember telling Michelle this “I want something that still speaks me and I can still look like myself at the end of the day.” The bottom line is – I don’t need anything too fanciful. I just want to be myself.

I was also given different fabrics and colors to choose from and I ended up with Satin and The Great Gatsby – Black, White and Champagne. I love satins because of the simplicity and shine.

Michelle knew exactly what I wanted and showed me sketches of the gowns that she had specially designed for me. To be honest, it was such a difficult decision because all of them were so beautifully drawn. How do I even settle with 1 out of the few? One point that she was spot on was that James is more daring than me in terms of dressing. My head turned to her when she said that and I went “wow.. she really took the time and effort to study our styles and characteristics.” Boy.. I was so touched.

After we are done with the designs selection, Michelle arranged for more appointments for me – from the skeleton fitting to the finalized measurements. If there is one thing that I do not have to worry about for my wedding, it would be our suits & gowns because I went to the right designer and team (Yi Xia & Cherie), the right friends.

wedding gowns singapore

bridal veil

Trust me when I said I do not have to worry a single bit about my Gowns. Michelle is a perfectionist. She thought of everything for me from my theme, to the designs and everything that you can think of.

wedding gown

My gowns are not exactly simple. Take a look at the picture below. The layerings were so perfect. I could almost feel their hardworking in putting the different layers together.

wedding gown

James had his suits designed by Colin from The Mens Club and it was always a joy having Colin around because he loves to joke around. Both Michelle and Colin are so nice that they treat every bride & groom as friends. By the way, The Mens Club also designs bespoke suits for the ladies if you ever need one.

James had 2 different suits designed by Colin, which I will not be revealing them at this post for now. Stay tuned for the second post.

colin lee

the mens club singapore

Now, back to my gowns. I think everyone’s favourite has got to be the Pink Cheongsam I wore for my tea ceremony and sending off of the guests at night. Each flower was painstakingly hand cutout by Michelle and her girls from a Kimono fabric that Michelle had sourced from Japan. My mother-in-law even asked me to buy over the cheongsam so that I can wear it for future dinner(s).

One little issue I had was my tummy. I couldn’t bring myself to cut down on carbs during the fittings. Michelle kindly shared tips with me on the cutting down on cuts and how to walk in a cheongsam gracefully. I hope I didn’t disappoint her on my wedding night.


What can I conclude from my first post?

It is important to choose the correct people for your wedding. They literally strike off an item from your To-Worry-About list. We were very very fortunate to walk down the aisle in gowns and suits from Bridal Veil and The Mens Club. No words can describe how proud we feel to be dressed in them.

bridal veil

Stay tuned as I pen down the final designs and our feelings as we march down the aisle in them on my second post 🙂