Color Run 2014 with J

To be honest, this is my first ever marathon and I really gotta thank Crowd and New Balance for this!! I think I just had the best Saturday for 2014 (who knows if a better one might come along later, but for now, this is one of the most interesting one!!)!

I was really happy when I received the email invitation to the run and on top of the tickets, New Balance also sponsored my partner and me a set of running gears from head to toe (NB top, bottom, headband, wristband, socks, bandana & shoes).

I got the exclusive (not for sale) all-white New Balance Fresh Foam 980 Color Run Footwear (for ladies) while J received the Limited Edition Color Run shoes instead.

We were given neon paints and colors to decorate the shoes with.

I seriously liked how the white shoes looked and didn’t wanted to decorate it…..


We were still clean and fresh at the start of the race. Also, thankfully for the bag drop area, our bags were spared from all the colors!

While waiting for the race to start…… The DJs got the runners in the mood by blasting music and throwing colored powders at all the runners.

You know, he looked even happier than me.

The first station was the BLUE station. People were rolling all around for colors. By rolling around, I mean literally lying on the floor and rolllllllll.

It was a very happy run because strangers would throw powder at each other, high five as we ‘walked’ and cheered each other up. It is truly a run to let loose and bring the stress level down. It can be stress from school, exams, work or friends. Once you’re in there, you don’t even have the time to think about those stress!!

Random girls who went “EHH PIC PIC” and posed for me. Hahahaha. So bubbly!!

We attempted to take a picture together and some strangers threw a bomb on J’s face. IT WAS LIKE BIRD SHIT. LOLOL.

I think I enjoyed myself most at the green and red station. I went up to the crew and asked if she could lend me her bottle of spray so that I could spray it on J’s head but she sprayed it on both of us instead.

We were just…….. very very very happy and thankful for being able to be part of this run.

At the finishing line with Shine and Joey. I don’t know what happened to my bird nest hair LOL.

It feels good to let loose once in a while. By letting loose, I don’t mean drinking or clubbing. Although it is still relatively unhealthy to be breathing in the powder during the run/walk, it is always healthier than clubbing 🙂

And our shoes…..

They are all dirty now…

I’ll still bring you along when I run…. 🙂

Once again, Thank you New Balance and Crowd!