Chemical Peel? Milk Peel? Are they the same in Singapore?

I am always doing Dual Yellow Laser with Dr Celine Leong at Astique Clinic, Singapore but this time round, I gave something new a try – Milk Peel. I would call this a “Lunch Time Quick Fix” as the entire process took less than 30 minutes.


Some of you may link Milk Peel & Chemical Peel together but they are not exactly the same. Even though I personally find that chemical peels & milk peels are more or less the same but Milk Peel is a lot more gentle on the skin and it is suitable for all skin type. Chemical peels on the other hand, is pretty selective. Some peels are not suitable for dry skin while some are not suitable for people with acne problems.




If I have to choose one favourite between the two, my choice will be Milk Peel as it has no downtime and my skin doesn’t flak as much. This means that there is almost no downtime and I don’t have to put up with flaky make up for the next 2-3 days.

P/S: My makeup sat nicely on my face for the next 1 week plus too.

Milk Peel is said to help shrink enlarged pores, improve fine lines and wrinkles and even out our skin tone. As I have only done one session so far, all I could see were improved in skin radiance and even skin tone for the next few days. I believe that if I continue to do more sessions, I will be able to see more results.


You can do Milk Peel at Astique Clinic, located at 350 Orchard Road, Shaw House, Singapore 238868.
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Couple Day Out #jamesnmaybel

As mentioned, J and me meet 30 out of 31 days a month so we are quite “bored” of the usual dates in Singapore. Other than catching a movie, shopping, cafe hopping, I arranged a special date for us over one of the weekends!

His first ever facial was done last month for a review so I arranged a Glycolic Chemical Peel for us…

Now, why chemical peel instead of another facial?

To me… A facial can “cleanse” the skin and remove unwanted debris and dirt. But a chemical peel can improve the skin’s appearance by peeling off the first layer of the skin. New skin will grow out smoother and less wrinkled.

As J had some minimal scars which facial will not be able to remove, I was hoping for Chemical Peel to help as they can improve the appearance of the very mild scars by evening them out.


Chemical Peels are non-invasive and THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DOWNTIME for the peel which we did Halley Medical Aesthetics (yes yes, my skin clinic!). The NO DOWNTIME part is very important because J can’t take anything with downtime for more than 3-5 days due to his work.

Watch our Vlog below to find out more. (I had no base make up. Only sunblock and eye make up in the video)

The after-effect was amazing. We had very very very very radiant skin after the peel. We could see the difference instantly!

His skin started to peel a day later while mine only started 3 days later (I think I have retarded skin -.-). Although Dr. Tan told me that it is normal to peel a little, I was still worried so I went to google for more information. Everywhere said that it is common for the skin to peel so that the new skin will resurface. PHEWWW~

Say HI to pig nose.

After our session, I bumped into my friend who went for the consultation for fillers and ultherapy!!!! SMALL WORLD INDEED!! I had no idea what ultherapy was until I googled it. Sounds amazing! I am considering if I should do it for the smile lines…. I have 2 wedding dinners in Dec and I am going to be a bridesmaids twice….. Anything to make me look good till then (forever)…

Well, whatever it is, when in love, LOOK GOOD TOGETHER!

Love you and your pig nose James! :X