New Heritage Croissant from Délifrance

Outfit of the day for a tea time event with James.

Guess where? Which place would you think of when you have craving for a croissant? This place that I am writing about has a long history and it’s butter croissant, made of premium French ingredients is highly praised in Singapore…..

And that place is…….

French…… Croissants……


Here’s James looking smart and all ready to attack the new flavors of Heritage Croissant.

I believe there is NO NEED for the introduction for their croissants because they are pretty famous enough for them already. So let’s just get into what’s new!

There are currently 4 flavors with 2 being savory and 2 sweet. As much as I am a very dessert person, I would go for the savory ones because they have cheessseeee!!

Almond Poulet:

I like how well the almond goes with the poulet because it makes the entire chewing process cripsy (the almond and the croissant) and juicy (poulet) at the same time.

Turkey Bacon & Chicken Ham:

Ham and Cheese are Singaporean’s favorite. How about adding another favourite? This is my favourite among all four.

The two croissants above are fulfilling enough to be your lunch or dinner. You can order them in sets as well

1 x Premium Coffee/ English Breakfast Tea/ Iced Lemon Tea/ Coke + 1 x any croissant above for $9.50 —- From 6 Jan to 13 Feb 2015.

Didn’t they make your work lunch hours even more convenient?

There are also 2 seasonal flavors below where they only cost $3.90 each. Top up $2 for any of the drinks above.

Cream Cheese with Strawberry Toppings:

Cream cheese is often seen in cakes for layering or flavoring. Having it in croissants is a little new and different. It has a buttery inner taste while the outside remains crispy. The strawberry adds a little sourness to it. Sounds interesting yea?

Hazelnut Chocolate with Almond Flakes set:

James’s favourite is this since he love anything with chocolate and almond/hazelnut. Having both in one is nothing but a bonus for him!

These 2 croissants are suitable for dessert or tea any time, any day!

We also had a hands on. The chef helped him with the Eiffel Tower drawing on his croissant lol! For mine, I stuffed it with a whole chuck on cheese and ham!!!

The croissants are already available in restaurant since last week.

Hop down and try maybe?

You will love the croissants as much as I do! I can even eat it plain and still love it!

The Audacious Cakery

So I chanced upon this little treasure when Nic invited me for a tasting session at The Audacious Cakery. Small yet spacious and cosy with delectable cakes and coffee.

Ideal place for a relaxing weekend. To top it off, it was drizzling when I was there so the ambience was really good. I sat outside with a cup of hot latte, cakes and good companies. My saturday evening was more than just satisfactory.

The cakes and cupcakes were all made in house from scratch using only the finest ingredients and they have the policy of throwing it away after 24 hours to ensure it’s freshness.

Caution: You will be so spoilt for choices that you just want everything.

I didn’t try the brownie but I am certain that they would taste as good as the cakes I had as well.

I can clear out the room for proper meals for desserts, anytime, anywhere.

Tried a variety of cakes that evening and my favourite was all the chocolatey ones.

I like Zacharie (yellow cake on the first plate, $7.80) a lot because I love cheesy food. Mango passionfruit cheese mousse with a mango passion fruit centre on a ginger biscuit base. Mmm.. now, how does that sound? Cheese, Mango, Passion fruit and Ginger. It has the creamy and smooth texture which I personally quite like.

Monet (the yellow cake at the second plate, $9.80) is one of the most unique cakes that day. It was actually orange mousse with champagne, served with a tart raspberry compote on a Cointreau soaked sponge studded with red currants. If you like the taste of alcohol, you would probably love the taste of it.

The Strawberry Shortcake ($6.80) was a little lighter in taste. It is made with fluffy white sponge, layered with succulent strawberries and luscious vanilla cream. I don’t really like strawberries because they can be really sour but don’t worry, the strawberries The Audacious Cakery used for the cakes were really sweet!

Now….. my favourite of the entire lot is the CHOCOLATE OBSESSION!

Ting ting! The one with gold sparkles!

I love sweet tooth so I tend to like my desserts to be slightly sweeter. I like how rich the dark chocolate was. Pssst, it will melt, so I would advise you to finish it as soon as you can to enjoy the texture and freshness of the cake.

Cupcakes were sold at $3.50 each, $20 for 6 or $38 for 12.

Matcha, Strawberry and Irish Cream.

Matcha cupcakes with matcha buttercream dusted with green tea powder and white chocolate curls.. mmmm.. Majority of the bloggers loved the Matcha one but my favourite was….

Tadah!! The Lemon Raspberry cupcake! I like desserts served with lemons or lime and I like the combination of the sweetness from the raspberry and the tinge of sourness from the lemon. Yums. The cream was extremely smooth as well.

Of all the cakes and cupcakes, the most favored food was the tarts. I had both the Lemon Meringue ($5.80) and Chocolate Souffle ($6.80) and like them both!

I would prefer chocolate souffle more because you can choose to have it served chilled or warm. You can feel the chocolate lava melting in your mouth.

When we speak desserts, one can never miss out macaroons. You have tried chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and whatsnot. How about some Earl Grey, Lemongrass or Salted Caramel?

And I found you guys a deal when I was there… Definitely one of the best deals around. Order 6 cupcakes to share and you can get a one for one cup of coffee or tea. Ideal place for friends who have nothing to do but just wanna chat and chill.

I was very surprised to my find poly mate working there! We used to be really close during our poly days and were in the same FYP team growing cancer cells. Hahaha. Time flies.

And the lady behind those cakes? Who would have expected the lady boss to be so pretty and elegant! I wanna pick up baking from her~~~

The takeaway box is also as pretty as the cakes. You can buy it for your girlfriend or good friends.

Also, if you are thinking of log cakes, yes, they have it too 🙂

The Audacious Cakery is located at Blk 2, Everton Park #01-61 Singapore 081002.

Nearest MRT: Outram Park (walkable distance).

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 7pm.

Find them at:

Come choose your poison at MEDZS

Alert Alert Alert!

Have you always been a fan of desserts just like me? I can skip my meals for just desserts I swear! And here in this post, is a Sinful Series of delicious desserts which are paired with refreshing cocktails.

Interesting? They are known as the seven deadly sins! MEDZS’s desserts have earned recognition of many epicureans and so to take their enjoyments up a notch, they have came up with this series.

Having personally been to Europe, I had personally experience how food establishments offers delectable desserts in the meals and they are even offering irresistible pairings of desserts and cocktails. Thanks to MEDZS, they are also bringing in a similar trend to Singapore, allowing patrons to enjoy a truly indulgent experience!

Close up of the Sins.

The series is really cute because each pair has a different name. For example, they have Greed, Wrath, Pride, Sloth, Lust, Envy and my favorite, Glutton. The dessert for Glutton is damn cute because it is called Fat Hope (bottom left of the picture above). LOL! Fat Hope is actually a rich cheesecake topped with Reese peanut butter chocolate. I am a fan of Reese chocolate, honestly!

They may look angelic and nice but the shots are the real devil. They can knock one out easily as each individual shots are pretty strong themselves. My favourite was the Jealousy Potion (the shot in yellow, with green base). It is a smoky whisky with the sweet aftertaste of Midori Melon Liquer and Mango juice. I could drink Midori Melon pure by itself! I used to have a 1 litre bottle of it at home.

7 Devilish Desserts: $23.90
7 Sinful Shots: $49.80
7+7 Combined Platter: $68

The 7 Decadent Sins are on the menu permanently instead of being seasonal.


If you would like some food to fill your tummy before the desserts, I would strongly recommend you their Carbonara! The food are cooked only after you placed your orders so rest assured that you will only be served with hot and yummy food.

I can have this Carbonara everyday. No joke. This is not my first time at MEDZS but I can’t help but praise their food every time I visit them.

The Deep Sea Prawns was also one of the highly raved food that night. The prawns were really fresh and huge that night.

Rosti. If you prefer to have it crunchier, do request them to fry them a little longer 🙂

In case you’re wondering where can you find MEDZS, you can find them at

MEDZS @ Orchard Centraal
#B2-01 to 03, #B2-30 to 43


MEDZS @ Millenia Walk

See you there!