Review: One Fullerton UsQuBa Fine Dining


UsQuBa – Scottish Restaurant & Bar at One Fullerton is now open with Executive Chef Guven Uyanik that hosts a 160-seater dining room and a bar. They are open daily from 11.30am till late in the evening.

If you don’t know where is the exact location, just remember it as the old Butter Factory. Chef Guven Uyanik has amassed practical skills and honed his inner creativity by working with a stellar cast of famous chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Thomas Keller.

I was filled with awe as I took the first walk into the interior of the restaurant as my eyes is greeted with a panoramic view of the Esplanade & Marina Bay Sands. As dusk set in, the array of lighting displayed from these buildings were absolutely breathtaking!

The Sexy bar corner.

Speaking of bar, alcohol & cocktails naturally ring in your mind. I would say they have a few interesting, unique choices not to be missed such as the ‘Negroni’ and ‘Whiskey Sour’. Ladies, rest assured that the alcohol content is not overpowering. In fact, the alcohol balances off very well with the citusy from the orange peel. Hence, you guys can just let your hair down and go for a couple of shots of these while you enjoy the light-hearted chat with your date or enjoy the night scenery!

We were served complimentary Bread with Truffle.  Just look at the generous slices of truffle on top!

This leads to my first big compliment of their food: They are very generous with the expensive ingredients e.g. truffle and even the foie gras as you read on below. Every penny you splurge in this restaurant will definitely be worth its value.

Orkney Islands Scallop Ceviche ($25)

This is one good appetizer to kickstart your mains. The combination of scallops and sea urchin is perfect. Simple yet delectable. The freshness of these two ingredients is conveyed through every mouthful of its sweetness.

Seared Foi Gras ($21)

~ Spiced persimmon, pickled apple, waffle.

See the portion! I am not exaggerating when I said they are pretty generous with their expensive ingredients. Compared to many luxury restaurants out there, UsQuBa sure served one of the biggest slice I have tried. Sure did satisfy my huge craving for Fioe Gras with this dish!

Ravioli of Pork Cheeks ($21)

~ porcini sauce, confit onion, port wine reduction, red radish

This dish is amazingly soft and flavorful. We even kept the sauce to pair it with other sides. The other compliment I have for the restaurant is the amount of hard work it placed into every dish. Take for instances the pork cheese in this dish; it was braised for 26 hours before wrapping it with pasta skin thus making the taste very robust!

UsQuBa Fish and Chips ($32)

~ sous vide code, mushy p sas and mint, pommes maxim

Probably one of the most interesting dishes around because cod fish was used. As for the chips, if you were expecting those typical fries, then you are going to be disappointed. But looking at their classy definition of chips (on top of fish), all those disappointment you have initially is going to just dissolve away with that first crispy bite!

Duet of Aberdeen Angus Beef ($56)

~ grilled tenderloin, braised short ribs, plum jus

My favourite is definitely this! It gives you two versions of cooking the beef. I prefer the grilled half as it is being grilled to optimize its full tenderness.

Tastings of Strawberry ($15):

~ pistachio biscuit/cream, strawberry juice and sorbet

We loved how refreshing the sorbet was and strawberry lovers will enjoy this for sure!

I might not have much experiences with Scottish cuisine but after trying out UsQuBa, I think I love Scottish cuisine already!

Address: 1 Fullerton Road #02-03B/04 Singapore 049213

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 11.30am – 2.30pm and 6pm to 10.30pm.

Bar snacks and drinks are served between 3pm and 6pm.

Nearest MRT Station: One Fullerton / Raffles Place

MEDZS – Lover Platters

MEDZS left me with a WOW with their Carbonara the previous time I went for their food tasting. And now, they are back with another theme specially for Valentines’ Day which is only available between 13th – 16th February 2014 (Thursday to Sunday) with the lowest platter being priced at $18.90.

There are 7 different platters to choose from so there would be choices to cater to everyone’s likings!

Seduction in MEDZS Garden – $26.90

This platter consist of Charcuterie and Pickles, Bread and Spread, Pork-and-Sage “Albondigas” Slider, Salad Chiffonade with Balsamic. Ham lovers should love this platter because of the extremely fresh parma ham.

Spanish Surprises – $32.90

Calamari with Bacon and Squid Ink Sauce, Galician Baby Octopus with Boiled Potatoes and Piquillo Peppers, Crispy Pork Belly and Chilli Aioli, Smoked Paprika Shoft-Shell Crab and Braised Mixed Paella.

Classicially French – $38.90

Smoked Chicken and Cheese Sausage, Smoked Pork Belly, Salt-Crusted Beef Sirloin, Honey-Glazed Pork Ribs, Roasted Mushrooms, Patatouille and Steakhouse Fries.

This is perhaps the biggest platter among the seven platters and would definitely for people/couples who are meat lovers.

Greek Temptations – $36.90

For me, a seafood lover, this would be my ultimate choice for the main course. Prawn, fish and chicken all in one. This platter is made up of Chicken Soulaki with Tzatziki Sauce, Salmon and Spinach “Spanakopita”, King Prawn Thermidor and Grilled Mixed Fish.

Moroccan Memories – $32.90

Chicken “Brochette”, Mechoui Baby Lamb T-Bone, Ras-el-Hanout Spiced Beef Kebab, Couscous, Hummus and Gyro Bread. The serving of source in the middle was pretty acquired as it has a mixture of yogurt in it as well. Either you like it, or you don’t, but trust me, it taste just good with the Gyro Bread.

Passionately Italian – $32.90

Served with Grilled Italian Vegetables, Grilled Crayfish with Shallots, Chilli Flakes and Provencal Herbs, Risotto-and-Olives Arancini, Sicilian Braised Baby Octopus and Squid.

Lastly, a meal isn’t complete without desserts. The last platter is Dainty Desserts – $18.90.

This is every girl’s favourite platter for sure! The macarons actually comes in heart-shaped. Platter includes Chocolate Crepe Dentelle Trio, Chilled Strawberry Souffle and Hearty Lychee and Rose Macarons.

Other than these, we also ordered ala carte mains and desserts. We literally went gah-gah over their pretty and happy desserts.

Although I prefer chocolatey stuffs, rainbow cakes never fail to bring a smile to the face.

Even happier when the table is full of desserts!

With the pretty girl, Alene.

The above 2 images of Alene and me are directly taken from her blog 🙂

Deep sea prawns for prawn lovers like us!

And my must have when I visit MEDZS!!

Parma Ham Rosti. I think the Salmon one taste equally good too!

Thank you for having us MEDZS! The platters are really affordable and each platter serves 2. There is not much place that could offer such delicacies at such prices, especially on Valentines. Remember to call them to reserve a table!

You can find them at two locations:

MEDZS @ Orchard Centraal
#B2-01 to 03, #B2-30 to 43
Reservation: 6238 9028


MEDZS @ Millenia Walk
Reservation: 6337 7507