CASIO EX-TR60 – Creation of flawless #selfies

With so many cameras in the market, what is best for vain pots like me?
Is there any camera suitable for people who:

– Love taking selfie but too lazy to edit it before posting it up?

– Busy people who find transferring photos to the computer and then to the phone a waste of time?
I fall into both categories because I spam selfies a lot. I take selfie almost everyday. I love pretty and flawless looking photos but I hate to edit them before posting it up because it is a hassle.

Why spend time to transfer it to the computer, then to the phone, followed by editing and filtering it before posting it up to all the other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram when you can have it at your fingertips now?

Introducing you the new Casio TR60!! Already available in stores at a recommended price of $1,299.

I told you guys how much I love Casio Cameras in my previous review right?

I am now loving this TR60 even MORE THAN EVER.

What I love about the camera:

1. You can adjust the skin tone and colour before snapping the picture to make your skin look flawless and dolly (So you can save the time editing the photos. Sometimes, even filters can’t achieve the flawless skin). Love the enhanced Make-Up technology!

I am constantly using +6 for smooth skin for all my pictures.

2. It has Bluetooth and Wifi functions so it makes transferring photos to the phone a breeze.
I have been transferring photos via the Bluetooth smart Technology. The connection is very stable as it has NEVER failed on me for a single second even when I had more than 10 pictures to transfer at one go. 2 words to describe – Fast and Stable.

Do note that you would need to download the app – Exilim Connect to transfer the picture.
The logo looks like this:

With the app, you can easily transfer the pictures from the menu. You can either set it to Auto Send so every picture you take is sent to your phone instantly or select a few at one go and transfer them when you feel like uploading it to your social media accounts!

I absolutely love the auto transfer function because I can see how each of the selfie look like on my phone and which is the best looking picture before deleting the pictures away.

3. It is touchscreen. So dummy-proof because it works like how your smartphones or iPad works.

4. It has different effects suitable for different kind of photos.

(Just like this photo. How about a black & white one here?)

Selfie Art Mode can also be found. There are 6 artistic effects to choose from – High Key, Foggy, Fairy, Nostalgia, Vivid and Square.
Square works the best for Instagram addicts like me 😛

5. There are 4 very very pretty pastel colours to choose from!! My favourite is the first two from the left – Glossy Mint and Glossy Violet! There are people who prefers it plain and glossy so the thoughtful Casio came out with both designs for the same model.

6. It has an intuitive Selfie Pad which is a sensor within the camera’s 360-degree LCD rotatable frame. The sensor allows you to zoom or switch mode freely with just 1 hand. Sounds like taking selfie just got easier.

7. I love the grip of the camera which allows me to take selfie from ANY ANGLE. And best, I can take selfies with a single-handedly easily!
The camera works perfectly well by itself under different lightings. But let me show you how I take a good selfie with TR60. You can:

– Do a selfie outdoor anytime

– Do a selfie in front of your window during day time

Why? It is because it works really really really well when the sun is out.

Let me show you some examples:

Indoor (low-lighting):

Heh, pardon my just-wake-up-look.

And even after a long day out with the physical make up 60% gone and 50% of the face made up of oil, the make up mode still make me look neat and clean.

TR60 has a moulded glass lens that allows more light to reach the sensor so it works well even in environments with little light. How do you expect a camera to work well in low light and yet still produce vibrant images?

To me, the indoor picture gives me a very cute-ish feel. Not because how I dress, but because of the blur-ish feel the picture gives. So at times when you wanna take cute pictures, take it indoor! Of course, you can adjust the skin tone but I am loving this effect!

Now, outdoor (with good lighting):

As for outdoor with good sunlights, look at how clear the picture is. Even though the picture is super clear, your face remains flawless. That is how Casio beauty mode works.
Not forgetting, the enhanced Make Up mode comes with with Bracketing mode which captures 3 images with different skin tones. – 2 levels fairer and 2 levels tanner.

How does my skin look in all the #selfies? And how does the different angles look?

I hope you’re loving TR60 as much as me!

The camera is already available and so so so many of you have sent me questions about it when I first posted it up in my Instagram. You can get it from Casio authorized retailers like Best Denki and Harvey Norman ALREADY~~ Go give it a shot and test it out. I am pretty sure you will be tempted to own one too!

If you would like to find out more about the camera, visit:


Instagram: @CasioSG


New Selfie Camera by Casio

What is the first camera or brand that comes to your mind when someone talks about selfie camera?


For me, It’s Casio.


What brand has the make up mode feature and takes very beautiful selfie photos?




Not sucking up to the brand or praising it out of nowhere but seriously, I am very very much in love with the make up mode! So much that I made James buy my a Casio Camera for my birthday last year. Hehe.

But sometime after I got the camera, I realised that Casio came out with another selfie camera which is not only good-looking but perfect for taking selfie too!!

Casio Exilim EX-MR1!! It is very quirky looking but cuteeee! I was literally jumping for joy when I knew that Casio is giving me one colour of my choice for review.


As usual, I couldn’t make up my mind because my favourite colour is white and I am a sucker for white and pastel coloured gadgets. The camera James got me was also in white. But I was so tied between the pink and the white…..


I like the baby pink but I like the combination of white and gold.. It was just too hard. Why did Casio put us in such a difficult position by coming out with 3 awesome colours!!


Okay, I am really a sucker for white gadgets so I ended up with the white one!! Although my heart wanted both. Lol.


The camera is soooo featherlight. It only weighs 133g. It fits in so nicely to any of my tiny sling bag because it is palm-sized too! I don’t like carrying a bigger bag out just to put my heavy duty camera inside.


I bring my camera out almost everyday because I tend to take selfie anywhere, so this lightweight, palm-sized, cute camera is quite perfect for me!



What attracted me other than the design and colours, is the mirror face!!! Sometimes when I have to apply my lipstick on the go or touch up any make up, I will use the camera as a mirror. So convenient! It is a pocket mirror as well as a lightweight camera. This camera is specially created for vain pots like me!!



Also, do you also know that the camera lens is hidden behind the mirror? So what you see in the mirror is what you will get when you press on the snap button! We always like how we look in the selfie position right? 😀



You can adjust the settings of the make up mode from a total of 6 complexion shades and 12 different skin mode for different environment like when you are out in the sun or indoors.



I brought the camera out with me during CNY and snapped soooo many photos on my way to different places for visiting. I think by now you should have already realised that the photos posted in my previous entry was also taken using EX-MR1!! :DD



I absolutely love how it made my completion look flawless and dolly! I think the camera has the ability to make anyone look like a doll!!



Being satisfied with the pictures, all I wanted to do was to upload them to Instagram (@maybelinesim). I can transfer the pictures from the camera to the phone without the need of a computer because this tiny camera has in-built wifi!



Just download the app on your smartphone “EXILIM Link” and pair your camera to the phone by:


– Turn on the wireless on your phone and connect it to the camera (make sure your wifi is turned on on the camera as well by pressing the wifi button once).
– Input the password of the camera’s wifi.
– Tap “Connection Starting” on the app.
– Download any picture from the camera to your phone.


It was so easy. I need no further editing like adding filters or adjusting the lighting so I uploaded it straight to my Instagram. Surprisingly, one follower even asked if the picture was taken by EX-MR1. So smart!! Hehe. Must be the good complexion and dolly feel the picture gave.


In case you thought that you can only take selfie with it, you can OFF the make up mode and take any other photos of the scenery or food or anything else. It just help vain pots to make selfie taking easier!!


Girls, this camera is retailing at the recommended price of $429 and they are already out in stores since November 2014! One of the most affordable selfie camera around!


Go cute, go light, go Casio! Thank you for giving me one of the best gift ever!