Opening of IDS Clinic

As you know, I was previously with DRx, whose concept belongs to Dr S K Tan.

Dr Tan was a friendly and humorous guy who graduated as a medical doctor in 197! And this year marks the 43rd year as a Medical Doctor. You can also call him the father of Aesthetics.

He believes in using skincare to improve the skin condition and would avoid any procedures if skincare could achieve the same effect. So you can save your pennies that will be spent on all the expensive procedures if they are not really required!

Just last month, his new clinic – IDS Clinic opened its door at Novena Specialist Centre #05-07. I was honored to be invited.

Meet Dr Tan.

And the man behind the marketing – Chester! ALL the bloggers love him. He knows how to pamper us like princesses. Really. He booked a limousine cab to fetch us from our places to the clinic.

It felt so good to have him back in the industry!

I like the clinic’s concept. It was all clean, neat and tidy. The warm colour also made it look welcoming.

Even the consultation rooms looked nothing like a clinic. It gave me a cafe feel.

The clinic offers a variety of treatments such as aesthetics enhancement, nonsurgical thread lifts, laser and Thermage. So much that you have to visit them at!  The facial treatments are also specially designed by Dr Tan using special formulas brought in from around the world.

What’s best is that IDS Clinic has their own range or products. I was flipping through the phamplet and I knew that there are some products that I really have to try. For instance, the C+ which tackles wrinkles, loss of firmness, patchy skin tone, dark spots and even acne, and their Mask which contains probiotics.

As you can see, they carry quite a bit of products to tackle all the different skin problems and the range will be prescribed in the clinic.

So now you know, IDS Clinic is finally opened!!

Find them at Novena Specialist Centre #05-07/10 or ring them up at 6568 3555!

Follow them on their Facebook page for more updates!

DRx Trichology Journey

I have just started a new treatment with DRx. Other than the skin doctor, I am also doing tricho with them.

I have very very thin hair since young and of course, I want to like all the other girl on the street. I want thick, shiny black hair.

As I grow up, I began to realise that it may or may not be genetic (although my dad has thin hair as well). The cause of this problem could be due to my diet. I stopped eating meat since lower secondary school days because I hate the taste of it and I couldn’t bear to see the animals dying.

Protein is an important molecule for hair growth and the lack of protein could cause hair loss or hair thinning. Red meat like beef or pork would be a great source of protein.

Due to the lack of protein in me, I could either face very slow hair growth or hair thinning (on top of genetics if any).

I wash my hair EVERYDAY. I can’t stand not washing it for a single day.

So trust me when I said I got a shocked when I look at the pictures that were taken from my scalp.

There were so much debris and dead skin on the hair follicles!! It was like all over the scalp!!

To be honest, you can’t get them all off in one visit, but DRx managed to get ride of at least 75% of them for me.

As this was my first visit, the objective was to clean the scalp as much as possible. Clean scalp can enable to follicles to breath properly and stimulate hair growth.

The first step was to soften the dead skin cells and oil plug by massaging some oil based product before steaming the scalp for a good 20 minutes.

Since it was 20 minutes, I made used of the time to take some photos with the big balloon on my head.

Followed by washing and blow dry.

Purifying serum was also applied to nourish the hair follicles and feed it with nutrients.

Lastly, the laser, which can promotes hair growth. I think I look like some policewoman with this thing on my head.

And do you know how DRx ends it off? They sure know how to make you feel pampered!

They curled my hair for me with their curler. Almost everyone who had done tricho with them raved about this curler!

You can also use it as a brush because it keeps the hair soft and shiny after brushing. No joke. They sell this curler too. Do pop by and enquire more.

Look at the curl. So bouncy and nice! I can never achiever such curls myself.

Had always loved curled hair. Really. But straight hair is easily to maintain, which is always why I had never really visit a salon and have them curled before.

So now you know, DRx not only take care of the face, they take care of the hair as well.

You can find them at their Facebook Page at


302, Orchard Road, #16-01 Tong Building
Singapore, Singapore 238862

Carbon Laser at DRX Clinic. Let’s go Chao Tah!

I am finally back to the land of beautiful skin.

Due to the improvements of the skin conditions:

1. Recovery from ance/pimples outbreak due to haze
2. Constant dehyrated skin

Dr. Yani and Chester arranged a session of Carbon Laser for me. The benefits of this laser includes smoother and more radiant skin, and perhaps, a little effect on closing up the pores. To be honest, I feel that I have enlarged pores so I was really hoping that this would minimize my pore size.

As this laser requires your consent, you would need your parent or guardian to be with you to sign the consent form if you’re under the age of 21.

Make up removed. All that was left was my birthmark and eyeliner.

Next, Carbon was applied to my face. Before the laser, Nurse Zen and Chester explained the procedures to me again.

They told me that I would be able to hear fire crackers cracking throughout and MY!!!!! THAT SCARED ME A LOT. I am someone with extremely low pain tolerance but for the sake of beauty, I must endure!

They assured me by saying “You could only hear the sound and the pain is very minimal.” But of course, I was already biting my teeth and my heart was already pounding like mad.

Still, I still wanna camwhore a bit with this “burnt” black face. LOL. It is not everyday that I have such a black face.

My heart was already in my mouth when I laid on the bed.

My pretty Doctor, Dr. Yani did the laser for me personally. I was still waiting for the cracking of the fire cracker but even the sound was minimal.

Don’t even mention about the pain. It was almost nothing. I think I scared myself for nothing in fact.

The procedure was divided into 2 parts.

Part 1: Laser
Part 2: Laser with cold air

I was practically enjoying myself during Part 2 and I remembered asking Dr. Yani this “Is there even any pain?” Lol!

The cold air was damn relaxing. I don’t mind doing this over and over again!

You can watch it live because Chester has kindly recorded some of the scenes for me for both Part 1 and 2 🙂

These videos would do justice to my words. No frowning or jerking because of the pain as there was NONE at all.

The end result. No redness or burnt mark. As it was my first session, the voltage wasn’t that high yet.

It is recommended to do Carbon Laser once a month with slight increase in the voltage for better and more significant results. We can’t expect miracles with just one session can we?

Despite saying so, my skin was smoother and I could see a slight reduction in pore size 🙂

(I wish I could tear the birthmark on the lower lip away. Stop spoiling my pictures!)

If you’re interested in the Carbon Laser or are you facing any skin problems, feel free to head over to their facebook page at! 🙂

DRx Journey, Here I come

DRx is my new sponsor and I know people will go “Your skin so good, still need to see skin doctor meh?”

Well, I got quite a few replies on that already.

My skin is nowhere near good, not much scars, acnes, pimples does not equivalent to good.

I have dehydrated skin, visible pores and sensitive skin.

Speaking of which, I had an outbreak recently due to the haze. STUPID HAZE YOU.

Majority of them appeared on the forehead while one appeared above the cheek and one below the chin. What an ugly sight!

(Creams were applied to some of the areas in this picture)

You may feel that it is not as bad as you think, but unclear face brings down one confidence, no?

That was how I was feeling during that period of time.

Luckily, I had DRx with me to overcome this ordeal.

Made my first visit there last Wednesday and my Doctor was Dr. Yanni!

She’s soooo young and pretty!

Let me feed you with some background about her:

Dr Yanni Xu obtained her MBBS from the United Kingdom and was the silver medalist from the King’s College London School of Medicine. She went on to obtain a training in general and plastics surgery and Obstetrics and Gynaecology in various hospitals in Singapore.

She is also competent in a broad range of aesthetic procedures such as Cosmetic Lasers, Botox and Injectable Fillers and continues to attend international conferences to keep her knowledge current.

Life long learning yay! Attend conferences to add on to current knowledge yay!

I was given a tour around the clinic, and they are located not just at level 16 but 14 as well!

There are various treatment rooms for different procedures like facials or other skin related treatments.

And the wide range of products they have to address the different area of concerns like the skin, body or hair.

I was prescribed with these products.

1. Milk Cleanser
2. Foaming Cleanser
3. Toner
4. Comedone Formula
5. Max-C
6. Hydrator
7. Acne Spot Lotion
8. Non-Tinted Sunscreen SPF 30+

My favourite among the lot was the hydrator and Acne Spot Lotion!

Would you believe me if I told you that all the breakouts were cleared just 2 – 3 days after the visit? It was all thanks to the Acne Spot Lotion!! I kept applying it 3 times a day diligently.

It went from 3D to 2D and then to NOTHING.

Readers of my blog would know that I always emphasize on my dehydrated skin at every product review. But you are not going to see it anymore because my skin is not as dehydrated as before! And ta dah! The hydrator work wonders!

The sunscreen was kinda good as well. Although it is slightly greasy, but it makes the application of make up smoother and stay longer. Would be good if it’s a tinted one.

These photos were taken just 4 – 5 days after the consultation. No photoshop! No editing of colours!

Check out how clear my skin is now :X (I was really fretting over the pimples the other time!)

The facial tone also looks more evenly applied now 🙂

Thank you DRx! Thank you Dr. Yanni!


The DRx Clinic
302 Orchard Road
#16-01 Tong Building (Between Paragon and Lucky Plaza, I call it the Rolex building LOL)
Singapore 238862

For more information, please visit: or