Benefits of drinking Ginger Tea – Dr Ginger

It is no secret that I suffer from very bad cramps every month because it has become a norm for me to whine on my Instagram Story every month!

Last month, I was whining non-stop and I was asking for remedies in my Instagram and what shocked me was the overwhelming responses you guys gave! One of it was to drink Ginger Tea to help with the pain but my reply was “I hate the taste of ginger tea because the ginger smell is too strong :(“.

I am fine with food that contains Ginger but not the tea because unlike the food dishes, it doesn’t come with accompanying sauces or flavors.

However, I decided to give Health Domain Dr Ginger a try because I know the brand well. Hands up if you are drinking their Dr Oatcare too! Haha.


I was initially very reluctant to try because I was still quite scared of the ginger taste. However, the tea turned out to be mildly sweet and nice because contains brown sugar! Oh yay, finally found a Ginger Tea brand that I won’t say no to. If you are wondering, the tea is free from artificial flavourings, so the truth is, you are enjoying the aroma of a real aged ginger.

I am currently drinking the tea to help me cope with my monthly menstrual cramps. After a cup of Dr Ginger, you can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy at the tummy area. Sometimes I will still couple it with a heat pack at the tummy area when the cramps get TOOOOO bad.


Having said all these, it doesn’t mean that Dr Ginger is only for the ladies. In fact, anyone can drink Dr Ginger as it can aid to improve digestion, blood circulation, relieve nausea and something I hate….. Motion sickness. I personally suffer from motion sickness & I hate that feeling a lot.

I also tend to overeat on some days and my stomach gets kind of bloated on days like these so I will take a sachet of Dr Ginger after my meals to help with the bloatedness. Seems like a very good tea to drink hor? It helps me with so many problems that I am currently facing in reality.

Ideally, you have to mix 1 sachet into 160ml of water for the best Dr Ginger taste but you can play around with the volume to suit your tastebuds.


Here’s a fun fact for you. Do you know that tea made from Ginger has high levels of Amino acids and Vitamin C which are beneficial to our body?
If you are like me, a troublesome woman, you can enjoy benefits like these:
– Relieve nausea from motion sickness
– Relieve morning sickness from pregnancy
– Relieves menstrual cramps

However, if those benefits are not your main concerns, you can also take it for other purposes like those below:
– Facilitates better digestion
– Improve and stimulate appetite
– Relieves stress and migraines
– Reduces Bloatedness
– Dispels coldness from body that causes cold and flu
This tea kills a lot of birds with one stone! Haha. Like I said, I am quite scared of the ginger taste but Dr Ginger taste fine for me so do give them a try.


If you are already convinced, you can buy Dr Ginger at Do also check out their other products that they carry (I personally like Dr Oatcare alot!)