Let’s #BuildSG2065 together!

It’s SG50 this year. In another 50 years time, it will be SG100! By the time, what or how do you think Singapore will look like?

Let’s see.. 50 years later and that means 2065. How about #BuildSG2065?

Have you heard about #BuildSG2065 contest?

This is a very creative contest because you can put your imagination to good use. Imagine how Singapore would be like in another 50 years time.


Submit your ideas to: http://buildsg2065.straitstimes.com

Here are some ideas:


However.. remember to categorized your ideas into either of these:

– Go Green
– Smart Spaces
– Space-Age Kampungs
– Weatherproof World


It can be in any form of submission – Text, Video, Images.


Go Green:

One of the aunty also suggested coming up with robots to help with house work. And I was thinking… Why not? Maybe there will be no more maids in the future as they are replaced by robots. So we can just buy a robot and send them for maintanence once every few years. Robots exist now I know, but the cost of one is too expensive for anyone to own. By 2065, who knows it might be too common so the robots might be on sale! How about $199 for a housework robot and $109 for a car washer robot? Or maybe $239 for a nanny robot! 😀 The robots are solar charged so no electricity is needed. They will automatically be put to sleep near the windows after they are done with their task. Green enough?!


Smart Spaces:

Build more underwater shopping centers since land is so limited in Singapore. I bet it will be more cooling there and we have tones of space underground! 😀 When we can’t go up, we’ll go down! And have rooftop gardening for all the HDB so that we can do farming above ground levels to fully make use of our space. After harvesting them, we can even sell them straight. It’s like a rooftop marketplace. So every block as one marketplace itself. You don’t even have to wake up at 6am to get the freshest vegetables.


Space-Age Kampungs:


I also hope by 2065, we would have remote control to help us change our outfits. Press 1 for sports attire, press 2 for formal wear and press 3 for pajamas. This would be so damn good because we can sleep in later (say, at least 20 minutes more per day). Even best if make up and hairstyles can be controlled by remote control! So I only have to press 2 buttons per day.

1. Outfit
2. Hairstyle
3. Make up

Seems like an easy job!!! And then we can travel to work in air vehicles to avoid all the jams. We can even pull neighbors who work around the same area to travel together.


Weatherproof World:

I like the idea of Singapore being covered up in a dome because we can manipulate the weather and make Singapore snow! Actually it would be good if the weather can also be controlled via a remote control too! Hehe.



All these ideas can be submitted to http://buildsg2065.straitstimes.com. This contest is open to public and there are a lot of prizes up for grabs.

Let your imagination run wild because they don’t have to be realistic as long as you ca envision it. Be creative and let your creative juice flow~

Remember to hashtag #BuildSG2065 if you’re sharing your submissions on your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anywhere to garner your votes so that we can see and track them!

Be sure to check out the website for more information: http://buildsg2065.straitstimes.com

SingTel Easy Mobile



So it has been exactly a month since I started the Singtel Easy Mobile Plan! It’s been….. SO FAR SO GOOD. I am having fun with the plan because of it’s flexibility.

Read about the plan here: http://blog.myfatpocket.com/maybelinesim/2014/08/16/singtel-easy-mobile-plan/

The data usage was way more than the calls made so I moved an additional unit over for data! Personally, I feel that it is very cost savings because I can ‘shift’ the units here and there instead of wasting the other units at areas that are not required.

It doesn’t restrict me to just 2gb of data and 200 minutes of talk time (for example). Nobody love restrictions yeaaaaa!

They have also launched on the Tweakboard! The Tweakboard is quite interesting because it allows user to post about anything, ANYTHING they want.

The most innovative tweak to the Tweakboard from now to 30th September 2013 will get to win a 2 year Easy Mobile L plan each!

I was browsing through the tweaks and I couldn’t help but to focus on all the food tweaks. LOL.

Let me share with you my favorite tweak in the entire lot:::

HOW CREATIVE!! I am pretty sure that it would taste so much better than the normal pizza!!


L plan cost $65 a month. And to win 2 years of L plan…..

24 X $65 = $1560.


For more details, please visit: http://goo.gl/2ncMUb





BRAND’S® GAME ON Kick Off Party

Because I am a girly girl, I can’t relate myself to world cup, soccer or football. As much as I love Liverpool, I know nuts about them. I never knew that watch World Cup could be this fun and exciting. Be it the people or the atmosphere, Brand’s got it all warm up that night!

It was held on a Friday midnight (Saturday Morning) and I had work on both Friday and Saturday but I told myself that I have to go! Thou shall not give this a miss!

We watched Holland vs. Spain that night and I was kind of expecting Spain to win. The lucky winner who predicted the right team walked home with a television that night! WAAAAOH

Since it’s BRAND’S, I should have no issues with working after the match!

We had cocktails mixed with BRAND’S that night as well. I was expecting myself to be all drowsy and sleepy because I went for the event right after work + 2 events. But nah nah, I was nowhere near sleepy! (Although I crashed immediately after I reach home)

Muttons were the host! Funny people that kept us entertained with their jokes.

Do you know how it felt like to be able to watch a game live on a 100″ screen with all the food and drinks? I FELT LIKE A QUEEN!!

Of course, the company made everything better. I had TC, William, James and HP with me (as usual). Lol.

I don’t know if William got too high on the alcohol or the game. He was uttering rubbish and had Holland Flag wrapped all around him at the end of the game. Too cute!!

If you ask me what do I like about BRAND’s, it is their innershine and collagen strips series! They made taking supplement a lot easier. It’s like snacking on little treats.

BEST SHOW EVER! Thank you BRAND’S and Wendy for the invitation!! 🙂

And over the next few weeks, they are working with their partner bloggers to being you a full month of social media contests with attractive prizes to be won!!

Visit http://brandsgameon.com.sg for more information on the contests!!

Contest: Rocco Eyewear & Zouk Tickets

Do you remember my Rocco?

You can now win a pair of eye wear for yourself!

On top of winning an eyewear, you will also win some Rocco Premiums and an exclusive Rocco X Ziggy Party at Zouk!

Find me and another 5 bloggers there and we can party together maybe?!

Here’s the hint:
(If may not be that easy afterall!)

Guess the place that Rocco is hiding in the picture below.

What do you have to do?

Take a picture of the shop where Rocco was found,
email the picture to eyetrendycmp@gmail.com.

Please include your contact number and name as the selected winner will receive a text that will entitles him/her to join us at the party! You will also be able to collect your prize at the party venue as well.

For more information, you can either visit Eye Trendy or follow them on their Facebook page. Prizes and free entries. Too good a deal to be missed!

Good luck! 🙂

Up to $1000 CapitaMall Shopping vouchers to be won!

Home cooked food is one of the most heartwarming meal ever.

It beats outside food, even the abalone or shark fin’s soup bought outside.

As I come from a “relatively” busy family, and my mom doesn’t know how to cook much,
we always eat out or pack food home.

And since young, I was taken care by my dearest grandmother, I had eaten the food she cooked since I don’t know when,
and till to date, there is no one who could cook like her.
Even easy food like instant noodles, she could whip it up with 阿MA的味道.

If you have been following me on instagram, you would realize that I had been trying/learning to prepare simple breakfast for my family as breakfast is usually the easiest to prepare.

Thank god for CP Foods, other than just breakfast, I can also prepare lunch or dinner, now that things seems much more simplified and convenient with them!

My favourite Shrimp Wanton is also inside! *SCREAMS*

I was taken aback and amazed by the variety of food they have!! Even instant prepared meals!

The Teriyaki Chicken with Rice looks super yummy!

I guess what was luckier was that my grandmother came over for a night’s stay and cooked up lunch the next day!

Mommy and her were busy with making their speciality Curry Chicken with truckload of eggs while I went on to explore CP Foods.

Two of  my favourite women in my life.

Don’t judge the food by it’s picture! This curry was super super super awesome and they cooked a huge pot!

As mentioned earlier, the Teriyaki looks good so I opened CP Glazed Teriyaki and my my, it was really good! Taste nothing like those instant food you can find over the counter.

Singaporeans are familiar with Fish Cake, but have you all tried Chicken Cake from CP? :O

Golden on the outside and warm on the inside. Mmmmmm~

Other than all the meat, do not forget your greens too! Something refreshing to aid in digestion 🙂

My grandmother loves green so 2 shares that day.

YUMS. Lunch cooked by 2 favourite ladies. Yum yums!

My lunch was pretty awesome that day! All thanks to CP Foods Singapore and the 2 awesome chef!

You can get CP Foods in any major supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Do check out their Facebook page for more information : https://www.facebook.com/CPSingapore

Right now, they are also having a competition in Instagram! It’s the CP Instagram Photo Contest.

How to join?

– Post a photo of your home-cooked meal and tell us a little about the meal including the hashtags below.
– If you used a CP product, remember to include the product name as well to win an additional $500 worth of CapitaMall Vouchers!

12 home cooks who submit the best photos and captions will stand to win the following prizes:

– 1 x $1,000 CapitaMall shopping vouchers and CP Foods product hamper worth $100 for Best Submission using CP Foods product in their home-cooked meal (product name must be included in the photo caption).
– 1 x $500 CapitaMall shopping vouchers and CP Foods product hamper worth $100 for Best Submission using non-CP Foods product in their home-cooked meal.
– 10 x CP Foods product hampers worth $50

The closing date for submission is on 31 July 2013.

For more details, please visit: http://project.omy.sg/social-media-fiesta
Official Hashtags: #SGSMD2013 and #CPFoodsSG

Hearts On Fire at TianPo – Illa Collection

As I look up into the sky, I ‘ve always hoped for a million stars.
The light that the stars give off would be glittering like diamonds in the sky.

Hearts On Fire is a very exclusive collection. Only available in TianPo Jewellery.

Why do I say so? Because….
“Less than a Fraction of One Percent of all the Diamonds in the World will qualify to be Hearts On Fire diamonds”

Why settle for less than perfection?

I am not going to go into details to bore you out so watch the video below to know more about the cutting of diamonds on HEARTS ON FIRE.

Brian McHardy, I have personally met him at the event and my, he’s such a fun loving guy.
From the small presentation and demonstration that he gave, you could totally tell that he’s an expert.
Well, he sure is – he has been cutting diamonds for over 40 years.

Let me first fill you in on the Illa Collection.

Designer Ilaria Lazoni has more than 17 years of design experience and has joined Hearts On Fire as the new Director of Design in 2012. Up to now, she has already designed 2 exciting collections – Copley and Illa.

The whole Illa Collection is about stars and more stars and we know how beautiful stars are. Especially at night, when we lay down on a patch of grass and look up at the sky, we are usually amazed by how pretty they can be.

Having been to Australia and Europe personally, I do know how and what its like to be lying down and admiring the sky with someone beside me. It was probably, the sweetest and most beautiful memory any can have.

Though sad, but I would still like to say this. I have always believed that angels live on the stars in heaven watching over us. So if someone dear to me is gone, I always imagined them to be there. And when I look at the star, I will feel more comforted.

Illa Collection can do the same. They shines, and they are like stars. They help to boost our confidence.

Don’t you agree?

Here am I, plain with no shine.

Take a look at some of the exquisite pieces from the collection…

Illa Constellation Bracelet at $670, 990.

This bracelet reminds me of the beautiful milky way in the night sky. Dim “milky” glowing band arching across the night sky, in which the naked eye cannot distinguish individual stars. How pretty.

Look at the little details, I believe it will stand out more in dimmer lights.

Illa Comet Pendant Necklace at $14, 040.

Make a wish upon a shooting star. If you have never seen a shooting star and never had your wish granted before, make a wish upon Illa Comet Pendant Necklace. It will do the same.

A shooting star (with 12 diamonds) with a fine necklace.

Illa Constellation Right Hand Ring at $23, 270.

Ahhhhh, I love this ring A L O T.

Trying out Hearts On Fire made me felt like I was from some royalty.

A tad combination of simplicity and sophisticated feel.

Let me give you some ideas on how to match Hearts On Fire with your daily outfits;

Outfit 1:

I picked black for evening dinner date so that the diamonds would stand out with a matching crystal silk clutch. Illa Cluster Stud Earrings and Illa Comet Pendant Necklace are matched to complete the whole evening look.

Outfit 2:

This outfit is more of a day look and I would say that it is one of my personal favourite as well. Chic and still glamorous. Illa Pendant Necklace to compliment the simplicity and Illa Right Hand Ring to give off a bold statement.

Outfit 3:

We don’t dress up 365 days a week. But we can still dress simple to match the Illa Collection. Wear a pair of skinny jeans matched with heel and put on a pair of starry looped ear studs with Illa Constellation Right Hand Ring anytime.

Yes, because they are so versatile, you can wear it for any occasions, dinner, parties, shoppings and even just a normal day out.

I will end my story with a short story. (All images are taken and edited by yours truly)

Thank you TianPo Jewellery and Hearts On Fire for the invitation and opportunity to try out the exquisite pieces.

You can win a Illa Pendant Necklace as well.

First: Like TianPo’s Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/tianpojewellery
Second: Like my blogpost on their Facebook page when it is up by 29th April, 2359hr.

You can only like one blogger’s post or you will be disqualified. The winner will be selected by 30th April and will be announced on their page.

Good luck people!