My Countdown 2014 @ Sentosa

Where did you countdown last Dec 2014? How was it?

For me and James, it was pretty quiet until 9pm as we had dinner with his family for his birthday dinner prior to partyinggggg!

We wanted to party with the rest of the 15,000 party goers who were there to welcome the new year at Asia’s largest beach party. There were more than 20 international and local DJs (Zurich-raised DJ Mike Candys, DJ Shy, DJ Tinc and more) who took the decks across five party zones for 12 hours straight. It was a 6pm to 6am party.

OUR FAVOURITE AREA WAS THE FOAM PARTY where everyone had to just get DIRTY!! There were a lot of people from different countries and races partying and throwing foam at each other!! Everyone looked so happy that night.

Because James drove, so we were pretty restricted. No foam on me!!

The boy couldn’t resist. He just had to get into the “pool” of foam.

I also liked the big stage and love VDJ Funky T!!! His music made all of us grooved like crazy! People couldn’t stop dancing or singing to the songs. I got a little high too (even though I did not drink) LOL.

The same for James. He was dancing away happily……

Cheeky boy is happy.

Happy boy is cheeky.

We moved from the stage to the foam party and back to the stage again. To and fro and to and fro.

We waited till 12mn for the countdown and fireworks! WOOHOOOO. It was spectacular!! I wished I had it recorded.

Siloso Beach Party closed the colorful chapter of 2014 and began a new journey into 2015 with the best company and party setting that its participants could ask for.

I am so going back on 31 Dec 2015 with a big group of friends this time round!!

Party with me at Siloso Beach Party 2014!

It’s time to countdown to 2015! Countdown parties will take place every year. Where are you heading to this year?

For me, I’ll be heading over to (SBP). Read on because I have 2 pairs of tickets (worth $136!) for my readers!

SBP undergoes through a metamorphosis to transform Asia’s largest Beach Countdown Party into a new experience!

And because the theme is futuristic, come to the party looking futuristic!

To me, futuristic can mean metallic and you can just use some silver eyeshadow for the eyes to make it look metallic.

Sometimes people get confused with makeup and face painting. Face painting, of course, is another good idea to get yourself all futuristic. But you would need to find someone who does face painting to create the look for you.

Here’s some features where you can easily achieve them at home yourself:

Of course, you can choose to be more daring.

In fact, this is really pretty!

A little tip for girls: You can get some stick on jewels for your face as well.


Okay, the picture below is leaning a little towards face painting already. But yup, it’s looking futuristic as well!

Accessories can also make you look futuristic. Wear something metallic as well. Or even something out of the world like these:

Oh yeaaaa. This is probably the easiest way to fit the theme.

Come topless with a silver tie and a cyclops eyewear! Don’t even worry about getting all soaked from the partying!

Holographic bags and accessories are very easy to find and simply the easiest style for girls to get accessorize to fit the theme because you can get them almost anywhere! Our Orchard Road and Bugis has tonne of them! You can get one from $15 and up.

Does the totally new futuristic themed beach party sounds fun to you already? Do you feel like going for the party?

Email me if you would love to join me at the party! Tell me what is your definition of looking futuristic! The most creative 2 wins!

Contest ends tonight 2359hr.

Check out #silosobeachparty on IG for the fun!

Gooood luck! X