Cetaphil Cleansing Cloths


You know when I just had my wisdom tooth surgery done last week, it was no joke. Yup, no joke because extract all the 3 I had in my mouth at one go and the entire jaw was SO SO swollen and painful. It was so super sore and warm.


I wanted to wash my face so badly but I was constantly on codeine and the face was too painful to touch. Then I remembered, hey, I went to Watsons Girl’s Day Out and I was given a packet of Cetaphil Cleansing Cloths.


So for the first day of the post-operation, I DID not wash my face although I went had sunblock on my face for the entire day. I wiped my face twice with the cleansing cloths. Sounds “dirty” because I skipped the washing step but heyyy, the skin felt clean (as though I just washed my face) and I had no pimples after that as well. And because I only had sunblock on, 1 piece of cloth is sufficient. It was super convenient because when I am lazy, or sick, I hate splashing my face with water.


But if you have full make up on like me below, base, foundation, blusher, eyeliner, lipstick, then you might need 2 pieces of it (depending on how thick your make up is).


It works like baby wipes and is as gentle as them but I can never ever use baby wipes on my face because I don’t like the thought of wipes that are meant for baby butts to be on my face. Lol.


To achieve good skin, “Use a skincare product that is simple, without fragrance, contains ingredients that do not irritate the skin, with low allergenic compounds, and is backed by science and dermatologists,” says Dr. Melvin Ee, Consultant Dermatologist from Dermatology and Surgery Clinic. “It is best if you can find a product that meets your needs in one step.”


Scent: Fresh although it is fragrance-free
Quality: The paper is quite sturdy, not the thin and easily torn kind
Strength: Inexpensive and convenient for on-the-go.


I would recommend Cetaphil if you are looking for cleansing cloths not because of it’s trustworthy brand name or the recommendations from doctors but because I truly like this product. I think it works great for almost everyone (men and women), be it after sports, work, or a after a long tiring day when you just need something to freshen up.


This suitable for all skin types is retailing at $13.90/25 pieces. Find them at all Guardian, Watsons, and leading supermarkets.