Usher in a Prosperous Year with Din Tai Fung

Author: Alex Chua

Spring is here. Toss to a prosperous year of great success and wealth this Chinese New Year with Din Tai Fung! Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 – a name synonymous with quality Chinese cuisine is arguably the most successful, internationally-acclaimed Taiwanese restaurant in Singapore and even in some other countries.

For the Year of the Dog, Din Tai Fung presents 3 perennial festive favourites, with special highlight on the restaurant’s signature Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng 发财鱼生 (image above). Served with 3 colourful twirls of white radish and carrots, crispy yam strips, fresh pomelo pulp and Tianjin roasted chestnut. Topped with Norwegian smoked salmon and drizzled with a self-concocted sweet and tangy plum sauce, the dish is fragrant, refreshing and satisfying crunchy from the pulp and chestnuts.


If you want more ‘huat’ this year, you can ‘Top-up’ your Yu Sheng order with succulent Fried Salmon Skin, Pine Nuts, and the premium Smoked Unagi is also available for a fragrant twist!

Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng
Standard (serves 2-3): $32.80
Deluxe (serves 4-6): $48.80
Citibank Cardholders get to enjoy 10% off any purchase of Prosperity Yu Sheng. Do note that the discount is not applicable to ‘Top-up’ ingredients


A new dessert addition to sweeten up your year’s journey, the Steamed Layered Red Date Cake oozes out the natural sweetness and luxurious fragrance of premium red dates in every bite. Free from any additives and prepared with simple ingredients, this smooth, chewy textured delicacy is bound to delight!

Steamed Layered Red Date Cake
Lunar New Year Festive price: $13.80 (U.P. $16.80), serves 6-8


Filled with delicious golden-yellow flowy lava custard that oozes out with every bite, the Steamed Custard Bun is served to melt diners’ heart like mellowy sunshine. The salted egg yolk, quite a trend here, adds a savoury depth, resulting in a perfectly balanced sweet-savoury custard.


Each Steamed Custard Bun is stamped with a golden ‘Fu’ which symbolizes prosperity to signify well wishes for the diner. While the custard bun is bigger than the regular ones, who doesn’t like their favourite dish to be mega-sized? No complain here!

Steamed Custard Bun
$2 per bun. Exclusively at Paragon Shopping Centre and Northpoint City


Of course, besides the 3 new CNY menu, if you’re there do remember to order the pork chop. It’s THE signature dish that spells Din Tai Fung’s fame from Taiwan to across the world. Juicy, tender with a slight crisp, this is the must-have whenever I visit the place.


Who can also not mention the Xiao Long Bao? The famous steamed pork dumpling in Din Tai Fung’s signature rendition consists of juicy meat filling wrapped in a melt-in-your-mouth skin with a minimum of 18 exquisite folds. It’s simply marvellous!

Do check their website for the list of locations and Lunar New Year operating hours

SCS Butter Blind Taste Test – Pineapple Tarts


Honestly, I have been eating pineapple tarts from SCS for the fourth consecutive year and I even handmade a few bottles at their event 3 years ago and last year! Look how much we have grown with the brand..


This year, instead of making pineapple tarts with the brand, I was invited for a blind taste test. The results confirmed my choice of butter – SCS Butter.

My favourite pineapple tarts from the blind test were made with SCS Butter instead of the other 2. In all honesty, I had no idea the one I like was made with SCS Butter. When asked to describe the taste and texture, I thought Choice A was more buttery and tastier just like how pineapple tarts should taste. It even brings back joyful memories of CNY for the last 3 years from the bite. Afterall, I really did have their pineapple tarts for so many years! Haha.

Choice B and C weren’t that bad either, but if we were to concentrate on the buttery and flavourful taste, Choice A was clearly the winner.

If I did successfully tempt you to stock up on some SCS Butter block, there is an on-going promotion right now..


Get a free container with ever 3 blocks of butter purchased! You can use the container to keep your CNY snacks 😛

And lastly, conclusion From The Blind Taste Test:
SCS has proven to be the No. 1 butter again! With its distinctive taste like no other, this video is the best proof that you can never go wrong baking pineapple tarts with SCS Butter!

Watch the video below:

Thank you SCS Dairy Singapore for allowing me to be part of your campaign again!

For more information, please visit SCS Dairy Singapore Facebook page at:

Usher In The Year Of Dog At SWISSÔTEL Merchant Court Singapore!


Author: Jimmy Tan

The Lunar New Year is upon us again and this year, Ellenborough Market Café, which is well known for their sumptuous buffet spread, has come up with Prosperity Set meals and buffet which is sure to tantalize your taste buds!


The very cute doggy Yu Sheng is specially created by the chefs for the year of the dog can make any one from the young to the old go awwww this year. And there are a lot of specially created Chinese New Year dishes to choose from so there is bound to be something for everyone.

Take a look at some of the other dishes you can expect below.


Starting off with the Double-boiled Fish Maw with Dried Scallop and Cordycep Flower, it whets your appetite for more with a palatable and pleasing taste.


Other dishes in the menu includes Imperial Herbal Chicken, Braised Abalone and Sea Cucumber with Australian Broccoli and to top it up will be the Double-boiled ‘Hasma’ with Red Dates, you can be sure you will be getting your money’s worth.


My personal favourite is the Wok-fried Asparagus with Pearl Scallop in XO Sauce, the scallops were very fresh – with a tint of spice, combined with the Asparagus, it leaves a tingling taste on your tastebuds which left me wanting more!

Prosperity Buffet at Ellenborough Market Café
5 February to 2 March 2018
Lunch: $68++ per adult, $34++ per child
Dinner: $80++ per adult, $40++ per child
The above prices include a platter of Yu Sheng per table. Roast Duck and Roast Pork Belly are
available for dinner only at the Roast Station.
Top up $28++ and enjoy an additional serving of sliced abalone with your Yu Sheng

Prosperity Set Meals – Dine-In at Ellenborough Market Café
5 February to 2 March 2018
Menu A: $788++ per table of 10 , Menu B: $988++ per table of 10
(Please refer to menus in the Appendix section)

Head down now to SwissHotel Merchant Court now and try out their sumptuous festive menu!

Toss to Good Health with Singapore’s First-ever Soba Yusheng at Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Haci!


Autho: Sandra Koh

Before we realise, we are only less than a month away from the gou (狗) den Chinese New Year. While our zodiac animal calendar is a repeating 12 years cycle, things seem to be more exciting when it comes to the variety of our well-loved prosperity Yusheng (thanks to the innovative chefs). Speaking of new Yusheng ideas, we recently got to try the first-ever soba yusheng at Japan’s number one soba restaurant –Nadi Fujisoba Ni-Hachi (and boy we’re totally digging it)!

The vibrant colours of the dish are not only an appetite provoker but an eye pleaser too. The dish is layered with strips of crabsticks, tamago, winter melons, purple cabbage, Japanese cucumber, ginger, carrot and radish and paired with a generous medley of fresh orange cubes, salmon, seasoned octopus, seaweed, jellyfish and tobiko. Being a soba specialist, the restaurant cleverly buried both the soba and fried soba below the colourful tower of ingredients to provide some added crunch and pulls all the ingredients together with its special sesame sauce.


All in all, the dish is refreshing and provides an interesting mix of textures (think crunchiness from the fried soba and chewiness from the cold soba). With the combination of fibre, protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates, this scrumptious rendition will certainly make your reunion healthier. This yummy yusheng is affordably priced at SGD 38.80 (8 pax), and is available from 16 January to 28 February 2018.

Besides the innovative offering, the restaurant will also be launching the Girls’ Festival Special Set ($19.80, 1st Feb-31st March), meant to celebrate Hinamatsuri, or Dolls’ Day or Girls’ Day, a special occasion in Japan celebrated each year on March 3rd. The set comprises of 2 offerings- Chirashi Sushi and Hamaguri Soba, along with a Hinaarare snack.


The Chirashi Sushi sets itself apart from its competitors with the usage of carrot, shiitake mushroom, konjac, snap peas and tobiko beside the usual sliced salmon. We loved how the vinegared rice provided a slightly sweet and tangy taste that slowly lingered in our mouths.


While the Hamaguri Soba showcases 2 pieces of calm imported from Japan, perched atop a bed of al dente soba, all in the fragrant soup. The soup was rich and smooth with a strong yet not too overwhelming shouyu taste, in fact, it was really refreshing (thanks to the orange peel) and left us craving for more.


Toss to a healthier CNY with Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi at:
100 Tras Street,
#03-14, 100 AM
Singapore 079027

Our 1st 2015 Lou Hei @ Xin Cuisine

Our first Lou Hei started off with a BANG at Xin Cuisine housed within the newly-renovated Holiday Inn Atrium Hotel! *Make sure you don’t make your way to the wrong one !*

Look at that BIG Bang on the table as the Goat has found its way right up to our table!

This amazing Lou Hei was delicately designed by the head chef himself! Can you see the Goat infused with the year 2015 within the Lou Hei? Really innovative & magnificent, isn’t it?

The second amazing thing is the extravagant ingredients they splashed within the Lou Hei! Some of you guys probably go “chey no big deal having salmon and abalone what!”. How about some Bird’s Nest then? ><

Ralph, the restaurant manager personally served us! I thoroughly enjoyed his enthusiastic hospitality during the entire dinner!

After making a HUGH mess at the table with our rowdy Lou Hei, we made our way back to our original table to enjoy some nice Chinese delicacies.

Starting off with the Chinese New Year Dim Sum Combination:

Pan-fried Yam and Pumpkin Cake with XO Sauce – For this one, i like the infusion of the XO sauce with the crispy Yam. The two tastes did not seek to overpower each other but instead infused to give a rather savory and flavorful taste.

Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Truffle in Egg White Sauce – Look at how real the dish mimics a goldfish in the pond. I almost couldn’t bring myself to eat this one down. The most memorable part of this dish was how fresh the prawns were within the goldfish’s “Belly”

Poached Whole Mable Goby with Hairy Gourd and Dried Shrimp

“Home Style” Roast Duck with Tea Leaves – My 2nd Favourite Dish of the Night! It was easily the MOST tender and juicy duck meat that i have tasted ! For tea lover, this is a definite MUST TRY cos you will be able to taste a mild tea flavor within the meat.

Xin’s Traditional Pen Cai – My personal favourite! I had 2 bowls because the entire pot was filled with goodness. Goodness beyond description! As you can see, there were abalones, scallops, mushrooms, fish maws, dried oysters, prawns etc. The portion was also very generous as portrayed below.

And the desserts…… Double-boiled Milk Pudding with Bird’s Nest!! Seems like Xin Cuisine is serving Bird Nest feast for CNY this year! Yum yum.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole CNY menu food tasting experience @ Xin’s Cuisine because of its flavorful traditional chinese dishes & the delicacy in details they have placed into every dish to make them look as appealing as they tasted.

Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant is located at:

Outram Road, Holiday Inn Atrium, Singapore 169075


Baking Pineapple Tarts with SCS

I love interesting events. Last Sunday, J and I went for a baking session with SCS and we baked Matcha Pineapple Tarts which turned out surprisingly good!!

Believe us, we were really paying almost full attention to the “teacher”. If only we studied together… Lol.

Of all the different ingredients, we picked the matcha power.

And SCS butter! I literally grew up eating SCS butter!

After all the “lectures”, it is time for some hands-on. First, we cooked at Lee Kum Kee event, and now, we are going to bake!!

Adding spices of our pineapple jam.

Flour + Salt + Butter + 2 yolks!

After the kneading and whatsnot, it is time to leave the dough to set for 30 minutes…

I gave up on the duck in the end because it was kinda hard to shape.

The holes in the middle are where the pineapple lies..

End product!! Yayyyy. J even brought them to share with his colleagues. I don’t really dare to eat stuffs that are cooked/baked by myself but I actually gave this a try!! It was a little soft (but not doughy kind of soft) and yummy!!

There is also an on-going competition on SCS Facebook page right now!

You will be featured in their Chinese New Year Pineapple Tart Recipe Booklet if chosen!

I am going to try and bake some cuter ones to submit. You too! Try and have fun!