Customise Your Own Bespoke Cocktail at DRINK Cocktail Bar


Author: Alex Chua

Finding the perfect drinking spot that your friends or colleagues will enjoy is easy, now with the opening of DRINK at the historic site of Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall. DRINK the cocktail bar is the brainchild of FOO’D by David Oldani, the latter of which was conceptualised by Italian celebrity Chef Davide Oldani, Chef-owner of the 1 Michelin-starred D’O in Cornaredo, Italy.

This stylish metropolitan bar is helmed by award-winning mixologist Mike Cheong, who had clinched 8 international and regional awards including Asia’s Grand Champion in the 2015 La Maison Cointreau Cocktail Competition. While you might be intimidated by the ‘bourgeois’ façade and think the drinks would be pricey, the reality is further than the truth – the drinks here are in fact more affordable than you could imagine. And guess what, you could create and name your own bespoke cocktail while enjoying free-flow of complimentary canapes too!


Height is the first thing that arrests me when I first walk in. It’s high ceilings and Corinthian columns, coupled with the alcohol and wine bottles gloriously arrayed on tall glass shelves exudes the kind of modern sophistication that makes you feel taller and more confident than normal. The orangey orbs hanging above provide sufficient illumination for a private, cosy conversation without being too much of an obstruction. And you are free to move and sit anywhere you fancy– at the counter, sofa, or go alfresco.


The famed mixologist is known to create exquisite and visually-arresting (note: Instagram-worthy) cocktails. You can savour Mike’s latest exquisite cocktails like Guilty as Charged ($20) which is well balanced with sweetness, acidity and texture, or Court Adjourned! ($18) with its fruity punch and hints of melon and floral notes. Want a taste of Mike’s creativity? Simply spend $100 on alcoholic beverages and he will concoct a complimentary bespoke cocktail named after you!


Ordering your own bespoke cocktail is simple – just fill up the form with the drink name, favourite spirit(s), preferred flavour(s) and texture(s) and slot it on the bar counter. I called mine ‘Kway Lapis’ and had the spirits section left blank for the creative mixologist to surprise me with the blend. The resulting is solid whisky mixed with hints of pomegranate – hitting the desired sweet and savoury taste.


Pairing up with the cocktails and wines are the complimentary canapes, available every day from 6pm to 8pm – a time when pals and loved ones unwind over a glass of wine or light cocktail before dinner. The selection of canapes includes Duck Gelatin, Vol Au Vent Taleggio Cheese, Green Pea in Glass, Pea Shoot, Quail Eggs, Totmato with Crabmeat Zucca & Gambretto,, Mini Zuccotto, Assorted Jelly and more.


Also available are the sharing platters good for 2 to 4 persons. For the self-professed carnivores, The Meat Platter ($48) is the ideal choice. Featuring mini sliders, chicken wings, lamb chops, pork sausages and fries. The Seafood Platter ($68) features a delightful spread of oysters, grilled squid, tiger prawns, battered halibut and fries. If you want you can add a whole lobster ($28) to the platter – fresh, fleshy with meat and de-shelled.
Currently, DRINK is offering Happy Hour from 4pm to 8pm (1-for-1 selected cocktails, wines, spirits and beer) and Complimentary Chef-curated canapes from 6pm to 8pm. No more excuse not to give this new establishment a try!

DRINK Cocktail Bar
Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall
#01-01. 11 Empress Place, Singapore 179558
Operating Hours:
Mon – Sat: 4pm – 12am
Happy Hour: 4pm – 8pm
Closed on Sundays
Tel: 63853424

Savour a Lipton Moment

I like teaaaaa. I like coffeeeeeee. I like literally ANYTHING with caffeine. Having said that, I like cocktails and cocktails too. Anything, anything interesting.

J and I spent one afternoon with Lipton, George Young and The Cufflink Club in creating cocktails and cocktails with tea.

I was amazed because there were 16 unique cocktails and cocktails recipes with a variety of Lipton tea for us to experiment different ways to experience the tea.

Your tea is no longer just some plain hot boring tea (although hot tea can be nice too, but it doesn’t hurt to explore). The recipes give a new twist to your hot tea by turning them into interesting cold beverages for the hot weather in Singapore.

I don’t know where to glue my eyes to. To James, the two hunks or my equipments!

I think he might just kill me if I stare at George Young for too long.. So…..

Here with our final product! It was refreshing and sweeeeet! I like how you can control the amount of sugar you want. I don’t like tea which is too sweet (other than milk tea).

I met the long time no see Sora Ma there too! What a pleasant surprise!

The 16 cocktail and cocktail recipes feature a variety of Lipton tea from its signature Yellow Label Tea and Pyramid Tea range.

My favorite Lipton tea is still their fruit range. Especially the berries and the Peach Mango! My parents preferred the Peppermint one though. This goes to show how wide their variety is!

We had such a comfy yet fun afternoon that day. Thank you Lipton!!

And thank you William for the photos below! It was good seeing him there too!!

The Lipton Yellow Label range and Lipton Pyramid Tea range are available at all major supermarkets at $5.85 (100 tea bags) and $4.95 (20 tea bags) respectively. Not too expensive isn’t it?