Valentine’s Photoshoot with J

Because of blogging, I was given more opportunities and ways to spend my pre-Valentine’s with James.

We did a couple shoot with Lee Cooper apparels. They apparels are really comfy and stylish. I was quite amazed by how stretchable the jeans were. We could even roller blade and stretch in it! Airy and lightweight – What a bonus!

The pictures you see here are the more serious ones.

We had more pictures of us laughing like mad (the smiles were so huge that my mouth looked really big LOLOL), fooling around and all. The photos looked really natural. Love how Chee BP Photography managed to capture all the silly moments we had.

Lovely couple (HAHA), comfy apparels (Lee Cooper), talented photographer and the cute Phoebe made all these come true!

Fine stitches, quality clothes at good prices. We got ours at Orchard Gateway Shopping Centre #02-17A 🙂

I love this pair of mint green shoes so much that I got another color in coral.

I remember whining about not being different like coral on the left and mint on the right few months ago. Lol!

Still loving this denim jacket which is now finally mine 🙂

To everyone who made it possible, thank you. Valentine’s Day 2015, I love you!!

Cooking with Lee Kum Kee [Vlog]

We can’t cook. All we (I) can cook is probably instant noodles. I suck at cooking cause I find cooking a chore. Why spend hours and hours in the kitchen just for a meal when I can just spend 5 minutes for a takeaway.

So glad that Lee Kum Kee came out with something that makes cooking SO much easier! I would call it a “cheat” actually. Because, HOW can anyone whip up all these dishes within 30 minutes?!?!?!

Lee Kum Kee is found in almost every Chinese household in Singapore. My mom uses Lee Kum Kee sauces. They have 19 existing variants and they are adding 5 more to the list:

– Korean Marinade
– Sauce for Sweet and Vinegar Spare Ribs
– Lemongrass Marinade
– Soup Base for Black Pepper and Pork Bone Hot Pot
– Soup Base for Drunken Chicken Hot Pot

The chef demonstrated and prepared some dishes using Lee Kum Kee sauces, and indeed, it was done really quickly without bringing the standard of the taste down. In fact, the dishes we tried tasted quite nice.

Wahhhh. I feel so happy already. It isn’t that tough being a housewife after all :X


Our first ever cooking session together.

Met my little girlfriend too!

We had some hands on and prepared Korean BBQ Pork Salad using Korean Marinade.


Guys who can cook rules my tummy. So buck up James, buck up!!

1. Marinate the pork and the sauces together for a few minutes.
2. Chop and soak the greens while pan frying the meat.
3. Mix everything together in a mixing bowl
4. You’re done!!

The sauce was neither too overpowering or salty, he literally finish all the meat!

Other dishes prepared using the other sauces:

Watch our cookout Vlog together!

We had such an enjoyable time cooking together at the event. Now, with these sauces at home, we can cook them at home too! I promised him that I would prepare the Tomato Garlic Prawns for him the next time 🙂

Now for the even happier part, each packet of sauce is only retailing for $1.90/pack. OMG? Yup, I am not kidding! Go grab a few packets from the supermarket and try whipping up a delicious meal for your family/partner! 🙂

Couple Day Out 2 #jamesnmaybel

Another day out with J. But a more chillax one cause we were too tired from my work/his flight.

The night before, I told the caricaturist at ‪#‎lovenco‬ that I’ll be fetching my boyfriend at the airport the day after so he couldn’t make it for the event and he drew me this so that I can hold this while waiting for him at the arrival hall. So ‪cute!

Yeah! The boy got tanned and put on a little weight… lol

Not forgetting this pair of New Balance which I got him when he was in Australia. For people who are interested, I got it at New Balance Concept Store at Scape. Available in other colors too.

We wanted to go for some organic food near Rail Mall so we went up for some photos as well.

Rail Mall has seriously good lighting for photoshoot (and free parking too!!!)! Too bad we only did some selfies there. We wanted to avoid the harsh sun so we reached there about 5.30pm.

Other than one of the pictures, the rest of the pictures were raw and unedited. I like sunny days cause they give really gooood pictures. Couples who love exploring cafes can give cafe hunting a break and visit Rail Mall for some nice pictures together! 😉

If I were given a choice to make another casing for The Kase, I would definitely pick the picture below. Clear skin, good colors and happy looking.

The Kase:

I think J would agree with me on that. Yeahhhh, I know how cheesy and sticky we can get. Hahaha. Anyway, The Kase has portable battery and all as well. Do visit them at Ion!

I am seriously loving how the skin look under the skin. I don’t know who to thank, the make up, the skincare or Halley Medical Aesthetics.

I used to only like black, white and grey with minimal colors on me while J loves contrast. Right now… I am starting to love colors as well 🙂

Couple Day Out #jamesnmaybel

As mentioned, J and me meet 30 out of 31 days a month so we are quite “bored” of the usual dates in Singapore. Other than catching a movie, shopping, cafe hopping, I arranged a special date for us over one of the weekends!

His first ever facial was done last month for a review so I arranged a Glycolic Chemical Peel for us…

Now, why chemical peel instead of another facial?

To me… A facial can “cleanse” the skin and remove unwanted debris and dirt. But a chemical peel can improve the skin’s appearance by peeling off the first layer of the skin. New skin will grow out smoother and less wrinkled.

As J had some minimal scars which facial will not be able to remove, I was hoping for Chemical Peel to help as they can improve the appearance of the very mild scars by evening them out.


Chemical Peels are non-invasive and THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DOWNTIME for the peel which we did Halley Medical Aesthetics (yes yes, my skin clinic!). The NO DOWNTIME part is very important because J can’t take anything with downtime for more than 3-5 days due to his work.

Watch our Vlog below to find out more. (I had no base make up. Only sunblock and eye make up in the video)

The after-effect was amazing. We had very very very very radiant skin after the peel. We could see the difference instantly!

His skin started to peel a day later while mine only started 3 days later (I think I have retarded skin -.-). Although Dr. Tan told me that it is normal to peel a little, I was still worried so I went to google for more information. Everywhere said that it is common for the skin to peel so that the new skin will resurface. PHEWWW~

Say HI to pig nose.

After our session, I bumped into my friend who went for the consultation for fillers and ultherapy!!!! SMALL WORLD INDEED!! I had no idea what ultherapy was until I googled it. Sounds amazing! I am considering if I should do it for the smile lines…. I have 2 wedding dinners in Dec and I am going to be a bridesmaids twice….. Anything to make me look good till then (forever)…

Well, whatever it is, when in love, LOOK GOOD TOGETHER!

Love you and your pig nose James! :X

MEDZS – Lover Platters

MEDZS left me with a WOW with their Carbonara the previous time I went for their food tasting. And now, they are back with another theme specially for Valentines’ Day which is only available between 13th – 16th February 2014 (Thursday to Sunday) with the lowest platter being priced at $18.90.

There are 7 different platters to choose from so there would be choices to cater to everyone’s likings!

Seduction in MEDZS Garden – $26.90

This platter consist of Charcuterie and Pickles, Bread and Spread, Pork-and-Sage “Albondigas” Slider, Salad Chiffonade with Balsamic. Ham lovers should love this platter because of the extremely fresh parma ham.

Spanish Surprises – $32.90

Calamari with Bacon and Squid Ink Sauce, Galician Baby Octopus with Boiled Potatoes and Piquillo Peppers, Crispy Pork Belly and Chilli Aioli, Smoked Paprika Shoft-Shell Crab and Braised Mixed Paella.

Classicially French – $38.90

Smoked Chicken and Cheese Sausage, Smoked Pork Belly, Salt-Crusted Beef Sirloin, Honey-Glazed Pork Ribs, Roasted Mushrooms, Patatouille and Steakhouse Fries.

This is perhaps the biggest platter among the seven platters and would definitely for people/couples who are meat lovers.

Greek Temptations – $36.90

For me, a seafood lover, this would be my ultimate choice for the main course. Prawn, fish and chicken all in one. This platter is made up of Chicken Soulaki with Tzatziki Sauce, Salmon and Spinach “Spanakopita”, King Prawn Thermidor and Grilled Mixed Fish.

Moroccan Memories – $32.90

Chicken “Brochette”, Mechoui Baby Lamb T-Bone, Ras-el-Hanout Spiced Beef Kebab, Couscous, Hummus and Gyro Bread. The serving of source in the middle was pretty acquired as it has a mixture of yogurt in it as well. Either you like it, or you don’t, but trust me, it taste just good with the Gyro Bread.

Passionately Italian – $32.90

Served with Grilled Italian Vegetables, Grilled Crayfish with Shallots, Chilli Flakes and Provencal Herbs, Risotto-and-Olives Arancini, Sicilian Braised Baby Octopus and Squid.

Lastly, a meal isn’t complete without desserts. The last platter is Dainty Desserts – $18.90.

This is every girl’s favourite platter for sure! The macarons actually comes in heart-shaped. Platter includes Chocolate Crepe Dentelle Trio, Chilled Strawberry Souffle and Hearty Lychee and Rose Macarons.

Other than these, we also ordered ala carte mains and desserts. We literally went gah-gah over their pretty and happy desserts.

Although I prefer chocolatey stuffs, rainbow cakes never fail to bring a smile to the face.

Even happier when the table is full of desserts!

With the pretty girl, Alene.

The above 2 images of Alene and me are directly taken from her blog 🙂

Deep sea prawns for prawn lovers like us!

And my must have when I visit MEDZS!!

Parma Ham Rosti. I think the Salmon one taste equally good too!

Thank you for having us MEDZS! The platters are really affordable and each platter serves 2. There is not much place that could offer such delicacies at such prices, especially on Valentines. Remember to call them to reserve a table!

You can find them at two locations:

MEDZS @ Orchard Centraal
#B2-01 to 03, #B2-30 to 43
Reservation: 6238 9028


MEDZS @ Millenia Walk
Reservation: 6337 7507