Let Loose with Wholesome Grub @ The Garden Club

the garden club

Author: Alexius Chua

The Garden Club opened last August with an agenda – to let diners party the night the health-conscious way. Served with the hook of visual appeal, the food was certainly healthy (no negative connotation whatsoever) and the cocktails memorable. Situated in a stunning rooftop setting with vivacious music, it’s certainly live up to its #NotYourOrdinaryFoodClub moniker.

The Garden Club

The dishes I had were visually stunning, and the ones I liked were flavourful and hearty yet in a health-conscious manner. Take for instance the Smoked Tofu Slab. The boldness of the flavours hooked me. The tofu is smoked with applewood flakes, caramelised fennel and veggie au jus raises the umami levels to such a pleasant high.

The Garden Club
Pardon me for jumping around courses here, the appetiser Summer Medley is such a beautiful plate. Its citrus infused compressed assorted fruits topped with basil gel and tarragon oil makes a treat to the body so strangely satisfying I can only beg for more.

The Garden Club

Oh no carbs. But this sinful plate comes with a healthy twist. Thee Garden Ragu Fettuccine flavours hit all the right notes and with the minced texture of the house-made specialty Beyond MeatTM ragu sauce, you would never imagine you’re eating healthy.

The Garden Club
I am a fish person, and it’s such a pleasure to savour this dish. While the Grilled Barramundi may look the most subtle among the other dishes (though I am still stoked by the plating), but the grilled sea bass is stunningly rounded and rich. The sesame tofu puree seals the deal for me.

The Garden Club

Its easy to like this Apple Rosette Tart. While the taste is not particularly thrilling as compared to its cookie shell, it’s the type of dessert that will please all, so it’s just easier to order this for everyone to share.

The Garden Club

Here to redefine conscious consumption as we know it, The Garden Club array of tantalising cocktails and fresh juices – pressed and squeezed on the spot – also pleased the senses inside and out. There’s the Rasa Sayang, a refreshing cooler of white wine, lychee and lemon soda, and my personal favourite which also happens to be the popular choice – The Kensington Cooler which is made of Hendricks gin, earl grey fresh lemon juice and dry lavender buds.

The Garden Club @ OUE Downtown Gallery
6A Shenton Way, #05-01, Singapore 068815
Website: www.thegardenclub.sg
Facebook: thegardenclubsg
Instagram: @thegardenclubsg
Hashtag: #thegardenclubsg

Tong Xin Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot – Not Your Typical Hotpot place

Author: Alexius Chua

The serenity of this hotpot restaurant envelops you immediately when you enter the premise. Adorned with artistic trademarks of Chinese craftsmanship like calligraphy, porcelain and bamboo dividers, this 150-seater is much akin to an oriental art gallery than a bustling hotpot place.
Once I settle down, I slowly appreciate what this beautifully curated space offers – a bustling hotpot eatery with fine-dining vibe, it’s a gap that existing hotpot joints apparently missed filling. It’s not your typical hotpot establishment indeed.

Tong Xin Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot

For someone who seldom had steamboat, this place is a good introduction. The food, while prided itself for its quality ingredients, does not seem daunting and rather inviting, and most of it is actually tasty. There’s a wide range of beef cuts from all over the world including New Zealand, Australia, USA, Japan and more.

Tong Xin Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot
There’s also the Beed Tongue ($22 per portion), which resembled a rose. At first I was hesitant, but with enough inner encouragement I bite into it and proclaimed this is the dish to beat. Meaty and juicy, the cut had a tardiness that please the senses. Other beef dish tasted is the well-known Sichuan dish – Spicy Beef Cubes ($16) from USA. Bite-sized beef cubes marinated in picante sauce and chili flakes.

Tong Xin Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot

The signature soups at Tong Xin Ru Yi are slow-cooked to build up that bold and robust flavours. We had the Golden Chicken Soup and Stewed Marinated Beef with Spicy Soup. The chicken soup had a nice balance of saltiness and creaminess, while the heat from the spicy soup built relentlessly till I lost sensation of my lips and tongue. The burning numbness is both addictive and scary.

Tong Xin Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot
Next comes the BBQ Garlic Oysters ($32 for 6 pieces), plump Canadian oysters glistening in their shells in a chef’s special house-made sauce. The fragrance and texture of the oyster, with that hit of spice at the end, made this memorable.

Tong Xin Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot

The Shake-shake Crispy Pork ($10 per portion) looked deceptively dull, but the first bite will wow you. The salt and pepper lightly perfumed the crispy skin of the pork and the meat is juicy.
Tong Xin Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot

With all that meatiness, this refreshing dish comes like a breath of fresh air. The Gracilaria ($6 per portion), when hotpot-ed, has a uniquely crunchy texture much akin to cooked seaweed.

Tong Xin Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot
6 Lorong Telok, Singapore 049019
Nearest Mrt: Clarke Quay
Facebook: @hotpotruyi
Instagram: @tongxinruyi
Hashtags: #tongxinruyi #tongxinruyisg

Elemen satisfies even more with its 1st Elemen Classic @ GWC


Author: Alexius Chua

Despite being a hardcore carnivore, I must have eaten at all of the Elemen’s incarnations since 2017. This month, it opened its first ever Elemen Classic outlet at Great World City. While the food direction remains meatless dishes using natural and wholesome ingredients, this brand-new dining further elevates it with their own modern twist to it which I fancy.

Their philosophy and dedication to sourcing nourishing ingredients that aims to improve the well-being of diners is admirable. Even the sea salt used is from South Africa, known for its distinct natural flavour and ability to boost the immune system.


I thoroughly enjoy so many things that puts on the table. The Classic Appetiser ($4.80) showcase a trio of salty (Chinese), sweet (Japanese) and sour (western) dishes. The konnyaku jelly transitions well with the Japanese cucumber and cherry tomato.

I like the Truffe Breadsticks with Blueberry Yoghurt Sauce ($3.80) tremendously, though I know these sticks are hit-and-miss for many people. Mochi-like texture with a hint of truffle from its butter, pairs perfectly with the yoghurt sauce with sweet-sour tinge. Highly addictive.

Next comes the Double-boiled Cordyceps Flower with Peach Gum in Superior Soup ($10.80), which is excellent. The robust flavour of the soup only makes me desires for more.


The Truffle Broth Ramen has all the signs of becoming a beloved legacy dish on the menu ($14.80). Possessing a creamy consistency reminiscent of tonkotsu’s, you will be utterly stunned that this is a vegetarian dish. The dumplings have that hint of smokiness with a good meaty mouthfeel. A dish I will definitely revisit to.

Boasting wok hei, the stir-fried Brown Rice with Preserved Bean Curd ($16.80) features fluffy brown rice tossed with savoury fermented bean curd. Despite its appearance, the combination of the earthy taste of rice and the tardiness of king oyster mushroom and edamame is quite satisfying.


All good things must come to an end, and the Purple Rice Porridge with Coconut Ice Cream ($8.80) rounds up the course well enough. Not overly sweet, the toasted grains have that sticky, chewy texture and topped with a scoop of ice cream. I bet it would be my parents’ favourites as well.

Elemen Classic at Great World City
1 Kim Seng Promenade, $01-122, Singapore 237994
Opening Hours: mon – sun, 11.30am – 10pm (last order 9pm)
Website: www.elemen.com.sg
Facebook and Instagram: @elemensg

One Meal Around Thailand at Baan Ying

Author: Alexius Chua

I had my first Baan Ying experience at Central World Bangkok five years ago, and it’s a good one. So I was reeked with anticipation for its latest thai set menu, the ‘One Meal Around Thailand’, which had the support of the Tourism Authority of Singapore, a mark of endorsement for its featuring of elevated Thai cuisines around the country region.

Baan Ying

The promotion will last till end September, with three set menus. The Superior ($58.80) is meant for two, the Deluxe is for four ($128.80), and if you have a party of eight, its Grand Tour menu is at $298.80. The set menu also comes with four types of nam prik (or Thai chilli dip), som tum (green papaya salad), and desserts and herbal tea.

Baan Ying

Starting off with the Nam Prik from the 4 regions (North Eastern Thai, Central Thai, Southern Thai, and Northern Thai). The Soup Makuer (Spicy Thai Eggplant Dip) deserves two thumbs up. The eggplant is boiled till tender, and blended with Thai anchovy paste and chilli powder to result in a mildly spicy savoury dip to accompany the fresh seasonal vegetables.

Baan Ying

There are lots of ingredients in the Som Tom Tad (Green Papaya Salad Platter), with special mention on the pork belly and salted vegetable – they are especially good. There is a lingering tart, sweet and spicy sauce over it. In the end, you may not even get to the papaya with such an appetising pile of ingredients.

Baan Ying

After the appetiser comes the palate cleanser – Frozen Butterfly Pea Tea and Coconut Shot. Its so refreshing and cooling I would buy it for a second or third time as a refreshing drink. Too bad its just a shot and I am supposed to down it in one gulp.

Baan Ying

Coming to the mains. The dishes from all over Thailand starts to appear, and I loved the two from the South. The Sator Pad Goong (Stir-fried Bitter Bean with Shrimp) is basically petai with shrimps. Milder but just as bitter as the beans in Singapore. This version is fried in shrimp paste and chilli (so basically a sambal) and the spices do not overwhelm.
The must-try for me is from the Grand Tour menu, the Gai Tom Kamin (Chicken in Turmeric Broth). It is slightly tart and savoury, with a tasty hint of herbs.
Overall, I believe it’s timely for an experienced restauranteur to feature such an elevated Thai dining experience to educate diners that Thai cuisine is more than just spicy Tom Yum Gong or Pad Thai.

Baan Ying
103 Irrawaddy Road, Royal Square @ Novena, $02-07 S329566
Facebook: facebook.com/baanyingsg
Instagram: @baanyingsg
Website: www.baanying.sg
Hashtag: #baanyingsg #OMAT

Have a 3-Course Uniquely Singapore Fiesta at Porta

Author: Alexius Chua

Mod-sin food makes me happy. I attribute it to the familiarity of the local tastes and the hearty modern European cuisine. Local born and bred talent Executive Chef Alex Phan has curated a 3-Course Uniquely Singapore Menu to celebrate SG54 and the nation’s bicentennial milestone on 8 and 9 August at Porta.
Starting with the salad, the Truffle Rojak Salad has a tangy kick from the tamarind shrimp paste and aromatic sprinkling of peanut crumbles. Alternatively, there’s the Chef’s interpretation of the Peking Duck, served salad-style. The flavours are deep and soulful, and with loving tender bite of duck meat.


There’s a variety of mains available and so much to love at Porta, but the Black pepper Crab Linguine wins my heart. The dish is as simple as its name: linguine tossed with chock-fuull of sweet succulent meat of the blue crab from the Atlantic Ocean.


For the carnivores, there’s the Char Siew Rib Eye Steak. Served with quinoa and Japanese cucumbers on the bottom camouflaged with vegs on the top, the rib eye prepared to the doneness we asked for and tastes exactly like char siew.


The more sensational dish is the Pork Belly served in 2 styles. The creamy salted egg yolk infused with chilies and curry leaves is punchy and sets off the sweetness of the pork, but it’s the tender sous-vide meat with crispy crackling on the skin side that rounds up the experience. It’s exquisite and unexpected in taste and texture.


For desserts, you can relive in the good ole’ days with the familiar Bandung Parfait, or indulge in a re-interpretation of Milo Dinosaur. I understand why the Bandung Parfait is such a crowd favourite, it is light, delicate and airy, chunky peanuts on top with a sugary soft bottom. But my personal biasness still goes to the Milo Dinosaur, it’s a superb texture play with a combination of crumbled Milo sponge cake, served in house-made caramel condensed milk


Porta @ Park Hotel Clarke Quay
1 Unity Street Level 1 Park Hotel Clarke Quay Singapore 237983

3 Course Uniquely Singapore Menu
Date: 8 & 9 August 2019, Thursday & Friday
Time: 11am – 3pm / 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Price: $58++ per adult / $28++ per child 5 to 11 years Children below 5 years enjoy a complimentary Kids’ Dish of the Day
Details on: https://www.parkhotelgroup.com/en/clarkequay/promotions/national-day

Dine and Serenade with Breath-Taking Hilltop Views at Spuds & Aprons


Author: Alex Chua

If you want a romantic dinner for two, or have friends from out of town and want to introduce them to a quality meal with an unforgettable scenery, take them up the hills to Spuds & Aprons. Overlooking the Harbourfront precinct and Sentosa Island, Spuds & Aprons, previously known as the Jewel Box, had a re-branding effort 2 years ago. Updated with new interior, new logo and a refreshed menu, Spuds & Aprons showcases a style that is more reflective of a modern, chic casual dining restaurant, transforming into a one of the choice destination for reconnecting with loved ones over a communal meal, with a magnificent backdrop to boot.


Ready for some spud-y action? Check out some of the must-try eastern & western cuisines install for this season!


Singapore Chilli Crab is probably one of our most prominent National dishes, so naturally this dish entices me dearly. Presented with the chili crab stuffed in crisp roasted potato skins, the Chili Crab in a Tux is a playful rendition from the familiar mantou bun as the dipper for its precious chili crab sauce. Moderately spicy and quite addictive, this appetizer gives a well-textured, flavorful bite.


The highly recommended Sweet Potato Fries with Sea Salt & Japanese Curry Mayo truly deserves its place in the menu. The curry mayo dip is insanely irresistible, and with the crunchy, lightly-salted sweet potato fries, there is no doubt for its popularity.


Next up comes the main dishes. Featuring BBQ Baby Rack Ribs, Gorgeous Beef Guinness, Oven Roasted Mustard Marinated Chicken and Pasta Vongole, I am too spoiled with choices on which ones are my definitive favourite. But if you would to push me to the wall, I would pick Pasta Vongole – with its excellent white wine sauce, the dish gives off a whiff of exquisiteness and the pasta has the al détente quality.


My friends prefer the BBQ Baby Back Ribs, and for good reason. Slathered with succulent sweet BBQ sauce, the ribs are tender and robust in flavour.


What would go wrong with a Jar of Happiness? Absolutely nothing, just sinfully deluxe. Balancing the sweetness profile to perfection, I particularly love the ultra-smooth ice cream and mixed berries.  


Do you know your Chempedek? A local variant of its cousin fruit of jackfruit, the Chempedek Bread and Butter Pudding goes surprisingly smooth together. Yet another well-balanced dessert in its sweetness level, Spuds & Aprons definitely tickles my fancy for more desserts. Just be sure that you’ve ordered this one at when you’re here!

Good food, good vibe, with a gorgeous scenic view, what more could you possibly asked for? The trip up the hill to Spuds & Aprons, 100m above sea-level, is definitely well-worth it!

Spuds & Aprons
Faber Peak Singapore, Level 2
109 Mount Faber Road, Singapore 099203

Our 1st 2015 Lou Hei @ Xin Cuisine

Our first Lou Hei started off with a BANG at Xin Cuisine housed within the newly-renovated Holiday Inn Atrium Hotel! *Make sure you don’t make your way to the wrong one !*

Look at that BIG Bang on the table as the Goat has found its way right up to our table!

This amazing Lou Hei was delicately designed by the head chef himself! Can you see the Goat infused with the year 2015 within the Lou Hei? Really innovative & magnificent, isn’t it?

The second amazing thing is the extravagant ingredients they splashed within the Lou Hei! Some of you guys probably go “chey no big deal having salmon and abalone what!”. How about some Bird’s Nest then? ><

Ralph, the restaurant manager personally served us! I thoroughly enjoyed his enthusiastic hospitality during the entire dinner!

After making a HUGH mess at the table with our rowdy Lou Hei, we made our way back to our original table to enjoy some nice Chinese delicacies.

Starting off with the Chinese New Year Dim Sum Combination:

Pan-fried Yam and Pumpkin Cake with XO Sauce – For this one, i like the infusion of the XO sauce with the crispy Yam. The two tastes did not seek to overpower each other but instead infused to give a rather savory and flavorful taste.

Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Truffle in Egg White Sauce – Look at how real the dish mimics a goldfish in the pond. I almost couldn’t bring myself to eat this one down. The most memorable part of this dish was how fresh the prawns were within the goldfish’s “Belly”

Poached Whole Mable Goby with Hairy Gourd and Dried Shrimp

“Home Style” Roast Duck with Tea Leaves – My 2nd Favourite Dish of the Night! It was easily the MOST tender and juicy duck meat that i have tasted ! For tea lover, this is a definite MUST TRY cos you will be able to taste a mild tea flavor within the meat.

Xin’s Traditional Pen Cai – My personal favourite! I had 2 bowls because the entire pot was filled with goodness. Goodness beyond description! As you can see, there were abalones, scallops, mushrooms, fish maws, dried oysters, prawns etc. The portion was also very generous as portrayed below.

And the desserts…… Double-boiled Milk Pudding with Bird’s Nest!! Seems like Xin Cuisine is serving Bird Nest feast for CNY this year! Yum yum.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole CNY menu food tasting experience @ Xin’s Cuisine because of its flavorful traditional chinese dishes & the delicacy in details they have placed into every dish to make them look as appealing as they tasted.

Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant is located at:

Outram Road, Holiday Inn Atrium, Singapore 169075


A Taste of Italy @ Oliva

Author: James

M and I have been exploring the Arab Street region this week! Why this area? Because we both firmly believe that there are many hidden gems there!

Good news if you are huge fan of Italian cuisine because one of that not to be missed is the Oliva Italian Restaurant lining the Arab street !

This is truly a hidden jem. You may have walked past it a lot of times but not step foot in. That was what happened for us as well until the food tasting.

It has a very cosy exterior. We sat outside because we wanted to chill, eat and chat while doing some people watching at the same time. Who knows! We sat there from 6pm to 10pm. Gosh. It was such a relaxing day.

So much for the exterior! What about the interior you might ask. We felt the interior is even more amazing! (unfortunately we were too eager to try the delicacy that we forgot to take a pic of the interior. Ops! ><).

But a shoutout to the Dudes out there for a nice Valentine Day venue! For the ladies, hint your guys! The restaurant interior ambience is surprisingly nice, with candles and warm lighting, absolutely PERFECT for a romantic dinner. Shall save it for you lovebirds to explore the mystery!

Anw, M was down with eye infection so she had to go lenses-free. But no lessen my affection for her cos we are already in the Vday mood! Lol!

The lady boss, Diane is a very dedicated person and sat with us throughout our dinner to share the highlights of her menu.

One of her pride and joy is their Brushette (below): $7.50

I would say this is definitely one of the MUST TRY if you visit the restaurant. Even for a not-so-bread-eater like me, i find the texture of the bread very palatable as it wasn’t too hard but yet able to maintain its crunchy feel.

Next came the mains! *stomach growls*

I was pretty happy with the mains even at the first sight of it!

Why? Cos personally i have seen too much of restaurants trying to cut their operating cost at the expense of their customer’s growling appetite. Worst, they charge a premium for it! Booooo!  But here, it was totally different story! The restaurant was very generous with their serving, enough to satisfy BIG eaters like me! So first tick checked!

M, being an avid carbo lover kickstarted her meal with her usual pasta choice!

Ocean Lovers $24.90

Don’t be deceived by the pale complexion of the noodle (in this pic)! The savoury & peppery taste is gonna set you going for the glass of water if you cant take even a bit of spice!

But for M, who doesn’t really take much spices enjoyed it nonetheless!

What about me, the avid Protein-eater!

Lamb shank $25

I fell in love with this tomato-based dish with the generous portion of Lamb shanks (Definitely enough for a normal guy! Ladies, be ready to share!) that is served with a more herb-ish version of bolognaise sauce.

There you have it! Our meal for the evening..

‘You mean that’s all & you dare call yourself a big eater, J?!’ So Yes, that cant be all if J is in the house!

The pasta was the restaurant’s specialty. So how can i let go of such good opporunity to try more right? Next, we ordered another portion of their Crabmeat pasta. *with real crabmeat (not those crabstick kind!)

So much for savoury. What about some sweet? Especially that kind of Sugar Sweet in Adam Levine latest song: Sugar. Here we have it!

Oreo Cookie smoothie $5.90

Upclose with the thick and creamy Avocado Smoothie. Good for the skin, ladies!

By the time we reached the dessert, M’s stomach was already putting up the white flag! But upon hearing her favourite Panna cotta, the white flag become green flag! For me with the sweet tooth, it’s a no-brainer! Bring it on, sugar!

Overall, this restaurant is my new favorite in Arab Street. Unfortunately, they have a few wine selection and desserts which I have not tried as we were busy having an equally  hearty conversation with the nice and humble boss of the restaurant. Will definitely return to try it.

Tips for readers:

*Try to go down during the evening to experience the nice and zen ambience within the restaurant as i have mentioned. You can make reservations as well.

**For us Singaporeans, we love promotions right?

Oliva Italian restaurant offers promotions for dinner!

Set Dinner – Only $12.90 (Sunday – Thursday)


Find them at: 34 Arab Street, Singapore 199733
Ring them at: 6291 2297

New Heritage Croissant from Délifrance

Outfit of the day for a tea time event with James.

Guess where? Which place would you think of when you have craving for a croissant? This place that I am writing about has a long history and it’s butter croissant, made of premium French ingredients is highly praised in Singapore…..

And that place is…….

French…… Croissants……


Here’s James looking smart and all ready to attack the new flavors of Heritage Croissant.

I believe there is NO NEED for the introduction for their croissants because they are pretty famous enough for them already. So let’s just get into what’s new!

There are currently 4 flavors with 2 being savory and 2 sweet. As much as I am a very dessert person, I would go for the savory ones because they have cheessseeee!!

Almond Poulet:

I like how well the almond goes with the poulet because it makes the entire chewing process cripsy (the almond and the croissant) and juicy (poulet) at the same time.

Turkey Bacon & Chicken Ham:

Ham and Cheese are Singaporean’s favorite. How about adding another favourite? This is my favourite among all four.

The two croissants above are fulfilling enough to be your lunch or dinner. You can order them in sets as well

1 x Premium Coffee/ English Breakfast Tea/ Iced Lemon Tea/ Coke + 1 x any croissant above for $9.50 —- From 6 Jan to 13 Feb 2015.

Didn’t they make your work lunch hours even more convenient?

There are also 2 seasonal flavors below where they only cost $3.90 each. Top up $2 for any of the drinks above.

Cream Cheese with Strawberry Toppings:

Cream cheese is often seen in cakes for layering or flavoring. Having it in croissants is a little new and different. It has a buttery inner taste while the outside remains crispy. The strawberry adds a little sourness to it. Sounds interesting yea?

Hazelnut Chocolate with Almond Flakes set:

James’s favourite is this since he love anything with chocolate and almond/hazelnut. Having both in one is nothing but a bonus for him!

These 2 croissants are suitable for dessert or tea any time, any day!

We also had a hands on. The chef helped him with the Eiffel Tower drawing on his croissant lol! For mine, I stuffed it with a whole chuck on cheese and ham!!!

The croissants are already available in restaurant since last week.

Hop down and try maybe?

You will love the croissants as much as I do! I can even eat it plain and still love it!

MEDZS – Lover Platters

MEDZS left me with a WOW with their Carbonara the previous time I went for their food tasting. And now, they are back with another theme specially for Valentines’ Day which is only available between 13th – 16th February 2014 (Thursday to Sunday) with the lowest platter being priced at $18.90.

There are 7 different platters to choose from so there would be choices to cater to everyone’s likings!

Seduction in MEDZS Garden – $26.90

This platter consist of Charcuterie and Pickles, Bread and Spread, Pork-and-Sage “Albondigas” Slider, Salad Chiffonade with Balsamic. Ham lovers should love this platter because of the extremely fresh parma ham.

Spanish Surprises – $32.90

Calamari with Bacon and Squid Ink Sauce, Galician Baby Octopus with Boiled Potatoes and Piquillo Peppers, Crispy Pork Belly and Chilli Aioli, Smoked Paprika Shoft-Shell Crab and Braised Mixed Paella.

Classicially French – $38.90

Smoked Chicken and Cheese Sausage, Smoked Pork Belly, Salt-Crusted Beef Sirloin, Honey-Glazed Pork Ribs, Roasted Mushrooms, Patatouille and Steakhouse Fries.

This is perhaps the biggest platter among the seven platters and would definitely for people/couples who are meat lovers.

Greek Temptations – $36.90

For me, a seafood lover, this would be my ultimate choice for the main course. Prawn, fish and chicken all in one. This platter is made up of Chicken Soulaki with Tzatziki Sauce, Salmon and Spinach “Spanakopita”, King Prawn Thermidor and Grilled Mixed Fish.

Moroccan Memories – $32.90

Chicken “Brochette”, Mechoui Baby Lamb T-Bone, Ras-el-Hanout Spiced Beef Kebab, Couscous, Hummus and Gyro Bread. The serving of source in the middle was pretty acquired as it has a mixture of yogurt in it as well. Either you like it, or you don’t, but trust me, it taste just good with the Gyro Bread.

Passionately Italian – $32.90

Served with Grilled Italian Vegetables, Grilled Crayfish with Shallots, Chilli Flakes and Provencal Herbs, Risotto-and-Olives Arancini, Sicilian Braised Baby Octopus and Squid.

Lastly, a meal isn’t complete without desserts. The last platter is Dainty Desserts – $18.90.

This is every girl’s favourite platter for sure! The macarons actually comes in heart-shaped. Platter includes Chocolate Crepe Dentelle Trio, Chilled Strawberry Souffle and Hearty Lychee and Rose Macarons.

Other than these, we also ordered ala carte mains and desserts. We literally went gah-gah over their pretty and happy desserts.

Although I prefer chocolatey stuffs, rainbow cakes never fail to bring a smile to the face.

Even happier when the table is full of desserts!

With the pretty girl, Alene.

The above 2 images of Alene and me are directly taken from her blog 🙂

Deep sea prawns for prawn lovers like us!

And my must have when I visit MEDZS!!

Parma Ham Rosti. I think the Salmon one taste equally good too!

Thank you for having us MEDZS! The platters are really affordable and each platter serves 2. There is not much place that could offer such delicacies at such prices, especially on Valentines. Remember to call them to reserve a table!

You can find them at two locations:

MEDZS @ Orchard Centraal
#B2-01 to 03, #B2-30 to 43
Reservation: 6238 9028


MEDZS @ Millenia Walk
Reservation: 6337 7507