York Hotel Buffet at only $20+


Author: James

If you were to ask me where is the MOST affordable buffet offering the MOST decent treasured local flavours without burning a hole in your pocket even if you were to spend on a large gathering, there can ONLY be ONE answer from me!

And that is the buffet at….



Once again, we were very priviledged to be invited for a buffet food review @ the White Rose Cafe residing in a corner of the hotel’s lobby. I have always been personally delighted to be invited to their event partially because of the very thoughtful and kind MarComs whom never fail to tend to us even at the expense of their own personal evening time with family. Kudos to you guys!

But one thing in common for all four of us, the evening spent at White Rose Cafe having their buffet is always time well spent!



This time around, I feel sorry for White Rose cafe because its the first food review meal we had after our Bali trip and I must say the meals in Bali set a pretty high benchmark & pose as a tough fight for our local cuisine. Despite the high benchmark set, I did not lose any appetitde over the quality and spread of local food offered from the restaurant!


So what did we have that night?

We had some of the 20 mouth-watering selections offered in the menu namely Chicken Masala (A gentle taste of India suitable for even those who doesn’t fancy spicy dishes) ..



..Black Ink Sotong (the Dark delight for the night which doesn’t stain your teeth)..



..Deep Fried Curry Drumlet (One of my favourites because of the creative infusing of curry taste within the drumlets)..



..Onion Omelette (As big as my face)..



..even Chap Chye found its way to our table!



Apart from those abovementioned, there is a total of 20 delicious selections namely Curry Sotong, Curry Chicken, Beef Rendang, Black Soya Sauce Chicken, Sambal Eggs, Silver Fish Omelette, Sambal Kang Kong, Curry Cabbage with Beancurd, Fried Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish, Papadum, Achar, Chendol, Ice Kachang, Cheng Tng, Chin Chow with Palm Seeds and others!


How much you may ask for ALL these per pax?

Let me thrill you with the price of it all at a mere $22.00* per person. With that price, you get to enjoy unlimited orders of the abovementioned list of local dishes!

*All prices are subject to 10% service charge & prevailing Goods & Services Tax (GST)


<Additional Perks>

The deal get EVEN sweeter if you go in a group of 2-3.

Plus one more serving of Signature Fish Head Curry (Half for 2-3 persons and Whole for 4-7 persons) and free flow of Steamed Fragrant Rice.



Also, you get to Add to your buffet the freshest & biggest Sambal King Prawns @ $3.00 per piece (U.P. $8) and that is not all….



TOP UP with a Crab Masala @ $10.00 per crab (U.P. $32). Where can you find crabs for just $10?



If you ask me about choices of Drink, I would say you wouldn’t want to miss out on this thirst-quenching & appetide-stirring Calamansi with Sour Plum! The sweet sourness of the drink pairs perfectly with the strong flavours of the dishes!


Availability: April to June 2015
Monday to Friday
12pm to 2.30pm
Price: $22.00 per person (Minimum 2 persons)For enquiries or reservations, please call
White Rose Café at +65 6830 1156


In conclusion, this was the second time I had dinner with them and I must say I have already developed a strong bond for the local cuisines offered by them so much so I can put down any important appointments at hand just to attend their food event!

Not just because of the fantastic & palate-satisfying Singaporean delights offered by them, but also very much because of the HOMELY feel it gives to me whenever I dine there! This feeling cannot be explained by mere words but only be testified through your own personal experience with them!


This scumptious meal at York Hotel put a TRUE full stop to my Bali Trip and called out to me that I am truly home now!

2 for 2 Slices of Pezzo Pizza

Valid only at Esplanade, Marine Parade, Star Vista, Thomsn, Bukit Panjang, Junction 8.

Quote “PezzoPizza25” to get additional 2 slices of Pizza when you purchase 2 slices!


Fancy a slice of pizza for lunch or dinner? You can now get them over the counter from Pezzo, making the whole experience convenient and affordable.

Now with this promotion…………

Let me do the Maths for you. 1 slice cost $4.50. 4 slices would cost you only $9!!

A usual 6 piece whole pizza already cost $24.90!

So remember to quote “PezzoPizza25”! Great for sharing them with your colleagues/classmates after work/school. Good for tea time as well!

The promotion is applicable to all the pizza flavors, including the newly launched GODZILLA pizza!! My all time favorite flavour is still the Hawaiian one though. 1 slice is enough to keep me full for lunch/dinner because they are very generous with their ingredients!!

My guy friends could eat 2-3 slices at a go!

This promotion is valid starting from 25 April 2014 to 31 May 2014!!

Remember, only at Esplanade, Marine Parade, Star Vista, Thomsn, Bukit Panjang, Junction 8.


Quote “PezzoPizza25” for 4 slices for pizza only at $9!!

Momiji Japanese Buffet – GOOD!

I have long heard of Momiji Japanese Buffet but have never been there personally because I like to stick to my usual buffet place, which, surprisingly, also belongs to the same group of company as Momiji!

Being a vivid fan of japanese food, I wouldn’t allow myself to miss out on food tasting like this. The restaurant I went to is located at 55 Newton Road, Revenue House.

A King Crab feast was also taking place during the visit. The feast was supposed to end some time later but due to overwhelming response, the crabs are running out fast!! So while stock lasts! The king crab feast is available with a promotion price of $37.80+++ for an adult. I was expecting the price to go over $50 but no. It is this affordable!!

Although it is called the King Crab Feast, you can also find yourself indulging in the freshest sashimi, wagyu beef, kurobuta, shabu shabu, Teppanyaki and seaaafooooooodddddd.

While indulging in the food, you can also enjoy free flow of Sapporo beer….. yes, this is also included in the buffet…. Free flow of beer… Mmmm… How do they even make profit?!

If you want cooked food, you can always go for other options. They have a variety of premium items. You can have fresh, to grill, to steam and so much more!!

No japanese buffet is japanese if they don’t serve chawanmushi.

Guilty but not sorry, I had 4 cups of chawanmushi that evening.

Some local delights can also be found in the buffet. This suits my family so much. My mom and brother prefers local delights while my dad and me prefers Japanese food. What a good place for a family buffet dinner. And the entire meal for the table would only cost us less than $200!

Char siew.

Deep fried tofu.


Mouth watering teppanyaki.

For dessert wise, you can to choose from a huge variety as well!! There is free flow of Haagen-Dazes ice cream, cakes, moji, chocolates, cream puffs and fruits!

They are all of better quality – expensive ice creams, thick creamy chocolates, sweet fruits and chilled cakes!

Visit their Facebook for more information on the buffets available! – https://www.facebook.com/Momiji.JapaneseBuffet

Teeth Whitening only at $99

I have been wanting to do TEETH WHITENING for the longest time!! And Groupon gave me this opportunity!

I had my teeth bleached before using the take home kit I bought from dental clinic, but due to my massive and extremely heavy caffeine intake, my teeth were stained again. I have to drink coffee once I wake up/before work and sometimes, during lunch, otherwise a part of me would feel weird.

And as you know, Monday are pampering days~~~ Made an appointment with ONLY via Groupon. This deal can be bought from group on. Link can be found below.

I did not expect the place to be so beautiful and poshly decorated.

As mentioned earlier, my teeth were rather stained from coffees. This was taken rather close up, so it looks kind of scary but no, the overall isn’t that yellowish!! I have to defend myself! *laughs

The shade of my stained teeth was 2.5 prior to any treatment done. I only needed about 45 to 60 minutes to lighten the shade. Yup, almost instantly. No take home kits, no laser. Best, no hydrogen-peroxide.

The whitening gel was applied in 3 intervals at 12 minutes each time. Light-Emitting Diode was also shone on it for the whitening effect.

Very much thankful to the clock on the LED light because I don’t have to keep guessing “is it 12 minutes already? Am I done?”

The discomfort was minimal and the whole treatment was non-invasive.

Look at the picture before for the post treatment effect…. IT JUST GOT WHITER!

This instant whitening will only cost you $99 and up to 8 shades lighter!

But right now, between 24-30 March, Groupon is offering its GLAMOUR RUSH Promo which includes $10 rebates for every $80 spent on a beauty deal.

For the full list of GLAMOUR RUSH beauty deal, click here.

And for my Teeth Whitening at ONLY, click here.

The outlet which I visit was at:
Raffles Place: 22 Malacca Street 09-00 RB Capital (Raffles MRT)
Tel: 6220 4434

Please note, this is only valid for customers who are 21 years and above.

The Muffet’s Cafe

I always find it a bonus for a cafe to be cosy on top of serving nice signature dishes on the menu.

I enjoy indulging tasty food at places where I find them comfortable, so today, I’ll be introducing you a place where you can add to your “favorite” list if share the same thoughts as me.

When I say that, you know I’ll definitely visit the place again!

I went Boxing Crab @ Sentosa for food tasting the other time and went back for another round with my family so you know I don’t lie! 😀

So the focus here isssssssss THE MUFFET’S ROOM CAFE!!

We will let the interior design speak justice for itself first.

Photos contributed by various photographers and they are changed ‘seasonly’. Some of them are taken by the young boss himself too (I am around his age and he’s already a boss when I am only an undergrad still :O).

Well, I personally like the bricked walls and frames a lot. It gives me a kind of homely feel.

That’s my boy in the little corner waiting for food.

Hidden meaning in the picture below. If you managed to find the promo that is.

Waiting patiently for the fooood.

Signature Beer Battered Fish and Chips ($14) with homemade sauces and homemade truffle fries as side.

The boyfriend could tell that the fries were homemade with just one bite and I was amazed.

He can totally be a food critic because he has high expectations for food!!

I am feeling kind of hungry again while blogging this.

Juicy and tender on the inside. Mmmmmmm..

*chew chew chew*


So I’ll rate it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Boyfriend’s Muffeteers’ Spread at $18 including 2 battered and pan fish fillet, crispy mushrooms, handmade chips and fruity salad.

It is almost RARE for him to say thumbs up to any cafe but he praised the food we had that day.

You don’t have to worry about the hidden cost because THEY HAVE NO SERVICE CHARGE AND GST. Sooooo all the prices are flat rates 🙂

On top of fish and chips, they have pastas, burritos and other sides too.

Be their fan on Facebook now and enjoy 10% off total bill with a minimum of $15 spent.

Location: 12 Gopeng Street, Icon Village, #01-16, Singapore, Singapore 078877

Mon – Fri: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

Sat: 10:30 am – 3:00 pm

Sun: 10:30 am – 8:00 pm

How to get there?

1. Alight at Tanjong Pagar station

2. Exit Exit C

3. Walk into Icon

4. Muffet’s Room is just around the corner

For more information:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TheMuffetsRoomCafe 
Website – http://www.muffetsroom.com

Trust me, I’ll be back there for fish and chips again!