BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme by Hugo Boss

Know what? I think I just found my favorite scent of the year. Even the boyfriend loves it on me. I am a very fussy person when it comes to scent because it is something I use almost everyday. I never liked anything too musky or overpowering.

When I first heard about BOSS MA VIE, the new fragrance for women from BOSS Parfums, I thought that it is going to be quite musky because BOSS can be quite manly. But then again, I gotta admit that I am quite a sucker for designs and I love how exactly the bottle look, I feel like…… I really want to own one. I like the delicate mellow pink and the sleek design.

Following the successful launch of BOSS NUIT Pour Femme and BOSS JOUR Pour Femme, now, BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme completes the trio. ALL of them look so elegant and classy.

The new fragrance was inspired by an element of the BOSS woman’s life that until now has gone unnoticed. It draws on the pleasure she feels when she chooses to step out of her day to day routine, slow down, loosen up and simply enjoy a moment for herself. It captures the intimate essence of her independent spirit, releasing the indulgent and fulfilling sensation of simply savoring life.

Yeap, so on days where I have no work, or after working hours, BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme allows me to be who I am comfortably and still smelling nice even after a long day of work. It somewhat boosts my confidence too.

Other than counting on the design of the bottle for modern femininity, the top note – Cactus Blossom accord capture the green freshness of the uncompromising desert plant, providing a unique and modern element to the fragrance.

The heart – Pink Floral Bouquet with Rose Bud unifies the key florals of BOSS NUIT Pour Femme and BOSS JOUR Pour Femme, with a tender and soft pink feminine twist. Suave pink freesia and jasmine petals were blended with delicate rose bud, creating a natural floralcy.

The base – Cedarwood – The intense warmth of sheer woods and cedar wood form is known to encourage an attitude of confidence and ease which inspires the BOSS woman to take a moment to herself.

Such femininity, confidence and modernity is simply irresistible.

Go on… You know you need it too ๐Ÿ™‚

Lacoste Men’s Fragrance

Lascote has a new men fragrance – LACOSTE L!VE! This came at the right time because the boyfriend just finished his bottle of fragrance. This just made the perfect gift for him! (Actually not, because I made him pen down some of the thoughts on the scent)

The design of the bottle is rather playful because it comes in a cube shape which is pretty handy. The six sides of the cube give the LACOSTE L!VE generation the opportunity to see things differently and pushes people to see go and see beyond the obvious, to be surprised and energised exactly as the perfume does.

In my opinion, every scent is carried off differently by different individuals. The same scent may not smell the same on different people. I came across a scientific article while doing some research during my school days and it was said that everyone has a very different body scent and it is the body scent that attracts the other party in the long run. Actually… I like J with or without perfume. Sometimes I sniff his skin for his smell (LOL) because it gives me a sense of familiarity.

But being in the sales line, it is always important to smell pleasant. I opened the LACOSTE L!VE and told him that it has a little musky smell and I kind of like it because it also emits the scent of freshness. I guess it could be due to the dynamic burst of lime, green leaves and aquatic notes. The green leaves and aquatic notes accentuate the lime to bring freshness and vibrancy.

The musky scent could be due to the smoky warmth of Guaiac wood and dark liquorice where they build the base notes of the fragrance while adding depth at the same time.

When he received the scent later in the afternoon, he told me he love the scent too. The scent is very versatile as it is suitable for both work and after work activities. It doesn’t give off a scent too manly or too strong.

Big guy with his new scent!

Thank you LACOSTE for this new fragrance. It is currently part of his daily life!

The fragrance is available at 2 different sizes:



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Time to get bold and fresh with LACOSTE L!VE!

Fernanda X Beauty Direct

*** There is a giveaway at the end of this post! ***

A lot of beauty products are easily available in Korea and Japan but not easily available in Singapore. This is why online shopping is the IN-thing now.

I browsed through and selected a few items for review. One of the brands which caught my attention was Fernanda!

Fernanda is a Japanese brand that has body mist, hair fragrance, body scrub, hair oil and so much so much all!

Check out all the beautiful packaging and they are all in floral scent! My choice was obviously the Pink Euphoria – Bergamot, Raspberry, Apple.

Only the hair fragrance oil is in Maria Regale.

Everything smells really good. I tried the body scrub ($26.90) for a few nights and slept very well after that because I smelled really good. However, my favorite product in the loot is not this. This is my second favorite as it has silk component and moisturizing ingredients.

It can remove old skin keratin with silk powder. Makes the entire bathroom smells good as well!

My favorite is the Hair Fragrance ($20.90)!! I was expecting it to be overpowering but much to my pleasure, it was very sweet smelling. My hair can still smell good after a good long day of work and events. I would totally bring this out everyday to get rid of tobacco (no, I don’t smoke) and sweat odors.

Other than having a long lasting scent, it also treats and moisturizes the hair giving it shine and moisture. The UV-cut ingredients also protects the hair from UV rays.

Now for the giveaway…..




I have two sets to give away! The winners would be picked by me and Beauty Direct would send it over to your mailing address within 2 weeks! ๐Ÿ™‚

Set A – Body
Fernanda Fragrance Body Scrub in Pink Euphoria ($26.90)
Fernanda Fragrance Body Mist in Enchant Scotia ($18.90)

Set B – Hair
Fernanda Hair Fragrance Oil in Maria Regale ($25.90)
Fernanda Hair Fragrance in Pink Euphoria ($20.90)

How to join?

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Remember, to make your accounts public otherwise I wouldn’t be able to select you as one of the two winners!

My lashes were also BOUGHT from Beauty Direct!

Yes, you heard me right, bought, not sponsored!

Now you know where to go for all these goodies!

Especially Escada

Have you heard of the new fragrance I am using yet? It’s Especially Escada – a luxurious and feminine scent inspired by the spirit of todays joyful, spontaneous and glamorous woman who likes to let her emotions run wild.

This unique scent was already launched in Aug 2011 and will be a permanent addition to Escada’s sophisticated range of classic fragrances.

The packaging is a luxury yet striking design. Can you spot the 2 E right in the middle?

The solid, square glass flacon houses a rosy pink fragrance juice which is sealed within using classic, iconic double E logo gold-finish lid.

It gives an elegant but with a touch of playful femininity.

People who love the scent of flowers like roses would definitely love this for this scent is built around a delicate rose accord.

Inspired by the glistening scent of morning dew on a sparkling rose, Especially Escada says luxury but in a modern and light-hearted way.

The fragrance opens with an intense and sparkling top note of pear that combines with the sweet, exotic and musky notes of Ambrette seeds. Together, they unfold the joyous femininity in you.

One of the most luxurious rose species, the Bulgarian rose is uniquely collected in the early hours of the morning to best capture its sophisticated and classic aroma.

Delicate notes of Ylang Ylang work with the rose to create a soft, floral and intensely feminine appeal. The floral bouquet at the heart radiates a fresh and natural aura of positivity, the uplifting ingredients are
synonymous with joy unfolding.

If you want it short, this fragrance gives you femininity and at the same time, sophistication.

It’s a complicated affair.

Bar Refaeli is the new face for this the new scent. It strikes the perfect balance between elegance and high-energy glamour.

And her take on the scent:

โ€œI absolutely love it. Itโ€™s not too sweet and it doesnโ€™t feel too heavy. It smells really feminine and soft but still elegant. It has this really unique and rare rose inside it, the Bulgarian rose, itโ€™s very hard to collect and you can really sense that because it smells absolutely beautiful.โ€

My take:

“I like it as it is not overpowering as you know some floral scent can get really over so it is suitable for any shopping day out, work or dinner. But I guess the main thing which attracted me was it’s really classic packaging and bottle!”

As it is Eau de Parfum, it is more lasting than Eau de Toilette.

So you can expect it to stay with you for the entire day.

How do you apply your Parfum?

For me, I prefer to rub it around my neck area and a few spray on my clothes.

Thank you for sending me this fragrance. I am so glad I have more choices now! ๐Ÿ™‚