Sephora Grand Opening at ION Orchard


Beauty junkies unite! Sephora ION Orchard had just relocated from Level 1 to Basement 2 (#B2-09 to 15)! Just so you know, it is on the same level as the MRT station. Tap out, and turn right!

The store is so HUGE and in fact, it is the largest outlet in Singapore. I bet one can spend hours shopping inside.

I heard that queues were already formed last night because people were all queuing for deals and vouchers! Seems like some took off to join in the queue as well!

Also do check out the full range of 100 Urban Decay 100 Vice Lipsticks retailing at $29 each.

There are also beauty counters and studio all around for a makeover.

I attending Kat Von D masterclass some time back and you will be happy to know that they are now available right in Sephora ION Orchard!!

The makeup artist is as cool as the brand itself! Goes without saying, she introduced the Signature Tattoo Liner Eyeliner ($32) to most of the guests. Do request her to try it on you if you pass by! The liner is seriously long-lasting!

After checking out the cosmetics and skincare, head further in and you will be welcomed by Sephora in-house products, fragrances and nail lacquer.

They are opened 10am to 10pm daily.

VDL’s 5th boutique opening

If you are a fan of VDL Cosmetics, I have a good news for you! Their 5th outlet is now opened and you can now find them at ION Orchard Linkway #B2-75!

It is directly beside Orchard MRT Station so pop by when you’re near.

I couldn’t resist checking out the cosmetics immediately after stepping into the store. My first VDL product was their Tint Bar Triple Shot whereby you can create a gradient lips super effortlessly! In fact, I think they are one of the first to have the gradient lipsticks. And yes, it is still available right now.

There were a lot of girls at the opening, how can I miss taking a wefie with the darling Roanna~

They have a HUGE range of cosmetics and I especially love their blushers and lipsticks most. All of them are so neatly arranged that you can see all the colors at one glance. And this picture probably only contains 1/4 of their eye shadow colors!

And well…. I bet you guys know me best.. I can never get enough of lip colors. Heh.

Couldn’t resist so I took a shot of Chantana’s arm. This is from the Expert Color Lip Cube EX SPF100 range.

I was very amazed by their base products and skincare range.

The people couldn’t stop raving about their Metal cushion and I so wanted to try one badly. I might just go back and get one.

That evening, I got a few products home to try including the HIGHLY raved Lumilayer primer. Let me try the product before I pen down my thoughts for a review 😀

One of the highlights during the opening was also their New Skin P+R = O skincare range.

A demo was also demonstrated by their make up artist that evening. She used the Metal Cushion on the model and I loveeee it!

Now, be sure to follow them on their Facebook for more VDL updates too! :

Current ongoing promotions:

Bourjois Paris


When I first received an invitation from Bourjois Paris, I was thinking… “really? I haven’t seen their media event before”. The truth was, I was right! This was their first Blogger’s Party.

The main highlight was its AQUA LAQUE series, which is a hybrid lipstick but I was guilty busy exploring all the cosmetics that evening.

The place was a little dim so pardon me for the poor quality photos 🙁

AQUA LAQUE is an explosion of colors because it has very vibrant colors. I gave them a try and the texture was very watery. This hybrid lipsticks contains high concentration of water and nymph extract to moisturize your lips for as long as 10 hours. It also contains butter and is wax-free so that it does not disrupt the quality of the colours!

Available in 8 gorgeous shades.

A small and handy gem. Literally a small gem you must have in your bag.

My nails were naked that day so I was quite happy to see a manicure station there and we even get to try on Bourjois’ La Laque – a new nail enamel collection which was both shiny and rich in color.

12 new shades were introduced in the LA LAQUA collection.

I couldn’t make up my mind on what colors to try because I was tempted to try CHAIR ET TENDRE (2nd from the left),  FLAMBANT ROSE (5th from the left) and the last two on the right.

When I am caught in situation like this, I am glad I have James with me. He helped me pick out two colors and I told to manicurist to help me with it.

FLAMBANT ROSE & BEACH VIOLET. You can tell the intensity of the colors in just one coat.

They were also proud of their Mascara Volume Glamour Effet Push Up which gives intense volume, irresistible curves and length.

There were 3 to choose from – Ultra Black Edition, Black Waterproof or Fabulous Brown. The Black Waterproof lasts up to 24 hours while the other 2 lasts up to  16 hours.

I would go for Fabulous Brown anytime because I prefer a soft and velvety look.

My favourite cosmetics have already been lipsticks. But I am shifting it towards eyeshadows now. I can’t stop buying them.

When I saw Nude smokey eyeshadow trios at the party, I just wanted both of them!!

T-19 Rose Boudoir

T-20 Sable Show

Both colors on the most top are cream-based and cream based lasts longer. Just blend the colors together and they can last up to 12 hours!!

There was also a makeover demonstration where the make up artist uses the incredibly light texture of the Nude Sensation foundation to even out the model’s skin tone, leaving it soft and supple in one single action.

Let me test the products out and then I’ll be back for a review! 🙂

For more information, visit them on their Facebook page! 🙂

Japanese Cosmetics – SANA


Do you want long lashes like this? Okay, I cheated here. As you can see, fake eyelashes are sticked on.

But to have it so curvy, you need to curl it after you paste the eyelashes on. Remember to also apply some mascara after the curls.

The two items that I will be review are

– SANA EX-LASH Curl & Volume Mascara ($24.90)

– SANA Powerstyle Eyelash Curler ($17.90)

I like the mascara a lot because it is not as cloggy as the other mascara outside and neither is it hard to remove despite being waterproof.

I hate it when the entire eyelid becomes heavy and black due to the application of some mascara. But for EX-Lash, the fiber are ultra light weight, so you can keep applying them again and again but you can’t feel a single thing. It can lengthens and add volumes to your lashes. I love the lengthening part!

Look at the slim glamour brush. It makes application easier and smoother. Just one brush onto your lashes makes it look more volumized and longer.


After the application, remember to curl it up to give your eyes a more dolly look. Because EX-lash contains W-Peptides, the curls can last longer as it firmly keeps the lashes upwards. Just curl it with Powerstyle Eyelash Curler and the curls can last up to an entire day. The curler has a spring that helps the lashes to curl without the need of you applying strength and the silicon rubber is specially molded in a way where it will not hurt the eye.

No lumpy lashes, no heavy lashes, no hard-to-remove mascara!


Without application:


With application:

With a single stroke, I can see obvious lengthening effect already! Of course, with more strokes, come longer and thicker lashes!

The mascara also contains 2 types on serum – Biotin Tripeptide-1 and Olio Peptide-24 which has repairing and protection properties. By the way, they also provide the lashes moisture and keeps the lashes healthy. What we want last is unhealthy lashes from all the makeup, right?

It is already available in stores if you are interested. SANA EX-Lash Curl & Volume Mascara is exclusively available only at SASA stores but you can find the curler at Tokyu Hands, BHG and John Little as well 🙂

When you spend more than $37 on SANA’s products, you can get the curler at only $3.70!! While stock lasts!

For more information, find them on their Facebook Page!

Collection Cosmetics’ Bright and Glow

My previous entry of not using foundation isn’t a lie. I may not have stopped applying it for consecutively 7 days, but almost 2 weeks have passed and I think I only had foundation on for 3 days out of that 10-11 days?

I also took the opportunity to explore more BB/CC cream/cushion. One of the many was the latest Collection Cosmetics’ Bright and Glow BB Cream. The range also comes with a compact powder.

You can now restore your radiance with brighter, luminous skin from Collection!

The candy/cakes/pastries served during the looked too good that I actually sinned. Talk about dieting. I FAILED SO BADLY.

Alright, back to the main point of this entry.

Collection also demonstrated on how we can use their products for contouring.

I like the 2 palettes above al ot. I can bring one palette out and yet has 4 options with me.

Try using a deeper shade for contouring and blend it well. Your entire face will look sharper and has a more 3D effect.

The texture of the BB cream is extremely light and contains mineral pigments that evens out the uneven skin tone and conceals your imperfection (that is if you have any). Even though it is SPF30, I still apply sunblock under the BB cream.

It comes in two shades, Light to Medium and Medium to Dark. Only retailing at $16.90 each.

What I like about the compact foundation is the ability to control oil but still keeping the skin hydrated. The reflective powders in the compact provide a shine-free, flawless effect ALL DAY LONG.

The powder also contains Available in four shades and retailing at $18.90 each.

We have already tried. Have you?

You can find Collection Cosmetics in selected Watsons stores, BHG and at their pop-up store in Cineleisure level 2!

Read more about Collection here.

Your eyes tell a thousand stories

Just finish shooting for a blogshop yesterday and I think I found my favourite pair of eye lashes yesterday.

I ran out of my usual black eyeliner which I had always used and my old pair of eye lashes which I always wear for events/shoot died on me after more than 20 uses.

And this is also the time where I open up new make up products which I had previously received from the previous events/ parcels to try.

This post, is totally not an advert but a honest review of my current favorites.

I have brown hair, so generally, I would draw my brows brown as well. Most korean girls have brown brows as well!

My current brow liner is from K-Palette which I have been using everyday for months. I have to draw my brows everyday so a pencil like this would only last me for 2-3 months.

One of my new found loves is this dark brown eyeliner from Collection Cosmetics!

I am currently using the bottle on the right. The brush makes it easier to draw winged lines. I would only use gel/ liquid eyeliner because I have tried a lot of different brands of pencil eyeliner and they ALWAYS smudge on me even when it says smudge-proof.

The down part is that I am experiencing a tingling sensation each time I applied it. But the pain would only last for a second or two. I am the kind who would suffer that one second just to look good for the next 12 hours. The eyeliner has proved itself to be lasting!

Eyelashes, the thicker the better. The darker, the bigger.

I went for brown, instead of black this time round.

I love how natural it looked on my eyes!!

I have eyeliner and eyelashes on my eyes but the overall still produces a soft and natural look!! 2 thumbs and 2 toes up!!

In case you wanna know, the lashes that I am currently using is from Star Lash, model number DB17.

My previous pair of lashes was also from Beauty Direct – the distributor for Star Lash. The make up artist used Hollywood lashes for me for the TVC for Hada Labo. And I wore it for more than 4 months before it finally decided to give way.

I didn’t use it everyday but it was used for at least 20 times I guess? I felt that it is worth every penny so I have decided to get another box (10 pairs in a box) from them again! Trust me, I am not those who would spend money on eye lashes. If I buy it, it means it’s good.

Orogold Cosmetics

We know the value of gold and gold is expensive. Being able to use “gold” on the skin is another form of luxury one can never imagine. The power of this amazing metal can allure even the most humble of men.

Orogold now bottles that power into skincare. The premium 24 Karat gold-infused skincare products will restore, heal and preserve the skin’s youth.

All products are formulated with 24K Colloidal Gold, in addition to numerous active ingredients such as essential vitamins, pearl powder, diamond dust and caviar extract.

The expertly crafted formulas result in the healthiest and youngest looking complexion, and are proudly endorsed by Hollywood actress Denise Richards.

Now what do you know about Gold?

Do you know that they have anti-oxidant properties and anti-inflammatory action to speed up healing process? Not only that, it is hypoallergenic. And this means that it is also suitable for people who have sensitive skin.

Like the name, the packaging and bottles look extremely classy and luxurious.

One property of gold is that it penetrates the keratin level of the skin. Therefore, it can insert other active ingredients further and deeper into the skin level making them work quicker and leaving a longer lasting effect.

When in contact with skin, it stimulates skin’s blood cells, speed up cellular processes ad activates cell regeneration.

Enough of the Science background. Let’s try it.

I gave the Intensive Eye Formula Cream and 24K Gold Anti-Aging Eye Serum a try.

My take on the Eye serum and cream:

Dark circles lighten visibly after 1 week of usage. Skin around the eye area also felt tighten, which I thought, would probably reduce wrinkles.  The serum and cream are light in texture which I pretty quite liked.

What caught my attention most was the 24K Deep Peeling. I love exfoliating products because they make my skin look brighter and cleaner.

The 24K Deep Peeling by Orogold is formulated to renew, and revitalize the skin without stripping away vital oils or cause irritation.

Look closely and you would be able to see gold dust inside. It is visible even to the naked eye!

Look! I would totally rate this product a 10 upon 10! It is designed to reveal ultra-smooth and supple skin using Vitamin C, E and Green Tea!

The products are so cute that each colour represents a different function.

For example, Green is for Collagen and Orange for Vitamin C.

The even more luxurious collection is the Termica Collection.

I was totally sold when they tried the Energizing Mask on me.

It felt warm at first and then as it started to cool….

Activation Serum was applied on top of it.

Rub, leave it on for a good 15 minutes and rinse it off.

Old and wrinkled on the left, softer and supple on the right.

The results were almost instant!

I like Orogold because not only do they take care of the face, they take care of the neck and chest as well!

Orogold is not only suitable for women, but for men as well. They have a lot of overseas regulars! People who kept going back for more!

Lucky for us, they have 4 outlets in Singapore – Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Suntec, Raffles City and West gate 🙂

GOSH Cosmetics Spring/Summer 2014

GOSH Cosmetics is now available exclusively at SaSa with new products. Get inspired for spring and start having fun with their versatile new products and looks!

They have a wide selection ranging from eyeliners, shadows, primer, foundations to hair!

Stunning new season colours for eyes, lips and nails are guaranteed to take any beauty look right up to the minute, along with cool mascaras that turn the spotlight on eyes with seriously longer and fuller flashy lashes.

The nail lacquers are available in a wide range or colors that perfectly match the season’s biggest catwalk colour trends. With chic shades that dry in a flash, the lacquers are a cool and easy way to make an on-trend fashion statement.

One of the latest product in the range is their CC Cream – Illuminating Foundation.

CC stands for Colour Correcting. It is the beauty industry’s latest secret weapon. GOSH CC Cream delivers light coverage, moisture and SPF 10 sun protection. It also illuminates skin and evens out skin tone thanks to light-reflecting pigments that hide any skin perfections.

The active ingredient Gatuline Radiance keeps the skin looking flawless and has anti-aging properties that improve skin micocirculation.

It comes in 6 different shades, so you are bound to find one that suits your skin tone best.

Volume Lip Shine is the perfect lip gloss for fuller and hydrated lips. Not only does it increases the volume of lips, it also hydrates and moisturizes at the same time, leaving the lips soft and kisssssable! Retailing at only $23.90!

Another lippy product is the Lip Marker. It really really does look like a marker and you can draw it like how you would do the same for a whiteboard marker. So cute! Easy to apply and kiss proof!

With my fellow MFP Blogger – Xinyi 🙂

And my other beauty blogger babes~

The make up artist also created two looks using GOSH products that night.

Don’t you just want one of this desk at home too?

The first look was the natural and sweet look which is suitable for the day look.

And within a few minutes of transformation,

and some touch up…… the model is ready for a night look! Amazingly fast!

Thank you SASA Singapore and GOSH for having us that night! 🙂

Remember, GOSH Cosmetics is only available in SASA Singapore.

For more information: Facebook

Collection Cosmetics is now in Singapore!

I really like exploring make ups and will never hesitate to review or try on new makeups. So just few days ago, I went to the media launch of Collection. This is one of the top make up brands in the UK and now, it is finally available in Singapore!!

They had so many dazzling make ups and lip stains that totally made me go gah gah. I am really a sucker for lip stains.

However, the first range which caught my eye yesterday was these glittery colourful eyeliners. I could feel parties and christmas in them. lol.

You can also dab some onto your fingers and apply them like some glittery eye shadows.

Eyeshadows. Can I just have all of them please? Different palette can create different looks. Totally digging the first 2 on the left.

And now, to my favourite lip stains!

This is the lip gloss series which I applied on that night. I had a pinkish base (from one of their lipstick as well) and top it off with the first lip gloss on the left to create a wet and pouty look.

This series caught my attention because it comes with a mirror at the side so you can actually apply it anywhere, anytime, conveniently. You can save the hassle of looking for a toilet just to re-apply the lip colour.

Swatches in order as seen in the picture above. I like the 3rd from the left and 2nd from the right! As you can see, I love reddish tones more 🙂

One more highlight from the range is the illuminating lights! It lights up automatically when you open the tube. So you can apply it when you’re in the dark as well. Clubs maybe?!

Call me a mountain turtle but these lip colours look like markers to me. And being said that, they are extremely easy to apply! It’s exactly the same on how you would use a marker. And so does the effect. It gives off a matt finish but leaves your lips colored and pouty.

Next up is this cute little cream puff! The tube is really as cute as it’s name.

It is available in 4 different shades.

So we were required to test out the products and create a pop diva look with them.

For me, pop diva is red lips and rosy cheeks.

So here’s me with my usual make up.

Still me, before any of the products were applied.


I drew a longer and waved eyeliner with their waterproof eyeliner and ended it with their bronze glittery eyeliner.

Black eye shadow was also applied minimally.

As for the cheeks, I used the bottom left and right for the warmer feel. Although I know it looked more like the 2 tones above, but I guess it was all because of the lighting.

Also, don’t you just love the lip colour in the picture? OMG. I am so going to get that lipstick.

The side profile of my face looks really sharp here. Hahahaha. Not sure if I love all make ups or do I just simply love Collection.

Just some information on the prices, Collection Cosmetics are pretty valued for money because they are cost slightly lesser but has a huge range of different varieties. You really can’t get bored with them because they have a lot of colours which you can create the different looks with.

As funky and as pop as the picture below!

You can find Collection at selected Watson’s outlets

Ngee Ann City, North Point, Star Vista, United Square, Tampines Mall or Toa Payoh.

Visit them at their Facebook page for more information: or their website at

ZA 15th Anniversary and Limited Ed Case

Make a Guess. Whose’s 15th birthday party is this?!

It’sssssssss ZA!!!!!

ZA has been a well-loved brand among women who love fuss free, simple yet fun beauty products.

My first foundation was ZA and to date, it’s still ZA 🙂

Through these years, they are awarded with numerous awards and accolates and this year, they will be celebrating their 15th anniversary!

And on this very special occasion, they will be bringing us a limited edition foundation case as a special tank you to their users for spending 15 awesome years with them.

The case is designed by a freelance illustrator born in Tokyo. She has worked with Anna Sui for T-shirt designs and her work has also appeared with magazines such as Vogue Italia and Vogue Girl Korea.

The inspiration for the case drew from the ZA girl who is always brimming with energy and love to be seen in all the hottest parties in town. And on this special day, she gathers all her girl friends, dress up and indulge to celebrate with cakes and not forgetting a class of bubbly for her favorite brand’s 15th birthday.

Look flawless, poreless and perfect in all party pictures with perfect fit two way foundation. Formulated with water holding collagen and hyaluronic acid, it pumps your skin with moisture keeping it well hydrated all day long. The SPF 20PA++ shields you from harmful sunrays in the day while pore less power and oil control powder keeps you looking fresh and matte.

Cute props were provided for us to camwhore. Look at the little hat, specs and tie!

I thought the sponge with suit looks like a potato. LOL.

Like a sir Mascara. So cute!

The party was held at Window Sill Pies so we had a quite a few yummy pies that night.

Pretty casing comes in a package. Cute cafe and sweet layout with sweet treats.

Yummmehhh pies with eye feasting babes/ products in the cafe. #EyeFeastForMyEyes

The limited foundation case will hit Watsons on the 4th July 2013 for only $9.90 while the foundation cake with sponge retails at $18.50.

For more information, Please visit: